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^^News ot Belfast
SEw advertisements.
Ii Jones advertises the re-crea
^jesi of the New Edison.
\ Burleigh, Augusta, wants
steeper'and stenographer.
■unniugham, So. Brooksville,
^motorboat for sale.
1 , jv of rabbits for sale.
: arrie C. Webster, osteopath, pub
, professional card.
■lonial Theatre publishes picture
.... for the week.
t1l Maine Power Co. offers its
Stock for home investment.
. Tlley has automobile trailer
for salt*.
W. Clark & Co. are offering 20
jiscount from their men’s cloth
ing goods.
M Partridge and Amy L. Wilson
sr.-se embroideries and laces for

linsmore Store offers a special
the Hood Wurkshu. They also
... a„ adv. in regard to fit of shoes.
v 4 l ook does portrait work and de
,lMJ prints films in 24 hours,
s :s, Brooks, wants situation as
of tortoise shell spectacles
.f bicycle lost.
: Mrs. Edwin S. Perkins and
ish a card of thanks.
,nd Mrs. Arthur Coombs and fam
, ii-,li a card of thanks.
Sample Shop advertises a sav
• 1111-. for fall wear and specials in
■ e sses for Friday and Satur
Hulel oilers upright piano for
.nt, Unity, advertises cow es
., of store wanted.
1 homas has an Avery engine
. avid L. Herrick has field of
meeting of the directors of
'or Aged Women was post
■m Tuesday until this, Thursday,
H. Marshall Post and Circle
picnic supper at the home of
• Fairbrother next Tuesday af
. o’clock. I
hrey was injured on his ma- j
e Mathews Mill Friday and
to the Tapley Hospital. He
linger and the tip of another
. lit hand.
ringing orchestra of Water
give a ball in the Armory this,
veiling July 8th, as a benefit
>f I he Third Maine. It will
i he social events of the sum
for the coming Chautauqua,
'5 inclusive, are now on sale
■ jntors and also can be obtain
c City Drug Store, James H.
Mrs. E. P. Carle’s and Dins
• lores. If bought now tickets
adults and children, $1.10.
These shoes are just the thing for warm
weather. Will give fine service and we
can recommend them in every way.
• These are factory damaged, but be
cause of that the price is
Delivered by mail anywhere for
Harry W. Clark entered the Waldo
County Hospital Wednesday for an oper
ation for hernia.
Three large auto parties were in Bel
fast Sunday on a camping trip from
Philadelphia, Pa., to Bangor. There
were about twelve women in the party.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Smith have
sold their farm in Waldo and moved to
Belfast to make their home with their
daughter, Mrs. James H. Cilley, and
The ladies of the North Church under
the auspices of the Sewing Circle will
have a sale of aprons and food at their
vestry Friday afternoon, July 16th.
They will also serve tea and have an en
Dr. Sumner C. Pattee had a narrow
escape from drowning Monday at the
wharf of the Eastern S. S. Lines Inc.
He with Mrs. Pattee was returning on
the Golden Rod from a visit to the U. S.
S. Florida. Dr. Pattee had left the
steamer and was standing oil the float.
He attempted to assist Mrs. Pattee to
the float when he stepped off and fell in
the water. Capt. A. Perry Coombs see
ing his danger jumped in and caught him
by the coat collar just as he was sinking
for the second time. Dr. Pattee lost his
umbrella and glasses.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Blaisdell are
dining for the present at the Windsor
Miss Ava Burg.rss, B. H. S., ’20, is im
proving at tier home on Union street af
ter a serious illness with pneumonia.
The house at No. 36 High street owned
by O. A. and 1. L. Hopkins has been sold
by William H. Bray to Mrs. Sarah L
Willard A. Johnson & Son, Main street,
have opened a branch candy store in the
Coombs building at the foot of Commer
cial street.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rnowlton of Rock
land entertained a party of twelve at a
lobster supper at the Windsor Hotel
Thursday night.
Deputy Sheriff J. A. G. Beach, for
some time turnkey at the Waldo County
jail, has resigned and is succeeded by
Deputy Sheriff Phineas G. Hurd.
Dr. Carl H. Stevens has added an up
to-date X-Ray machine to his office on
Church street. He is equipped to make
:.nd develop plates on dental and bone
diseases, fractures, etc.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Morris, who re
cently sold their farm on Belmont ave
nue, have taken a rent in the Mason
1 ouse at the corner of Cedar and Peail
■vhen Glen Ellison Sang for Us
l*o you remember what happened ?
lething very remarkable happened when Glen Elli
■ n sang in Belfast.
'hen Ellison stood by the New Edison and sang. Sud
: iilv his lips stopped moving. He was no longer sing
But the song continued!
! he New Edison had taken up the song. Remember
you who listened could not tell the difference. Re
ember how surprised you were?
t here be any more convincing way of demonstrat
!K the clean-cut superiority of the New Edison? When
usje meets music in such a way—both must be real
■'*e. No other phonograph dares the Direct Com
: itrison Test.
“The Phonograph with a Soul”
t'pleasant and thorough way to discover the wonder of
^-t reated music is to call us up. We’ll bring the in
mment to your home. There we’ll demonstrate it to
1 and then leave it, so you can make up vour mind at
lstire. Satisfy yourself in this way. Phone us now.
. '“ e—every evening!
-w Edison dance RE-CREA
,(>NS just out!
Hear Mr. Ellison sing again on the
New Edison the songs you heard
that evening.
FRED D. JONES, Belfast, Maine
Misses Maud B. and Clara R. Steward
have taken one of the Howard cottages
at the Battery for a short time. They
entertained a dinner party Wednesday
night consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Herman
H. Coombs, Mr. and Mrs. Allen L Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Austin J. Fernald.
The monthly meeting of the Women’s
Hospital Aid will be held July 6th at the
home of Mrs. H. H. Carter. Those hav
ing squares ready for the silk puiT will
please bring them. A large attendance
is desired as plans for the August bazaar
will be discussed.
The Sewing Circle of the Baptist
Church had a very pleasant session
Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Herbert Black on Lincolnville avenue
1 he afternoon was spent socially and
with sewing. A delicious picnic supper
was served at 6 p. m. Twenty-five mem
bers were present. *
The funeral of William Furber Bean
took place at his late residence on Church
Thursday at 2.30 p. m., Rev. Harry Lutz
pastor of the Newton, Mass., Unitarian
church, officiating. The bearers were
Messrs. Charles P. Hazeltine, Augustine
Colburn, Thomas B. Dinsmore and Jas.
C. Durham. The interment was in Grove
! Cemetery.
It is with regret that we announce the
resignation of George C. Thompson, the
local manager of the Colonial Theatre
which took place Saturday night. Mr.
Thompson is the son of Dr. and Mrs. W
S. Thompson of Augusta and came here
four years ago to manage the Opera
House, then under lease to William B.
Williamson of Augusta, and has since re
mained here, although r.here have been
several changes in theatre ownership. He
is not only popular wi h the theatre pat
rons, but is a most exemplary young man
and a desirable citizen. He married Miss
Amy P. Sholes of this city and they have
one little son. It is sincerely hoped they
will remain in Belfast, although Mr.
Thompson has not announced what his
future plans are. He is succeeded at the
Colonial by George Nealey of Lowell,
Mass., for several years manager of the
Jewel Theatre of that city. He was ac
companied by Mrs. Nealey and they have
taken rooms at the Colonial House
Camp Quantabacook Opened. Dr.
and Mrs. O. S. Vickery of this city open
ed Camp Quantabacook at Lake Quanta
bacook, Searsmont, last Thursday, the
former as owner and medical director and
the latter as matron and teacher of arts
and crafts. Merrill L. Strong, physical
director of the Browns chool in Provi
dence, R. I., has arrived with boys from
that city, Massachusetts and Connecti
cut; while H. P. Hermansen, director of
physical education at the Tower Hill
school in Wilmington, Del., brought boys
from Delaware, New Jersey and New
York. These directors will remain for
the summer and other college men will
arrive later to assist. Wiere is not a
better location in Maine for boys to spend
the summer. They will have hikes and
sports as well as studies, etc. Monday
was spent in racing and jumping con
tests and in the evening with a display of
fireworks, music, camp songs and cheers
Dr. Vickery will spend his evenings and
Sundays at the camp, coming to Belfast
on week days for office hours.
We have heard your welcome call,
“Come to Maine, ’’
And to bring the kids and all
Down to Maine.
Summer now has come at last,
Eo we made the windows fast,
ocked the door, and swiftly passed
Off to Maine.
We headed the old fliver
Down towards Maine,
And we crossed o’er many a river
Down towards Maine;
Saw the fields bedecked with flowers,
Oft refreshed by summer showers,
Thus we rode on several hours
Down through Maine.
Now we’ve reached our journey’s end
Down fn Maine;
Where Penobscot waters wend
Down in Maine.
We have driven many a mile
To greet our old friends with a smile,
We have come to stay awhile
Here in Maine.
—Elmcroft, July 4, 1920.
Mrs. George E. Coombs is gaining after
a surgical operation at the Tapley Hos
Capt. R. W. Warren is ill at his home
on Lincolnville avenue having had an ill
turn, the result of acute indigestion.
Supt. E E. Roderick wishes all pupils
who failed in their regular school exami
nations to bear in mind that there will be
another examination the week before the
schools open next term. Parents should
see that these pupils use some of their
spare time in vacation on study.
Company F of the Third Maine, Al
bert E. Andrews, captain, returned Tues
day from Camp Devens, having spent the
Fourth in Portland en route. They were
enthusiastic over the benefits received at
the muster, their reception at Portland
and the altogether pleasant outting.
The Junior Chautauqua badges have
arrived and all children who are to enjoy
the pleasures of that branch of Commu
nity Chautauqua may have them by call
ing on Supt. E. E. Roderick. It is sug
gested that any who wish may have the
pleasure of buying tickets for the little
ones at the Girls Home.
1 he Penobscot Hay Llectric Company
has issued the following statement to
their local customers: Russell C. Carter
of Belfast has been appointed superin
tendent of the Belfast District, effective
July first, 1920, in place of H. P. Blodg
ett, who has been recently transferred to
Members of Waldo Lodge and Aurora
Rebekah Lodge, I. O. O. F., together
with all members of other lodges of the
order, are cordially invited to participate
in the observance of Odd Fellows Me
morial Day, next Sunday, July 11th.
All are requested to assemble at the
lodge rooms at ten o’clock in the fore
noon and proceed to the Baptist church,
where a Memorial Day address will be
delivered by the pastor, Rev. Geo. C.
Last Sunday evening at Memorial Hall.
Alfred Hazen Stoddard, the noted psychic
and lecturer, appeared before a large and
appreciative audience. After a wonder
ful rendition of Sir Edwin Arnold’s po
em, “She and He,” the speaker deliv
ered a splendid discourse on “The Com
ing Religion.” During the message pe
riod which followed, the tests were phe
nomenal and one could readily under
stand why Mr. Stoddard is termed Am
erica’s foremost psychic.—Communicat
Sunday’s Showers. The electrical
showers Sunday were the most severe
for several seasons and did much dam
age to the trees, gardens and streets.
On some of the side streets the water
rushed in torrents down them the full
length leaving only rocks and small peb
bles on the surface. On Spring street
near the school house the sidewalk was
washed away, the drain pipes broken
and a gutter about eight inches deep cut
into the side of the roadway. Branches
were torn from the shade trees and
thrown into the street. The hail stones
were very large and the flashes of light
ning blinding. Many were unable to
sleep and remained up until after mid
night. At Lake Quantabacook the water
rose several feet and the wind swept
in waves against the cottage doors and
windows at the upper end of the lake.
South Belfast. Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Herrick and Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Curtis
gave a salmon and chicken dinner with
all the appropriate fixings at the home of
Mr. Herrick July 2th with Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar Blockhouse of Somerville, Mass.,
as guests of honor. After dinner they
all motored to town spending the after
noon on board the battleship Florida.
The day was very pleasantly ended with
a delicious treat of strawberry ice cream
and fancy cake with dainty confections
served by Miss Lucena Herrick....Miss
Astrid Arnderg of Worcester, Mass.,
who has been spending two weeks with
her sister, Mrs. Aurelius Pitcher, at
Pitcher’s Pond, returned to her home
last week ...Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Brock
house and sons, Marshall and Edward of
Somerville, Mass., are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Leo G. Herrick....Mr. Wallace
Chase and family of Newton, Mass.,
have arrived at their bungalow, Elm
croft, for the summer.
Developed and
Printed In
24 Hours
We also do
portrait work
i s
75 High Street,
Owing to the enforced absence from
his store of Harry W. Clark on ac
count of sickness, he has asked me
to liquidate his immense stock of men’s
clothing :and furnishing goods before Dec.
1st. This is some job, believe fme, but the
low prices I am going to put on the Kuppenheimer and
all the other good makes of clothing must melt them
away very rapidly.
You can be your own salesman in this cash and
carry sale. Just take off 20 percent from oar regular reasonable retail
prices, with no reserves, and don’t tail to call in and see some of our
special bargains at 25 to 50 percent reduction.
The Main Street Clothiers, iBelfast, Maine.
Colonial Theatre
Choice Comedies and Dramas Now Being
Shown Afternoon and Evening at
This Popular Playhouse.
"Twenty-three and a Half Hours’ Leave,”
Remember that del’ghtfully clever story
by Mary Roberts Rhinehart that appeared
some time ago in the Saturday Evening
Post? “Twenty-three and a Half Hours’
Leave” was the name of it. Sure you
remember it, for even if you didn’t read
it, you heard all your friends talking
about it
It was about a rookie sergeant who
made a bet that he would have breakfast
with the General. And he had twenty
three and a half hours to accomplish his
purpose. When he started he didn’t have
the faintest idea how he was going to get
away with it. But he did it, and won the
general’s daughter besides.
Well, Thomas H. Ince has made a cork
ing picture out of it. It is exactly the
right medium with which to introduce
his two new stars, Douglas MacLean and
Doris May, whom you have probably read
about. It gives them both excellent parts.
We’re showing it on Thursdav.
A two-reel comedy and the Screen
Magazine will complete Thursday’s bill.
Alice Joyce, Friday
Beautiful Alice Joyce appears Friday in
one of her greatest plays, “The Sporting
Duchess,” a Drury Lane melodrama which
created such a sensation on the stage a
few years ago.
“The Sporting Duchess” is replete with
many thrilling moments which end in a
tremendous race scene, the famous Eng
lish Derby.
Also on Friday the 5th Episode of “The
Moon Riders” and a Burton Holmes
"The Peddler of Lies,” Saturday
Theatregoers who remember the terrific
battle Frank Mayo fought in “The Brute
Breaker.” can see him in another fistic
combat in “The Peddler of Lies,” the
Universal photodrama which will be |
shown at the Colonial Theatre Saturday.
But in the present production, Mayo
has his light in the home of a millionaire
instead of the Canadian woods.
“Rehoe Reporter,” a two reel comedy,
and News No. 38 complete’s Saturday’s
bill. _
"Should a Husband Forgive?” Monday
A drama of high life and deep shadows,
love, horse racing, fighting, trickery and
other sensational issues are combined
convincingly in this picture.
The question asked by “Should a Hus
band Forgive?” is a big one. A shadow
is cast across some lives and over the
threshhold of others because a good wife
assumes that husbands do not forgive.
The shadow lengthens wjien years later
the woman’s son, infected with the com
mon virus of propaganda, gives up the
girl he loves because appearances are
against her. The happy end is logical.
The all-star cast is uniformly strong.
Mrs. James K. Hackett plays the woman,
and Miriam Cooper, well known as the
heroine of other big scale productions, is
seen as the girl.-.
Also on Monday will be shown the
“Chester Outing,” “Flat Broke” comedy
and “Screen Smiles.”
Douglas Fairbanks, Tuesday.
Douglas Fairbanks will be seen in
“When the Clouds Roll By.” Here’s
your chance to see a real flood. The
older people remember the Johnstown
flood. Some of the young folks remem
ber Galveston’s. We all know of the
great flood when Noah built his ark.
There’s just a few of us who ever saw a
real flood. Doug Fairbanks was caught
in a regular one during the making of his
next United Artists production, “When
the Clouds Roll By,” and it forms the
background for some of the most spec
tacular stunts the athlete ever dared and
the most unique setting for a romance
you can ever conceive. Be sure and see
this picture also the De Heven’s comedy,
“Spring,” with the magazine 3860.
William Russell, Wednesday.
Do you love horses? If so be sure and
see the “Shod with Fire,” a swiftly mov
ing photoplay of the William Fox pro
duction, starring William Russell. He
came to her on a stallion shod with fire.
The marvelous understanding of a horse
possessed with almost human intelligence
saves a girl from a life worse than death
in Harold Titus’ splendid story, “Shod
With Fire,” produced as a photoplay by
William Fox with William Russell as
the star. See this powerful play which
opens at this theatre on Wednesday and
be thrilled with its rapid fire action.
The serial, “Lost City,’’ 10th episode,
and News 39 will also be shown on
Arthur Andrews, who has been assist
ing in the Chapin Agency for the past
two weeks during the absence of his
brother, Capt. Albert E. Andrews, of Co.
F, who was at Camp Uevens, has return
ed to his home in Waterville.
Assorted Chocolates
69 c.—
Try them once and you will
We have a large assortment of BULK
CANDIES. We have the agency
for the following well known lines :
Come in and try them.
READ & HILLS, - - Proprietors.
William L. Luce. Harry A. Foster.
Insurance of Every Description
Plate Glass
Lunch Sets
Lunch Cloths
Wall Banners
Mats, Etc.
Embroidered and sent directly
from China. We offer some splen
did values in these most artistic
embroideries. Also hand-made
Laces from China. Lace Collars.
Mats. Fans. Tea, Etc.
We invite you to call and in
spect them at The Journal office.
_ - - >
From Memorial building Monday even
ing, July 5th, a bicycle. No questions
will be asked if the bicycle is returned to
The Journal office or to Elon Smith.
Man with team or auto who can give bond
to sell 137 Watkins home and farm prod
ucts Biggest concern of kind in the
world. $1500 to $5000 yearly income,
territory in this county open. Write to
Jay to J. R. WATKINS CO.,
Dept. 114, Winona, Minn.
The motor boat “SANDPIPER,” one of
the finest motor launches on the Atlantic
coast, designed by Arthur Binney of Bos
ton and built by George Law'ey Corp.
Sterling engine 45 65 horse power, 6 cyl
inders 4 cycle, both bittery and Bosch
ignition, 40 ft. long and equipped, can be
seen in commission at South Brooksville,
Buck's Harbor.
2w28 South Brooksville, Maine.
Rabbits for Sale
For food and fancy. Guinea pigs for
pets—several breeds to select from, all
prize strains, 11.00 and up. JACKSON,
18 Luther St., Peak’s Island, Maine.
Df. (Janie l Webster,
Saturday Cove, Northport, Maine.
Children Cry

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