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A "Silver Tea" and sale will be
given by the Woman's Guild of the
Episcopal Church on Wednesday af.
Sunday morning, preaching a very
impressive and scholarly sermo.
AILss Cardelle Williams has return
ed to the Women's College at New
ark, Delaware, to complete her fourth
and last year at that institution.
Mr and Mrs John McCormick have
written friends that they expect to
tomorrow, Saturday. 1 hey
Eaton. Mr. Eaton has returned to
Crescent City after a year away and
is now looking for the building boom
which is not far in the distance.
Curtis Cullum of Batesburg, S Cj
is visiting his aunt, Mrs.' Emily M J. B. Anderson of Geneva, N,
Cheatham. 1 arrrived on New Years Day.
Robert L Smith is ' violating the Friends of Mrs. L M Tingley are
union labor 8-hour day law. He puts jjlad to see her out again after her
ternoon, January wui at tnenome oi ( Grove Ha, flnd remain in his t;We frora Monday morning to seriousMllness.
it; t TirMi:nvn 'I h n will j r . l . .
be an interesting progrram
'for some weeks.
Ti.f TV,TrV.v;L- ic 3 fi f nwl a r nia-rif nrf .hfi nt.Vipr rwIp .if H Tin(1 anA Tv nrA Mrs 'TnVin
i nil SIMM If wt-eiva. iuv. v-ui i u viv u fcjubuuu,T " - .'i.ia. utan uuu m t v. ... .
De an interesting program, ; ! owner 0f the Empire packing house Lake Crescent. He is preparing the Currier are spending a few days in
table fancy table, cooked food taola j o produeinb, ground for a forty acre field of pota.
citrus fruit groves in this part of ; toes. livered the principal address, a most
Florida. He is also the head of one j An addition has 'been made to forceful appeal listened to with the
of the oldest, largest and best known j Trinplpal Wheattey's staff in the per- closest attention; Rev. W. F.' Hullett
commission houses in New York, son of George H Herrick, one of the 0f the Methodist church spoke most
that of McCormick, Hubbs & Co. jmost regular of our winter resident?, effectively; and Rector C. H. Jordan
and a White Elephant table. Re
freshments will be served without
charge. All are invited to attend.
The Winter Bible Institute will
open Wednesday night, January 12,
at 7:30 o'clock. The address of the
opening meeting will be given by the
Rev. W. Irving Carroll, I). D., until
very recently pastor of the greut
Compton Avenue Presbyterian
church of St. Louis. For the rest of
the week Dr. Carroll and Rev. R. T.
Chafer will speak daily.
Instead of the announced program
concerning the time of Rev. R. T.
Chafer and Rev. L. S. Chafer, these
two teachers will alternate approxi
mately every two weeks. Both of the
Messrs. Chafer will conduct insti
tutes at other places during the period
of the Crescent City institute. Rev.
and Mrs. L. S. Chafer are expected to
arrive about the 14th from the West.
St. Augustine.
Mrs. J. S. Rowley has gone to Sa
vannah to visit her daugher, Mrs.
Fred A. Beach.
Mrs. L. E. Hooker, at Ferncourt,
who was . taken suddenly ill on Sun
day is reported better but still com
bined to the house.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Warren of i
day and' .will spend a couple oT
months with relatives here. ,
Saturday" night a negro - by the
name of Wood was run over oi
Railroad street by a Ford car driv
en bv .' Curtis Wilkinson. Wood,;
stepped out of a car, saw the Ford
approaching and tried to jump out
Wilkinson turned to
of the wav.
Fort Meads are guests of Mrs. War-1 avoid him but car passed over
ren's mother, Mrs. Matilda Solana. I , inflicting an ugly scalp wound
The V I A has announced this firstj, otller injuries. Wilkinson hur
week of the New Year a "Clean-Up- j rjed him to a doctor in Palatka, and
Week." Has the street in front of j twQ days later ne was seen on the
YOUR place been put in order? If . gtrcet apparently little the worse for
Miss Elsie Padgett, one of the pop- j At the request of the school board offered prayer. The amount realized,
ular teachers in the Lakeland high
school, has returned to that city af
ter spending the holidays with her
parents and many friends in Crescent
Capron Payson, a student at Dart
mouth College, at Hanover, N H, has
been spending the past two weeks
with his parents, Mr and Mrs Frank
M Tayson, winter residents.
Hon William Ryan of Port Ches
ter, N Y, writes friends here that he
expects to make his annual visit,
coming early this month and remain
ing for the orange blossoms. Fo
many years Mr Ryan was a grove
I owner here. If there are any new
. it: it- r -
Mrs. iate ler ynne, ui uri'fii- i . , r t j
... . , .. . comers in town whom Mr Ryan does
vine, o. v., aiiiveu , euncoutij ivj i
spend the winter season. Mrs. Wynne j
has rooms with Miss Lucie Gautier. j
The Stryker home and the rest of j
Crescent City as ell has been made ',
happy by the arrival of Mrs M W
Stryker. The earlier these good peo
ple come and the longer they' stay
the better.
Mrs E C Clapp of Stillwater, Minn,
has returned to Crescent City for the
winter and will have rooms with Mrs
Herlong. Mrs Clapp has spent the
past two winters in Southern Cali
fornia but with her as with others
who have tried the Pacific coast F'.or
ido is the charmed spot.
Mr and Mrs Charles S Aderholdt
(Miss Mildred Mathis), who have
been spendin the holiday season with
"the old folks at home" and numer
ous friends, have returned to Jack
sonville. ;Rev Dr M W Stryker occupied the
pulpit of the Presbyterian church
not know he will form tneir acquain
tance the first week he is here.
Hon Wm A Russell has been in
Tallahassee during the week takihg
part in the inauguration of Governor
Hardee. Senator Russell has invited
the new executive to visit Crescent
Oity. Governor Hardee appreciates
the almost unanimous vote he receiv
ed from the electors in this voting
precinct. And the people here will
be glad to give him a genuine wel
Mrs J H Harp is visiting relatives
and friends at Live Oak, Florida
The Mathis Mercantile Company
reports the best holiday trade it has
ever known. All the merchants are
wearing the smile that won't come
off unless the prosperity wave takes
another direction. And the fruit
market has not been the best ever
George Oglesby of Orlando, has.
been visiting hifc father-in-ljaw, L.
Mr. Herrick has placed in position a including $250.00 from the local Red
Seth Thomas 12-inch dial clock. Cross, was $636.00 and checks are
School time hereafter will be the cor- coming in daily to swell the fund,
rect and standard time. Mr H. is- The young people from the different
designated as the official timekeeper institutions of learning who have been
Mrs Jay Hobbs, teacher of the sev- ! enjoying the holiday season at home,
enth and eighth grades, has the sym- have all returned to work. Miss Mar
pathy of all who know her. During j -uerite Grimsley and Miss Dorothy -the
holidays she lost by death her 4- Burton to the Woman's College at
year old grandson in Philadelphia. ! Tallahassee; Robert Atkisson, Borden
The little fellow was called very sud- ; j.icWolf, Roy Padgett, and Hayward
deny, being sick only 24 hours. Braddock to the State University of
The public schools reopened last Florida; Kenneth C. Warner to Rol-
Monday with all the teachers at their ' yms College.
desks. Ten new pupils were enrolled j Florida is the state of local show-
making the attendance the largest in : crs rather than of widespread rains,
the history of Crescent City, 210, ' The record for Jacksonville will not
with a further increase in prospect. ' sjve one a correct idea of the precip-
Some of the rooms are crowded with jtation at Orlando, Tampa, or Miami,
no space for more desks. It is a ' &nt so there may be almost as,many
question of only a short time when j statements of rainfall as there are
more room will have to be provided. I counties and all of them may be es-
The municipal lighting plant is in ' sentially correct. As for this part of
that flourishing condition that it .s j Florida 1920 was a rainy season. The
paying its way. There are now more quantity of water that came down
than two hundred consumers of elec- j was more than normal by several
trie light with addition applications ;nches. The heaviest fall during any
coming. - ' one month was in July, nearly twelve
The Village Improvement Associa- j jnches. The month next to it was
tino is engaged in another most com-', September, eight and a quarter inches,
mendable cause. It is helping ' the The dry months were March and Oc
people of Georgetown to start a pub- , tober, not an inch of water falling
lie library. All having readable either month. The most damaging
books who wish to put them where coid came on the morning of the sec
they will be appreciated are request- j ond 0f March when the drop went to
ed to leave them at the store of the ( 28, catching the orange blossoms- and
Mathis Mercantile Co. 1 he people new growth.
A Talk
To Parents
You know as the twig is inclined the tree will
grow. Why not teach your children the benefit of
saavings account at our bank ?
We have deposits to the credit of many young
sters now, and they are proud to know that they
have "Money in the bank." They are learning to
save and bring us their little savings regularly.
They are learning early in life a lesson that will
help them at every turn of the road. Parents, see
that your children do likewise. Their little deposits
will be carefully guarded if left in our carej
East Florida Savings &
Trust Company
flPalatka, Florida
of Georgetown are our nearest neigh
bors on the west. They patronize our
schools and ought to be helped to
start a good library.
A petition has been largely signed
to extend school district No. 8, known
as the Crescent City district, so as to
include Fruitland and Georgetown, all
the territory between Crescent Lake
and the St. Johs river. This by the
request of the county board of public
instrunction. The people of George
town now have the opportunity to put
their names on the petition. This
does not mean an increase in taxa
tion. The children of the proposed
territory are now attending our
schools and their parents are natur
ally interested in doing their part a
it will cost them no more, and will en
able the trustees to make the schools
more efficient
The community meeting held at the
motion picture hall last Sunday even
ing was very successful from all an
gles. All church services were given
up and the pulpits, the pews, and the
packing houses all united to help Her
bert Hoover's child-feeding campaign
in central and southeastern Europe.
The meeting was held under the au
spices of the Crescent City branch of
the American Red Cross which is ac
tively and cordially co-operating with
Mr. Hoover as director. So are the
American Relief Administration, the
Y. M. C. A., the Y. W. C. A., the
American Friends, the Churches of
Christ in America, the Jewish Com-
I mittee, and the Knights of Columbus.
The music was furnished by Mrs
Chafer, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Warner,
and Mrs. Fick with the large audience
joining. Acting Mayor E. H. Wil
liams presided; B. F. Tillinghast ex
plained the part the Red Cross is tak
ing in the war-swept countries of
Europe; Rev. Dr. M. W. Stryker de-
38 acres, close to brick road, modern new dwel
ling with electricity, barn, helphouse, well,
very best soil, made $22,000 this year, for
sale with all equipment for $15,000.00
40 acres, 20 cultivated, good house, fine barn,
well, all fenced, by brick road, a big bar
gain for quick sale at $3,500.00
28 acres at Federal Point, fronting bricked
road, small dwelling, 5 acres stumped,
cheap for $2,800.00 Easy Terms.
9 acres, 6 cultivated, dwelling, drained, well
located, for $1,750.00 Terms.
20 acres, 17 cultivated, in Federal Point dis
trict, dwelling, barn, well, fruit "trees, fine
. soil, for $5,500.00 Easy Terms.
3 acres, fronting St. Johns river with good
dwelling, helphouse, barn, well, fruit trees,
a bargain for $3,500.00
12 acres, 6-room house, barn, well, orchard,
right on brick road at Hastings for $8,
000,00 in four payments.
you don't see what you want here ask me, for I have it.
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Reinhardt re
turned to Crescent City on Monday
after spending the holidays at Lin-
colnton, N- C., where Mr. Reinhardt
has large business interests. It is
hoped by all who know them that they
will occupy their winfer home here
for the rest of the season.
The pastor of the Presbyterian
church Rev. W. L. Atkisson is putting
on for the Sunday evening services an
interesting series of Illustrated Ser
mon Lectures called "Five Crises in
the Life of Jesu" and the "Greatest
Question in the World." The slides
are splendid reproductions of the
world's master artists and every slide
is beautifully hand colored. These
lectures will begin next Sunday even
ing, the 9th jnst., and will continue
for six successive Sunday evenings.
The titles and their dates are as fol
lows: (1) "In the Wilderness With
His Life Problem," 40 slides; (2) "In
Conflict with Religious Customs," 36
slides, Jan. 16 (3) "On the Hillsides
with the Common People," 41 slides,
Jan. 23; (4) "In Wanderings with the
Twelve," 40 slides, Jan. 30; (5) "In
Gethsemane Alone with God," 50
slides, Feb. 6; (6) "The Greatest
Question in the World," 50 slides, Feb.
13. While the Sunday school lessons
are in the Gospel of Matthew these
lectures ought to be quite helpful as
well as interesting.
The citrus fruit question is the most
interesting one of all to the people
in this part of Putnam county. The
situation at the present time may be
summed up in this wey: From about
Dec. 15 to the 3d of January the pack
ing houses closed. The prices were at
the lowest of the season about the
middle of December and the markets
were stocked; there was no demand
The first of this week the situation
had brightened some; the packing
houses all resumed operations but
not at the rush stage. Some of the
largest handlers of fruits have been
asked for their opinions. Manager
E. H. Williams of the Empire, looks
for better conditions. J. B. Shiver,
representing Chase & Co., estimates
the total crop of all varieties of fruit
in this section, that is fruit 'packed
here, at 200,000 poxes, of which he
thinks that 60 per cent had been ship
ped up to the 1st of the month. R. C.
Middleton of the Standard Growers'
Exchange, agrees with Mr. Shiver on
the 200,000 box crop, but says that not
over 50 per cent of it had been taken
off the trees up to the 1st of the year.
R. M. Kirkland, manager of the
Crutchfield & Woofolk house, esti
mates the total crop at 179,000 boxes,
133,300 boxes of oranges. 40,600 of
tangerines, and 6,000 of grapefruit.
It is his opinion that there will be
shipped after the 1st of this month
55,000 boxes of oranges, 1,000 of
grapefruit, and 4,500 of tangerines.
After this week and next there will
be a slowing down of shipments until
the late fruit is in a condition to move.
not, why not?
Evening service and sermon at tne
Episcopal church every Sunday af
ternoon (unless stormy) at half past
three, Rev. J. H. Weber-Thompson
of St. Marks churchc, Palatka is rec
tor in charge.
Miss Annie S. Briggs of Fairport,
N. Y. is a recent arrival1 and has
secured a room at J. W. Bushings.
Arrivals which should have been
reported. last week are Mr. and Mrs.
T. J McReynolds, Jr. of Hopkins-
ville, Ky. who will spend the remain
der of the season with Mr. McRey
nolds brother, H J McReynolds.
Miss Emily Nerwich of Palatka
was a guest of Miss Jessie Bailey
the first of the week. Thursday
and Friday Miss Bailey will spend in
Palatka with Miss Ophelia Currie.
Mrs. and Miss Rhodes returned on
Saturday from their holiday visit to
West Palm Beach. Mrs. Rhodes
was quite ill while away and until
she is quite recovered Miss Marga
ret Fisher will" substitute' for her as
teacher in the public school.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Rowland of
Holland Patent N Y arrived Wednes-
his mishap. ' '
S. Wilkes Dendy, Field Secretary
for the Christian Endeavor Societies
of the South will speak at the Pres
byterian church Friday evening at
7:30 p. m. It is hoped that all the
young people and their friends will
be there.
t he first of the series of Commu
nity entertainments will be given at
the 5urch on Friday evening Jan.
21st. Mr. Louis Smith of Palatka
will tell of his trip to France after
the war and there will be communi
ty singing of patriotic songs led by
Mr. Harry Knight.
An expert on Engines of any kind.
Ignition work a specialty will go
anywhere, best of reference. Ad
dress R. R. Thompson, San Mateo,
Fla. 12-31 6t.
We strictly guarantee
work and material.
If you find a defect in either,
hold us to our guarantee.
x a:
Which can be had at an attractive price. It is
just a building lot (62 x 150 feet) but it is a
"Corker" for the man who has in contemplation
a winter home amid orange blossoms and other
flowers that not only bloom in the spring but all
the year 'round, and where the mocking bird
sings while you are putting on your pants in the
Real Estate
CrescentJCity, Fla.
fc it (f ilt (t ii ilt Sit iit Jft ifc S(t
As tasteful and body-build
ing as ever. And why not?
The same use of the best
hops and malt, the same
careful brewing and ageing
Is responsible for this.
Order a case TODAY.
From your grocer or dealer
Spauldings No. 4 Rose Early Red Bliss Triumph
We are fortunate in our contracts which make it possible to
quote lowest market PRICES.
It will pay you to get our prices before buying, and our QUAL
ITY before planting.
Our SEED POTATOES are the highest quality MAINE GROWN,
selected especially for seed.
We carry all the leading and standard varieties of seed that have',
been teested and known to be adapted to our soil and climate. SEED
The planting season is near at hand. Our information services
is free. Call on us for any information on your crops you might
think we can supply. -
202-206 E. Bay Street Jacluonvillc, Florida
S . '

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