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Ualatka Bmly Efeuta
Friday Morning, July I, IQ2I.
(By Anor'.-iti Praia
New York, Junt 30 Veterans of
numerous gory ring battles, will
face each other in the ring when
Jack Dempsey defends his heavy
weight title against the challenge of
Georges Carpentier in the Jersey
City ring, July2. Through several
campaigns, both have won and lost
contegj, in nearly every possible
manner. Both have won by knock
outs, on points and by fouls; both
have lost on points and by knock
outs, althogh Dempsey never has
lost a decision on a foul as did Car
pentier to Frank Klaus, when Man
ager Descanips climbed into the ring
to save the Frenchman from further
Carpentier, fighting since 1!07, is
the more grizzled veteran of the two
In winning his way up from the
bantamweight ranks to the heavy
weight class. Carpentier, who start
ed boxing at 14, has engaged in 85
battles. In 71 of these he emerged
from the ring the victor. Thirty
four times, he won by knockouts; 33
times on point decisions and four
times on fouls by opponents.
The Frenchman has fought only
five draws; has lost once on a foul
and has been knocked out once. To
a French youth named Gloria goes
to credit for being the only opponent
who has stood over the challenger
and listened to the toll of the referee
Carpentier'? record before the war
is one of the most active credited
to a leading boxer. Service in the
French army curtailed his boxing
for four years but since the armis
tice, with a heavyweight title bout
his main consideration, Georges has
engaged in fewer glove contests.
Jack Dempsey has fought 64 bat
tles and 55 resulted in victories for
him. The champion has knocked
out 45 or almost three-fourths of his
opponents ir six years of boxing, a
remarkable record. Nine times, he
has won on point decisions and his
only victory on a foul was over the
ponderous Carl Morris.
The champion has fought four
draw decisions; has lost on points
twice and has hit the canvas only
once to stay there for 10 seconds.
"Fireman" Jim Flynn, in 1917,
achieved that startling feat but later
:the "Pueblo Fireman" was knocked
lout in less than a minute by Demp
sey when the latter was on his way
.to the championship. Dempsey also
has fought two no-decision bouts.
The complete records of the box
'ers follow:
Georges Carpentier.
: Born Jan. 12, 1S'J4, Lens, France.
1907 Bourgeois, won 4 rounds
Wclinck, won 4 rounds
Mazuai, lost 4 rounds
1 190S Moir.ereau, K. 0 3 rounds
i Salmon, K. 0 18 rounds
1 Salmon, won (foul) 13 rounds
I.epine, won 6 rounds
Legrand, draw 6 rounds
Legrand, draw 20 rounds
; 331"''.' Lanpin, K. 0 8 rounds
Wftinck, K. 0 1 round
Lanpin, K. 0 7 rounds
Porgetille, K. 0 11 rounds
L-.'grtind, won 15 round?
Simon, won 10 rounds
Achalme. won 10 rounds
Chereau, won 10 rounds
Relinger, won fi rounds
Domotllle, won 10 rounds
I.edoux, won 15 rounds
Cai'iar.i. win 0 rounds
Paul Til, won 10 rounds
Gloria. lest (K. O.) rounds
Paul Til. draw 20 rounds
, T910 Pickard, K. 0 8 rounds
Lanpin, K. O. . 8 rounds
Young Warner. K. O. 7 ro'nds
Jim Campbell, K. O. 5 ro'nds
Young Warner, won
i f i 7 rounds
Baseball Results
Geor's Gaillard, won 10 ro'nds
Cuny, won 8 rounds
Percy Wilson, won 10 rounds
Henry Demien, won 10 ro'nds
Dack Daniels, won 10 rounds
Paul Til, draw 15 rounds
Jean Andonq, draw 10 rounds
Buck Shine, lost 8 rounds
Snowball, lost 4 rounds
1011 Brocket, K. 0 7 rounds
Randall, K. 0 5 rounds
Goldsvtain, K. 0 4 rounds
Gray, K. 0 0 rounds
Randall, won 10 rounds
Daniels, won 10 rounds
Young Nipper, won 10 rounds :
Meekins, waj! 10 rounds j
Stagg, won 10 rounds
Calbourne, won 10 rounds j
Loughrey, won 15 rounds
Eustache, won 1G rounds
Evernden, won 15 rounds
Sid Burns, won 15 rounds
Young Joseph, won 10 rounds
Harry Lewis, won 20 rounds
Piet, lost 10 rounds
Dixie Kid, lost 5 rounds
1912 Battling Lecroix, K. O.
9 rounds
Hubert Roe, K. 0 5 rounds
Jim Sullivan, K. O. 2 rounds
Joe Gunther, won ... 20 rounds
Willie Lewis, won 20 rounds
Frank Klaus, lost
(foul) 19 rounds
Billy Papke, lost ....17 rounds
1913 Marcel Mareau, won 8 rounds
Bandsman Rice, K. O.
in 2 rounds
Cyclone Smith, K. O. 3 ro'nds
Geo. Gunther, K. O. 14 rounds
Bombardier Wells
K. O. in 4 rounds
Al Lurie, K. 0 3 rounds
Ash Williams, K, O. 4 ro'nds
Jeff Smith, won 20 rounds
Abott, K. 0 3 rounds
Bombardier Wells
K. 0 1 round
1914 Pat O'Keefe, K. O. 2 rounds
Joe Jeannette, lost 15 ron'ds
Geo. Mitchell, K. O. ..1 round
Hubert Roe, K. 0 3 rounds
Phillipe Robinson
At Boston-New York, rain.
A6 Philaifelphia-Braoklyn, ,rain.
At Pittsburgh, 4-2; Cincinnati, 3-3
Others not scheduled.
At Washington-Philadelphia, rain.
At New York-Boston, rain.
At Cleveland, 3; Detroit, 6.
At St. Louis, 6-1; Chicago, 1-0.
At New Orleans, 6; Little Rock, 3
At Mobile-Birmingham, rain.
At Atlanta, 4; Memphis, 2.
At Nashville, 14; Chattanooga, 16.
Special to New
Jacksonville, June 30. Rain pre
vented the baseball tournament games
to decide the championship of 'the
state of Florida being played this af
ternoon. The only teams competing,
the St. Augustine team and the All
Moons of Jacksonville, were in good
shape for tne contest, but the rain
continued in'-a steady drizzle for the
whole afternoon.
At Tampa, 2-7; Jacksonville, 3-8.
At Lakeland, 2; Daytona, 2. 11 in
nings, darkness.
At St. Petersburg, 6; Orlando, 0.
Bob Devere, K. 0 1 round
Porky Flynn, K. 0 1 round j
Fred Fulton, K. 0 1 round j
Terry Kellar, K. 0 5 rounds
Willie Meehan, lost 4 rounds j
Jack Moran, K. 0 1 round;
Battling Levinsky
K. 0 3 rounds j
Porky Flynn, K. 0 1 round j
Billy Miske, no dec 6 rounds
Carl 'lorris, K. 0 1 round
Gunboat Smith, K. O. 3 ronds
1919 Big Jack Hickey
K. 0 1 round
Kid Harris, K, 0 1 round
Kid Henry, K. 0 1 round !
Eddy Smith, K. 0 1 round j
Tony Drake, K. 0 1 round;
Jess Willard. K. 0 3 rounds ;
1920 Billy Miske, K. 0 3 rounds'
Bill Brennan, K. O. 12 rounds
(Continued from Page 1)
South Carolina, Overman, of North
Carolina, and Broussard, of Louis
iana, democrats.
Senators Borah and Johnson were
reported to have centered their at
tack on Mr. Taft's legal training, ex
perience and qualifications. Accord
ing to the reports filtering out from
the senate chamber, Senator Johnson
was said to have declared that Mr.
Taft's appointment was "purely po
litical." A similar charge, it was re
ported, was made by Senator Borah.
Not Regarded as a Lawyer
Senator Johnson 'asserted that Mr.
Taft had not regarded himself as a
lawyer, but as a politician and had
"abandoned" his profession after
leaving the White House.
The defense of Mr. Taft, was led
by Democrats. Senator Underwood
said that Mr. Taft had made himself
"beloved of the south" adding that
this senitment was due largely to Mr
Taft's appointment, when President,
of a southerner, the late Chief Jus
tice White, to the highest judicial
position of the country. Similar
Broussard, of Louisiana, the native
statements were made by Senator
state of the late Chief Justice.
Mr. Taft's legal learning was
praised, it was said, by Senators
Knox arid Willis, the latter referring
to his experience on the bench in
Ohio, Senator Kellogg, referred to
the position of honor held by Mr. Taft
in bar and similar associations.
Southern senators, with exception
of Senator Watson, of Georgai, were
solidly behind the appointment. Sen
ator Smith, of South Carolina, dis
cussed the race question, commending
Mr. Taft, for re?asing to appoint any
but white men to offices in South
Was Taft's Life Ambition
Montreal, June 30. "It has been
the ambition of my life to be chief
justice.", William H. Taft declared
tonight, "but now that it is gratified
I tremble to think whether I can
worthily fill the position and be use
ful to the country."
"I have received telegrams an
nouncing that the President has
nominated me to be chief justice of
the United States and that the sen
ate has at once confirmed the nomi
nation," safdTvIr. Taft in a signed
statement commenting on his ap
pointment. "I am profoundly grateful to the
President for the confidence he has
shown that I can discharge, the im
portant duties of the exalted office.
I sincerely hope and pray that I may
be able to show that his confidence
has not been misplaced. I highly ap
preciated the immediate confirmation
by the senate.
"The argument in the Grand Trunk
arbitration, in which I am one of
the arbitrators, will be concluded
Wednesday July 6, and I expect to
be in Washington on July 7 to take
j the official oath, confer with the at
torney general and to pay my re
spects and thanks, in person, to the
I President."
Mr. Taft did not receive the of
Ificial notification of his appointment
until he had returned to his hotel at
the conclusion of the first day of
itho argument of the Grand Trunk
1 arbitration. Immediately on receipt
of this notification Mr. Taft was con
gratulated by his fellow commission
ers on the boarV, and the chairman,
Sir Walter CasSels, gave a small
dinner to celebrate the occasion.
Zorn's Transfer
Baggage, Furniture
and General Hauling
Service Our Motto
W. H. Zorn Phone 56
Real Estate
I The Standard Short Patent Flour All Try to
K. 0 3 rounds j
Gunboat Smith, won I
(foul) 6 rounds
Kid Jackson, won
(foul) 4 rounds
Dick Smith, K. 0 8 rounds
Joe Beckett, K. 0 1 round
Blink McCloskey
K. 0 2 rounds
Grundhoven, K. 0 2 rounds j
Battling Levinsky
K. 0 4 rounds
'' 1111 h
Jack Dempsey.
Born June 24. 1895, Manassa, Col.
1915-10 Knockouts Kid Hancock,
1 round; Billy Murphy, 1; Chief Gor
don, (i; Johnny Berson, 7; Animus
Campbell, 7; Joe Lyons, 9; Fred
Woods, 4: George Copeland, 7; Andy
Malloy, 3; Two Round Gilligai', 1;
Battling Johnson, 1; George Chris
tian, 1; Jack Koehn, 1; Joe Bonds,
10; Dan Ketchell, 5; Bob York, 4.
Won Johnny Sudenburg, 10;
Terry Keller, 10; Andy Malloy, 10.
Lost Jack Downey. 4.
1917 Jim Flynn, K. 0 1 round
Willie Meehan, draw 4 ro'nds
Al Norton, K. 0 1 round
Willie Meehan. draw 4 ro'nds
('has Miller, K. ().... 1 round
Bob McAllister, won 4 rounds
Gunboat Smith, won 4 rounds
Carl Morris, won 4 rounds
191S Homer Smith, won ...1 round
Carl Morris, won (foul) 6 rds
Jim Flynn. K. 0 1 round
I'.ill Brennan, K. O. G rounds
Bull Sarfee, K. O 1 round
Tom Riley, K. 0 1 round ; gj
Billy Miske. no dec 10 rounds
Dan Ketchell, K. O. 2 rounds jS
Arthur IVlkov. K O. 1 roundly
Kid .McCarthy, K. O. 1 round
The Great Leader Self-Rising Flour
All Made in the Most Complete, Sanitary and
Model Mill of America. Every Barrel
Guaranteed Perfect and Uniform in
Every Respect and Absolutely
Without a Superior
Merryday Grocery C.
Distributors, Palatka, F1&.
amest omoanv
This is simply an Advance Notice of our Annual
July Inventory Sale
It has been our custom to put on a July Sale to clean up
as far as possible, before we take our Inventory the lat
ter part of the month.
Extra Big Values Now Possible
The prices we shall offer have not been possible in the
last four or five years. We can save our customers
many dollars if they buy what they need now.
W atch For Our Big Ad
This sale starts next Saturday, July 2, and runs to July
26. Our Page Ad will be in next Saturday morning's Is
sue. Every item named is a real Bargain. It will pay
you to read it all carefully.
Big Values In All Departments
No matter what you may need you can get it at a money
saving price. This is a real sure enough clean up sale
and you should not miss it.
Special Sale still going
on at the
Dixie Grocery
Open S.-.'iO A. Jf. Close d P. M. We Close 1 P. M. Thursdays
We Close All Day July 4th.
-'lf-f r 'aBaialLlaWlarafr .VlTI
fc ight
ot Off tlie
Never in the history of pugilism has there been such keen interest as in this great international
fiwht between the blonde-haired idol of France with his superb science, and the present world's
champion and his ferocious boring-in tactics. Both men are in the pink of condition.
2 R.
Tickets for Advance Sale at Ihe
Palatka Pit arm act and Bob
Brotrnint's Billiard Parlor
nBni r i
ii f 'n tmm ii i.mii i im iiii.iiiiim
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