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Sunday Morning, June 26, 1921.
iCop.v Air This Department Supplied bj
the American Legion News Service.)
.Attempt to Arouse Indignation Over
" ' 'Horror on tho Rhine" Proves
Dismal Failure.
' ' "The Germanoiilille attempt to
.arouse American indignation ovej 'the
ihorror on the Khlne' anil thereby to
lead to a split, spiritual rather than
diplomatic, between America and her
recent allies has failed of Its purpose
In precisely the sume wuy that Ger
man propaganda In this country failed
In every one of .the years between
1914 end 1918," says an editorial in
the American Legion Weekly.
"The truth Is merely that the Ger
mans do not know how to go about
It. 'Kultur' obviously does not include
any knowledge of the fine art of get
ting gomeethlng over, a fact amply at
tested by the reflex action which has
-accompanied the present attempt. The
Von Mach style of persuasiveness Is
no more subtle than the efforts of a
St. Bernard puppy to stand up on a
hardwood floor. It Is flattering the
v Von Mach type of 'boring from within'
to call: Its Insidious. Insidious It Is,
however, In Its Intent if not In its ap
plication. "Dr.; Von Mach has proved himself
a poor servant of his country, wheth
er he regards his country as America
or Germany. He is a poor American
for having tried to win America over
to the point of view of the unrepen
tant nation to defeat whose govern
ment 100,000 Americans gave their
lives, for attemplng to resurrect a
hyphen that was theoretically burled
Just three years ago. He Is a poor
German because his clumsiness has
served only to arouse America to the
fact that she Is still at war with Germany."
'Two-Headed Animal Aids in Raising
, Organization's Funds From
' ' ' $100 to $1,500.
? The Golden Calf of the Twentieth
century has been discovered by the
American Legion post at Fredericks
burg, Va., which owes an Increase In
Its working capital from $100 to $1,500
to a two-headed Juvenile cow, In full
' scant $100 last fall.
- Having Induced a Westmoreland
county fanner to part with the freak
1 animal for this sum, a special levy of
various small amounts was made
upon the treasury to buy nourishment
for the calf. Then came the Virginia
state fair In Richmond and the calf
( was In full bloom, eating both his
heads oiT and waxing fat withal.
. : The Fredericksburg post put him
on exhibit, charging a suitable fee.
J., When the fair was over and the dust
.' had settled, the post treasury con
tained $1.500 the accrued earnings of
Distinguished Illinois Buddie Dele
gated to Save National Comman
der on Inspection Trip.
When P. W. Galbralth, Jr., national
commander of the American Legion,
inspected Illinois posts, he was pro
vided with an honor guard of two
heroes of the World war, who have
received 16 medals and citations for
bravery between them.
Left Sergt. Jack KUey, M. C. of
Chicago, Is Illinois' most decorated
war hero. He wears the Congres
sional Medal of Honor, French Mili
tary Medal, Croix de Guerre with
palm and star, D. S. C., Navy Cross,
Belgian War Cross, Victory Medal
with five battle clasps and four cita
tion stars.
Right Robert Waterhouse, a vet
eran of the 83rd Division of Chicago,
holder of the Distinguished Service
Cross, British Distinguished Service
Order, Croix de Guerre and Belgian
War Cross.
more ex-service men into their ranks,"
said Governor Neff. ,
"The record set by the, men who
form the department of Texas, during
that period preceding November 11,
1918, and the principles advocated by
these men since they have welded
themselves Into the American Legion,"
he continued, "leads me to suggest that
the public would be serving its Own
ends, as well as those of the American
Legion, by lending active support tn
the membership campaign the latter
has launched. The (former service
mnn who has not affiliated with the
American Legion should need no one
to point out the advantage to be de
rived by him and his country' through
his support of this organization; but
In the rush of modem life, some things
are overlooked and those who have not
the privilege of eligibility for the
American Legion may aid by calling
this to the attention of their acquaint
ances who have been in the service.'
National Judge Advocate Decides Or.
Ionization Officer Ineligible If
Holding Public Office.
A decision of far-reaching impor
tance as affecting the participation in
politics of men holding office In the
American Legion has Just been hand
ed down bv RnhMt A. Ailnms. na
tional Judge advocate of the Legion, In
response to an Inquiry from the Inter
Post Council of Los Angeles, Cal.
At its annuul election held In De
cember a Los Angeles post elected
Channlng Follette as commander .for
1021. A short time afterwards Fol
lette was appointed Justice of the
peace by the board of supervisors of
I.os Angeles county.
The question arose whether. In view
of the fact that Follette had "been ap
pointed to an office which, in its na
ture, expept In the matter of rilling
vacancies, is an elective, salaried pub
lic office, he was eligible to serve as
an officer of the Legion.
In his official ruling, the national
Judge advocate says:
"This being a salaried, elective pub
lic office, It is my opinion that the
method of Ailing a vacancy Is not es
sential In determining the eligibility
of a Leglonalre holding such office.
The office is elective, although the case
with which we deal is Uiat of an ap
pointment "The purpose of the constitutional
provision is, of course, to prevent, so
far as possible, the use by a member
of the Legion of his Legion member
ship In furthering a political career.
Consequently, the effect of an ap
pointment Is In no wise dissimilar
from an election, and it Is my opinion
that the Incumbent is, by the accept
ance or qis- oujce, rendered lneTigime
for the oflpe of the American Legion,"
'It ,1s believed ' that many- Legion
members, appointed to political offices
will be affected by this ruling.
Minnesota Legionnaires Pay Homage
to Deceased Buddies Who Fought
for Their Country.
In a little cemetery among the pines
where sleep Hip Members of his family
at Cloquet, Minn., the body of John
De Foe, the flrst Minnesota Indian sol
dier to die fighting for his country, wag
laid to rest. Carl Anderson post of
the American Legion paid homage at
his funeral.
Klsewhere through Minnesota, Le
gionlres have been paying tribute at
i the funerals of their dead buddies,
! whose bodies are being returned from
"He was n clean-cut American, one
; of our very best, and his memory wHI
be dear and sacred," said the com
' mander of Winnebago post, at the fun
; eral service of Private Vernon Bailey,
In which fifty uniformed Legionnaires
; took part.
The body of Ralph Oracle, after
: whom BemldJI post is numed, was
buried at his hone town with honors.
Chief Executive of Texas Urges All
Eligible to Become Members
of the Organization.
Governor Pat Neff of Texas has rec
ognized the Importance of the Ameri
can Legion's effort to extend its in
fluence In that state by giving an un
qualified endorsement of the member
ship campaign now under way.
"Officials of the department of
i Texas, American Legion, the organiza
tion which stands as a living perpetu
ation of the spirit of the American
soldier during the World war, are now
making an especial effort to draw
Texas and Standard Gas and Oils .
- fit
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Two-Headed Calf That Put Virginia
Post on Road to Wealth.
the calf and all this for doing noth
ing but standing still and being In
spected. It was recently that the representa
tive of a large circus mude his ofTer
of $150 for the animal and it was ac
cepted. THere is a rumor that the
excitement of travel and late hours
have affected the calf's health and
that he is a poor, Insurance risk.
However, as the old Romans had It,
caveat emptor.
The post plans to reinvest the $l,r00
as soon as some other such good se
curity as the calf is found.
" Legion Men Among the Miners.
The activity of the American Legion
in the mining districts of southeast
Kansas Js another pertinent proof
that the miunderstandlng between
labor bodies and the ex-service men's
organization has been dissipated. At
Scammon, Kan., the climax of the
eight-hour day celebration of the
miners in District 14, was reached In
ft ball at the Legion hall, under the
ausplcles of Francis Ellison Post.
' Another Instance Is the almost unpre
cedented growth of Clarence Smith
Post No. 272 at Weir. From n member
khi f 91 ct. service men In 1920. a
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total of 112 has been enrolled In 1921 !
thus far.

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