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Palatka Qailij Nfwa
Published Every Evening. Except
Sunday, by
VIOKERS ft GUEKRY, Palatka, Ida,
ntered at the tst Office at Palatka
Ha., as Second Class Mail Matter
M. M. VK'KEIIS . HuNlnrss Manntfer
tOOIK M. (ilKHRV . . Editor
The Manattement Reserves the Rlicht
9 Rfjeqt all Objectionable Advertlse
witnts or Heading Matter.
One year. 17.00 Three months I1.7S
Oil months 3.50 One week .IS
Payable Invariably in advance.
WL B. HOISTON, Advertising; Muster
I' --r' I-:. Ward. 6 S. Wabash Avenue
OhlenRo. 111.
i'.Deit e. Ward, 225 Fifth Avenue
New York city
f ' It-ohone
The iniquities of the Esch-Cummins
act passed by congress last spring
are now being seen more clearly.
When they are fully understood by
the public this infamous piece of rail
road legislation will be known as the
crime of 1920. Never was a more
outrageous law forced upon the Amer
ican people.
When the measure was being erit-
T UL "le OI 's Passage tnose j movu tha iozvn Members voted on
who voted for it in Congress held the measure
themselves out as defenders of the j The purpose of the bill was to post
public against the aggregations of or- j pone for another year the effectiffve
ganued railroad employes. They made : (late of seetion , of the antUrust act
a labor issue out of it, representing to nrnad nfli,,inla -nntW
themselves as standing between the
public and selfish railroad workers
.v ,t .. s , man.pu.aie me
railroads for their own advantage.
As a matter of fact it was not a la- i
bor issue. The labor end of it was the
least important aspect. What those
.ous.u.e i reany urn
was to betray the American public for
the benefit of the capitalists who own
the railroads. Then they tried to es
cape under a smoke cloud of prejudice
against organized labor. They did
not defend the American shippers and
consumers; to the contrary, they be
trayed them. It was a clear case of
treason to the interests of the people.
ine true inwardness and meaning
oi me r.scn-unimins act now begins
to be seen by even the least informed
The most simple-minded cannot shut
his eyes to the startling increase in
railroad rates which the law has
caused. Under it the Interstate Com
merce Commission was compelled to
grant exorbitant increases, which in
this territory are twenty-five per cent
on all freight rates, twenty per cent
on passenger fares and 50 per cent
on Pullman charges. It is estimated
that the annual charge upon the pock
et of the people of the nation which
the increased rates will produce is
over 1,500,000,000, the equivalent to
$75 for" each family in America.
It was obvious to thise who under
stood the Esch-Cummins act that the
United States treasury would be ri- j
fled under the provisions by which j
earnings were guaranteed for a lim- i
ited time. Under that provision $050,
000,000 has already been taken out
of the treasury by the railroad own
ers, and it "is now stated that another
$650,000,000 will be required to dis
charge the obligation which was as
sumed by that act.
The railroad financiers, at whose
behest the transportation act became
a law, and it has been so charged on
the finor of the House and has never
been denied, have been quick to avail
themselves of the jokers concealed in
the law. The act did not bind them
to economical management. No mat
ter what they spen they are guaran-
teen six and a half per cent on the in-
vestments, and which increases the
possibility for profit on the outside,
as the railroad managers are all in- j
terested in outside projects whieh '
make their profits from railroad pat- '
It was charged a few days ago by
Representative Huddleston on the j
floor of the House that practically all
of the great railroads of the country
are letting their repair work, or a
large portion of it, to outside shops in
which the directorate holds stock,
paying exorbitant costs. Mr. Huddle
ston produced the evidence, and show
ed that the Erie railroad had actually
leased its shops and was paying enor
mous sums for its repairs over the
costs formerly entailed.
A few days ago President Wilson
its purpose the further postponement
vetoed Senate bill 4!)26 which had for
of the effective date of Section 10 of
the Clayton anti-trust act. Few peo
ple appreciate the great importance of
this veto, and now the shrewd man at
the White House has already takea
his stand against the iniquities of this
hold-up legislation.
As the practice of contracting with
outside concerns in which they were
interested developed and the railroad
financiers saw what a splendid oppor
tunity for looting they had, it became
obvious to them that section 10 of the
anti-trust act would be inconvenient
if their operations were to continue.
They dreaded competitive bidding.
They were unwilling even to go
through the form of taking competi-
tive bids. And then it dawned upon
them that unless the effective date of
section 10 was further postponed they
would find the situation more difficult
with the beginning of 1921. But Con
gress was in vacation during the sum
mer; the subjct must b publicly men
tioned for fear it would arouse oppo
sition. There were secret conferences
among powerful executives and con
sultations with lobbyists and "legal
advisors." "There was running and
racing on Canobie Lee" for the gath
ering of the clans in Washington with
the beginning of the new session. A
program of haste and stealth was
agreed to.
Drawn with exceeding craft, twin
bills were offered in House and Senate
on the second day of the session.
Again lobbyists pranced before som-
! nolent r docile committees. Favora -
ble reports were made P1 the
House report being filed on Decem
ber 15. Three days later, the Senate
bill having already been passed, it
was called up in the House without
notice. Very little informing discus
sion occurred. Few realized the im-1
portance of the measure. Less than
a quorum of Members were present.
The bill was perfunctorily passed. The
House did not even divide. Scarcely
year in which to buy, sell, and con
tract with themselves at the public
eX,nse am, with(,ut ,ut Qr hin(rance.
Section 10 is at most a saeKaard
! of the public interest under the Esch-
-' i Cummins Act. Without it the public
is stripped, undone, and the rapacity
f ,isnone5.t managers unrestricted.
Railroad officials, with whose prac-
tices section 10 of the anti-trust act ! after being with Mr. Byrons for two
would interfere, have never had any I weeks.
intent to comply with that law. They Miss Edna Knowlton is again in
have always purposed to postpone its: DeLand where she is attending High
operation from time to time and final-' School, after having spent an enjoy
ly to escape by changing the law. This j able vacation with her parents.
is yet their pain. They dared not at j
this time present a measure which .
,i,i ,.i;,. .,,,, n
,.,.; ;tU .u.,. : ,u .t
ioiiij,i-iwi ivilii uLia-io ill mc i;uiiLiaLS V
for railroad work and materials which
they make with themselves. They did
not dare that. They sought to post
pone the matter to a more convenient
season and to a Congress more in
clined "to listen t oreason."
Thanks to the President
This is what the President has done
by hjs vetQ of bm 4526. He
has prevented the further postpone
ment of the effective date of section
10 of the anti-trust act. He has pre
vented dishonest railroad officials i
from continuing to make contracts
with themselves for work and materi
als without competition from outsid
el's. An important service has the j
President performed for the people of I
the United States.
If you have typewriting, copying,
I uuuiivi;vjjiiik, oi avuoummg wur, umi i
1 you wish promptly and accurately I
done, write Box 499, or phone 220 or I
127. Jan. 6-0t
The average successful man thinks '
a proper conversation is a monologue, j
Ajax wouldn't defy the white light- j
ning the moonshiner makes. !
America got the peace prize,
England got the prize piece.
Blessed, also, are the pace-makers,
for they keep the world on its toes.
The mills of the gods grind slowly
and the lawyer costs more than the
As we understand it, the constables
are instructed to "pull" the Cork's
Kow that they are making odorless
limburger, there is nothing left to re
mind the doughboy of the Western
rnt' ! Rabbits are unusually plentiful this
And nations shall beat their swords yr, and we may expect a correspond
ing plowshares and their steins into ing reduction in the price of genuine
bootlegs. f.ox furs-
The process of deflation decreases '
the number of people who worry
about the servant problem.
Europe's statesmen would be glad i
to trade a few first-class dogs of war j
for an efficient stork. ;
ii men can oe niaoe penect Dy jeg-
islative action, why spend so much I
money for churches and preachers j
"The movie star,"
"nprsnnifies vim. vision nnd vitfllitv." i
Oh, sure. Also vamp.
When the prosperous criminal is
sent to jail, he always feels that so
ciety has done him a grave injustice.
It may be that one is born every
minute, but 6 shoes marked down to
$17.98 no logger interests them.
The Irish are optimists, and no
Mrs, W J Keown of DeLand and
Miss Nell Keown of Chicago, II'.
were recent visitors at the Knowl
ton home. ,
Rev. R C Drisko has been quite
sick but is now improving.
Rev. and Mrs. David P Hatch were
over-night visitors in Palatka last
Mr. and Mrs. L P Jenne of Titus
ville'have been spending some time
w.th Kev. an J Mrs. Drisko at Mar
garet Place.
Miss Jessie Tinsley departed SaU
uvjay for Tallahassee to resume her
s;u 3 J.r Co le e for Women.
: apt. Polter has arrived from
Maine to spend the season at the
j Middleton House.
Miss Mary Williams is recovering
: from her serious illness which is
! go0(j news to her many frends. MWs
Williams expected to leave early in
the week to resume her teaching at
Fort Mead, but was unable to go,
and will probably have to remain at
home through this week. .
Sylvester Middleton and Causey
Green returned Monday to the- Uni
versity at Gainesville after spending
the holidays at home.
Warren Clark, guest at the Mid
dleton House for several weeks has
gone to Jacksonville.
School began Monday after the
two week's vacation. Miss Bayless
having returned Saturday, 'and M:'s.
Mayo on Sunday.
Miss Natha Mew returned to Jack
sonville early in the week to resume
her studies at the Business College.
Mrs. E H Byrons, Miss Edna and
little Dora have returned to Sanford
Mr. and Mrs. C C Sullivan and
Mrs. J P Haymart were visitors at
Miss Alice Kenwood entertained a
few friends at a delightful party.
Music and dancing whiled away the
evening after which delicious re
freshments of fried chicken, salads,
bread and butter dougnuts and cof
fee were served to which all did full
justice. A most delightful evening
was spent.
C C Sullivan left for Orlando
where he sPent the Past week'
Mrs- Austin of Jacksonville 13 the
uest of Mr and Mrs J E Sullivan.
Miss Mary Manchester who has
been the guest ot the Highland
House for several weeks has return
ed to her school duties in New Hamp
shire. She made many friends while
here who regret her short stay.
John Woolsey is on the sick list
suffering from a heavy; cold. H's
many friends hope to soon see him
around again.
There will be a Silver Tea at the
residence of Mr and Mrs W L Gable
Wednesday afternoon January 5th
from 3 to 5 o'clock.
There will be a business meeting
of the Ladies Aid society Thursday
afternoon January 6th at the resi-
j doubt give thanks daily that they live
i next to England instead of Turkey. j
The man who doesn't get there aU
ways nurses a suspicion that the suc
cessful man hit upon some crooked
An admirer advises Harding to se
lect six-cylinder men for the Cabinet.
Does the gentleman think it is to be
a taxicubinet ?
A physical director says Americans
arc becoming round-shouldered. This
is the inevitable result of the present
tax system.
Tonzi will doubtless spend the next
few years regretting that he didn't
devote his energies to selling some
thing to the shipping boan
s,'u''.a08f c0hu''tyCl. ot Toledo-
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
la senior partner or the nrm or h. J.
Cheney & Co., doing; business In the
Cltv of Toledo. County and State afore
BalU, unu mui bhiu in in win )n.y vno
each and every case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by the use of HALL'S
Sworn to before me and subscribed
In my presence, this 6th day of Decem
ber. A. D. 188. A. W. GLEASON.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine Is taken In
ternally and acts through the Blood on
the Mucous Surfaces of the System.
Send for testimonials, free.
T. J. CHENEY CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by all drue-frlsts, 75a
Hall' Family Pills for constlsatlon.
' We
Them .
Phone US
Oak t nd Pine
The very best, cut any way
you want it. GOOD HONEST
LOADS. Delivered on short,
$2.50 Load. Phone 275
LocaUd on G.S &F. Track,
Between North 4r"h and 5th Sts.
Seed and Poultry Supplies
South 1st. St.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of Stockholders of the
Palatka Automobile & Supply Co.,
will be held at the office of the Com
pany on the Second Thursday in Jan
uary 1921 the same being the thir
teenth day of the month, at 8 o'clock
P. M., for the purpose of receiving
reports, electing Directors for the
ensuing year, and transacting such
other business as may come before
the meeting.
Dec. 17 24 31 Jan. 7
dence of Mr and Mrs H C Gates.
Services were held at the M C
Church Sunday morning. Mrs O B
Robinson led a very interesting C E
meeting in the evening. Mr Wilbur
Manchester of Winsted Conn, gave
an interesting talk during the even
ing. Some of our residents ushered in
the New Year by cheering and blow
ing horns and firing guns etc. Some
of the residents made calls wishing
their neighbors a happy New Year.
Best wishes to the Editor and staff
for a happy and prosperous New
Bake Sale Saturday.
The ladnles of the West End Circle
of the Presbyterian church will hold
a bake sale Saturday afternoo at
Ackerman-Stewarts. Orders will be
taken for hot rolls at ten cents for
half dozen. ' Jan. C-2t.
We strickly guarantee our
work and material. Our policy
is "no cure no pav."
Oklahoma Farmer Gives Sound Ad
vice on Avoiding Sickness.
Used Black-Draught
30 Years.
Cameron, Okla. "I hare used
Thedford's Black-Draught for about
thirty years, and certainly ought tc
know by this time what a good medi
cine It is," says Mr. T. L. Bostler, a
well-known farmer of this place. Mr,
Bostler has passed his three-score-and-tenth
year, but declares his health
still is good, "and I can say Black
Draught did its part."
"Where there is a lot of malaria, a
Jirer medicine is a necessity, and I
have never found one better than
Black-Draught," continues the Okla
homan. "It is one that I know to be
reliable. I sure use it for the liver,
Stomach, constipation, indigestion, and
t has done me a world of good. Ws
use it for the family, and it glvea
"Most trouble, or sickness, comes
from the liver, and if taken in time
can be avoided. That is why I use
Black-Draught as I do. I am nucb.
pleased with results obtained."
Thedford's Black-Draught is purely
vegetable. It acts on the bowels, gent
ly stimulating the liver, and helps in
crease the normal flow of bile into the
intestines. It assists in the digestion
of food, and relieves constipation in a
prompt and natural way.
Ask your druggist for a package to
day. Insist on Thedford's. NC-139
New and Second
! Hand Furniture
If you meed Furniture it will mean
I a big saving to call
We sell
at the lowest, rock bottom prices, and
YOU will find after a comparison that
our prices are the lowest.
iff jpcans -
If you have SecoT-Hand Furniture facili-
for sale, see us first for the higheSJt?yi'n'
jnent. After
prices. , the wilder-
I face the rig-
" " """"""" do ,edKe mush t0
11 U lina Art that
ilOlTleS OZo.J this plan only when as"-
,AJL W WW". " ' n. m.n that
area py we nunauno -i -----Miriir
rxtt- cr-xiiC Is-k-Ui would start Immediately for
NEW AND SECOND HATy, offic, with a message
CORNER Si-VENTH AND heir 8afety'
"Watch it sail, where others
a .
Self-Rising Flour
Ignition Specialists.
Cars Towed in Within One Mile Free of Charge -ESTIMATES
Insurance Agency
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Texas Gasoline 32c
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and get our prices.
ricrht be fulfilled. .They
T II t 1
. II 4 I
5 x
9 k,
- ;
Our Appreciation
'We wish to extend, at this time, our ,
appreciation for the valued patron
age afforded us during the past year,
and we earnestly hope for a continu
ance of same. We can truthfully say,
that in return, it shall be our duty to
see that "SERVICE" is rendered you
in all that word means. We special-
ize in General Machine work, Engi- '
neering, Blacksmithing and Boiler
Repairs. Out of town work solicited.
Mathews and Allen 0
. First St and F. E. C. R. R.
Phone 59 Palatka, Fla.
Putnam House
H 1

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