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italatlta 33athj Nruts
to the Peace Conference. When they have talked it to
death, that is the aim of the filibusters also.
Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday, at Palatka, AT TnE LAST MINUTE.
Florida, by I yor weeks we have been eussin' the hot weather,
Vickers& Guerry. i j)rayin' for a good tight freeze and letting the golden mo-
M M Vickers ..-.Business Manager. : ruonts slip.
in. m. Tj i;,.. 1 v ,1,',1,,'f cot in ftio wrmil nr t.Vifi wnnlnns. Now we
Guerry ullut- w
, Society Editor.' are shivering and waiting for the overworked wood nvui
i.uiia -
Goode M.
Miss Nell
joctionable advertising. Kutes
mads known on application.
for advertising space
One year
Six months
Subscription prices in advance
$5.00 One month 60c
$2.50 One week oe
Application made for Enti- Into the Post Oflice at Palat
ka, Florida, as Second Class Mail Matter.
Delivered Anywhere in the City By Carrier for 15 Cents
Per Week.
nuested to call 195.
in Palatka to get a paper every day and we will use
Subscribers who do not get their paper are re-
T'no Vm's wants everv nerson
every effort to see that it is delivered.
SI ill Hopes That Crescent City Section
Wili Send Up Citrus Exhibit.
;inl the overworked merchant to supply these comforts
- . .... i n u t
The management reserves the right to reject an -; in a j;ffv.
It is characteristic of the easy going south, this wag
ing until the last minute to do the things that sooner or
later will have to be done. It is usually later, so we
always put it off until later.
Perhaps this is due to the seasons themselves.
When summer comes along we have to make little prep
aration. ' We just keep taking off until the majority of TwQ trips wiU be necessary j0 trans
us are walking around with the last three garments pre- j)ort thfi exn;bits.
reribed by law as necessity swinging m our irames,
house wide open with a vagrant Ethiopian swinging a
lamjp of ice in the refrigerator more through habit than
anything else. ,
But its cold weather now. And it came with a jump.
So don't expect the preparation that should have been
made during past weeks to be an accomplishment of an
hour or a day.
posal for 2.75 beer. This might be ex- ; evon' ha(1 a jmlly win.j for the police, who are never pre- ', handsome booklet for distribution but make themselves known while in
It is to be hoped Chin voteis know where they are
at and what they mean. People outside the Buckeye
State, however, have a difficulty in arriving at any defin
ite conclusion as to what the recent election in that StatJ
m cans, for while National Prohibition was defeated by
a maioritv of 542 there was a "dry" majority of 29,662
arainst the nr
plained, however, by any one who has ever tasted mat
kmd of stuff as a natural result. It is almost incon
ceivable that any one really likes that kind of beer. It
is a sham anil a delusion.
But this explanation becomes doubtful when we find
that the proposal to repeal State Piohibition was defeat
ed by a 'V.ry" majority of 41.8 40. So another supposi
tion is usrested that while Ohio is opposed to Federal
I inhibition and 2.75 beer it is in favor of the State va
riety, an explanation that seems to classify Ohio as will
ing to be "dry.' I.ut it must be in its own way. But even
this explanation does not explain, as on looking at the
ote in mr.-.;d to the Crabbe State Prohibition Enforce
ment Act we fin dit was defeated by a "wet" majority of
2(!,8:;8, from which it may be inferred that Ohio is in fa
vor of State Prohibition but "agin" its enforcement, which,
after all, may le a reasonable explanation. Ohio may
want the kind of Prohibition Maine enjoyed for many
years;, when the State got the credit for being more vir
tuous than its neighbors while its citizens of the thirsty
variety were also able to quench their thirst, but in a
or less roundabout way. But as to 1-ederal iroiii-
The London medical students who on Thursday draggj
ed "Pussyfoot" Johnson, the temperance strategist, from
a Prohibition meeting and bore him through the streets
on a plank, with opprobrious remarks and banners of pro
test against all promoters of thirst, must have wondered
next day who had the better of it. We can teU them,
it was not the students.
Mr. Johnson seemed to take his medicine calmly, and
when seen in hospital afterward said that except for an
injury to one eye he had "thoroughly enjoyed it." Of
course the hurt eye was a nuisance; it "was blinded and
All arangements for the transpor
tation of the Putnam county exhibit
to the State Fair have been made and
the first truck load will leave here to
morrow morning lor jacKsonvulo.
County Agent Cantrell arranged
o have the exhibit carried on a truck
D. E. Dusenberry and Miss Libbie
Laight, have returned from Black Mt.
N. C, where they spent the summer.
Mr. Dusenberry met with an acci
dent en route a swinging rod in the
Pullman car struck, him on the head,
cutting it quite badly.
' Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Smiley and
father, of N. Y. are occupying their
new home, "All-View Sun,' whicti
will be opened for business in Decem
ber. Mr. and Mrs. Hush of Salmanac, N.
Y., are expected soon, and will occupy
ttieir recently purchased home, the
former Carter place.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ard ara
spending several weeks with Mr. and
Mrs. Tom iBlount at Nashua.
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby, who have been
Look Neat
For Clothes oft proclaimeth the man
We Press Them Neat ' .
With Tiro Steam Presses , j
308 Lemon Street Phone 268
for the reason that former experiences the (guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
Prior, have returned to their home, at
N. Y.
Services were held at the M. E.
church Sunday morning. Rev. John
Treadwelil preached an eloquent ser
mon. Miss Katharine Sullivan led the
C. E. Meeting in the evening.
Mr. and Mr. H. ft Gtw vr BW
tor visitors at Palatka.
Mrs. Annie Robinson is expected
home this week from Connecticut,
where she spent several months.
Mr. and Mrs. W, S .Prior and guests
wer motor vistirrs at DeLand and Pa
latka. Mrs. C. C. Sullivan is still confinel
to the house, owing to a severe fall,
down the stairs.
have taught hi mthat when an exhibi
arrives in Jacksonville by train it is
practically impossible to get it placed
at the fair grounds on time. The
cost of such transportation is also
The Hollister exhibit forms the nu
cleus for the county's display, and if
there were nothing else but this it
would be creditable. The only thing,
lacking now is a suitable section, of
c:irus fruits. This, says Mr. Can
trell, is the most important of all, as
it woul doff set the proclaimed asser
tion that Putnam county was too high
up to produce citrus fruit successfully.
Will Distribute Literature.
A large quantity of folders will be
placed at the booth in Jacksonville
It was planned by
the pain was intense.' There had been a nemorrnage,
the police surgeon wame dhim that he might lose -the . and distributed
eye, and a specialist had been called but "out-side of j tiie publicity committee of the Bui
thut" eui.i Mr Johnson. "I had ouite a good time. He ir.ess Men's Association to have a
Fresh chile con-corne daily at Johr
Mallem's place. First street.
mature in interrupting a "medico rag;" they "worked it there are no funds for publishing such Jacksonville an tu take to an suam.
vJrv smartly indeed." The phrase does not quite sound ' book. ! evs, especially those from the north
.i i .i: : o,i 1 A..f.r ..;;4-..c. in vn fa:,v tinA Timcf. nhnnr. thft snlendid ooiior-
merican out m its uroane aim ui&aimuis iulcui,, i uuiam wuu
patent through
pussyfoot method shows clearly.
t Look Young! t
Susie Durham j
409 Lemon St. Phone 130
the alien reporter's idiom, the famous are urged to call at the booth and tunities held out in this section.
A man who can talk like than in 'Hospital alter sucn
;,r experience as Mr. Johnson's is a good sport; and in
England a good sport with ability, experience and power
ful backing can go far. The British Bcerage may well
feel nervous as it contemplates the philosphical "Pus
syfoot" on his cheerful bed of pain. That kind of op
ponent is always to be feared.
bit ion
a.! tj.
-sap "
Ohio evidently does not want it .and it seems quite
Ac that were there a referendum on the subject. if
other States Ohio would have plenty of company.
..various suppositions suggested as to what Ohio
wants or What the various votes on the subject of
iiicn in that Stale mean are put forth only tenta
U would take a Cleveland or Cincinnati or per-
- , , ... :.. ,..!, nl,''c
i hilafieJjiil.a lawyer ui explain juk "
Crop reports say south Florida is full of pepper.
Goat getters Armour & Co.
Buy at home. Don't be a traitor to your own town.
McAdoo says he will not accept another political ap
; ointment. That's a very good lightning rod, Mac.
Why should Governor Goodrich of Indiana be boomed
for president? Indiana's job is to supply the country
with vice-presidents.
There are a lot of senators and other publicists who
will die from a "cerebral lesion" long before the Presi
dent will. -
apparently con
licting votes really mean.
The Times-Union declares editorially this morning
that the iive stock exhibited at the state fair will be val
ued at a million or more dollars. If the figures are cor
rect it is sale to say chat never before in the history of
ti e .-oath has suJi a collection of pure bred stock been
biought together fur exhibition.
During the big exposition in Charleston in 1902 it
was ti e m.a,t of the management that this was the lar
gest exhibit, of live stock ever assembled. The total val
ve was about a quarter of a million dollars. George
Weston, manager of the Vanderbilt fanns and Biltmore,
was director of the department, and J. L. Shropshire, live
stock director of the Kenluiky State Fair, was his assis
tant. Tie two men worked for month to secure this
exhibit. And it was .-plcndid.
But the exhibit at Charleston came from all sections
c; the not tli and west, there being practically no south
ern cattie or hwme in tile show. In this connection it
js i.Lii:lieant to i.ote thai n...s tf the animals which wi:l
I.... on exhibit at Jacksonville will be southern bred.
Frid.i rc.-i.:c;;L.-, ecn tnose engaged in ia.--ia;iK.
a iu t!.v I' lo i.la phui, can appreciate what
xhi'iit as ti.is Litan. H will be an e.luvatbr.
esptc.ally if they can ce with what care the
::ce..cis of t'loi.smhhrol cattle look atter tlie animals.
It vi, ..- was r.oiliii.g ei.-e at the slate fair but this live
loek .- ...i.:t it would be a credit to Jacksonville and to
the slate.
Secretary Daniels has asked Congress to appropri
ate 000.OC0 to raise salaries of officers of the na.'y.
This would allow for increases of from $480 to S 1,000 per
year which leads the New Y'ork World to remark that
navigators of demanded more than is sought for com
manders of war ships.
Chicago saloon-keepers preparing to reopen are warn
ed by the legal authorities that they will be prosecuted
under the Lever act if convicted of profiteering. This is
a delicate consideration for the rights of the consumer of
Hlcoholie beverages which is interesting because of it3
l- c.
M'oi an
to laeis:
This cloture rule is a standing reminder of pacifism
ami pro-Germanism. It. was the Senate's insincere re3
pi n.-e to the popular indignation awakened by the elevt.
wilful men who in March. 1'.m7, on the eve of war, de
feated by dilatory tactics the Armed-Ship Bill. If never
1 as been enforced. If applied now, long after legitimate
debate has been exhausted, it may operate on the one-member-one-hour
plan to prolong for a fortnight or move
a discussion that is serving no useful purpose.
There are men in the Senate who have openly pro
claimed their purpose at any cost to defeat the peace
treaty. By various means they have prevented action
rpon it for months. Amendment reservation and inter
pretation have been all the same to them. Whatever
t IT whnipver would weaken, whatever would
c-iuse delay, has had their consistent support by voice and
vote. We are not informed as yet as to the exact num
ber of these bush whackers, but we do know that every
survivor of the wilful eleven who is now a member of
the Senate is active m their leadership and that they will
not give up their most powerful weapon, the filibuster,
eycept in the last ditch.
As to Senator Lodge's own position, there may be
some doubt .for when he began his fight upon the trea
ty he said plainly that it was his purpose to carry it back
:;: 4 Ht ,
There are 21, C04 newspapers and periodicals in the
I nited States now, as compared with 7,!)lti in 1S94, and
,. numiier continues to grow. Half of all the paper
-; educed ill the world is used in this country, though we
i ave but one- fifteenth of the world's population. To
e.id even an intinitismal part of the current literature
I hut especially applies to one is a strain. lareiui rear.
.ng of one or two newspapers will occupy an entire eve
ning. To peruse the entire contents of one of the lar
.est five-cent weeklies would take four or five evenings.
To keep abreast of the times to make one-self fa
miliar with the latest developments in literature, art, the
drama, science, politics and the other fields in which wide
awake persons are interested is well nigh impossible.
'I he average person does not have the time. The best
that can be done is to read a newspaper or two with rea
sonable care, skim the cream of a few magazines, and at
ii.frenucnt intervals peruse a book.
This condition has made it possible lor some gins
associated with the University of Chicago to establish a
business which promises to be profitable as well as pleas
ant, since it fills a long-felt want. They read the most
important publications and interview the college profes
sors, and then issue a brief weekly review of the. world
of literature, art, drama, music and politics for the ben
efit principally of society women. Their clients, thus
fortified, can discuss these subjects much more intelli-
gently, at their dinners and cluD meetings, man u iney
did not have this service.
A good rule is to try to know something about every
thing, and everything about something. Of course jie
entails a struggle. But to have widely diversified knov
edge, however scanty, makes life more interesting; while
the possession of sufficient information on any subject
-.3 make one an authority on it gives one prestige, ena
II es one to comir.ind respect whenever conversation veers
n that direction, and, is sure, sooner or later, to win one
recognition as being worthy of attention.
Don't Forget the Hot Midday
These Cooiish Mornings
When the wagon comes take your regular supply of
our ice just a's usual. If you be;in to skip, the driver
may begi:i to skip your door. There will be plenty
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ever needed it i 1 midsummer and may not be able
to get it because you uriutentionally lost your place
in our schedule.
Hold tint pla-e and keep your rifrH?rator right up
to the mark with our ice until there; is a permanent
change; in the we-uhor. Thus you can .'eal safe, and
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" The Painters "
The Putnam National Bank
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tilt u-Mi"
lMV.-'Hf.....l.''r WIT I
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better re-
Itailers sell
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Controlling interest in Palatka
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Will consider reasonable cash offer,
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night, get it in the morning fully re
charged. Use our service batteries,
meantime. All Work guaranteed,
Putnam Electric Garage. BoscbrA,
Magnetos repaired.
LOST Evening Nov. 17th, between
Kalbfield's theater and Kirby St.,
small gold crescent. Reward if
found. Mrs. W. H. BEASLEY, 513
Kirby St. ll-18-3t.
Optimistic Thought.
Station Is no criterion of wisdom j
Diogenes lived In a tub; Sececa In

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