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Saturday Morning June 4 1921
II , 1 : AMD ' ; i
TELEPHONIC WT-cl - ' ' r. jj
Annual Meeting of
Woman's Club
The annual meeting of the Woman's
Club, the last one that will be held
until fall, was held yesterday after
noon at the club house at which time
reports of committees and of the
President, Mrs. Howell A.' Davis, were
made. The report of Mrs. Davis was
one of the most comprehensive ever
made at the club, covering, as it does,
one of the club's most successful years.
Her report, in full, follows:
October 8th, 1920, brought an An
nual Home-coming Day, and about
eighty-five of us responded to the call
for renewed effort, estimating our
selves fortunate indeed (to have a
number of past presidents with us.
In their alloted two minutes many
words of cherry advice, encourage
ment and helpful suggestions were
given. Then, under the capable sub
chairman, Mrs. Henly, the Social
Committee took charge, giving us, as
usual, an extrAnely good time and
furnishing an excellent musical pro
gram, Under Mrs. Mann the Library Com
mittee has given us consistently good
work, and special mention must be
made of the excellent and much ap
preciated work of Mrs. McQueen in
the Bible study.
Mrs. Corcoran, our efficient Musi
cal Chairman, has given us many
treats among ithem Mrs. Stil(man
Kelly, but unfortunately owing to the
condition of the piano we were not
able to enjoy to its greatest extent
the fine program rendered'
The PoliticaT'Science Department,
under the able management of Mrs.
George Welch, has had a streneous
year, but have met splendidly all of
the demands on their time and atten
tion, and never-in the history of the
Club has this branch of work been
as heavy and diversified.
During the past year Mrs. Van
Home, our Civic Leader, has given
much time and thought to the subject
and has unfailingly given us of her
best in this most complicated and far.
reaching subject. Civics seem to re
semble the Octopus with its many
among one of which was the
peration with the Community
Christmas Tree; also our newly or
ganized Community Service. In ad
dition to the work done by the Civic
Department, the Club has also special
representation on this council.
Among the many branches of work
for the year the Home Economic De
partment, under the supervision of
Miss Sipprell, has had an extremely
successful year, and the Club feels
much repaid for time and money
spent in aiding this work throughout
the Btate. Miss Sipprell has very de
cidedly put Putnam county, and in
cidentally Palatka, on the map by
her untiring efforts and all the bene
fits to our locality means a gain for
us in all ways.
Mrs. Collins has given much time
nd hard work to the Child Welfare
Work, both in giving us extremely
good programs and attending to the
extremely heavy legislative work
that the awakening of interest on this
subject has produced. Mrs. Collins
'aaa arranged for a visit from Cho
Cho, the Health Clown, and much
pleasure is anticipated from his
The Social Committee, under the
management of Mrs. Henly, has giv
en us many pleasant times, that the
-memory of this year will be with us
for some time to come-
The Hospitality Committee is a new
but-extremely pleasant branch of our
, sembl
v Christ
! Millican presented handsome decks of
playing cards.
! After the game, the hostess served
tomato surprise, saltines, sandwiches,
: olives and iced tea to her guests, who
jwere: Mesdames T. K. Ware, Fred T
; Merrill, C. E. O'Connor, N. 0. Riles,
i Walter W. Tilehman, Warner T.
due Mrs: Mobley and her assistants Hamm and Miss Winifred Haughton.
for their efforts in this line.
The Decorating Committee, .in Volley Ball Game Goes to
charge of Mrs. Hedrick, has added Presbyterians '
much to the pleasure of our Club'! In an exciting game of volley ball
year by their efforts- to improve the yesterday afternoon between the
appearance of our rooms. . Presbyterian girls of the intermediate
During the past few months there league and the Baptists, the Presby-
came a call for help in making sure terians won by a score of 15 to 10,
the food given school-children
(Br Anaoclatrd Praa)
Bisbee, Ariz-, June 8 For three
hundred years, according to reliable
records, the Sierra Madre mountains
of Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico,
have held the secret of a gold mine' of
fabulous richness and a vast treasure
for, The game was exciting and closely store of gold, mined and hidden away
I in an inaccessible tunnel
Tbe romance of the. gold hunter is
written in the history of man's ef
sion upon which local merchants would J Minnie Pruitte, the defendants therein
named, are non-residents et Ika Btatn
display with Jiving models , the new
est designs in ' bathing apparel, has
been converted into an aquatic car
nival. The event will take, place June
0- The parade will be a feature of
the carnival, which will be enlivened
by swimming and diving contests,
canoe and boat races and other
their lunches was clean and whole- contested. v
some. This was met by the appoint-'
ment of a School .Activities Commit,1 iJlrthdav partv-
tee. headed by Mrs. Price, markine Little Miss Muriel Margaret Beggs 'forts through the centuries to reach
nr. mora nwd mi hv nnr nrwnii. the sweet little daughter of Dr. and and bring back to civilization this
tion- , Mrs- T. Raymond Beggs, will cele-1 wealth of the Old Typot tnines. Mur-
The dark cloud of our over-haneinr Drate ner S13ttn birthday this, after-, ders and violence have marked many
Club debt has been very much light- noon at a Pretty Partv at her home on 0f these efforts and still in jnany
ened by efforts of the Ways and 0ak street. Her little friends are hardy breasts of this mining country
Means Committee, under the leader- looking lorward to tne occasion witn today there still stirs tne spirit wnicn
ship of Miss Hutt. ' mucb pleasure. ; has promoted many to brave the dan-
It was decided to make the Seven- Mr nd MT Hamilton of gers of "arvauon' tmm Bna aeatn
enth of March a birthday for the ' J'" l lv eSav in theV the hands f India" " nd Ut-
Club, and a party was given, and all Litv vi,ftin fripnds laws in the search lor gold.
friends invited. Three Federation of-' " . . . D , Mexico Uty contains records oi tne
fleers attended, (Mrs. McCollum, Mrs. -iu,ss . old mine and several prospectors, one
Brown and Miss Skinner), all ofl was an out-of-town visitor in the c.ty of them Jack Dunn credited dis-
whom gave us very interesting and vesterdav- jcoverer of the Warren district, havej
inspiring talks. I H- s- we"s of Silver Springs reported seeing ruins of the old mine, j
Our many friends and .members was visitor in tne city yesteraay. ibut none ever reacneo mere. ,
responded generously and our debt Miss Mary Ruth Woodruff isj According to records at the Mexi-j
U reduced verv much more than half. ! snendine a few davs in Jacksonville.; can capital, in the latter part of the
The House Committee, headed by the guest of Miss Elizabeth Goethe. I seventeenth century the isolated vil-Mrs-
Miller, has had a very busy Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Earnest and! lae of ?Id TyPot as raided by In
year and thanks go out to them 'for juiss Leonora Earnest and Harrison dian8 ho destroyed the town and
their work and thought. ! Hickenlooper returned to Palatka last kil!cd a11 the inhabitants except a
The Club found it advisable to have night after a pleasant trip to Tampa jPriest- ... , ,
new by-laws, having outgrown the!b, automobile, where they went to After wandering for several weeks,
old ones, bo a eommittee in pharo-P of j nt the priest arrived at a little town
Dr. Sarah Davis was aDnointed to'ti,p TDmn. Hih s,.wi galled Auga Fria, on the Faqui river,
form same. They were adopted as Mr. K. M. Earnest left- this morn-
Putnam County, Florida. In chancery
The Georgia Loan & Trust Company a
corporation under the laws of the
Htate of Georgia.
13enJ. H. B. Pruitte and Minnie B. Pru
It appearing by affidavit appended
to the bill filed in the above stated
cause that BenJ. H. B. Pruitte and
of Florida, and are .residents of prcenj
vllle County, Boutb Carolina, thaftlmtr
address is 'Simpsonville, ' C; and
that they are over the age of twenty
6ne years, and that there Is no Person
In tho'titate of Florida ppon whom the .
service of Subpoena would fclnd such
Defendants; It Is therefore ordered that
said non-resident Defendants be and
they are hereby required to appear
to the Bill of Complaint filed in said
cause on or before Monday, the 4th
day of July, A. D.. 1921, otherwise the
allegations of said bill will be taken .
as confessed by said Defendants.
It Is further ordered that this Order
be published once a week for four con
secutive weeks In the Palatka Dally
News, a newspaper published In said
County and State. '
Witness my hand and official Seal
this, the 3rd day of June, 1921.
Clerk Circuit Court.
(Official Seal)
Solicitor for Complainant.
(June 4-11-18-25, July 2)
where he was received and cared for
by a Mexican family. His hardships
and President, ani the CZtZZlZ bUt
was discharged with thanks. itenda ".T f th 8ta faoard 'he gave to the family a description
Owing, to the absence from town of , H' ' Klrkma" returned last nlgh ! a"d map of the mining camp. He
the Secretary, Mrs. Pearce, and the 'rm a business trip to Jasper and, reported that the gold obtained
sad news which has called home our Lake Clty' from seven years of mining had been
Acting Secretary, Miss Hutt, the re-j Mrs. Howell A. Davis has return- stored in an old tunnel because of the
port will have to be omitted except ed to ner home here after spending impossibility of shipment to civiliza
to say our roll of new members for several days in Jacksonville. tion.
the year has reach forty-one. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ginn and The story and map, it is said, have
There is little more for your Presi- children have returned from a several f been handed down from family to
dent to say of the years' work after weeks' stay with relatives in Fair-'family for generations. Those who
the concrete reports you have heard, fax, S. C. They traveled by auto- attempted to reach the camp lost
except that the year has been a record ' mobile- i their outfits and many did not return,
of some success and some failure but' Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Padgett and! The Indians for yes menaced all
effort any way. little daughter, Margaret, left last ' Prospectors and this condition still
In conclusion, I wish to express mynight for a short stay in Jacksonville. exlsts' usnted y bands of out"
tZtfZJ L-Gibson, of Anassia island,- for geveral year. Mex.
Z' 'was " prominent visitor m xne cny, . ., .t M ia M f have
'been the latest possessor of the
Mrs. Annie H. Toombs, Mrs. J. ! priest's map. He declared he twice
Emmett Brown and Master Emmett succeeded in getting as far as Casa
Brown, Jr., left yesterday for Jack-jglanca from which the ruins of Old
sonville, where they will spend a week Tyopa are visible and it was report
with relatives before continuing tol hp hl not o-iven iid hoDes of
and members, and to wish my sue- yesterday 8ftemoon.
cessor a very napy ana successiui
Respectfully submitted,
Civic Club Meeting
reaching the place at his death sev
eral years a go
Bert Grover, a local man, twice
started with two companies to make
Mrs- Tombs' home in Cuthbert, Ga.,
The regular meeting of the Civic ; where her daughter and grand-son
Club ward one will meet Tuesday, w" make an extended stay as her
June 7. at 7:30 p- m., at the court guests.
house lawn: Miss Estelle McKenzieJ J- H- Millican was a business: the perilous journey, but was forced
secretary. .visitor to Jacksonville, Thursday. iBack because of insufficient equip-
All members of Civic Club one, are c- c- Stanton will go to Jackson- ment, Indian and outlaws,
requested to meet at the corner ofVi"e for a short stay, today. j Some1 remarkable gold specimens
Dodge and Emmett streets at 7:15 p. Mr- anJ Mrs. F. D. Wattles and: have been brought back from the vi
m., Tuesday, June 7, and march to Mr- and M- J- H. Millican will beinity of the Old Tyopa, but so far
the court house. Capt Helen de Mont- among Palatkans spending the week-jas known no one ever has reached the
mollen and Capt Josephine Knight. end at St Augustine Beach. ! mines since the old town was destroy-
j Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Tilgh-jed centuries ago.
Mrs- Millican Hostess to Club iman and children are spending the j
A pleasant affair of yesterday af-, week-end at St. Augustine eBach. j CAPTAIN LIGHTFOOT THANKS
ternoon was the meeting of the Um- Mrs. S. E- Brownlee has return-' PALATKANS FOR TREATMENT
sawee Club which took place at the ed to her home at Starke after a short Captain BobTIghlfiot of the Fort
home on North Fourth street of Mrs stay in Palatka with her daughter, Myers ball club. is one of the devo
J. H. Millican. Mrs Millican had Mrs. A. V. Long, at her home on Mad-! who tend to uplift
used, effectively, a profusion of shasU ison street. Mrs. Brownlee will re-it and he never carrie8 hia quarrels
daisies and zinnias in decoration turn tb this city, on Monday to remain I from tne field He appreciates the
these fresh flowers adding much to until after the marriage of her grand and fairneSs extended and
the pleasure of the club members who daughter, Miss Ella Mae Long, to Mr. exhibited during the stay of his club
gathered to enjoy their weekly game Louis Jalmon which wiU take place h and writes the fonowing card
of pivot auction. on Thursday afternoon. f preciation with a request to The
Two tables were arranged for the Alston R. Haile of Sanford, was NeWs that it publish if
game and the makers of high scores a visitor in the city Thursday. ' : As tafa of Fort Myers Base-
were Mrs. N. O. Riles and Miss Wmi- Mrs. R- H. Spicer and little dau- un x i,- f nnnli.
household machinery, and thanks are fred Haughton. To these ladies, Miss ghter, Elizabeth Dougherty Spicer, :,in t ' thp natron of the Palatka
a.H... c .u I -
,wno nave Deen spenuing some time, BaU cub Speaking for the team,
nere as tne guesis oi.airs. opicers Wfi 8re aI1 very for the argu.
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Dough-; ment that took place yesterday and
erty, will leave within a few days for h thfi fang wi overIook our pre.
tneir nome m iNew urleans. . vioug conduct and win assure the Pa-
Louis Kossignol, who has made ,atka Baaeball Cjub and tha loyal
his' home with Mrs. Annie Johnson rooter8 that we have never played a
lor a numoer oi years, nas gone xo
Jacksonville, where he will make his
She was hopelessly old-fashioned and domestic. And her husband
liked a good time. See "Hairpins", fascinating story of demeitic
life. ' , '
Added Attractions
"Bunty Pulls the Strings"
An All Star Cast
more gentlemanly aggregation.
The more we pan nlav Palatka the
futrure home with his father, Louis :hptt w. wiu like it. Come out. p-
i Kossignol, sr. latka fans an(J boogt your club. They
Mr. and Mrs. Warner T. Hamm i deserve it . Best wishes for guCcess.
and Mr- and Mrs. H. ti. Kirkman are,
among Palatkans who will spend aj
part of the summer at St. Augustine
! Beach. They will leave for that re-'
sort shortly, having secured apart-
Capt. Ft- Myers Ball Club.
Sabbath school and Bible classes
ments in the hotel .there. Mr. Hamm j at 9:45 a. m.
and Mr. Kirkman will spend cart of! Services at ll a. m. and 8 p. m.
their time in Palatka. look in e- after' Moraine subject: "The Real
their business interests here. 'Strength of a Nation."
Harold Wall of Starke, will ar-1 Evening subject: "Fruitless Lives,
rive today for a week-end stay as the ' Christian Endeavor Society at 6:30
gues of Judge and Mrs. A. V. Long, p. m.
at their home on Madison street. ! Prayermeeting Wednesday at 8 p,
(Br Aanorlar Praa)
London, June 3 The first airplane
garage for the use of the air tourist
has made its debut in a London sub
urb. It is equipped with a staff of
skilled mechanics under qualified
You are cordially invited to wor
ship with us at all of these services.
! PMMt
Pentacola. June 3. PensocoU's
Sweet Peas
Attractive Mid-Summer Millinery
At Attractive Prices
Let us make you an Organdy Hat
Pretty ones at $6.00 each
Hemstitching and Picoting
Cotton 10c; Silk 12 l-2c yard
Save Money by Trading at the
Big Pure Food Market
Special Today Cash Only
"Churngold" Oleomargarine (The Gold of the Churn), lb .40c
Sugar Cured Skinned Hams (Whole or half), lb 35c
Sliced Box Bacon, lb boxes - 65c
Ham Shanks (to boil), lb : -25c
Cannon's Special Victory Steak (all meat, no bone lb 25c
Pure Pork Sausage (links and meat) lb 30c
Spare Ribe, lb - 25c
Back Bone lb : 20c
Florida Pork Chops lb 30c
Florida Pork Roasts lb 25c and 30c
Choice Beef Roasts lb 20c and 25c
Fresh Country Eggs, dor. - 35e
Sugar Cured Breakfast Bacon (by the strip) lb 33c
Fancy Florida and Western Beef, GenuineJSpring Lamb, Baby
Veal Florida Pig Pork.
Largest variety of Vegetables in the city. "Our prices and varie
ty wins ue friends our "service keeps them."
Cannon's Pure Food Market
ground engineer and advertiies to bathing suit parade which fdr several
make repairs "while you wait" weeks as been heralded at an occa-
1 :
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' aoelati
, Ga., J
, Ser (
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, d by Mi
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avits" 1
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