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Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday, at Palatka,
- Florida, by
Vickers& Guerry.
M. M. Vickers Business Manager.
Goode M. Guerry Editor.
MiBs Nell Lucas Society Editor.
1 The management reserves the right to reject all ob
jectionable advertising. Rates for advertising 6pace
'uade known on application.
Subscription prices in advance
One year $5.00 One month 60e
ix months $2.50 One week 15c
Entered in the Post Office at Palatka, Florida, as Second
Class Mail Matter.
Oelivered Anywhere in the City By Carrier for 15 Cents
Per Week.
That is hardly a fair impression to send out it is
unfair to Mr. Wilson. We prefer to believe that Mr.
Wilson was not always considering the interests of Mex-
ico when he refrained from declaring openly for inter
vention, but that he rather had at heart the interests of
his own country. President Carranza has known afl the
while that American interests did not favor intervention
in Mexico that is interests that would not directly ben
ef t by armed intervention. The country is settling
back to normal, and even with a prospect of inflated pro
fits, such as were possible during the recent conflict,
would hardly temp big interests to return to a war basis
ar.d go through the same turmoil and unsettled condi
tiens again.
But the temper of any of the other presidential pos
sibilities in America is what is worrying Carranza. He
would be very much annoyed if a man of the Roosevelt
type were to be elected president. But so far as we are
libit to judge we have none of the Roosevelt type in the
l'i i-sidential horizon, unless it be a McAdoo or a Hy Johnson.
Telephone 195 I
! It was to be expeceu. This wail sent up by the
! "iiliy whites" of the Republican party in the state. Ev-
cry time it looks anyway favorable for a Republican year
I the Grand Old Party splits wide open in the solid south
! Bi d fizzles out just before election day. The same thing
nay be expected to happen next year.
! The fiero-Lee branch of the Dartv called a convention
Subscribers who do not get their paper are re- , hl raiatka for January. The "lilly whites" under the
quested to call 195. The News wants every person ! ;.i,.shln nf Van riiizor. DeReer-v and Haves Lewis
kirked out of the traces, secured a restraining order and
in Palatka to get a paper every day and we will use
every eriort to see that it is delivered.
Thank god for the home folks;
One gets down to the realities of American life that
stand for something when one stands at the elbow oi
Gei.eval Pershing and enjoys with him the reception from
the home folks of his native town, Laclede, Missouri. It
' is not that this little town or that Missouri has any mo
nopoly of what is rightly called the "American spirit,"
for the kind of thing that evoked the deepest emotions
of the men who led the American armies to victory is
found all over the land. But it was among the home
folks of his boyhood, those far-off days of simple things
and the truly necessitated "simple life," that the future
gel eial, to quote his own words, "learned the deep les
sons of patriotism and duty; his duty to his country and
to his God." And there, too, he learned those "lessons
of service" which were incident to the home life of peo
ple who had to be resourceful in themselves, to make up
for the narrow things of home and to make both ends
meet, while at the same time realizing their ideals and
aspirations as to training and education which curried
cnt of the Laclede boys far from the home town.
But never too far, it has been proved, but what its
"soft influences," as strong as gravitation and as invisi
ble, not unlike those of the mystic Pleiades, steadied the
hand and the head and kept true the heart to the under
lying principles of the co-operation with individualism
that give every American his opportunity and yet ex
ai Is that team work wthout which all individualism is
a rope of sand and mere vanity and vexation oi' spirit.
The visit to Laclede had a message, therefore, for all oi
us, tiled and sick of the puling and the whining of tin;
radical aliens who, disdainful of work, move from for
eign slum but to create others ho:e, and who with their j
congeners, the Parlor liolsiievists, Lave occupieu all too J
much attention. L ov l,.o spi. it tiiat move I Laciede in I
General Pershing's boyhood and that was pulsing there
Chiistnius day is the spirit that wili save Aniori.a. It, ,
is of the soil; it speaks of the simple hearth anil home; j
it is not internationalized nor sophisticated as to distinc- i
Hons which view all ruestions as matters of ecntentous ;
rights, ignoring all duties to one s nemnbois anil to one s
f,;miiy and to one's country.
So speaking, the Laclede spirit usesu the language of
a gitat hope, since if there be a panacea for these par
lous times, it is that every one should take a dose oi' the
home-folk remedy, with nothing eise but Untie Sam's
r.mie blown in every bottle. In the Greek fable, for
sooth, the giant. Antaeus was invincible when he touch
ed mother earth. And so when America stands fast by
the ways and the faith of the home folks, whether they
be of Missouri or cf Massachusetts, things will be well
with us indeed.
d( mand that Gerow and Joe Lee show why they should
i ot be permanently enjoined from nursing the Republican
( ters in Florida.
To the old timers this is nothing new. It happens
often and with consistent political jockeying. In the
i oo Joe Lee and Gerow will land on top, Fred De Beer-y
and Hayes Lewis will kick over the traces and start a
i ew party a mirage.
"Male and Female" Sumptuous Pro
duction. Perhaps the most sumptuous photo-play
ever exhibited in Palatka, ac
cording to the record crowds which
saw it yesterday, was "Male and Fe
male," Cecil B. DeMillo's great pro
duction, adapted from the novel "The
Admirable Crichton," by James Mt
The play, which will be presented
at the Arcade again today, is in nine
va.ls and is said by critics tovbe the
most grogesouly set that Mr. De- j
Mille has ever attempted, even sur-1
passing in splendor the famous
"Don't Change Your Husband," or
"For Better. For Worse."
Classified Ads
dry cleaning eTOUTIihmeDTi, barber
shops, newsstands, a hotel, a vegetable
farm and a hog farm where 1,000 hoga
were raised on the wastes from eat- FOR SALE Oakland 40, Track In
log places. It maintained a slaughter good condition. Very cheap H C
house where these hoga were pot Clltes Lake Como F, " . '
through the regular packing house
course. It operated a launory wmcn
cleaned 7,493 pieces a day. Then
there was a real estate department
that rented and managed the family
quarters and a housing department
which assigned to quarters everybody
excepting the families.
John Bryant, fresh fish daily. 519
Lemon St., Opposite Yelverton Furni
ture Co. dyt
WANTED 2 or 3 Rooms for light
housekeeping. Call Mr. Huston at.
under separate junsaiciion rrom lis Palatka News office. tf
community director were the police. '
The health department, In charge of FOR SALE Sweet oranges and
a physician from New York city, o.ronB ,;. n,. M nn ...... m..
. . ... ,. . . . c L to .vv uoi AUU.
started with a small office In one of
the .temporary buildings,
soon full grown and
25 or more delivered.
The Palatka News says: "Thirty-four traveling sales
men go out of Palatka every week to call on the retail
trade throughout the state. What a power for good
they can be to the city if organized and aided in spread
ing the propaganda of Palatka's advantages." Consid
ering river and railroads Palatka has the location for one
of the biggest cities in Florida and her people are show
mg a degree of ambition end energy that will soon give
her the position to which her natural advantages entitle
her. Times-Union.
Ex-speaker Champ Clark will lecture here tomorrow
( night. It is announced that Mr. Clark will avoid poli-
X.s. Wfii the attitude that Mr. Clark assumed during
1 tiie last stages of his reign as speaker we think his judge
j irt-nt good in the face of his recent decision.
Our old friend Josephus Daniels hasn't done so bad
after all. He wants the whole shebang investigated
now, and may be able to smoke out some cliques which
made up awards which he declined to make.
The pen may be mightier than the sword
('otsn't seem to hold any fear to the packers.
but it
Yes, Gertrude, only wooden heads drink wood alcohol
It kills the other kind.
One result of the lively dis.ussion of medals and like
msiks of honor that has been started by Admiral Sims
is suie to be renewed consideration of this method v'f re
vani.ng merit, and those who are opposed to it will ven
ture agahi to present tiie.r objections. It is, indee 1,
quite hopeless for them to do it, for the system with
which t).ty find fault is so well established as to make
its abandonment little more than the remotest of possi
bilities, and there is no doubt that, whatever its inevitable
f- Jts, en balance it is meritorious, because it gratifies
strong and laudable aspirations common to humanity.
Critics of meials and crosses and stars say, truly
eicugh, that in many of the cases, perhaps the majority,
they prove, not that the wearer lias been braver or abler
than many companions in the branch ot service to wnicn
he belongs, but that fortune gave him the chance to show
how brave or able he was and denied it to them.
Obviously, while opportunity does not make the hero
or the genius, without it heroism or genius cannot be
displayed. There is, consequently, a sort of injustice
in the awarding of decorations, but it is a sort of injus
tice that lies in the very nature of things in the way
the world is, and presumably must be, managed. Of
two hunters who walk through a wood, one meets a bear
and shoots him, while the other, though as good a shot,
meets none. Both the bear and the glory remain undi
vided. It is so in all the activities of life. Philosophers may
question the existence of luck and dclare that opportuni
ties are made, not found, but to that doctrine ordinary
folk cannot assent. What they mean by luck and op
portunity certainly do exist.
Ditpatches from Mexico bear the information that
there is much concern there over the line up for the next
presidential election in the States. There is a feeling in
the neighboring republic that if Mr. Wilson is a candi
date and is re-elected that all will be well with Mexico,
but that if some more radica man is placed in the Presi
dential chair things will begin to happen.
it- -a
i General Pershing touched British military pride on
; the raw when, in his final report on the American army's
i operations in France, he said the allied armies were ad
' n ittedly in serious danger of defeat in June, 1913, and
that the entry of the Americans in force changed the tide
i of battle and precipitated the victorious culmination of
, ti c war.
As was inevitable, some jackdaw of the British press
was bound to resent the American claim, but, contrary
to expectations, the first criticism made by the editor of
the London Sketch, instead of being severe in its bitter
ness was of a serio-comic nature and the typical Brit
ish editor is at his worst when he essays. be funny.
After contemptuous reference to the buttons inscribed
"we did it," worn by some American soldiers after the
armistice was signed; the London editor asks:
"What did the United States win? Was it the Mex
ican or the Spanish wars? Which was was won by all
those British and French boys who lie from Ypres to the
A'ps? And if America won the war with Germany,
I hasn't she been making up for it ever since by doing her
best to lose her sense of humor?"
The great outstanding fact that the war would have
been lost by the allies if America had not gone to the res
cue was known by all fair-minded men long before Gen
eral Pershing made his report. It was practically ack
nowledged at the beginning of June,, 1918, when the pre
miers of Great Britain, France and Italy, with the ap
pioval of Marshal Foch, sent President Wilson a message
s..ying that "there is grave danger of the war being lost
unless the numerical inferiority of the allies can be rem
edied as rapidly as possible," and urging him to make
continuous dispatch of infantry and machine gunners in
the months of June and July "to avert the immediate dan
ger x)f an allied defeat in the present campaign owing to
the allied reserves being exhausted before those of the
American troops were poured into France, and what
was the result? The tide of battle was changed, as Gen
eral Pershing said, and the American troops precipitated
the victorious culmination of the war. Here are several
questions and answers for the British editor to consider.
When the Hun hordes were on the Toad to Paris what
srepped them? The gallant little vanguard of Ameri
cans. Who swept through the "impregnable" Argonne for
est like wildfire? The American soldiers.
What troops were commanding the heights before Se
c'ai. when the war came to an end? The American.
What troops went forward, never backward? The
glorious young Americans.
What troops made unnecessary a 1919 campaign, for
which the British and French were preparing with fev
erish energy? The same glorious young Americana.
Yes, we admit that Americans are occasionally boast
ful, but every time they are called upon they "deliver
the goods." Tampa Tribune. i
"Miss Blue Eys" Saturday.
"Miss Blue Eyes," the laughing mu
sical comedy success which plays at
the Arcade Theater next Saturday
matinee and Night offers to the the
ft e-goers of this city two of the
best charms of nature, music and
laughter. Music the gift from hea
ven, which lifts us from our earthly
-troubles and transplants us to realms
of joy, while laughter the force that
.attracts the good, dispels all gloom
and unites in friendship.
This new and successful musical
comedy was written by George V.
Jiobart, well remembered by his won- j
eitul play of "Experience" and his
"Ziegfield Follies." Silvio Hein has j
written a score with an unusual num- ,
ber of catchy song hits. During
.the run of the piece at the 39th Street j
Theatre, New York, it was known j
as the "play with a thousand real j
laughs." I
The original New York nrothictinn. I
and a cast headed by such well known
favorites as Peter MacArthur, Cen-
-tis Jensen, Archie Folke and a score
of others. Oaks and Delour, renow
ned whirlwind dancers and a charm
ing chorus of pretty girls, complete
this excellent organiation. The seat
sale opens at Palatka Pharmacy tomorrow.
n e i n-
and waa uticicu. viiayeirun zoe
solendldlj doz None sweeter on the River.
equipped. Conditions were favorable iave orders at Earnest Store, Ed. M.
to disease. The winter was the EARNEST. tf.
severest on record In northern Ala- .
bama. The men were compelled to ' FOR SALE-T-Room 2 story house,
work either In deep snow or mud above . . , , J
their knees. As a result a pneumonia rltered and papered, 2 1-2 acres in
epidemic developed among the Negroes ( cultivation, nice fowl house, grape
that spring. Later In the year a i vines, peach and pear trees, nice gar
typhoid epidemic was threatened, den, cabbage, turnips, carrots, beets,
Moreover, mo ub ui iw u. tomatoes and fresh potatoes. Within
?00 ft. of Depot and Postof fice. Cash
Fourth Largest Town in Alabama
Full Grown in One Year.
the heart of the malaria district But
the pneumonia epidemic was checked,
the typhoid threat nipped In the bud,
and malaria stamped out.
A Health Record Established
The little first-aid hospital present
ly grew to a complete modern Institu
tion with a nurses' home and a sep
arate dispensary for dental, eye, ear,
I nose, throat, genlto-urlnury clinics and
a surgical dispensary for nrst-ald
During the eight months when the
death rate was not affected by the In
fluenza and pneumonia epidemics the
general health rate was 12.4 per thou
sand per year, which Is lower than In
most cities In the same latltnde and
cllinute, and the pneumonia death rate
during the epidemic was lower than
In most army cantonments.
Much of the success of the health
administration Is due to the establish
ment of the Muscle Shoals sanitary
district by the United States Public
Health Service.
The education and welfare depart
ment also had a vital work to perform.
There was a school population of over
1,000. The Secretary of War created
the community organization branch
of the Ordnance Department which,
with advice and aid of some of the
greatest school men of the country, j
prescribed the courses of study and I
recruited teachers from the best
uibllslied systems.
price $1250.00. A. M.
Box 673, Palatka, Fla.
RAY, P. O.
WANTED Messenger boy at Wes
tern Union. White or colored. Abovo
school age preferred. Can use boy
in forenoon. 12-17tf.
Say it in the want ads.
Permanent Settlement Around
U. S. Nitrate Plant Presented
Unusual Problems.
The fourth largest city In Alabama,
peopled with 25,000 souls of diverse
races and religions, uprooted from far
Bars Open Across Border From No
gales and Requests for Travel
Permits Increase.
Nognlcs, Ariz. Applications for per
mits to cross the border Into Mexico
have increased heavily with announce
ment that five saloons have been
granted permits in Nogales, Sonora,
opposite here. Under an act of the
state congress of Sonora, a decree dat
ing from Aug. 5, 1015, calling for en
forcement of prohibition laws was ab
rogated. Gov. De La Huerta of Sonora
has informed president of municipali
ties that licenses for sale of wines and
beer may be granted, the municipality
to collect 20 per cent tax.
Machine Shop
We make all kinds of Brass Cast
ings and Bearings. Perfect
workmanship, reasonable
Insyde Tires
Howell Building Lemon Street
The Industrious Bee.
TIlO luf llJIS IVVH lllclfnnt Gtnmnnliji
i In the iir-t It Moivj away the honey l
I from the (lowers until such time as it i
is roiKlv to viold It nn u-IiMa tiio !. .
ai-nuureu e'oiuiuuiiiue's in every pun j stoiiuu-li is used
of the United States and Cunada 1 for d
We Do It Artistically
Papering, Kaltcn-iriir g
Stenciling, Frescoing,
Interior Decorating.
" The Painters "
I PHONE 373;
sprang Into being almost ovenilshr
around the great new government am
monlum nitrate plant down on the
open cotton and corn fields at Muscle
Shoals on the Tennessee River durlna
the last year of the World War. Here
was a problem In city building, munic
ipal government aud commulty wel
fare that has seldom been equalled
and the success of Its solution has
never been excelled.
The Job was in the hands of the Air
Nitrates Corporation which had been
organized under the direction of the
Ordnance Department to build plant
and city at Muscle Shoals. Early Id
January, 1918, this new town had a
few temporary buildings and a popu
lation of 300. This had Jumped by the
middle of August to more than 21,000.
A population multiplied by 70 in 7
months. '
In the management of the new
tewns and army cantonments that
sprang op durlag the war ths old
time evils that attended the growth ot
mushroom cities bare been avoided
by the application of modem welfare
systems. But nowhere were condl-j
Hons more difficult than at Muscis.
Shoals. Here was a malarial region
threatened at the same time with I
ether deadly disease epidemics. Tinas-'.
pertatlen was lacking. No nearby!
labor was available and the general
laber shortage waa at lta moat scats
stage. Oeets of laber and supplies'
were leaping over night Fnrthermere, j
afuadn Bhoals differed from aU the!
ether new war town lnasmich as it
was to be permanent
New Government Devised.
The managers, besides city govaro
nwnt had to handle the entire retail
kaalness of the town. - A camp snper
vieor's department was pat In charge
tt the maintenance of all sail din is,
trn protection and sanitation. The
amp swpervtoer looked after every
thing from the mending ef a leek to
ta reasodeltnf ef (reaps of k tradings
r laylag sewers or tanm meJan, Par
the backelor eeatlagent a mniinlasnij
apartment was nates sary.
The business depnrtsneat managed
eke stores, tanteena, mom ptctnre
theater, port parlore, tailor jhope.
'imply and solely
'irestum .min'oxos. When the bee
Is ready to deposit the honey It con
tracts tli, it'ii-Hos of the stoninch and
the honey is e"!cii through the
OPJi.Y 24 HOL'ES .-I DA)'
It's sma!!, but
you can bet your last
cent that what you get
to eat in this small
place is wholesome and
tastily served.
Delicious Coffee, with
Sugar to put in it
How do you like your Oyster ?
We'll serve them that way
Next to Whitehall Market.
Diseases of the; Eye, Ear,
Nose and' Throat
Gl.ASSKS 1'Klirr Ill.V Ml.ll sllll
Olll e Mt Krsiilvnre 11
1 limit- ! 4 1-Im.m. 61)1
Kooni 5 Mrryluy ll'ldg
For Sale or Rent
Twenty acre farm within mile and one
half of CourtHouse at Palatka; 12 acres
under fence and in cultivation; good new
4-room house, screened; good neighbor
hood, PRICE $ 2000. YEARLY
:Look Young!
Are You Going
To Build ?
Let us save money on
your Window Frames,
Screens and Turning
We alto make Auto
Truck Bodies and fur
aisb Bee. Keepers'
Gem City
Novelty Works
I Susie Durham?
409 Lemon St Phone 130
Household Hint
"Albert. I want yon to nee the Dew
dining room, set Mr. Brown has boajM
for bis wife. It would lust match oar
wall paper."

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