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Author of
•*C»ppy Ricks’*
Copyright by Peter B. Kyne
CHAPTER XVI.—Anticipating Penning
ton’s action. Ogilvy has made arrange
ments to secure a restraining order from
the federal courts enjoining the Colonel
from interfering with the construction of
their line. Victory for the Cardigans is
plainly in sight.
Events followed each other with re
freshing rapidity. While the crew of
the big locomotive on the crossing
busied themselves getting up steam.
Sexton and Jules Rondeau toiled at
the loading of the discarded boiler and
heavy castings Aboard two flat cars.
By utilizing the steel derrick on the
company's wrecking car, this task was
.completed by noon, and after luncheon
Ithe mogul backed up the main line
past thr switch into the Laguna
Grande yards; whereupon the switch
engine kicked the two flat cars and the
! wrecking car out of the yard and down
to the crossing, where the obstructions
were promptly unloaded. The police
watched the operation with alert inter
est but forebore to interfere in this
high-handed closing of a public thor
Xo sextons annoyance and secret
apprehension, Bryce Cardigan and
Buck Ogilvy promptly appeared on the
| scene, both very cheerful and lavish
j with expert advice ns to the best
,, method of expediting the job in hand.
, .• To Bryce's surprise Jules Rondeau ap
ij, reared to take secret enjoyment of
* this good-natured chaffing of the La
i guna Grande manager. Occasionally
\ he eyed Bryce curiously hut without
animus, and presently he flashed the
latter a lightning wink, as if to say:
“What a fool Sexton is to oppose
“Well, Rondeau." Bryce hailed the
woods-boss cheerfully, “I see you have
quite recovered from that working
over I gave you some time ago. Xo
hard feelings. I trust. I shouldn’t care
to have that job to do over again.
You’re a tough one.”
“By gar, she don’ pay for have hard
feelings wiz you, m’sieur." Rondeau
answered bluntly. “We have one tine
fight, but”—he shrugged—“I don’ want
some more,” He approached Bryce
and lowered his voice. “For one month
I am no good all ze tarn. We don’
fight some more, m’sieur. And I have
feel ashante' for dose Black Minorca
feller. Always wiz him eet is ze knife
or ze club—arid now eet is ze rifle.
Cochon : W't n I fight, I fight wiz what j
!e bon Dieu give me.”
tou appear to have a certain cone,
after all,” Bryce laughed. “I am in
clined to like you for it. You're sporty
in your way, you tremendous scoun
drel !”
"Mebbeso,” Rondeau suggested hope
fully, “M’sieur likes me for woods
“Why, what’s the matter with Pen
nington? Is he tired of you?”
The color mounted slowly to the
woods bully’s swarthy cheek. “Made
moiselle Summair, he’s tell me pretty
soon he’s gain’ be boss of Laguna i
Grande an’ stop all thees fight. An'
w’en Mademoiselle, he is in the saddle,
good-bye .Titles Rondeau. Thees coun
try—I like him. I feel sad, M’sieur.
to leave dose beeg trees.” He paused,
looking rather wistfully at Bryce. **I
am fine woods-boss for somebody,” he
suggested hopefully.
"You think Miss Sumner dislikes
you then, Rondeau?”
“I don’ tlieenk. I know.” He sigh- |
ed; his huge body seemed to droop.
“I am out of zee good luck now,” he
murmured bitterly. “Everybody, she
hate Jules Rondeau.” Again he
sighed. “Dose beeg trees! In Quebec
we have none. In zee woods, M’sieur,
I feel—here!” And he laid his great
“W’en I Cut Your Beeg Trees, M’sieur,
I Feel Like Hell."
calloused, hairy hand over his heart.
‘‘W’en I cut your beeg trees, M’sieur.
I feel like hell.”
“That infernal gorilla of a man is
a poet,” Buck Ogilvy declared. “I’d
think twice before I let him get out
of the country, Bryce.”
“‘Whose salt he eats, his song he
sings,' ” quoth Bryce. “I forgive you.
Rondeau, and when 1 need a woods
boss like you, I’ll send for you.”
_• • • s • s •
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Horner William and Ann Streets New York
At eleven o'clock Saturday night the
deputy United States marshal arrived
in Sequoia. Upon the advice of Buck
Ogilvy, however, he made no attempt
at service that night, notwithstanding
the fact that Jules Rondeau and his
bullies still guarded the crossing. At
eight o’clock Sunday morning, how
ever, Bryce Cardigan drove him down
to the crossing. Buck Ogilvy was al
ready there with his men, superintend
ing erection of^a huge derrick close
to the heap of obstructions placed on
the crossing. Sexton was watching
him uneasily, and flushed as Ogilvy
pointed him out to the marshal.
“There’s your meat, marshal," he
announced. Ths marshal approached
and extended toward Sexton a copy
of the restraining order. The latter
struck it aside and refused tcP accept
it—whereupon the deputy marshal tap
ped him on the shoulder with it.
“Tag! You’re out of the game, my
friend,” he said pleasantly.
As the document fluttered to Sex
ton’s feet, the latter turned to Jules
Rondeau. “I can no longer take
charge here, Rondeau," he explained.
“I am forbidden to interfere ”
‘Jules Rondeau can do ze job,” the
woods-boss replied easily. "Ze law,
she have not restrain’ me. I guess,
mebbeso, you don‘ take dose theengs
away, eh, M’sieur Cardigan. Myself,
I Ink see.”
The deputy marshal handed Ron
deau a paper, at the same time show
ing his badge. “You’re out, too, my
friend,” he laughed. “Don’t be fool
ish to try to buck the law. If you do.
I shall have to place a nice little pair
of handcuffs on you and throw you in
jail—and if you resist arrest, I shall
have to shoot you. I have one of
these little restraining orders for
every able-bodied man in the Laguna
Grande Lumber company’s employ
thanks to Mr. OgiIvy’s foresight; so
it is useless to try to beat this game
on a technicality.”
Sexton, who still lingered, made a
gesture of surrender. “Dismiss your
crew. Rondeau.” he ordered. "We’re '
whipped to a frazzle.”
A gleam of pleasure, not unmixed
with triumph, lighted the dark eyes of
the French-Canadian. “I tol’ M’sieur
Sexton she cannot fight M’sieur Cardi
gan and win.” he said simply. “Now
mebhe he believe that Jules Rondeau
know something.”
Mwt up," sexton roared petulant
ly. Rondeau shrugged contemptuous
ly. turned, and with a sweep of his
great arm indicated to his men that
they were to go; then, without a hack
ward glance to see that they followed,
the woods boss strode away in the
direction of the Laguna Grande mill.
Arrived at the mill office, he entered,
took down ttie telephone, and called
up Shirley Sumner.
“Mademoiselle." he said. ".Titles
Rondeau speaks to you. I have for
you zee good news. Rryce Cardigan,
she puts in the crossing today. One
man of the law she copies from San
Francisco with papers, and M’sieur
Sexton say to me: ‘Rondeau, we are
whip. Deesmess your men.’ So I have
deesmess doze men, and now 1 dees
mess myself. Mebbeso bimeby I go
to work for M'sieur Cardigan. For
Mademoiselle I have no.weesh to make
trouble to fire me. I queet. I will
not fight dose dirty fight some more
Au revoir, mademoiselle. I go.”
And without further ado he hung
“What's this, what’s this?” Sexton
demanded. “You’re gointr to quit?
Nonsense, Rondeau, nonsense I”
will have my time, M’sieur,” said
Jules Rondeau. “I go to work for a
man. Mehheso 1 am not woods boss
for heem, but—I work.”
“You’ll have to wait until the Col
onel returns. Rondeau.”
“1 will have my time," said Jules
Rondeau patiently.
“Then you’ll wait till pay day for
it, Rondeau. You know our rules.
Any man who quits without notice
waits until the regular pay day for
his money.”
Jules advanced until he towered di
rectly over the manager. “I tor
M'sieur I would have my time." he
repeated once more. “Is M’sieur
deaf in ze ears?" He raised his right
hand, much as a bear raises its paw;
his blunt fingers worked a little and
there was a smoldering Are in his
dark eyes.
Without further protest Sexton
opened the safe, counted out the
wages due, and took Rondeau’s re
“Thank you, M’sieur,” the woods
boss growled as he swept the coin
into his pocket. “Now I work for
M’sieur Cardigan; so, M’sieur, I will
have zee switch engine weeth two
flat cars and zee wrecking car. Doze
dam trash on zee crossing—M’sieur
Cardigan does not like, an(j by gar, 1
take heem away. You onderstand,
M’sieur? I am Jules Rondeau, and I
work for M’sieur Cardigan. La la,
M’sieur!” The great hand closed
over Sexton’s collar. “Not zee pistol
—no, not for Jules Rondeau.”
Quite as easily as a woman dresses
a baby, he gagged Sexton with Sex
ion’s own handkerchief, laid him gent
ly on the floor and departed, locking
the door behind him and taking the
key. At the corner of the building,
where the telephone line entered the
office, he paused, jerked once at the
wire, and passed on, leaving the brok
en ends on the ground.
In the roundhouse he found the
switch engine crew fin duty,, waiting
lor mcuiii ui me uouer. xlie wrap
drawn) of both locomotives, brief as
had been their absence, had caused
a glpt of logs at the Laguna Grande
landings, and Sexton was catching up
with the traffic by sending the switch
engine crew out for one trainload,
even though It was Sunday. The crew
had been used to receiving orders
from Rondeau, and moreover they
were not aware of his recent action:
hence at his command they rap the
switch engine out of the roundhouse,
coupled up the two flat cars and the
wrecking car. and hacked down to the
crossing. Upon arrival. Jules Ron
deau leaned out of the cab window
and hailed Bryce. "M’sieur," he said,
“do not bozzer to make zee derrick.
I have here zee wrec king car—all you
need: pretty soon we lift him oft zee
crossing, I tell you, eh, M’sieur Cardi
Bryce stepped over to the switch
engine and looked up at his late en
emy. “By whose orders is this train
here?” he queried.
“Mine,” Rondeau quickly answered.
“M’sieur Sexton I have tie like one
leetle pig and lock her in her office.
I work now for M’sieur.”
And he did. He waited not for a
confirmation front his new master but
proceeded to direct operations like
the born driver and leader of men
that he was. With his late employ
er’s gear he fastened to the old cast
ings and the boiler, lifted them with
the derrick on the wrecking car, and
swung them up and around onto the
flat cars. Ry the middle of the after
noon the crossing was once more clear.
Then the Cardigan crew fell upon it
while Jules Rondeau ran the trafn
back to the Laguna Grande yards, dis
missed his crew, returned to the mill
office, and released the manager.
“You'll pay through the nose for
this, you scoundrel.” Sexton whim
pered. “I’ll fix you, you traitor.”
“You feex nothing. M’sieur Sexton,”
Rondeau replied imperturbably. “Who
is witness Jules Rondeau tie you up?
Somebody see you. no? I guess you
don’ feex me. Sucre! I guess you
don' try.”
(To Re Continued)
f NAsee, boss, ^^uVtaek/'X
\ tenape, AS-'ZONA. J
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I take this opportunity to notify those
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at my store. C. E. PERKINS
June 16, 1920. 2w2S
John Tobin comes from the same
country as did the Prince of Wales,
only Mr. Tobin is just a bit more inti
mate with us. He isn't a prince; lie's
a King—a King of lecture-entertain
ers, and if, after you’ve heard him, you
fail to vote him the “best yet," then
you and good music are strangers.
John Tobin can play the piano—lie
can talk interestingly, and he knows
more about music than most of us ever
dreamed of. So he has mixed the com
bination together, anil he is going to
serve the concoction to you—a lecture
concert, with piano illustrations. We
know you will enjoy this pleasant
young man and his melody message,
entitled “Anglo-American Music.”
Mrs. R. I. Brown of Bucksport has been
the guest of her sister, Mrs. C. L. Bar
rows, recently.
Joshua Treat, Jr., left June 12th for
Dorchester, Mass , where he joined Mrs.
Treat for a few days
Mrs. Eva (Dunningl Parker of Bangor
has opened her summer home here which
she purchased last fall.
Miss Winnifred Nealley, who has been
the successful teacher of the Milford
Primary school two years, has returned
Mrs. Charles Fowler of Unity and
brother, Albert J. Clark of Bangor, were
recent callers at the home of Mrs. Clara
M. Merrill.
Mr. and Mrs. Clement D. Cates, chil
dren, cook and maid, of Jacksonville,
Florida, have arrived at their summer
home here, coming in their sedan from
New York.
r orty-nve memoersor mi z pan neoeitan
Lodge were in Orrington, Wednesday,
June 9th, to attend the district meeting
which convened there. The degree was
conferred by the degree staff of Mizpah
Lodge in their usual able and efficient
A special meeting was called by the
trustees of the Winterport Free Library
Association on Monday evening, June 7,
for the purpose of making arrangements
and appointing committees as a prelimi
nary step towards raising funds for the
Memorial Library. It was voted to ap
point a soliciting committee, the same
committee as in the fourth and fifth Lib
erty loan campaigns, each to have practi
cally the same territory as covered by
them on those occasions. It will be re
called that a fine lot of land desirably
and centrally located, has been donated
by Mrs Harriet P. Lewis as a site for the
new edifice. The Blaisdell Bros. Inc., of
New York City, have promised the splen
did sum of $2,000, provided that the town
raises a like amount by Jan. 1, 1921; while
another native son, Fitzroy Kelley of Bos
ton, has promised $500, when the $4,000
is secured. It is confidently expected
that a general and liberal response wdll be
made by the citizens of the town, so that
a suitable building may be erected to pro
vide a place for the several thousand vol
umes in the library rooms.
Notice of Annual Meeting
Belfast & Moosehead Lake i. R. Co.
Clerk’s Office,
Belfast, Me, June 14, 1920.
The stockholders of ihe above-named
corporation are requested to attend the
annual meeting of the company to be held
at the Court House, Belfast, on Wednes
day, July 7, 1920, at 10 o’clock a. m., to
act upon the following matter, viz:
1st—To hear and act upon the annual
report of the directors.
2nd—To hear and act upon the report
of the bond trustees.
3rd—To elect three directors for three
4th—To act upon such other business
as may properly come before said meeting.
3w25 C. W. FREDERICK, Clerk.
The Wauquoit
This most attractive and comfortable
house has been opened to the public by
its proprietor, MRS.'L. C. ROSS. Shore
dinners of all kinds, also chicken dinners
served. Auto parties will please make
reservations to avoid disappointment.
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Coffee that delights
Maine folks and
folks who visit
Maine folks.
Your neighborhood dealer
sells this superior coffee.
Jiskfor it!
Bangor. Maine.
Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure.
WHEREAS, Jalisco H. Foster of Montville,
County of Waldo at d fet:;te of Maine, j
hv his mortgage deed dated July 3rd, A. D.
1896, and recorded in the Waldo Registry of
Deeds, Book 247, Page 172, conveyed to Clem
ent and Cushman of said Montville, a certain
parcel of real estate situated in Monivil'e and
bounded as follows, to wit:—Commencing at
the road near C. P Carter's at the corner be
tween said Foster and C. P. Carter’s land and
running in a northwesterly course about two
hundred rods to land of C A Gilchrist; then
in .a southeasterly course on said Gilchrist's
land about sixty rods to the corner of the
Knowlton lot; then in a southeasterly course
about two hundred rods to the main road at a
corner near said Foster’s house; then on the
road in a southwesterly course about sixty rods
to place of beginning, containing about 80
acres, more or less.
And whereas James J, Clement of C-ement
and Cushman, by his deed of assignment oated
September 25th, A. D. 1897, and recorded in
the Waldo Registry of Deeds, Book 250, Page
270, assigned all his right, title and interest in
said mortgage to Frank A. Cushman, and
whereas said Frank A. Cushman by his deed of
assignment dated March 31st, A D. 11:98. and
recorded in the Waldo Registry of Deeds, Bo -k
253, Page 47. assigned said mortgage to Weslin
D. Gilpatrick of Weston, County of Aroosto >k
and State of Maine; and whereas the said
Weslin D. Gilpatrick by his will duly probated
devises and bequeathed ail his right, title and
interest in and to the above described premises
to his wife, Oiive Lucinda Gilpatrick ot said J
Weston, and whereas Arthur D. Gilpatrick, the
duly and legally appointed and authorized ad
ministrator of the estate of the late Olive
Lucinda Gilpatrick aforesaid, has assigned
said mortgage to me, the undersigned, and
whereas the condition of said mortgage has
been broker, now therefore, by reason of the
breach ot the condition thereof I claim u fore
closure of said mortgage, ,
feigned E. F GILPATRICK.
Datel at Wester, Maine, this 12th day of I
June, A. D. 1920. 3w26 j
Six rooms, hard wood floors, steel ceil
ings, hard pine finish throughout, electric
lights in all rooms,(large shed connected
with kitchen. Fifty feet shore frontage;
lot 100 feet deep. Very desirable home
for small family. Twelve minutes’ walk
from P. O., situated at No. 5 Jackson St.,
foot of Harbor St. Easy terms. Particu
lars of GEO. M. GRAY,
tf23 (P. O. Box 83) Belfast, Me.
A HORSE HAY FORK, also a cross
cut saw. Apply to
1 Lincolnville, Avenue, Belfast
Tel. 137-5 tf25
Second Hand Furniture
J. AU$1 IN McKEEN. Belfast. Me.
Notice of Foreclosure of Mortgage
WHEREAS, Jalisco H. Foster of Montville,
County of Waldo and btate of Maine,
t y his mortgage deed dated April 6th. A. D.
1£S8, at’d recorded in the Waldo Registry of
D -eds, Vol 252. Page 132, conveyed to W. D
Gilp t ick f Weston, County of Aroostook
and Slat-; of M iir e. a certain lot or parcel of
land si'uated in Montville, and bounded as
follows, to w it:-Commencing at the southeast
corner of the homestead farm of the late
Ebenez>jr Foster of Montville; thence wester
ly by town road and land of C P. Carter lo
roa* leading from J G, Anderson's to the road
leading past the Ira Howard place; thence by
s-»i'i r*>ad and land of B. Knowlton to lar d
of IraHou ard; tl ; nee easterly b\ land of Ira
Howard, Avery and L. Stewart to the road
leach g from Allen Le< naru’s in Kr,ux to Cen
ter Montville; thence southerly by said road
to the northeast corner of the ten-acre field.
so-cilUd; there* easterly by land of C. P,
Carter to land of Ralph Penney; thence south
erly by said Penny’s land to the first mention
ed bound-, containing 160 acres, more or less.
And whereas the said W D. Gilpatriek by his
will uuly probated, devised and bequeathed ail
his right, tit e and interest|in and to the above
described premises, to his wife, Olive Lucinda
Glipatrick of said Weston, and whereas Arthur
Gilpatriek. the duly and legally appointed and
autnoriz d administrator of the estate the
late Olive Lucinda Gilpatriek aforesaid, has
assigned said mortgage to me.the undersigned,
and whereas the condition of said mortgage
has been broken, ni w therefore, by reason of
the breach of the condition thereof I claim a
foreclosure of said mortgage.
Signed E. F. G1LPATRICK.
Weston, Maine, June 12, 1920. 3w26
?m\n Nonets
To all persons, interested in either oi the
estates hereinafter named:
At a Probite Court held at Belfast, iu and
for the County of Waldo, on the second Tues
day of June, in tne year of our Lard one
thousand nine hundred and t wenty. The fol
iowing matters having been presented for the
action thereupon hereinafter indicated, it is
hereby ordered, th t notice thereof he given
to all persons interested by causing a copy of
this order to be published once a week for
three weeks successively before t he seeond
Tuesday of July. A. D,. 1920, in The Re
publican Journal, a newspaper published and
printed at Belfast, in said County, that they
may appear at a Probate Court to be held at
the Probate Office in said Belfast on the second
Tuesday of July, A D. 1920, at ten o’clock
ir. t ie forenoon, and he heard thereon if they
see cause.
Albert C. [laker, late of Winterport, de
ceased. Will and petition for probate thereof
and that letters testamentary issue to Lillian
M. Perry, she being the ex< culrix named there
in and presents said petition. Application that
no bond be required from said executrix is
contained in the petition for probate thereof,
Hannah M. Coveil, late of Boston, County of
Suffolk, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, de
ceased. Authenticated copy of will presented
with petition that the same may be allowed,
filed and recorded and that letters testament
ary issue to Char lee H. Coveil, he being the
executor named therein and he presents said
petition. Application that no bond be required
from said executor is contained in the petition
for probate thereof. t
Muretta F. Smith, late of Belfast, deceased.
Petition that Bert E. Dodge of Belfast or some
other suitable person ma> te appointed ad
ministrator of said estate ana he presents
said petition.
Mial Sargent, late of Searspon, deceased.
Petition that Sarah A. Sargent, widow, or some
other suitable person, may be apj ointed ad
ministratrix of said estate and she presents
said petition. Application that no bond he re
quired from the administratrix of said estate
is contained in said petition.
Z disco H. Foster, late of Montville, deceas
«d Petition that B. F. Foster cf Mootville or
some other suitable person may be appointed
administrator of said estate. Application that
no bond be required from the administrator
of said estate is contained in said petition. Shid
petition is presented by Mary A. Foster, his
Melville Woodbury, iate of Beverly, in the
County of Essex. Commonwealth of Massa
chusetts, deceas'd. Petition that Mary E.
Woodbury of 6aid Beverly, widow, or some
other suitable person, may be appointed ad
ministrator of said estate located in the State
of Maine. Application that no bond be required
from said administrator is contained in said
petition,which is presented b> his widow above
Justina K. Thomas, late of Islesboro, de
ceased. Petition that Ori sa A. Per\dleton or
seme other suitable person n ay be appointed
administrator of said estate, and she presents
said petition.
Estate of Asa A. Howes, late of Belfast, de
ceased. Petition of James H. Howes and
Ralph H. Howes, executors, for determination
of inheritance tax, presented by said executors. ,
Estate of Harriet K. Closson, late of Sears
port. Petition of Alexander H. Nichols, execu
tor, for determination of inheritance tax, pre
sented by said executor.
John N. Pendleton, late of Searsport, de
ceased. Will and petition for probate thereof
and that letters testamentary issue to Flor
ence F. Pendleton, she being the executrix
named therein. Application that no bond be
lequired from the executrix is contained in
the petition aforesaid. The same being pre
sented by Florence F. Pendleton.
Tbomas in. Pearson, late of Mor*ill, deceas
ed, Will and petition for probate thereof and
that letters testamentary issue to Lillian M.
Pearson, she being the executrix named there
in and she presents said petition.
Children Cry
Frances A. Stevens, late of MootviiuT
tion of Herbert M. Stevens, administrat ^
license to sell certain real estate belong **
the estate of aaid deceased, situated ,vn,,|«
worth. Hancock County, State of Mai, t;iii
described in aaid petition. and
Kenneth E. Tozier of Unity, mitrr» !
Maggie W. Tozier of Unity, guardian f
that said guardian may be licensed t„
convey or exchange certain real estate .
ward situated in Unity, described it, ‘<>1
tion. 10 kti.
Estate of John Stiattard. late of u
First arid final account presented for »n “"'H
by George A. Palmer, administrator
will annexed. ' b lit
Estate of Elizabeth R. Hopkins i ,
Troy. First i nd final account presiau, 51
allowance by W. L. Hopkins, administrate,
Estate of Charlotte M. Springer
Winterport. First and final account ore, '<
for allowance by Heruert I. Cole, execute
Estate of Daniel A. Campbell, 1st? a
terport. First end final account pretest ;
allowance by Ada M. WeekB, alBo her *
, ccount against said estate.
Estate of Lydia E. Smith, lote of fi,,
First at d final account presented for all
by Harold H. Smith, administrator.
Estate of John W. Dyer, late of Wimfr
First and final account presented fort, , "
by George R. Blinn. administrator.
Estate of William J. Gillespie. Isle of
erville, Massschusetta. First and final M
presented for allowance by Guy .M urcr .. '
ministrator of said estate located in ft.'
of Mvine.
Estate of Henry Herbert Smith and y
Dell Smith, minor wards. First ana f,.
count presented for allowance by ii.ri . '
Smith, guardian.
Estate of Andrew William Johnson „
Belfast. First and final account present*
allowance by Ralph I. Morse, administi •
Estate of Rjchel A. Kingsbury, late
fsst First and final account present
allowance by Alma A. Morse, adminietr)J
Estate of Eva A. Henderson, min r » .
First and final account presented for ai
hy Lucy A. Stimpson, guardian.
Estate of Maitland B. Smith, late . f u .,
ford, Conn. Petition for order of diatr \
of said estate presented by Waldo True
pany, executor, bv T. Frank, Parker, trea,
Estate of Royal P. Leonard, iai.e of W, .
port. First and final account present
allowance by Clara M. Leonard, admumt:.,'
Estate of Charles Platt. Jr., late of P
phia, in the State of Pennsylvania h
final account presented for allowance h\
beth N. Platt and Henry Norris Platt .
tors of said estate in the State of M
Estate of Hattie M. Robinson, late of l •
deceased Petition of Estelle M \V r':'
administratrix with the will annexe’ '
termination of inheritance tax, preser -
said administratrix.
r.ari George bte ens. late nf I.n.
ceased. Petition that John P. Sanfor l
erty or some other suitable person mav
pointed adm nistrator of said estate
tltlon ia presented by Blanche Stevens, v, .j'j'
Josephine A, Pendergaat, late of N.
Petition of Charles A. Urcutt, execui
license to sell and convey at public nr
sale certain real estate belong to ....
said deceased lituated in Northpor
County, and described in said petitior
Estate of Royal P. Leonard, late of .
port, Petition of Clara M. Leonaru »
that an allowance may be made to her
the personal estate,
j Estate of Rachel M. Pendleton, lat-*
port, deceased. Petition of Beijannn
cord, executor, for determination of
ance tax, presented by said executor.
Estate of John W. Dwyer, late of V
port. Petition of George R. Biinn, „ ,
trator, for determination of inhe-iim
presented by sdid administrator.
Ellen F. Libby, late of Troy, decea-n
and petition for probate thereof and
ters testamentary issue to James i
being the executor named therein arc
( said petition. Application that no h.
I quired from said executor is eontai
petilion for probate thereof.
Winslow W. Seavey, late of Troy \
Will and petition for probate thereof <
letters testamentary issue to Mildred - *
she being the ex culrix named there
sents said peti ion. Application tbs:
I be required from the executrix is cm.:,
the petition for probate thereof.
! Mary D Rhoades, late of Troy
Will and petition for probate thereof a
letters testamentary issue to Ot’s 1; )
he being the executor named therei.
sents said petition. Application that a
be required from said executor is conti
the petit on for probate thereof.
b airfield Cole, late of Winterport, ]
Will and petition for probate there. !
letters testamentary issue to Rav
Cole, he being the executor named tie
presents said petition. Application
bond |be required from said extern
i tamed in the petition for probate th :
Judge of sa. ;
A trim copy of the original. Ati
I Notice ia hereby given that the
appointments have been made by th>
Court, within and for the county of
State of Maine.
Estate of Mary Lane, late of Li:
Leslie D. Ames of Camden appoint-.
June 8, A, D. 1920.
^ Estate of Rose F. Downer, late of
Frank W. Sanford of Montville
executor June 8, A. D. 1920.
Estate of Hattie B. Elliot late of i
John W. Ingraham of Knox appoint
tor June 8, A. D. 1920.
Estate of Isaac M. Cummings, late
pect. Clara Al. Cummings of Pr
pointed executrix June 8. A. 1). 192'
Estate of A, Henry Conant, late
port. Charles M. Conant of Wini
pointed t xecutoi June 8, A. D. 1920
Estate of William A Swift, late
Charles F. Swift of Belfast appoin*e
trator June 8. A. D. 1920.
Estate of George H. Wing, late
Ella Wing of Morrill appointed an
June 8, A D. 1920,
Estate of Ada Cuddy, late of
Martin Cuddy of Frankfort appon
istrator June 8, A, D. 1920
Estate of Frances D. Johnson, la
fast. Caroline M. Cutter of Belfast
administratrix, D. B. N., with w,1
June 8. A. D. 1920.
Estate of Clara B. Rogers, late
Vaiorua A. Simmtns appointed ex<
i 8, A. D. 1920.
Estate of James E. Marden, lat*
port Freeman O. Marden and Ida 1
appointed executors June 8, A. D. 1
4 Estate of Lizzie G. Dodge, late
Lincoln N. Gilkey appointed a-!n
with the will annexed, June 8, A 1
Estate of Anna Piper, late of Beit,
ent W. Wescott appointed admmt
the will annexed, June 8, A D. 1920
Estate of Eliza J. Ward of 'lroy.
Stone appointed guardian June 8, A
Dated at Belfast, i/i said Coun:
day of June, A. D. 1920.
scriber hereby gives notice that hr
duly appointed administrator, de !
the estate of
VINAL HILLS, late of North;
in the County of Waldo, deceased,
bonds as the law directs. All per
demands against the estate of sai
are desired to present the sam
ment, and all indebted thereto are
to make payment immediately.
Northport, Me , June 8, 1920.
At a Probate Court held at Belfast, »
for the County of Waldo, on the
June, A. D. 1920.
Mabel Thompson, a resident of Ft
said County of Waldo, having prese'
tition praying that John.E. Kea yfof '
in the County of Androscoggin, or s>
suitable person may be appointed co
of her estate.
Ordered, That the said petitioner glv
to all persons interested by causing
this order to be published three week
sively in The Republican Journal, a r • '
published at Belfast, in said County 11
may appear at a Probate Court, to h
Belfast, within and for said County, on
day of July. A. D. 1920, at ten of :
before noon, and show cause, if any U"
why the prayer of said petition*
be granted,
A true copy. Attest:
Chas. E. Johnson. Reg1*1 '

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