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Wednesday Mornine. June I, IQ2I
v. m -r m -rr Tv JTT If nfTT1 TTT CI . . ' '
JIalatka BaUij tafi
Published Every Morning Except
Monday by
VKKF.HS A C.IIOHKV, Palntka, Fla.
Entered at the Post Office at Palatka,
Fla., as Second Class Mail Matter
M. 11. VICKKHS - Himlneas Mlter
UOOIIH M. UlliltKY - - Editor
The Management reserves the ripht
to reject all objectionable advertls
merits or reading matter.
One year ..SG.OO Three months 31.75
6 x months 3.00 One week .15
1'ayable Invariably in advance
E. II. IH'STON. AilvrrtlHlim MnnaCT
lt..hVit E. Ward. 6 S. Wabash Avenue
Chlcairo. 111.
Robert E. Ward. 226 Klfth Avenue
New York City
The Associated Press Ir exclusively
entitled to the use for publication of
all news dispatches credited to n
not otherwise credited in this paper
and also the local news published
This is a tense age. Life is pitch
ed in a high key. The human instru
ment is strung taut and under this
tension the strings break easily.
There is small relief from stress
and strain in the life of the average
adult. His neck is in the collar and
the harness creaks in irritating fash
ion as he pulls his heavy load.
Then when the day's tasks are
done, to what do overwrought peo
ple turn for diversion? Do they re
lax? Sometimes; more frequently
though, they engage in some form
of amusement that merely aggravates
their physical, mental and nervous
tension. They do not know how to
relax, how to let down. And
Unless one "lets down" one is quite
certain to "blow up." The explosion
is likely to ensue inside the domestic
portals or among one's fellow work
ers in the factory, the office, the
sfore. Misunderstandings follow;
friends' are lost.
And how might people "let down"
without "blowing up?" One said he
did relax, that he went to the movies
and baseball games, theaters, and
similar exciting events. He engaged
in vicarious exercise, passive amuse
ment, sterilized recreation. This
may have helped some. But it was
not the best form of relaxation be
, cause the man did not let go, did not
express himself, did not use his im
agination, and did not play.
I "game. They do not play nor do not
know how to play. Or, if they do
know, they are too dignified. Some
- people maintain a kind of rigid, un-
bending dignity even when engaged
in dancing. They are the kind who
know not the ineffable joy of donning
old clothes and going into the woods,
where one may whoop and sing and
cavert without fear of being mis
taken, in these days of supersolemni-
ty, for a harmless halfwit. Too much
dignity and selfrestraint have spoiled
many an otherwise perfectly good
human being.
Learn to play! It's nature's great
est safety valuve.
Happy invigorating play is a human
necessity. Man had always possessed
the play inclination- The desire to
laugh and sing, to whistle and dance,
is natural It promotes perpetual youth
when one "obeys that impulse". It
keeps the arteries elastic, which is
the medical men's way of expressing
youth. One of these prophets of glad
ness phrases it thus: "A man is young
Because he plays." A man doestn't
play because he is young; he is the
product of his own actions. The old
man who sits down after dinner,
groutchy because he makes a noise,
nas already "passed on". He ought
to be Oslerized. He ought to be down
on the floor playing with the children,
piaymg like them, adding to the noise.
Paying the games of men and
women is good. Playing the childrens
games and in childrens ways is still
better. Golf and tennis are beneficial.
Une-old-cat, hop-scotch, duck-on-a
rock, tag, run-sheep-run, even dain
running and jumping, are even more
beneficial. Nobody should be too
grown-up" to play in that fashion.
"c a cnua ana stay like a
cnna in youtniulness of body at
least. Doff the old man and old wo
man mentality for a while each day
ana inaulge in simple, innocent pas-
'": i-miu, witn cnuaren it pos-
siDie- lou will not only think young;
you will be and stay young. Start to
day. "Obey that impulse". Ponce de
Leon was a fool. He looked in the
wrong place for the "fountain of
Sioux ' Falls, S. D., May 31 The
publication of a prison newspaper
The Messenger with the "Golden
Rule" as its motton, published and ed
ited By the prisoners at the South
Dakota penitentiary here is the latest
plan of warden, George Jameson, to
"make men, rather than ex-convicts
out of inmates."'
H. 0. Prince of North Carolina,
who is serving a term for check ior
gery is editor of the publication,
which is issued monthly. An e'dito
rial in the paper says:
'When a man is sent to prison, he
socially dead. He is, however,
still a man, capabte of the likes and
dislikes in the same way as those out
side. He will respond as quickly as
anyone 'to the treatment he receives,
whether that treatment is for his in
terest or against it. The frills,
shams and false pride and the thou
sands of other little arts of deceit are
struck away in prison. His character
is bared, ready for the work of de
velopment to go forward or backward
When a man leaves prison it depends
largely upon what prison treatment
has done for him whether he is a man
or just an ex-convict.
'Our mission is to represent the
man inside, in having justice done; to
it can't be said that he went in with
out knocking.
Heinie couldn't love honorable
pledges so much if he didn't love the
Ruhr more.
Woman's head is on the dollar, but
she will never be satisfied until she
gets her hand on it-
Haywood seems in full accord with
the government's desire to keep out
Now that the stuff is hard to get,
a straight line is the shortest dis
tance between two points.
The man who tries to dodge his
debts considers efforts to make him
pay proof of vulgarity.
Disarmament may not uplift our
souls, but it will at least enable ns
to strengthen our backs.
There won't be a wave of prosperi
ty until all of us are willing to waive
M ify WufW "fea-thew was" nV
ary mere to protest against the
original installation of moonshine.
Depression has its bright side. They
no longer use colored tissue paper as
a filler for a ham sadwich.
Poland has adopted a give-and-take
policy give the Allies the horse laugh
and take what she wants.
The chief objection to civil service
is that it requires rather uncivil treat
ment of faithful party men.
The task of raising children is great
ly simplified if you begin by providing
tnem the right kind of parents.
help the world to realize that much
valuable manhood can be reclaimed
from the 'scrap heap' by simply rec
ognizing him as a man, instead of
withholding from him the chance to
make good, which is his birthright.
"If, therefore, we can help the man
inside to. get, regain or keep charac
ter; help him to see how to be a luc-
cess and help in doing away with the
fecial prejudice and ostracism which
prisoner meets after he has been
released, we shall not. have worked in
Let B. & B. DO IT."
LOST Between corner of Four
teenth and Carr streets and the down
town section, north side of -Lemon
street, a pink cameo brooch,
if returned to News office or to Mrs.
H. B. Windish, Carr and 14th streetB.
ing propositions that ever knocked at
his door, and get in on the ground
floor, if he is the right man fdr the
job.' This established business comes
to Palatka because of the extraordi
nary shipping facilities for the ter
ritory to be covered. The business
Rewardi will be worth from five to seven thou
sand dollars this year, dui win oe
FOR . SALE 1918 Model Ford
touring car, good condition. Apply
S- J. Denmark, Putnam Barber Shop.
. June 1, 6t.
FOR SALE Porto Rico Potato
Vines by J.'G. Millican, East Palatka,
Fla. Price $1.50 per 1000. 6-l-6t.
Legion Regrets Apathy
Editor News:
Will you kindly permit us space
in your paper to remind, in kindly
spirit, the citizens of Palatka, of a
failure to "keep faith" with those
"who sleep in Flanders field"? We,
of the American Legion, who would
"bear the torch", feel sure that many
circumstances operated against a rep
resentative attendance at the memo
rial exercises held last Sunday after
noon, Imt th' does pot lesson tW'
verv keen disapointment oi tno
who would keep ever mcen the mem
ry of those who made the supreme
What h.py fireside: our patru
left for the cheerless camp; witn
what pacific habiM they dared tne
perils of the field; thuc was no mys
tery, no romance, no madness under
'he name of chivalry about them; it
v. as all n solute, .n- ..' resistance
for conscience and liberty's sake
nut merely of an overwhelming porf
er, but of all the force of long-rooted
hr.bits, and the native love of order
and peace.
It is but justice to assign grea
merit to the temper of those citizes
whose personal services were ren
dered without restraint, and the de-
rangecent 61 their affairs submitted to
without dissatisfaction: it was the
triumph of patriotism over person
al considerations; and our ipresenf
enjoyments of peace and freedom re
ward the sacrifice.
And still greater in demand upon
our.-twiii.raiitude is the-JBiemfltv
and we hope that last Jiunday's scene,
lacking in a spontaneous outpouring
of a citizenship's gratefulness will
never be presented in Palatka again.
Less than a hundred attended to pay
tribute to those who did not return
from, "somewhere in France", land
were we to judge our cause by this
indifference it would have been bet
ter, indeed, that we did not draw the
sword and call upon patriots to bear
the cause of a nation which so soon
would forget.
Bert Hodge Post No. 45
FOR RENT Furnished room. Ap
ply 530 Oak St. 5-31-3t
FOR SALE Ford Coupe, 1920
model, perfect condition, thoroughly
over-hauled. Newly painted. Reason
for selling, leaving city. $350.00 cash.
Box 565. 5-31-6t
worth more three or five years from
now. Unless you can give at least
half your time to the business and
put up your share of the working
capital, which is a very small amount
please don't bother to answer the add.
Highest bank references. Address,
5 29-30 6 1 Care New Office.
WANTED Private pupils for up-j
per grammar and first two years high j
school work. Apply before June 2. i
Mary McLaughlin, Metcalfe Apart- j
ments. 5-Sl-2t i
Cain wouldn't concede that he held
a mandate for his brother. But the
result was just about as disasterousi
for Abel.
Ireland complains that she is of
fered the form of liberty without the
substance- Well, the American plan
is hard to beat.
n r . 1 ,.
vnc reason ior me aivorce evil is
the great number of people who can't
distinguish between love and a spirit
of adventure.
With the cost of protecting battle
ships mounting yearly, wouldn't H be
cheaper to run 'em inland where the
sturdy yoeman can defend them ?
Jacksonville, May 31. Going from
first to third on a sacrifice bunt, Out
fielder Huenfeld, of the local , State
League club, later stole home 'and
gave Jacksonville the winning run
in the eleventh inning of today's
game with Lakeland. The score was
2 to 1. Two men were out and two
strikes on the batter when the winning
run was made. Earlier in the game
Confeld stole second while the pitch
er held the ball.
FOR RENT Furnished light house
keeping rooms, both up and down
stairs. 308 River St. 5-29-8t
FOR RENT Large residence, close
in, suitable for boarding and room
ing house. Apply, T. J. KNIGHT. 31-6t
"WANTED By two young office
men, board and room in private fami
ly, centrally located. Best of refer
ences given.' Reply to "L. N." and
"S. R." care News. 5-31-3t
FOR SALE 6-8 H. P. Strelinger
Marine Motor, 4 cycle, make and break
spark; with Baldridge Reverse Gear;
bronze shaft and 16 inch bronze three
blade propeller, all in first class or
der. Cash price $100. OWNER Box
305 P. O. Palatka, Fla. 5-3-3t
Fill in your yard or grove. Fine
time to plant now. Drive over, se
lect the trees yourself, or tell me
what you want. J. A. CROSBY,
H. C. Cole
Manufacture the Celebrated Brands of Flour
The Standard Short Patent Flour All Try to Equal
The Great Leader of Self-Rising Flour
All Made in the most complete, sanitary and
Model Mill of America. Every Barrel Guaran
teed Perfect and Uniform in Every Respect and
Absolutely Without a Superior
Merry day Grocery C.
Distributors, Palatka, Fla.
Madam, .Don't Sigh When You Say
Phone No. 2003
San Mateo, Kla.
FOR SALE Brand new Free sew
ing machine. Never been used, 423
Oak St. Phone 285. 5-21-tf
Try Putnam Barber Shop for good
fervice. , 5-5-tf
Children's hair" ending,
street S. J. Denmark.
FOR RENT Furnished light house
keeping rooms, bath up and down
stairs- 308 Pine 6t 5-29-8t
FOUND Pair of gold rim eye
glasses. Owner may have same by
applying to this office and paying for
this ad. Mav 2S.tf
Home Stenography work wanted
Work called for and delivered. Dic
tation taken anywhere, Phone 235.
May 29-6t
Do You Know That
During May ther were 1012 books and
126 magazines circulated by the Pa
latka Library- and during the month
there were 1002 visitors? Were you
among the 1012 that enjoyed the pri
vileges of this free institution?
One man shot another in Orlando
the other day because he was denied
an opportunity to join in a business
enterprise that was being promoted
by the man he shot. Some man in
Putnam county can get in on one of
the cleanest cut, surest money mak-
"I'll Have to be Taking Ice Soon
( . '
Be glad that the season is approaching when the farm, the
garden, the orchard and the great American hen and cow
will be working to reduce the tost of living for you.
, All their Vork however, will count for little unless yon
your partly using ice OUR 1ce.7 "
Yes, rejoice that this ice man and this growing seasem axe
coming hand in hand to make life more pleasant and less
expensive for you.. We re waiting for your calL
Southern .Utilties Co.
Phone 25
The garment that reveals most is
a divorce suit.
France hopes Heinie's promise is
the last lyin' of defense.
Every married woman will agree
that the man is the bonehead of the
This hot weather
with a
Electric Fan
$545 f. o. b. Detroit
If you are doubtful whether it will pay you to buy
a Ford Truck for your farm, go to the man who owns one
and ask him. Or we will come to you and will tell you
what dozens of Ford Truck Owners have told us that the
Ford Truck is positively a paying proposition.
It brings the best markets to your door. It solves
the hauling problem on the farm and between the farm and
the city. It does a dozen different jobs every day and stands
the wear and tear of farm work under all conditions.
A post card will bring you further information.
Philips Bros.
Spencer Electric Co.
202 Lemon St Phone 338
If the sire speaks with a bit of
brogue, the son never bets on the
English flag.
If Uncle Sam does join the League,

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