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iATis nicer
Than these charm
ing “Lady Faire”
summer dresses,
fashioned from
beautiful material by
New York’s finest
designers. At amaz
ing low price of
This wonderful
trade direct from
world’s greatest
market, at rock bot
tom wholesale price—
beautiful, durable, ging
hams, as pictured — pink,
blue, or rose.
Send No Money—pay only
$3.98 C. O. D. on arrival,
no more. We pay delivery
charges, another big
if not absolutely satisfied.
Order this amazinglbargain
at once, before it is Voo late.
Just drop a postal or letter,
. colors of upper and lower
K£S alden company
35 Warren St., New Yor^
lliildren Cry
0lK i on SPRINGS
! - l
• ray of Brighton, Mijss., is
i;i,; son, Mr. Leslie Gray,- for a
jp-" ,;.ilist meeting was held on
ioou and evening at Hich
Mrs. Nettie Smart of Win
j Mrs. Morris Patterson and
.. •■■■;. Miss Florence, arrived
■ rning and are staying a;t the
fords’. ?
■ • v Clark and Capt William
*3 . .e returned to New York.,
families at thecottag.es on
t of Fort Point Cove,
i-roves of Lynn, Mass., and
Moore of Peabody, Mass.,
v Wednesday night and are
ormer’s cousins, the Misses
man, who has been an of
ipping board tug out of New
past two years, was in his
a recently for the first time
Harding and her two chil
v ilarding, senior, and jMiss
down from the Ferry to
: >-ir home in the village tor
the past week.
Gerrity of Newton, Mjass.,
i v sous, Joe and Frank* and
by her husband's moiher,
rrity of Bangor, motored
rece; • and have been the guests
B. C. Treat.
| F. Frye arrived Friday
Dg ass the summer in town as
i m. She was accompanied
t er, Mrs. Luther W. Glover
urn lass., who will remain f|>r a
rare visitor in her native
of Mrs. Ida Park, whose
urred July 10th in Brbck
Sls vere received at the station
is nrning. The burial was in
etery Wednesday afternoon
res were conducted at. the
Harold LeMay of Srejars
sympathy is expressed for
heir shocking affliction,
ip ends regret the announce
and Mrs. William Avery
Home-.: eiy dispose of their house
v ys and leave for California,
ive two married daughters
■ t several years ago. The
•a of the East Coast Fisher
, al cannery of which Mr.
• teen manager, leaves him
Jte a plan which has been
1 some time
■eld in Denslow hall after
Hi.I evening, July llth, by the
hethauy Chapter, O. E. S.,
of a success which results
-table number of keenly in-,
lM lit ns energetically carry out
s ave a wide popular appeal.
irl - displayed for sale werj; su
average, and a long liife of
1 by the tables in the after
evening a large aud ence
the presentation of the
- iy, Sally Lunn, and rere
i entertainment. The cast
""d Mrs E. A. Farris, Mrs. *. C.
‘•y M:, Alfred Fayle, Mrs. Manley
Hatt, Robert Andrew^ and
' mrison. Between the acts
[ jr '
Simpson sang beautifully al
■ apped by the curtain being
■ left down sufficiently to af
| a stage notoriously had in
M ss Leora Partridge also of
"gue which brutally refer
i rabie facts and in consequence
‘ - at applause. Through the
Manager Wardwell, a ifive
rc was shown by L. F. Laljdry,
■ sure. The receipts nitted
dOO A lamentable incident
perversion of morals whfen a
f kage was delivered to an el
,(i ! "man which contained qoth
a cigar to tempt frorji the
1 ; tude one who is heroically
■luce the per capita ’con
‘ be foul weed in the village
,. ; ’ of the modern American
t , ‘“spire deep thought in the
ten members of the Japa
it; f Representatives whc. are
il*1 'lays in this city. •
>(u ,,“"<1 of cherry blossoms, the
the., 7‘ wear dresses that fall be
lt'.;; “ikies.
it ”, you think of the short skirts
-ri' a" ktrisV’ one of the Japa
L"| asked yesteroay.
te "veri’t had time to think,” he
f i.i * been too busy looking.”
"ic Ledger.
^il&ren Cry
uni i y.
Miss Esther Stevens is quite sick.
Walter Hurd visited friends in Mont
ville Sunday.
Frederick Hall spent the week-end in
George Mitchell sprained his foot and
ankle last week.
Mrs. Etta Magee is spending a few
weeks with Mrs. Ira Libby.
Mrs. George Trull is working for Mrs.
Sewell Staples in Montville.
Joseph Farwell and family of Bangor
called on relatives in town Sunday.
Mrs. [Grover Dobson and children of
Bath are visiting Mrs. Elmira Small.
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Pease and baby,
who have been spending severa' weeks
with Mrs. Pease’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
George Mitchell, have returned to their
home in Pittsfield.
•- ---—
For Piles or Hemorrhoids,
External or Internal, Blind or
Bleeding, Itching or Burning.
One application brings relief.
at all druggists
Send Free Sample of Ointment to
, ,,oni**o. Medicine Company
156 \\ llliaw Street, New York.
BOOK on treatment of Horses, Cows,
Sheep, Dogs and other animals, sent
tree. Humphreys’ Homeopathic Vet
urinary Medicines, 156 William St., N Y
State of Maine.
T“ .‘he Honorahla Justice of ihe Supreme Ju
aicial Court, next to be holden at Belfast, !
withtn j nd for the County of Waldo, on the j
fourth Tuesday of September, id the year of
our Lord one thousand nine hundred and
|»OkE I, PARSONS of Thorndike, in the
County of Waldo ad state of Maine, re
spectful! v libels and gives this Honorable Court
to be informed: ihat she was lawfully married j
to Leon W. Parsons of Thorndike aforesaid, at
Lisbon Falls, in the State of Maine, on the 27th i
day of November, A. D 1903; that ehe and her :
said husband have lived and cohabited togech- j
er as husband and wife in the State of Maine, i
since the date of their said marriage, and that |
there has been born to them four children now I
living, viz: Albert H. Parsons, aged 17 years; j
Winnie M. Parsons, aged 16 yeare; fcjvelyn M. !
Parsons, aged 11 years, and Tina E. Parsons, ;
[ aged 16 months; that ever since their said !
marriage your libelant has conducted herself
J toward her said husband as a tri*e, faithful and
i affectionate wife; yet the said Leon W. Par
{ sons, wholly regardless of his marriage cove
nants and duty, being of sufficient ability, and
being able to labor and provide for her, has
grossly, wantonly and cruelly refused and
neglected to provide suitable maintenance for
Wherefore, your libelant prays that she be
decreed a divorce from the bonds of matri
mony now existing between her and her said
husband, and that she be decreed the control
and custody of their above named minor chil
Your libelant further avers that the resi
dence of said Leon W. Parsons is noc known
to her and cannot be ascertained by reason
able diligence, which reasonable diligence she
has used without effect.
Dated at said Thorndike, this 12th day of
July, A. D. 1921.
(Signed) KObE I. PARSuNS.
County op Waldo, ss. July 12th, A, D. 1921
Personally appeared the above n-med Rose
I. Parsons and made oath that all the allega
tions contained in the above libel by her sign
ed are true. Before me.
[L s,] Notary Public.
Waldo ss.
Supreme Judicial Court in Vacation.
Belfast, July 18tb, A. D. 1921.
Upon the annexed writ and libel, it is ordered
by me, the undersigned, a Justice of said Court,
tnat notice be given to the Libelee by pub
lishing an attested copy of the same, cr an
abstract thereof, together with this order
thereon, three weeks successively in the Re
publican Journal, a newspaper printed in Bel
fast.in the County of Waldo,the last publication
to be thirty days at least before the next term
of said Court, to be holden at Belfast, within
and for said County, on the fourth Tuesday of
September next, that she may then and there
appear in said Court and answer thereto, if
she see fit. CHARLES J. DUNN,
Justice Supreme Ji dicial Court.
A true copy of Libel, and Oide'of notice
thereon. 3w29
Attest: JAMES H. CILLEY, Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that the Board
of Registration of voters of the City of
Belfast will be in session in the Aider
men’s Room, Memorial Building, Mon
day, luesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
July, 25, 26, 27 and 28, 1921, for the pur
pose of revising the voting lists.
No new names will be added to the list
but all voters who changed their place of
residence before April 1st last are request
ed to notify the Board at that time.
The hours of session will be from 10.00
a. m. to 1.00 p. m.; from 3.00 to 5.00 and
from 7 oO to 9.00 p. m.
Per order.
28 WM. A. MASON, Chairman. |
One motorboat, 25 ft. over all, 7 |ft.
wide, 4 1-2 h. p. Knox engine. Speed, 8
to 9 miles per hour. Cost $550. Sell one
half price. Hull, engine, nearly new.
I Rare bargain.
On$ 16-ft. Hull, oak keel timbers.
Decks and coamings, etc., all fitted for
Three new family rowboats at second
hand prices One small boat, 14 ft., new.
One scow, decked over, 25 ft. long, 10 ft.
wide, nearly new. Sell at a bargain Ad
dress GEO. M. GRAY,
28tf 59 High Street, Belfast, Me.
A limited quantity of boards,
plank, 2x4, etc., suitable for
building purposes. This lum
ber will be delivered in Bel
fast and vicinity at reduced
prices. /
2ttt Belfast, Maine
Garden Plot Should Be Kept Busy
by Successive Plantings of
Different Vegetables.
Maximum Production Can Only Be
Obtained by Careful Study and
Strict Attention to Various
Little Details.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Southern gardens begin to look
seedy about June 10, gnrdens in the
Middle states section are in the height
of their glory, and the New England
gardens are just getting well started.
It seems to be a foregone conclusion
on the part of most persons through
out the Southern states that southern
gardens can be grown only in the
spring and in the fall, with a few
chance hardy crops during the winter.
The farmer of tile middle section
plants his spring garden, then gets
busy with farm crops, and very little
further attention is given the garden,
unless the work is done by the wom
en. In the New England states and parts
of the Northwest where the grow
ing season is quite short only one crop
of most vegetables can be grown. In
the middle section, however, two
crops can often be grown on tile same
land, and, more important still, a con
tinuous supply of peas, beans, sweet
corn, and a number of other vegeta
bles can be had by making successive
Grow One Crop After Another.
The garden is generally the richest
spot of ground on the farm, and for
that reason should bp expected to pro
Companion Cropping Peas and Pota
toes in the Home Garden
duce more than any other similar area.
To get maximum production, however,
it is necessary to keep the land busy
all the time. This can be done two
ways; first by companion cropping,
and, second, by following one crop
with another or successive planting.
There are a number of crops that
lend themselves to companion crop
ping. For example, where onion sets
are planted in rows, say 18 inches be
tween the rows, a row of radishes,
spinach, or lettuce can be drilled be
tween the rows of onions and he oft
the ground before the onions need the
space. Spinach, radishes, early beets,
or turnips can be planted between car
rots, parsnips, and salsify. A crop of
snap beans can frequently be grown
between the rows of tomatoes. Radish ;
seeds may often be plauted alongside
a row of peas, the radishes being
pulled and out of the way before the
peas begin to climb the trellis or
brush provided for their support or
to spread over the ground. A little
later in the season sweet core or late
cabbage can be planted between the
rows of early Irish potatoes and make
considerable of a start before the
Irish potatoes are dug.
In the middle section, early peas
may he followed by late cabbage, late
potatoes, late snap beans, beets, or
turnips. Early Irish potatoes may he
followed by turnips, late snap beans,
or by late sweet corn.
Plan Fall Garden*.
Fall gardens should In no (use be
overlooked, especially from the Middle
states southward. Plantings of prac
tically all the early spring vegetables
may be made from July to September,
according to locality, and he brought
to maturity before early autumn
frosts. By projier attention to the gar
den, fresh vegetables may be had
through a period of about 10 months
of the year In the extreme south and
for about 7 months in the middle sec
tion. The season for the New Eng
land and northwestern sections Is
necessarily much more limited, but
even here the efficiency of a garden
can be greatly increased by a careful
study and attention to the matter of
| companion cropping anil successive
i plantings of certain vegetables
Good Plan to Follow Is to Feed Very
Light Grain at Start—Give
Poults Milk.
'Turkeys on most farms are over
' d. The best plan to follow Is to
•I very light grain at the start and
.’■ip milk that the young poults
(. Experienced turkey rals
•I, ’ ihat the abundant use of
best method of feeding
Dr. A. M. Lothrop
Colonial Theatre Building
TELEPHONE 336-3 27tf
For Sale
A FIELD OF GRASS near Frank W eb
ster’s in Waldo. Apply to
2w28 R. D. 1, Morrill, Maine.
Qhe standard tire
likes nothing better
than to prove its service
PEOPLE used to be se
cretly envious of the
young fellow who came
tearing up the street and
stopped his car with a jerk.
Now they are inclined to
criticise such abuse of tires.
of people. The substantial cit
izen. The man who knows
that you can’t get something
for nothing. The steady cus
tomer—not the bargain hunter.
To the man who has not yet
learned the standard tire serv
Here is the U. S. Usco
Tread, with a long-estab
lished standard of service
among motorists who have
an eye to value, as well as
to price. While selling for
less than the other tires in the
U. S. Fabric line, the Usco
has earned a reputation for
quality and dependable econ
omy which is not exceeded
by any tire in its class.
United States Tires
arc Good Tires
A mark of the growing con
sciousness about tires—
their service, their work,
their value.
This same respect for a good
tire is the reason why the four
square tire dealer has passed up
odds and ends, “job lots”, “sec
onds”, “cut prices”—and come
out squarely with the standard
quality service of U. S. Tires.
He is getting a
bigger, and also bet
ter, tire business than
he ever had before.
He is dealing now
with his own kind
‘Here is a man in close touch with one
of the 92 V S. Factory Branche*”
ice he is entitled to we say—
Go to the dealer in U. S. Tires
and make him show you.
Here is a man in close tcuch
with one of the 92 U.S. Factory
Branches—a constant supply of
fresh, live U. S. Tires.
The U. S. Tire you buy is a tire
built for curren t demands. No
overproduction. No piling up of
stock. No loss of mileage by
hanging around on
jf i (/ the dealer’s racks.
Every way you
look at it, a par qual
ity tire at a net
United States Tires
United States @ Rubber Company
Hall Hardware Co., Belfast
\_'. ./_
'Bo -al! persons interested in either oi the
estates hereinafter named:
At a Probate Court held at Belfast, in and
for the County of Waldo, on the second Tues
day of July in the year of our Lord one
thousand nine hundred and twenty-one, The
following matters having been presented for
the action thereupon hereinafter indicated, it :
is hereby ordered, that notice thereof be given
to all persons interested by causing a copy of
this order to be published once a week for ,
three weeks successively before the second
Tuesday of August, A. D, 1921. in The Re
publican Journal, a newspaper published and
printed at Belfast, in said County, that they
anay appear at a Probate Court to be held at
toe Probate Office in said Belfast on the second
Tuesday of August, A. D. 1921, at ten o’clock
in th e forenoon, and be heard thereon if they
«ee cause.
Lottie M. Enpstrom, late of Islesboro, de
ceased. Will and petition fcr probate thereof
and that lesters testamentary issue to Lewis
L. Engstrom, he being the executor named
therein and presents said petition. Application
that no bond be required from said executor is
contained in the petition for probate thereof.
Jennie O. Bryant, late of Thorndike, deceas
ed, Petition that Bert L. Bryant of Knox or
some other suitable person be appointed ad
ministrator of said estate. Petition presented
by said Bert C. Bryant, eon and heir at-law of
said estate.
Percy S .Edgecomb, late of Belfast, deceas
ed. Petition that Sarah A. Edgecomb or some
other suitable person may be appointed ad
ministrator of said estate Application that
no bend be required from said administrator is
contained in the petition for probate thereof.
Petition presented by Sarah A. Edgecomb,
widow and heir-at-law of said estate.
Percy hi. Hall, late ot Win«.erport, deceased.
Petition that Percy N. Hall, Jr., or some other
suitable person may be appointed administra
tor of said estate. Application that no bond
be required from said administrator is con
tained in. the petition for prooat* thereof. Pe
tition presented by said Percy N. Hall. Jr , son
and heir-at-law of said estate,
William H. Beal, late of Morrill, deceased.
Petition that Lida F. Cross of Morrill or some
other suitable person may be appointed ad
ministrator of said estate. Petition presented
by Elizabeth Beal, widow and heir-at-law of
st.id estate.
Estate of Curtis E. Mitchell, late of Unity.
Seventh account presented for allowance by
Curtis B Mitchell and Alice Verne Sawyer,
Estate of Alfred W. Pullen, late of Palermo.
First an1 final account presented for allowance
by Merton G. Norton, administrator.
Estate of Silas A. Bowden, late of North
port, First and final acconnt presented for
allowance by Henrietta Bowden, administra
Estate of Susan J. Flye, late of Freedom.
Final account presented for allowance by Fied
N. Flye, execator.
Estate of Anson Knowlton, late of Freedom.
First and final account of Charles E. Knowl
ton, deceased, who was administrator of said
estate. Said account presented for allowance
by Robert F. Fuller, administrator of the es
tate of Charles E. Knowlton.
Judge of said Court.
A true copy of the original. Attest:
CHAS. E. JOHNSON, Register.
Notice ie hereby given that the following
appointments have been made by the Probate
Court, within and for the County of Waldo and
State of Maine:
Estate of Nettie H. Newhall, late of Liber
y Ora M Clark of Liberty appointed admin I ADMINiSTRATOR’S NOTICE. The sub- ,
latramx July 12, A. D 1921. [ acriber hereby Kives notice that he baa Deen I ADDIN I nifk'FV *•
Estate of Elisha Brown, late of Morrill. Ruth j duly appointed fcdministrator of the estate of ' \/I\I\lil %J • YJ l vl\l *
G- Brown of Morrill appointed administratrix i __., _ ..... „ TlI ,t,r _
July 12, A. D. 1921. 1 WILLIAM H. BLAKE, late of Freedom, T
j Estate of Margaret F. Thomas, late of Isles- ! in the County of Waldo, deceased, and given insurance
boro, Mildred T. Hale of Islesboto appointed ; bonds ms the law directs. All persons having , w-. _ . .... . ...
administratrix July 12, A. D. 1921 demands against the estate of said deceased rlTC, Liability, AlltOITlODllC
Estate of Sarah Chaples, late of Belfast. ! ™u7*U PY1 HIAN BLOCK. Vhone M4.3
Drew Chaples of Belfast appointed executor an, al ,r,ael,tea th< reto are requested
lnlv 19 A n lQoi make payment immediately 1 1 ■ .. ■■ * -
Ju y 12, A. L 19^. CHARLES P. HUTCHINS | __
Estate of Lorenxo Pendleton late of Isles- Freedom, Me , June 14. 1921. _
boro. Frank W. Sherman of Islesboro ap- 11/ _ ■ _. _ Pi _ J T\
po.nted executor July 12, A. D. 1921. “ ~ 1A* A A PA |TAAA KjlUAPC
Estate of Harry M. Prentiss, late of Belfast. ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTICE The sub- IJO ill 0 UUUU DU YCI O
Sara W. Prentias of Belfast appointed execu- i hereby Kives notice that it nas beer. J v
tor July 12, A. D. 1921. j dul*' »PP<"nted administrator of the estate of ( qjVE ug A CHANCE
la^horo.0^rp»dfa,.“‘h5j^ j . T"" TTJT*r 11W"T“'e' : LaSto! irlXT'™* °r »“*.«““« *>»
pointed executor July 12 A D 1921 I 111 the unt> “f deceased, and given , nave to sell. Drop postal or rail
* , ' bonds as the law directs. All person* having j J. AUSTIN McKEEN
Estateof Charles Drink water, late of Norc h-. dt mand9 against the estate o! said d« ceased 1 tf 17 *" Belf’ist Maine
port. Walter E. Drink water _ of _ Northport { arc dt ired to pmut the same for settlement. 1 __ ’
appointed executor July 12, A. D. 1921. and all indebted thereio are requested to make ||« , I
Estate of William A. Overlock, late of Fret- j p°yment immediately r I'lllJl tlkf* Ktllit
dom Ellen M. Overlock appointed executor ! THE CITY NATIONAL BANK 1 Iff Illy Mil Mil ll'
July 12, A. D. 1921. j OF BELKAST. | U 1,1,1 J 1 -1 * itlV
Dated at Belfast, in said County of Waldo Me., June 14, 19.1. j .. cr>dn rnMniTiAM
and State of Maine, this lyth day of July. A. 1-I IN GOOD CONDI 1 ION
D. 1921. 1 ADMINISTRATRIX’S NOTICE. Tne sub- at a bargain. Inquire of
CHAS. E JOHNSON, Regiser. j scriber hereby gives notice that she has been MRS. L. E. PI TCHER.
-- I duly appointed administratrix of the estate of i Telephone 73-15 91
Pr^Katfl fVAtlVnc j EMMA M. LEM LEY. late of Searsport, J
rrODulC llOl ll-CS hn the county of Waldo, deceased. and riven ! SINCw 1802
jszsgssjsrz^s; satf&SrSSS <« «*..•»
duly appointed conservator of the estate of ment, and all indebted thereto are rlquegi.d a, , .. , .
NELLIE R. BLAKE of Freedom. to make payment immediately to my author 1 |1QP lC *) ? : i\ « n/j
in the County of Waldo, and given bonds as *ze<^ a8ent» John R. Dunton, Belfast. Maine. I 11 j | { \ I\ \ . , .! J { { j IV
the law directs. All persons having demands ! MINNIE A. BULLLARD. v/lltXI JC'U 11 KJ\J
against her estate are desired to present the Waverly, Mass., May 10, 1921.
same for settlement and all indebted thereto-—___ _ I T J „ j .
are requested to "“^P^-^uinaedi.^ly. -u U 11 U t \ IC \ K C V
Freedom, Me., June 14, 1921. - - -"
WALDO SS. In Court of Probate, held at! I f4^^ ^ "V | \ jj’3 T 1
Belfast, on the 12th day of July, 1921. Frank * * W**. ylO* 1 " " / t Ivv
L. Rollins.administrator of the estate of George
H. Estes; late of Troy, in said County, de- This is to warn anyone from trespass
ceased, having presented his first and final ac- , ing, cutting hay or taking ; ' vS on in
count of administration of said estate for al- any way of the Dodge prop* ri > ; tlewes
lowan^e. . Point, Isles boro
Ordered, that notice thereof be given, three 07. f TFWK < i> 1 \ 1 « 1.’
weeks successively,in The Republican Journal, l r. w tv.. 1.1-K 1
a newspaper published in belfast, in said Coun- i '
ty, that all persons interested may attend at a fl
Probate Court, to be held at Belfast, on the ***% a ■ 8 y Jfr ^f *
9th day of August next, and show cause,if any j 06 HQU |*Q Qf"l 8
they have, why the said account should not be 1 B p. n lk it ....
allowed. 1 r: . , . ^ Deposit Book No. 1985, issue 1 by Waldo
ELLERY BOWDEN, Judge, 1 tVOOclK rlPISning 1 rust Company, Belfast. Kinder will
A true copy. Attest: , 0 please return same to
Chas. E. Johnson. Register. 1 Mail orders promptly filled. RALPH H. DUNBAR, Treasurer.
mm m n —_- ucuasi, uuij u
At a Probate Court held at Belfast, within and Bui A _
for the County of Waldo, on the 12th day of j “ w _ . 1^. T *-r» w^v
vDi”, * ».„b w i, »,a studio WANTLD
s-sss^ff'js.'asrssaES: «.».«,«.i.. s , „ . K
ceased, having presented a petition praying oCCOlIU llaflO l\l[ Clit 0 KdRCjC
that she, Grace Y. Pitcher, may be appointed
trustee under said will to fill the vacancy State price first lei ter.
caused by the decease of Eudora E. Pitcher. __
Ordered, That the said petitioner give notice ■ fill; WK | || fj luu, Del'aST, IViBinO
to all persons interested by causing a copy of m m .
this order to be published three weeks succes* _
sively in the Republican Journal, a^newspaper I am prepared to do all kinds of truck
published at Belfast, that they may appear at ng Furniture and piano moving a »
.80drfcbrMidCouitv bonhthe^SJS specialty Leave orders at the stable “an?f Uses MINtT‘
AdD. 1921d.t ten ot the dock befere noonf and corner of Main and Cross streets, and they my colds
show cause, if any they hive, why the prayer will receive prompt attention. and they are gone
of Mid petitioner should not be granted. Telephone connection. in, a jiffy. ''You
A true copy. A^“ BOWDEN- Jud*e- W. W. BLAZO & SON, it.
Chas. E. Johnson, Register. 126 Waldo Avenue, Belfast.

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