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That Put Money in Your,
Suits and Coats
Marked Down in Price
and very substantially so.
James H. Howes
s he News of Belfast
ontral Maine Power Co. adver
,ir 7 percent Prefeired Stock,
ascot Bay Electric Co. offer electric
eds for wedding gifts; also Apex
io start housekeeping.
■ Jones advertises The New Edi
i offers confidential terms.
ate Chamber of Commerce and
oral League publish an adv. to
men of Maine in regaid to canned
butter, hand-made articles, etc.
uce, Frankfort, offers Ford tour
■ for sale.
Alice M. Colby, Water street,
iniily washings.
» oisport Savings Bank publishes
dicers and corporators.
hoard of Registration gives notice
; ■ -ion.
■ lonial Theatre publishes picture
. for the week.
!'■ of lady’s coat lost.
!ester Brown, osteopathic pliysi
ulislies a professional card,
u L. I uce, Inc., advertises new
ords for June.
..vnsend offers Ford runabout or
. of dyeing done,
is Sample Shop advertises suits
cent discount and specials on
summer dresses.
\ Pearson publishes a card of
i Lion sale adv. of household
M. Gray offers boat bargains
core cottages for sale.
Bodge, Mrs. Susan Patterson
ly publish a card of thanks.
Rogers offers cottage at Birch
r sale.
White advertises Shepherd dog
to let at 49 Cedar street,
ii. Howes advertises bargains in
: coats.
id’s Market advertises fish with
■■> of lobsters and Penobscot sal
IS of the degree staff of Aurora
Lodge went to Searsport last
• lo visit Knyvetta Lodge.
Ub"'taW. Farnham and E. Le
bitten have bought of Chester
Ion of Eist Nortliport his cot
i Lodge, at Birch Crest.
1 Jones has recently sold to Mrs.
laldson of Stockton Springs one
Highest grade New Edison's used
' tone test in the Colonial Thea
Lvnwood B. Thompson, Ben P.
K Graves, George O. Hart,
i ook and Wilson Ellis returned
Irom Portland, where they at
e Masonic meetings including
m the 32nd degree.
ceil Clay requests all who have
■ articles to donate or exhibit at
ation in Portland, June 28th to
io call her in regard to them;
who care to make exhibits of
k, preserving, basketry, etc., to
labelling, etc.
A. Drinkwater of Newport, R
re over Memorial day and play
Belfast Band. It was reported as
stood at the G. A. R. lot in
netery that only four of the
v ising it as organized thirty
; under F. J. Rigby were present
Vrink water, John Parker, Her
-rey and M. C. Murch.
Orrin J. Dickey has opened his cottage,
Navajo Lodge, at Temple Heights for the
fn Northport.'8 8 Part °f the time
V- A- Simmons received news Monday
that a large barge of coal would be dock
ed at his wharf within a short time as
she was then in the hay with one of the
tugs going to Mack’s Point.
The Dickey-Knowlton Real Estate Co.
have sold the residence of Calvin Pitley
on Union street to Mrs. Viola Downs of
this city, who is to move there from the
Moody house on Salmond street.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Coombs have
returned from Camden, where they have
resided several years, and have taken
apartments in the Marsano block on
High stieet. Mr. Coombs has employ
ment in the Jellison factory.
The first dance of the season was held
Monday evening in the pavilion at the
Trotting Park with 125 couples present.
Good music was furnished by McKeen’s
orchestra, while Mr. and Mrs. John
Rounquist of the Home Bakery catered
in a most satisfactory manner.
The funeral of Mrs. Evelyn H. Gilmore
was held Friday at 2 p. m. at the home of
Mrs Edith A. Danforth, 155 High street
Rev. Alfred C. Elliott of the North Church
officiated. The bearers were M. R. Knowl
ton, I. T. Clough, Robert C. Logan and ;
William A. Kimball. The interment was ;
in Grove Cemetery.
In the Superior Court in Bangor last
Friday Justice Smith heard the case of
Charles F. Drake, executor, vs. Fred I'.
Parker, Lillian H. Parker and the Merrill ,
Trust Co., trustee. Walter A. Cowan; I
John Wilson for trustee. Arthur Ritchie
for defendants. On Thursday, June 3rd,
the Waldo county case referred to the i
Law Court will be heard.
Summer schedule effective June 8th:
Steamers will leave Belfast at 4.30 p. m
daily, except Sundays, for Boston and ,
way landings. Return: Leave Boston
daily, except Sundays, at 6 p. m. for
Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Bucksport
and Bangor. Landings will be made at
Searsport and Winterport by steamers
leaving Boston Saturdays and from Ban
gor on Mondays.
The Dickey-Knowlton Real Estate
Company has rented for Frank Burrill of
Hermon, his cottage at Northport, Bay
side, for the summer season to Mr. and
Mrs. John Halliday of New York city, .
who aie the first, among the theatrical
people to come to Northport this season.
They h ive also rented for Mrs. George F.
Harriman, her cottage at Shore Acres to
Mrs. Eleanor H. Winship of Wakefield,
Mass., for the summer.
Rev. Fr. J. E. Kealy of Waterville, a |
former pastor of the St. Francis Church
in this city, has bought the James C.
Dexter cottage on Allyn shore and will
occupy it as a summer home. Fr. Kealy
has many friends among the townspeople
as well as in his former parish and he
will be a very welcome citizen. Mrs.
Dexter and her daughters, Lillian, Ethel,
Violet and Thelma, will leave soon for
Pasadena, Calif., where they will join
Mr. Dexter, who has employment there.
Historic and Picturesque Fng
LAND Rev. Alfred C. Elliott gave a
most entertaining and instructive lecture
at the North Church last Wednesday
evening on his own country, the Historic I
and Picturesque England. He explained
about one hundred views as they were
thrown upon tile screen descriptive of the
homes of England’s greatest writers, her
castl s, scenic beauty spots, industrial
centers, etc. Later Mr. Elliott will give
separate lectures on Westminster Abbey
and on London, which could not be given
in the rapid transit trip of a single even
ing. The lecture was under the auspices
of the Guild and there was a large at
Our Terms
s,1 ’-ME stores advertise the terms on which they
sell phonographs. We are not an instalment
"use, but no music lover needs to go with his or
music hunger unappeased, because of terms.
Mr. Edison has said .to us—give every honest
' tn and woman a chance to have good music
Do not let money
stand in the way
You need soul inspiring music in your home. It
will make your home happier and better. If for
uny reason your funds are running a little low, do
n«t let that fact prevent you from owning the
superb New Edison, the world’s greatest musical
’ustrument. Come to us and tell us confidentially
what terms will be convenient for you. \
“The Phonograph with d Soul”
Fred D. Jones,

The North Church Guild will nave a
picnic box supper at the home of Miss
Anne M. Kittridge next Monday evening.
The Waldo County W. C. T. U. annual
convention will be held at the Grange
Hall, Monroe, Wednesday, June 3rd.
The Belfast Spiritual Society will hold
services at Memorial Hall Sunday at 2
o’clock, Mrs. Bessie Wentworth, Lin
colnville, speaker.
Harry Walker, who was recently in
jured by the explosion of a battery while
at work in his garage, has recovered and
is able to attend to his business as usual.
John Cochran Chapter, D. A. R., will
have a field day next Monday afternoon
and evening at the home of Mrs. Mar
thon Doak, No. Belfast, with Mrs. N. S.
Donahue and Miss Amy E. Stoddard, as
sistant hostesses. A picnic supper will
be served.
Checks have been forwarded to the
State Bridge Department for the bid of
Cyr Brothers of Waterville. Belfast’s
and the county’s shares of the total cost
of $291,458 was $49,500 each. Prepara
tions are being made to begin work in
the near fut re.
M. A. Cook of Searsport will move his
a nateur and commercial photography
worn department to Belfast this week
and has secured rooms over the Darby
Pool Parlors on High street. Mrs. Cook
will remain in Searsport in charge of the
store until it can be sold.
Friends of J. J. Clement of Center
Moutville have informed him that a
false report has been put into circulation
that he had already represented his class
in the senate three times. The truth is
Mr. Clement has been in the legislature
twice and only one term in the senate,
but he is a candidate for the second term.
Tne regular monthly meeting of the
public health nursing board will be held
Monday, June 7th, at 4 p. m. Our pub
lie health nurse, Miss Nickerson, left
Saturd y for Boston, where she will re
ceive special training at Simmons Col
lege and will return a bout Oct. 1st. Miss
Alice Parker is substituting in her ab
The young ladies of the local teiephoae
office succeeded in completely surprising
Miss Louise McDonough, who recently
resigned as night operator, with a party
at the home of Mrs. Elijah Ritchie last
Thursday evening. A pleasant evening
was spent and the guest of honor was
presented a white ivory toilet set. Mrs.
Ritchie, assisted by Miss Helen Keech,
served delicious refreshments.
Charles F. Townsend of this city has
secured some excellent photographs of
the Knox-Waldo Festival members who
came here last Friday. The view is from
the front of the Post Office. He also has
some of the Hazeltine Post lot in Grove
Cemetery, one of which was taken at the
time Co. F gave its rifle salute. Some of
the best pictures on the market of the
schooner Blanche C. Pendleton was from
Mr. Townsend’s camera. jg
On Tuesday afternoon, May 25th, the
Travellers Club was delightfully enter
tained at the home of Mrs. Thomas B.
Dinsmore, when Mrs. Dinsmore read an
interesting paper on Charleston, giving
amusing little incidents and illustrating
the text by many post card pictures of
famous houses, public buildings and
beauty spots. After the paper a social
hour was enjoyed when refreshments
were served by the hostess.
Dr. George E. Morgan of Bennington,
Vt., who, with Mrs. Morgan, has been
spending the winter with their daughter,
Mrs. Harry L. Kilgore, addressed the pu
pils of grades eight and nine last Friday
forenoon, on matters pertaining to the
Civil War. Dr. Morgan served in the
Fifth Iowa Infantry. He caught and
held the attention of the pupils as he
made the history of that far away war of
vital interest with personal incidents, etc.
Cards were xeceived in Belfast Friday
from Mr. and Mrs. Edward Parkhurst
Washburn of Lewiston, announcing the
marriage of their daughter, Marian
Washburn Miller and William Morrison
Randall of Belfast. The ceremony took
place at the home of the bride’s parents
Thursday at 5 p. m with only the imme
diate relatives present Mr. and Mrs.
Randall left immediately for a short trip
to Montreal and Quebec and on their re
turn will spend a part of the summer at
the groom’s cottage, The Hermitage, at
Pitcher Pond. Later they will make
their home in Belfast. Mr. Randall’s
many Belfast friends extend the most
cordial congratulations and best wishes
as his bride is w 11 and favorably known
here, having been a frequent visitor at
the home of Mr and Mrs. James H.
Howes, as the ciassmate of their daugh
ter when a student at Mount Ida school.
General John J. Pershing, Gov. Carl
E. Mil'iken, Adjutant Gen. George McL.
Pr sson and twenty-live others will be in
the party to arrive in Belfast at 12.15 p
m., Saturday, June 5th. C. W. Wescott,
Mayor of Belfast, Ralph A. Bramhall,
Commander of Frank D. Hazeltine Post,
A. L.; Albert E Andrews, Captain of
Company F of the Third Maine Infantry
will motor to Camden to meet them.
Gen. Pershing and Gov. Milliken will
speak from their cars at Post Office
square immediately after arriving here.
There will not be time for a formal recep
tion. The party will be entertained at
the Memorial Hall during the dinner
hour. The reception committee. Mayor
Wescott, chairman, has extended a gen
eral invitation to all residents of the
county to be in Belfast to hear our noted
guests. Mayor Wescott also suggests
that all places of business be closed from
12 to 1 o’clock and that flags be display
ed everywhere. j
[After Sickness!
I when the body is weakened, I
{the best restorative isanj
I" easily assimilated tonic-food. ■
Scott's Emulsion I
is the favorite nutrient recom-1
w mended by physicians as a*
I" means of re-establishing*
strength. Scott’s always I
nourishes and vitalizes. i
m. Scott & Bowne, Bloomfield. N. J, 20-11 M
Auction Sale
Household (»oods
Thursday, June 10,
AT 10 A, M.
“You’ll be in a home of your own next month. Begin
right by getting an Apex cleaner like mine. Housework will
never tire you. Servants won’t annoy you and your work will
always be quickly over with and well done.”
It’s the monotony of housework that
makes it hard to do. Sweeping and
dusting, stooping and bending, day after
day tires one out.
The Apex cleaner takes the sameness
out of housekeeping. It does the dis
agreeable cleaning tasks with ease and
thoroughness. The Apex inclined nozzle
reaches clear under radiator, davenport,
buffet, china closet and other hard-to
move objects. The divided nozzle of the
Apex cleans evenly and thoroughly.
The strong even suction of the Apex
gathers all surface dirt and draws the
deeply imbedded gritty particles right
out of rugs and carpets.
When you have an Apex in your home
it will give you hours of time to keep up
your girlhood friendships and associations.
Two hundred and fifty thousand house
wives find the Apex almost indispensable
in their homes and the number is increas
ing daily. Start housekeeping right—
get an Apex first thing.
Summer Hats
for Summer Wear
good assortment for immediate and summer wear
inribbon, taffeta, silk, georgettes, crepes and malines.
One of the most desirable cottages at
Birch Crest, Northport, on the shore front.
Was built by contractor Southard for his
own use. Price $850. For particulars
apply to JOHN F. ROGERS,
tf23 Main St., Belfast, Me.
A seven room rent with city water
and flush closet, at
Corsets That Will Fit
I carry the NEWBONE make, made-to-measure, with
lace front or back. A's) other makes in stock or at
order, I am agent for the well known
and have a desirable stock on hand, or will take orders.
Call or make an appointment with
Mrs. C. S. Webber, Bell Street
Odd fellows’ Block, Belfast. Maine,
Tel.—office, 247-3; residence, 265 11
Mrs. W. E. Marsh left Monday for an
indefinite visit with relatives in Moncton,
N. B., and in New Glasgow, N. S.
I desire to extend my heartfelt thanks
to the dear loving friends who have been
so untiring in their servicesifor the Doctor
during the past three months, for the
many cheering letters received and their
lavish gifts of flowers and dainties; also
for the profusion of beautiful flowers of
fered as their silent tribute of love at his
burial service and for the sweet loving
sympathy shown to me.

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