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Feature 1920 Hats
$g.50 $7.00 $8.00
Others 3-50 to $6-0"
MISS NRLL LUCAS, Society Bdltor
Party for Junior Christian Endeavor
On the shores of the St. Johns
river was seen last evening a gay
party of youngsters frolicking
around a camp fire, which made a
bewitching scene for Hallowe'en cel
ebration. The Junior Christian En
deavor took this unique manner in
which to entertain Its members. Ap
propriate to the setting "weenies"
and marshmallows were roasted, and
sandwiches and pickles were addi
tions to the lunch. Games were
played and singing was also a fea
ture of the evening. The merry
company included Helen and Phillip
deMontmollin, Frances Henley, Hel
en Bruce, Sam McCormick, Paul
Leverett, Jaquelin Pursley, Jean
Buddington, Elmer Stelts, Robert
Webb, Viola Benbow, Harry Harris,
Nathan Harris, Dorothy Meigs, Dor
othy Coburn, Martha Lee Hughes,
Ella and Essie Woodruff, Mary Lu
cas, John Paul Selle, Harriet and
Alice Crane, Margaret Benbow,
Roy Daugherty. Misses Lois Mac
Queen and Nell James and Mrs. Per
cy Collins had the affair in charge.
Interesting Aid Society Meeting
An especially interesting and well
attended meeting of the Aid Society
of St. James Methodist church was
held yesterday afternoon at Tilgh
man Hall. The attendance was the
largest in some time and the discus
sions were especially optomistic for
the coming winter's work of the so
ciety. The principal theme for discus
sion, was "Welcoming the Strangers."
Plans for makinir visitors and new
residents in Palatka were discussed
and will be carried. There will be
regular visitations on all new com
ers and a warm welcome extended
to them so that they will feel they are
at once identified with the church and
society life of'the city.
It was also decided by the society
to hold a Christmas bazar at the Wo
man's Club building on December
.". This will be made one of the
most attractive enterprises of - the
kind ever attempted.
Parent-Teachers' Meeting
An important meeting of the Parent-Teachers'
Association will be
held tomorrow afternoon at 4:30
o'clock at the high school room in the
shingle building. It is earnestly re
ouested that all parents attend in or
der that there may be a general dis
cussion and decision on plans for the
work during the year.
Several important talks will be
made and great good is expected to
be derived from the meeting.'
Sam Bennet, formerly of Tampa,
but now of Jacksonville", was a visi
tor here today. Mr. Bennet was a
member of the famous Devil Dogs,
(the Marines) at Chateau Thierry,
where he was wounded twice and
was cited in orders for gallantry.
He is soon to wed Miss Virginia
A moa nf Tnllahnwiee. secretary to
attorney General Van Swearengen. J
Clothing Company
" Quality Comer "
'Phone 10S
Mesdames E. J. Peck, W? ' D.
Wing, C. C. Middleton, and Dunn, of
Pomona, were shopping visitors in
the city yesterday afternoon.
See Kate Douglas Wiggins' story
of The Old Peabody Pew, dramatiz
ed at the Woman's Club, Thursday,
Nov. 6th, 1919! Tickets on sale at
Ackerman-Stewart Drug Co.
Billy Newman, popular represent
ative of the Liquid Carbonic Gas
Company, was a visitor in Palatka
"Slim" Holtsinger, in charge of
the American Supply Company's
branch at Miami, was a guest in the
city today. Mr. Holtsinger is a vet
eran of the great war, seeing service
at Rheims, where he was a second
Hon. Chas. H. Ketchum, of Key
West was in Palatka yesterday after
noon, and spent a few hours with
Lieut. J. P. Lamb, who has been
serving in the army as judge advo
cate in the court martial department,
has returned to the States from
France He is now in Camp Dix,
N. J., and is expected home Satur
day. Miss Mamie Morrison, of Pomona,
is a shopping visitor in the city to
day. H. M. deMontmollin left for
Brunswick this morning and will
impend the day there.
Knights of Pythias, St. Johns
Lodge, No. 8, meets every Thursday
8 p. m. Visiting Knights always
welcome. J. G. SPENCER, Jr., C. C,
F. D. WATTLES, K. of R. S. eod
Mrs. T. N. Gautier, and son Lieut.
Jeff Gautier arrived yesterday after
noon from Crescent City to be the
quests of L. K. Tucker, Mrs. GautiefS
brother. Lieut. Gautier has recently
received his honorable discharge from
the Aviation after serving the United
States in Europe. They remained
until this afternoon when they return
ed to their home in Miami.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Davidson have
returned from the mountains of North
Carolina and are in the city today.
Jas. N. Burden, a popular repre
sentative of the Certain-teed Products
Corporation, Jacksonville, was in the
city on business this morning.
George Muriella, of Jacksonville, a
former resident of Palatka, was here
yesterday afternoon, and this morn-i-.lg,
on business and pleasure com
bined. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Davis, of Lake
Como, axe visitors in Palatka today.
B. E. Hancock, of Sanford, was a
visitor in Palatka yesterday after
nron. "
Willis Edminster and T. Bennett
were visitors here from St. Augus
tine last evening.
Miss Winnif red Haughton and Mrs.
Nell Varnea motored to St. Augustine
James Beal of St Augustine was in
the city. Wednesday visiting relatives
and friends.
1 M gff
1 'F'?tSnTl
Weymes A. Walton and Will Wal
ton motored to Jacksonville this morn
ing. Mrs. Edward P. Chamberlain wi'l
leave Friday; afternoon for Atlanta,
where she goes to attend the wedding
Saturday evening ot Miss Claudia
Bayer, daughter of Mrs. W. P. Bay
er, to Lieutenant H. Dickey, of At
lanta. Mrs. Walter Surls arrived home
Tuesday from a business trip to Aa
lanta. Mrs. H. C. Knowlton, is a visitor
in Palatka today from Pomona.
Win. Barnes Alexander, of Cincin
nati, is here on business today.
Mrs. W. S. Middleton of Pomona,
was a shopping visitor in the Gem
City this morning.
F. R. Kennedy, of Portland, Maine,
Mrs. C. W. Hutchinson's father, was
in Palatka this morning en route to
"St. Petersburg, where he will spend
the winter.
Mrs. G. M. Boyd, has as her guests,
Mesdames Foriest Baldwin and G. D.
Bennett, of St. Augustine, for the
The steamer Lavinia owned by ths
Surles Brothers, and recently purchas
ed from Capt. J. E. Lucas who built
her, is now in commission and mak
ing trips on the St. Johns river.
The Tuesday Bridge Club is being
entertained by Mrs. Morris Cochrane
this afternoon at her attractive home
on Olive street.
Mrs. J. L. King, of Theressa, was
here today enreute to Cleveland,
Friends of Thep Messerole, and
Mrs. Mary R. Messerrole, will be in
terested to know that they ere now
residing at Mrs. R. S. O'Haver's at
45.7 N. 3rd street where they will re
u.ain all winter.
The Chafing Dish Club was enter
tained by Mrs. Fred Merrill last eve
ning at her home in the North end.
Progressive Auction was played. Miss
Grizella Merrill winning "high score
and receiving first prize, which was a
lea cannister. Mr. Morris Cochrane
received the gentleman's prize, which
was a cigarette container. Refresh
ments consisted of blushing bunny
and bevo. Those enjoying the even
ing were Mr. and Mrs. Morris Coch
rane, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. O'Connor,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Millican, Mr. and
Mrs. H. M. Fearnside, Misses Wini
fied Haughton, Grizella Merrill and
Kendrick Ware.
A reception will be given this even
ing at the Episcopal Rectory by Rev.
J. II. Weber-Thompson, and Mrs.
Jcannette Thompson. The congre
gation of St. Marks Episcopal church,
and all the friends who are interested
are invited. During the evening a
musical program will be rendered.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Knight are
mourning the death of an infant son
which was born Tuesday, Odt. 28th, at
6- a. in. and died four hour later.
Wants Every Citizen in County to be
Member and Know of Benefits to
County. , .
Chairman George R. Hilty, of the
campaign committee for membership
to the Putnam County Country Club
itas addressed an' open letter to all
citizens of the county culling atten
tion to the efforts that are being made
to make the Putnam County Country
Club a county institutions, and not
one entirely for Palatka, or for ad
vertising Palatka.
Mr. Hilty 's letter follows: ,
"I have been informed that some of
the citizens of Putnam County, not
residing in Palatka, feel that we are
emphasizing and advertising Palatka
too strongly in connection with tha
.Putnam County Country Club, and
',that the county is not receiving suffi
I eient publicity, and it was for that
I reason that some of the leading citi
I i.ens of the county have not yet par
ticipated in thjs new enterprise.
"While it is true that we have not
ijeceived a hearty response from citi
zens outside of Palatka, with few ex
ceptions, I am convinced that when
the Putnam County Country Club
pioposition is properly presented
that those who are interested in their
home town and Putnam County as a
i whole, will become active members of
mis splendid institution.
"It so happens that Palatka is the
county seat of Putnam County, and
Nature has provided a deep water nav
igation while the Railroad Companies
have constructed lines radiating from
it in all directions over Florida, thus
reeking Palatka the logical and natur
al distributing point of Florida. The
cost of distributing material and sup
plies through Palatka can be made at
a reduction from 30 to 40 per cent
less than from Jacksonville, and sav
ing of many hours in transportation.
Palatka, therefore, has the founda
tion of a great city.
' "Now by advertising the Putnam
County Country Club as a great as
set to your county seat, we will be
able to attract men with capital to
your county. Suppose you and I and
the rest of us in Putnam County and
surrounding territory could within the
next ten years, by judicious advertU
ing, increase the poulation of Palat
l,a to 25,000 and make it what Na
ture and the Railroads intended it to
bt the commercial, industrial and
tiading center of Florida, with com
modious hotels, large apartment
houses, department stores, don't you
think that you and your section will
make and save money by this enter
piise? If we increase the popula
tion and wealth of Palatka, will it not
increase the wealth and population of
every town and hamlet adjacent to it
as well as that of the county, which of
course means better roads, better
schools and a prosperous county and
a prosperous continguous territory.
We beg to announce the opening oj
lour Service Station for
We carry a complete stock of repair parts on hand at all times. Prompt and efficient service
rendered at all times according to " Dodge Brothers' Schedule of Routine Repair Jobs."
Also a full line of Hood and Fisk Tires and Tubes and other accessories.
Citrus Growers Believe This Argues
WeU For Price of Their Products
Fruit, such as apples and bannaa
are bringing record retail prices in
Palatka markets, and elsewhere. Ap
ples are five cents each, or sixty cents
per dozen, while the lowly banana is
quoted at the same price.
Dealers say this is not so much due
to shortage of crops, as to the high
cost of transportation and handling.
Bananas are bringing no more to the
growers in South America than for
merly, but the transportation charges
have increased enormously. It is
intimated that prices will go higher.
Growers' in Florida are hoping that
this means that their citrus fruit will
also command high prices, as there
will be a great deal more of it con
sumed with other fruits so high.
Sugar Shortage Hurts.
But growers generally are not so
optimistic about grapefruit unless
there is an increase in sugar for sale.
Already thfrhortage of sugar is re
ducing"the consumption of grapefruit,
and the price is receding accordingly.
Growers were hopeful that after the
lhard experiences suffering during the
r i i .1
war wnen sugar was rauoneu, mat
they would realize handsomely on
their crops of grapefruit this year.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Tillis,
a son, Oct. 28, at 8:40 p. m.
Mr. and Mrs. Con. B. Marvin are
rejoicing over the birth of a son,
who was born 8:45 a. m.t Oct. 28th.
"Locket" Eyeglasses,
Eyeglasses for which a British pat
ent has been granted can be folded
when Idle to resemble a locket and
won on a chain as as ornament
' "We ought to have a county seat
that will reflect a greater county pride
a county seat second to none in
"Florida. - Suppose we start out new
with the slogan "PALATKA 1930
POPULATION OF 25,000" and unit
edly direct our energies and some of
our finances toward making this slo
gan a reality and see what we will
have accomplished by 1930, just for
the sport of it. The Putnam County
Country Club is among the best ad
vertising features we can obtain. It
is called the PUTNAM COUNTY
COUNTRY CLUB for the sole pur
pose of advertising the county, of
which Paatka is the County seat.
What Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa
are to their counties and contiguous
territory, Palatka can be to Putnam
County and adjacent territory.
Yours for a greater Palatka and
Futnam County,
GEO. R. HILTY, Chairman.
Finance Committee, P. C. C. C.
Cor. Lemon and First Sis.
Rev. J. H. Webber-Thompson and
his mother will be at home to SU:
Mark's congregation at the RectorVj
Wednesday evening from 8 to 10 p.
m. It is earnestly hoped that every
member of the congregation will take
advantage of this meeting and J
present, as everyone is needed to IJf
sist in deciding on definite working .v
plans. '
Pleasure In Production.
Every bind? of grnss Is a study;
and to produce two where there was
but one Is both a profit and pleas
ure. Lincoln.
We Naturally.
Feel Quite Proud
Of the complimentary remarks
being made each day about our
market?" It is deserved approba
tion. Our step-lively delivery has
won us many friends. The quality
of our meats has helped endear us
to the public
Thos. Cannon
Phone Two-Seven
Special for Tomorrow
Best Creamery Butter, lb 72c
Kingan's Pure Lard,
One Pound Print, lb . . 38c
Sliced Box Bacon, lb 65c
Fresh Country Eggs, doz . .... ...65
Swift's Sugar Cured Skinned Hams
(whole or half), lb. 35
Pork Sausage, lb .36c
Victory Steak, all meat, no bone, lb. . 25c
Fancy Fat Irish Mackerel, .
each 20c, two for . ..... J8?'''V'
Pork Roasts and Chops, lb. . 30cf ' J L-''
Choice Steak, lb, . . . . . 20o.ir f
Pot Roasts. Ib. . :. ; ... 20c &4c
Celery, DU1 iPickles, Fancy Tify
and Fryers (dressed to order), Helsa''
Cheese, liver Pudding, Boiled Ham,'
Chopped Beef, "Hastings" Pure Pork
Sausage. "Churngold" Oleomargarine
(the gold of the churn).
AH Vegetables in Season
The Brightest, Cleanest, Most
Popular Market in the City
Dependable Goods Lowest Prices
Modern Service
Phone 27

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