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moderately priced because it is a small car—not
iterials are used in its construction. Maintain its
ononiy by using Michelin Tires.
I .'helms are made of tlie same quality materials, by
fu! workmen, in the same modern factory that have
a King-shaped Tubes and other Michelin products
{Dick and Overland Service Station
Let us do your repair work.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Line Accessories.
Open Day and Night.
..mi agency with several valuable companies
conduct a general fire insurance business,
'■".tection at reasonable rates,
msineSS you may give me will be rightly
ml appreciated.
antiques, furniture a specialty. I
ace pieces, old and original. For
icles will pay good prices.
h. r. McDonald,
45 Northport Ave., Belfast.
Here’s just the shoe men and boys want
for the summer. Made of extra quality
leather; indestructo leather soles. Men,
how they wear! And oh, so comfortable!
better tnan canvas snoes ior
they give perfect support to
the arch.
Try a pair—See how they
out-wear heavier shoes. Mo
ment you put your feet in
, them, you’ll say: “Gee,
^ these are great!”
«.2 :
= ®a» iJ
£»=» :%
O _ S ® ®
* * B ~
■2 . gjJ M >,
. J _ Ct u • c
S i i
s *«!?§■ Is
_*< o :ffi
= j 0> * S : :
| 2} =
5 « B :
■cl O .£ “ : :
gi= -sf ; i
„• <-11 o :
os QJ o ■** ;
.2 "2 B i § :
5 O s i i
o — a i s ! :
° 3 3 : °
+j CO co : js :
3 ST u i ® :
w' ^ •- c ®
— S.®-5 : ;
Wa >, -»j -C • jj
« a g| i s
•*r T3 a > - u
^ c aj’O is
03 « jz a>
"ill You be a Time-Waster
This Summer
? ?
• •
i"i 'spend an hour or so each day this
1 learning something that can be turn
!n dollars and cents.
courses are built to suit YOU. Your in
"7f‘llal neeas are studied by us.
1 "'nation cheerfully given.
Webb School of Business Science
1 el. 103-5. Open all the year.
°^UQ STORE-READ & HILLS, Proprietors
Death only a matter of short time.
Don’t wait until pains and aches
become incurable d.sea&es. Avoid
painful consequences by taking
The world’s standard remedy for kidney,
liver, bladder and uric acid trouble®—th9
National Remedy of Holland since 1695.
Guaranteed. Three sizes, all druggists.
Look for tLe rame Gold MedaH or. every box
f- r i"!!?'*'
Louis Joseph Vance, the beloved
writer of real American life, must have
had Maude Willis in mind when he
wrote his play, “The Fortune Hunter.”
Miss Willis is a most human, sympa
thetic reader, the best on the Chautau
qua platform today. She gives the en
tire play herself, playing every char
acter. making each one a living, inter
esting realistic personality. ‘‘The For
tune Hunter" is such a quaint, lovable
American comedy, admirably suited to
Miss Willis' talents and is one of the
biggest triumphs of her career on the \
Chautauqua platform.
This versatile dramatic reader and
her Vance comedy-drama will be one
of the features on the second day of !
our Communty Chautauqua.
Dr. E. E. Violette is without doubt
one of the ablest lecturers on the
Clmutnuqua platform today. He is a
rare combination of real eloquence and
common sense intelligence, and he is
one of those unusual persons who go
about the world with eyes for interest
ing people, places and things. His
Chautauqua subject is an adaptation
front his famous lecture “The Sunset
Trail." It will be oratory plus—plus
personality, humor and worth-while in
formation. Dr. Violette speaks here
on the third day of our Community
Chautauqua, and it is hardly necessary
to say that he will inject into his dis
course many of those personal touches
from his own varied life and travels.
Katherine Hunt has had a light run of
scarlet fever. No other cases reported
in town.
Luman Hartshorn, who has been em
ployed at Davistown, returned a few
days ago.
Mrs. A. C. Bassick and family of Vas
salboro were recent guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Delbert Paul.
R. B. Smith and grandson, James
Smith of Allston, Mass., called upon
friends in town recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Woods and Mr.
and M^. Burton Thomas made an auto
trip to Vassalboro July 4th.
Rev- and Mrs. Fred Morgan and family
of Wollaston, Mass., have arrived and
opened their summer home.
The Ladies’ Aid met with Mrs. Riley
Jackson, July 3rd. There was a good at
tendance and a line treat was served.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hayward and two !
boys of Waterbury, Conn., are summer
guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. !
Allan Daggett.
Leona Woodbury, as delegate from
Castine Normal school, attended the Y.
P. C. A. convention held at Camp
Maqpa, Poland.
Florence Cross, who has been doing
grade work at Milton, Mass., is at home
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell
Cross, for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Sawyer and daugh
ter Carmen of Augusta motored here
and remained until after the Fourth,
guests of their mother and sister, Mrs.
Lottie and Flora M urch.
The Good Time Club held its last
meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Paul.
The birthday of the "other twins" was
properly celebrated. Cold meat, hot
biscuits, strawberries and cream, cake,
cheese and coffee were served, followed
bay happy time of sociability.
Mrs. Olive Bowden of Richmond has
been visiting relatives here.
Roy Leach was at home from Hallow
ell to spend the Fourth with his family.
Richard Ashworth was at home from
Rumford and spent the Fourth with his
Otis Ginn of Brewer spent the Fourth
here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Ginn.
Miss Elmira Ginn of Damariscotta vis
ited her brother, Capt. A. A. Ginn, a few
days ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Evander Harriman spent
several days at C. R. Hills cottage at
Swan Lake recently.
Mrs. W. H. Harriman and daughters
Angelia and Mary, and son William,
who spent the Fourth here, have returned
to Rockland.
Mr. and Mrs. Evander Harriman, Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Pierce and d lUghter Min
ervai'of Sandypoint motored to Orouo-re
cently for a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pierce of Sandy
point and two daughters, Minerva and
Ruby, visited Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Harri
man several days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Ginn and children
who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. W’
H. Ginn the past two weeks, have re.
turned to their home in Rockland.
A picnic was held atG. A. Avery’s res
idence July 5th. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Avery, Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Aveiy and two daughters of
Sandypoint, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Avery
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Avery
and family of Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. John
Avery and family of Montpelier, Vt.,
Mrs. Josephine Proctor of Boston, Mr.
and Mrs. Percy Mills and son of this
place. The 8th, 9th and 10th generation
of the Avery family were represented.
The dinner consisted of every good thing
imaginable and all enjoyed a very pleas
ant day.
"How 1 Cleared the Mill of Rats,” by J.
Tucker, R. 1.
“As night watchman believe I have
seen more rats than any man. Dogs
wouldn’t dar ■ go near them. Got $1 pkg.
of RAT-SNAP, inside of 6 weeks cleared
them all out. Killed them by the score
every night. Guess the rest were scared
away. I’ll never be without RAT-SNAP.”
Three sizes, 25c, 50c, 31.00. Sold and
guaranteed by A. A. Howes & Co., Hall
Hardware Co., and City Drug Store.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County, ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co,, doing business in the City of Tole
do, County and State aforesaid, and that
said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUN
DRED DOLLARS for each and every
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6th day of December
A D. 1886. A. W. GLEASON,
Notary Public.
Hall’s Catarrh Medicine is taken inter
nally and acts through the Blood on the
Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send
for testimonials free.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,O.
Sold by all Dfuggists, 75c.
Hall’s Family Pills for Constipation.
Absalom was ninety years old. For years he had been I
a familiar figure around the railroad station, picking up odd I
pennies, carrying luggage and doing errands.
One day, after a_ heavy snow, the'westbound express 1
stopped at the station and'the passengers, warned of a long 1
wait, left the chair cars to stretch their legs. One of them i
spoke to Absalom. 5
“What community is this, Uncle?” he asked.
•Old Absalom scratched his wooly head.
“What’s a community, mister?”
A community is a city or a town or a village where 1
| folks are sociable; where everybody knows everybody else; 1
• where the stranger is made welcome; where every man, §
£ woman and child gets together for common enjoyment and •>
| recreation”, replied'the questioner. 1
S Uncle Absalom opened his eyes wide in astonishment. |
I tn pretty suah this yeah ain’t no community,” he §
said. “This is jest a place”.
Uncle Absalom described the town accurately. It had B
its cliques, its social barriers. The folks west of Main street 1
didn’t talk to anyone living east. You “belonged” in the §
best circles, or t on didn’t. Nobody ever thought of some §
civic organization by which all classes would get together, 1
| forget the social barriers and work for the common good. §
Community Service is making communities out of 1
| places. Through it. selfishness and social prejudice give |
| way to common enjoyment.
One Little Girl Brought Happiness
To One Little Town.
“Polly of the Circus”
will bring happiness to you and
real worth-while entertainment too!
Community Chautauquas are bringing this
great American play to your town, with
talented Broadway players, elaborate scen
ery and special effects. A big attraction.
Special attention to musical history and
interpretation. Course continues through
fall and winter.
Tel. 103-5. 11 Cedar Street
We would like YOUR $2.00 for a year’s
subscription to The Journal.
Six rooms, hard wood floors, steel ceil
ings, hard pine finish throughout, electric
lights in all rooms, large shed connected
with kitchen. Fifty feet shore frontage;
lot 100 feet deep. Very desirable home
for small family. Twelve minutes’ walk
from P. O., situated at No. 5 Jackson St.,
foot of Harbor St. Easy terms. Particu
lars of GEO. M. GRAY,
tf23 <P. O. Box 83) Belfast, Me. !
Are high and scarce. I bought
a carload while in boston the
other day. Bought them low.
Will sell them cheap.
Single and double harnesses,
robes, blankets, boots and many
parts, like separate saddles,
hames and tugs, bridles, etc.
Come and see them.
__ W. L. WEST.
Antique Shop
Opposite Shce Fae'.ory, Main.Street/
New England and Southern Old
Mahcgany Furniture
°|d Side Boards, 4 Post Beds, Desks, 3
Piece Dining Tables, Inlaid Chairs Pic
DUP8' Bu^eaus- Tables> Clocks,'Rugs,
Dishes, Mirrors with Pictures, Wing
Chairs, Sofas, Ottomans and lots of other
Re'ies. J0w26
Leave Belfast daily, except Sundays, at 4,30
p-«fclor Camden, Rockiand and Boston.
RETURN—Leave Boston daily, except Sun
days, at 6 p. m. for Belfast and way landings.
Leave Belfast daily, except Mondavs at 7.15
a. m. for Bucksport and Bangor.
RETURN Leave Bangor daily, except Sun
days, at 2 p. m. (standard time).
OTE—:Landings will be made at Searsport
and Wmterport by steamers leaving Boston on
Saturdays and from Bangor on Mondays. Land
ings will be made at Northport commencing
June 21st. &
Belfast, Maine.
Special Notice
' We wish to inform the public thaT wg
are doing business all the time and if you
wish to buy or sell real estate of any kind
we would be pleased to talk with you.
|E. A. STROUT Farm Agency,
ROY C. FJSH, Local Manager,
Room 2, Odd Fellows’ Blocs, Belfast, Me.
1 rucking
I am prepared to do all kinds of truck
ing. Furniture and piano moving a
specialty. Leave orders at the stable,
corner of Main and Cross streets, and they
will receive prompt attention.
Telephone connection.
126 Waldo Avenue, Belfast.
To settle an estate, the house 'of the
late E. S. Shuman at 116 Waldo avenue,
consisting of a nine room house, barn,
carriage house, hen pen and 1 1-2 acre of
land with fruit trees and berries. Apply
17tf R. D. 2, Belfast, Maine.
Every Lover oL
Corn Flakes
should enjoy the
satisfaction of hav
ing the best ojaality.
Different and Better Com Flakes
Have a superior flavor, a substantial
crispness and a general goodness that
makes them distinctive.
When ordering Corn Flakes from your
Grocer, be sure to specify Post Toasties
by name. The yellow and red wax
wrapped package is your guarantee
of getting the best.
Madehy Postum Cereal Company,Inc., Battle Creek,Mich.

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