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"I Will Never Lie Again," She Writes
In Farewell Note. "
NEW YORK, Dec. 30 Sixteen-
year-old Ella Peterson committed
suicide at her home, 150 Sterling
Place, Brooklyn, yesterday by shoot
ing herself through the head.
The girl's parents conduct a fur
nished room house. Mrs. Peterson
told the police she permitted her
-daughter, who worked, to kee her
earnings for several weeks to buy
Christmas presents. She learned
the girl had spent the money for oth
er purposes and reprimanded her.
The girl then went to a bathroom
on the third floor and killed herself.
She left a note, written hastily on
the back of an envelope, saying
"Goodby; I will never lie again."
Former Soldier URes Pistol on Sweet
heart at Breakfast.
FREDONIA, N. Y., Dec. 30-Jo-seph
Huels, a recently returned sol
dier, todr.y shot nnd killed Miss Elea
nor Carroll, 18 years old, and com
mitted suicide by shooting himself.
Huels and Miss Carroll are said to
have been sweethearts for several
years. They had a quarrel two
weeks ago and friends had failed to
bring about a reconciliation. This
morning Huels went to Miss Carroll's
Ihome, Shot her while she sat at the
breakfast table and immediately af
terward turned the weapon upon him
self. Miss Carroll was local manager of
the Western Union Telegraph office.
Smallest Bird.
The golden-erested wren Is the
smallest. of all European birds. Its
average weight Is only about eighty
grains troy, so that it would take seventy-two
of the birds to veij:h a pound.
The length of the feathers is about
three and a half inches. When the
feathers are off, the body Is only an
Inch lore.
High Prices Cause Record Valua-
tion of Farm Products.
TOPEKA. Dec. 30 For the first
time in the history of Kansas" the
farm products and live stock raised
this year exceed $1,000,000,000 in
value. The annual report on farm
nroduction. issued today by J. C. Mo-
bler, secretary of the State Board of
Agriculture, shows the aggregate val
ue to be $1,078,000,000. v
Hie-h nrices rather than unpreden-
ted yields were responsible for the
showing, the report states.
Bride, Deserted on Wedding Day,
Gets Divorce After Four Years.
NORRISTOWN, Pa., Dec. 30 Ma
bel Hack, of Bridgeport, granted a di
vorce from her husband, Alburtus
Hack, never lived with him. On the
way home from Magistrate Egbert's
office, in Norristown, where they
were married four years ago, he said
he had a toothache and was going
to a dentist. She never saw him
QOONER or later you are
, bound to equip your car with
ESSENKAY, the remarkable sub
stitute for air in automobile tires. Why
not new Every day without it means addition
al expense, worry and loss of time and pleasure
ESSENKAY rides like air on smooth
aurfaoite MJio-lhan nir over rough roads, it
positively does away vith punctures and "blow
outs." those costly and annoying incidents ol
pneumatic tires. Saves halt' your tire expense,
doubles the life of your casiwrs; an investment
not an frfirnsfthtJirtfCOiit Of ESSENKAY
is the la t cost, as it is indestructible and can
ba transferred from one set oi casings to
another indetinitely.
Look into thi$Now!
Merryday Bldg., N. 2nd St. Palatka
Dakar, In South Africa, Promises to
Develop Into Something Like
Another Liverpool.
The citv of Dakar In South Africa,
less than half a century ago in a really
primitive condition, with naked cnii
ilrpn punnlnl? around the streets and
mothers working with babies strapped
upon their backs, has suddenly come
Into prominence as the prospective
"I.lvernoor' of Africa. In the keen
competition that Is expected between
America and Europe for traae in souui
Africa, Dakar, it Is believed, will have
an Important role to play.
The French are today making ex
tensive improvements at Dakar. They
. i mAnan In nnlnrplnff
the dry dock and making the harbrfr
riVener as well as Increasing tne tacu
Irles for transferring cargo from boat
to train. The Dakar of today is a
thriving town of about 25.000 people
wKh Vide well-laid-out streets, a large
technical school, hospitals and worn.
shops. There are, however, a great
majority of natives, being in fact, onty
nbout 3.000 Frenchmen. .
These natives have been said by
f,m tn have formerly been the mas
tpra nf the Mediterranean. They are
wonderful fighters and It was only
with great difficulty that in iboj, ueu.
Faldherbe, the French governor, was
able to overcome them. Thus he paved
the way for the founding of Dakar.
We may know a great deal more nDoui
It later.
Sneeds Building.
Norwegian builders have developet
a method of construction for tenipfl
rnry structure In which netting inadt
of wooden rods is fastened to the up
rights, bound together with wire, ant
covered with plaster.
Mustn't Be Down Too Long.
"A man may he down, but he'i
never out," Is a nice slogan but 11
you stav down for the count of ten
you lose the biggest share of the gat
The Putnam National Bank
IloQPalatka, Florida
CapitaljSurplusndJProfit Account
TotalJLiability to Depositors
Our Strenth!Our Guarantee" W-Solicll Your Account
Sale depo.it box, for rent $3.00 per year.
iH-N:. u i i i:n i:n i itihi.:i 1:1:1:1:11 im
Service To Grocers
Continued and increasing business proves
appreciation of the service we are rendering
the retailers in our territory.
We are now handling all standard goods
at margins that Jare a surprise to other
dealers.!" 0ut stock is fresh and up-to-the
minute. Prompt shipment, accurate con
signments and. fair treatment, our mottoj
The Atlantic Grocery Co.
Palatka, Florida
Had Sold to America Secret
of Making Explosive
From Air.
Built In Eight Months It Con
vinces Kaiser of His Defeat.
One of th most romantic passages
tn the secret history of the" World War
Is the story of how the Ordnance De
partment of the United States Army
made It possible for America, until
then utterly lacking In ammunition
and In. facilities for making It, to man
ufacture unlimited quantities of pow
erful explosives out of a!r and rock.
It was largely the knowledge of this
fact that forced Germany to surrender
when she did.
The secret was secured from Ger
many herself. It was an onen busi
ness transaction between business
men, whereby we apparently acquired
nothing more military than a process
for making a high grade fertilizer
known as cyanamld.
frank Sherman Washburn, bead of
the group of business men who bought
this process, conceived the germ of
the Idea In the early nineties while In
South America as consulting engineer
fen connection with the production and
shipping of Chilean nitrate of soda.
Nitrogen compounds are an essential
part of all commercial fertilisers. The
only available natural nitrate deposits
In large quantities are In Chile. This
supply was diminishing. Germany,
which had been taking about one
third of the Chilean nitrates, was al
ready experimenting with processes
for their artificial production. In 1907
Mr. Washburn secured In Germany
the American rights ef the cyanamld
process which had been Invented, In
that country.
Turning Air Into a Weapon.
By this process air, which Is a mix
ture ef about four-fifths nitrogen gas
and one-fifth oxygen, is placed In con
talners and subjected to pressure and
cold until It turns to a liquid. Then
the nitrogen Is distilled in much the
same manner as alcdhol Is separated
from water. But before this nitrogen
can be used as a fertilizer it must be
combined with a chemical combination
of lime, and carbon known as calcium
carblda, produced by burning ordinary
limestone In big rotary kilns and com
bining It In the electric Virnace with
carbon supplied In the form of ordi
nary coke.
Cyanamld thus produced contains
the elements of ammonium nitrate, one
of the most powerful of modern explo
sives. By one process ammonia Is ex
tracted from the cyanamld. By an
other process nitric acid Is extracted
from another batch of this same sya-
aamld. Then the ammonia and nitric
acid are combined and there you have
ammonium nitrate ready for packing
into shells with TNT.
There are three kinds of explosives
used for bursting shells In modern
warfare TNT, picric acid nnd ammo
nium nitrate. The United States was
equally deficient In raw materials and
plants for manufacturing all three of
these explosives. Under the best of
conditions the cost of either TNT or
nitric acid Is about two and one-half
the cost of ammonium nitrate. But
the United States was wholly depend
ent upon Chilean nitrate of soda as
raw material for ammonium nitrate.
with the exception of a small produc
tion of nitrogen from the coking of
rottl. The Chilean supply was 4,500
miles away .from New York City by
way of the Panama Canal, and the
route by way of the Straits of Magel
lan Is nearly twice as long.
A Record Building Operation.
Shortly after the war began In Eu
rope the German government entered
Into the fixation of air nitrogen for
military explosives on a vast scale. It
was not, however, until the fall of 1917
that the United States government
took It up.
The Ordnance Department asked Mr.
Washburn's company to organize a
subsidiary corporation, known as the
Air Nitrates Corporation, with Mr.
Washburn as president, to act as
agent of the government for the con
struction and operation of the air ni
trates plant at Muscle Shoals, Ala-
feama. This oorporatlwn provided tne
assigns, erected the equipment In the
ehemicai plants and supervised all the
ether work. It also operated the
camp, the tows and the plant. Other
work is sublet to several of the best
bm organltatloiis In the United
tates. Westtnghonse Church Kerr
Company boilt the plant buildings, the
camp, the permanent city and utilities,
the J. G. White Engineering Corpora
tkn designed aad built the nitrate
MM stent. The M. W. Kellogg Com
any forotsfaed the piping and built
the chimney- On February 16, 1918,
ground was broken, and eight months
ad eight days later the $40,000,000
MaseU Shoals plant began producing
amsaoolmi nitrate. In that brief pe
riod 23,000 men had completed tb
plant and around It, where not a
beuse stood before, bad arisen a city
-at X5.000 Inhabitants.
. fbim slant when la full operation
ma read? tn provide 13 per cent of all
ienpleeiTM ta be used by all the alllet
;sa all tha allied fronts daring the x
laeeted spring drive ef
Forty Is Sacred Number
With Respect to Weather
' After St. Swithln's Day
i The 40-day period of Imaginary
.flood or drought following St. Swith
ln's day is now long past for this year,
and we shall hear no more of that
.singular superstition, says the New
York Herald, until next summer, when
It will doubtless "bob up serenely,"
only to be discredited again as It has
Invariably been every year since the
Worthy bishop of Winchester was bur
Jed the second time. For, of course,
'the prophecy has never so much as
once been fulfilled. It requires every
day from July 15 to August 24 In every
year to be either rainy or rainless,
-which is something that never has
happened in any year.
Why 40 days was selected as the
period of meterologteal monotony is an
Interesting question, though It Is prob
able that it was suggested by the 40
days' downpour in Noah's time. , At
any rate, It Is only one of the many
noteworthy uses that have been made
of the number 40 in fact and fiction.
After the 40 days and 40 nights of
rain at the deluge, it will be recalled,
Noah waited 40 days before he opened
the window of the ark and sent forth
the raven.
Pitless Prunes.
Watsonville, Cal. The stonaless
prune, a Burbnnk production, promises
to become a popular fruit The fruit
Is practically the same as the ordinary
breakfast prune with exception that
the stone In the center Is replaced by
a soft kernel or seed that can be
cooked with the fruit and eaten.
The stockholders of the Florida
Woodenware Co., will hold their an
nual meeting at the offices of the
company, Palatka, Fla. on Wednesday
morning, January 7, 1920.
W. P. Merriam, Secretary.
120 acres; 80 under hog proof fence
and cross fences; 60 under cultiva
tion; flowing well; good five room
house and big barn, together with
outhouses. In heart of famous East
Palatka-Hastings potato belt; 3 miles
from East PaiatKa on brick highway.
Ideally situated for livestock, dairy
ing or general farming. Rich, black
potato soil. Price $10,000. Terms.
Fred T. Merrill. Palatka, Fla.
Isnrt This Fair?
. - Ask your grocer lor
(Self Rising)
and if in your opinion this is not the best flour you
have ever used we authorize him to return your
money willingly.
Florida Grocery
Sole Distributors
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Lee Puncture-Proof
1 ires
i a
Me :
ling m
This is the Flour the discriminating housewife
wants. Quality is what counts.
Every Pound Sold With an Absolute
Guarantee. Demand it from
your Grocer.
Distributors for
Lee Puncture Proof
and Regular Tires
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They save tire worries, hot weather changes
and constant care.
This firm's unblemished reputation for high-class servicelJandfair dealing
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continue to follow policies which contribute to this growth.
Merryday Grocery

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