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flfalatka Hatiit femia
Friday Morning, July 8,
in nrnnnn n r nn r
. iiriii 11 ii ii i
Iff SIM 5 Til ?
Baseball Results
At Chicago, 8-6; Detroit, 13-9.
At Cleveland, 3; Philadelphia,
Others not scheduled.
i .... :n r,ljinrlirl -fnrm VPS.
BarStOW was i" an"-"""
terday afternoon and struck out
tk frtur innincs which
nine invu iu -
two hits. The
Pals won the game from Lawtey by
a score of 5 to 2. The game was
ooiw t the end of the seventh in
order to allow the visitors to catch
their train.
yuUovinff Barstow allowed
flvaA liitc And struck out three men,
He was given good support by the
Dpsnite' the fact that Barstow
struck out three men in the second
inning and allowed no hits, one run
wna scored. Errors were responsible
for it. Thomas missed an easy roller
oiir.wol w.ill to reach first. On
two other errors Wall reached home
In the fourth inning, Kersey made
a beautiful running catch of a Jong
fly from Katz's bat. Another feature
of the eame was the stick work of
Thomas who got three hits out of
three times up. Villarino s antics
around third base in trying to evade
beine- Dut out by the third basemai:
thus attracting his attention, while
Thomas was stealing second, caused
a great deal of amusement for the
Hubbard, the seventeen year old
pitcher, who did the twirling for the
Lawtey aggregation for the first six
innings, deserved a great deal of
credit. Had he been given any decent
support by his team mates the score
would have been much closer than it
was. It seemed that the infield laid
down on the job.
T.nwtpv scored first in their half
of the second. Wall was safe on first
by error of Thomas. By two other
errors and a passed ball Wall scored.
During Palatka's half of the second
Larzo, first up, was out at first. Cal
houn got a hit and was safe at second
on an error. Borstow gor a double
scoring Calhoun. Barstow scored
when Wall at second missed Kersey's
drive. Two hits and two runs
In the third, Holden was out, se
cond to first. Villarino was safe at
first on error of second. Thomas got
a hit and Villarino scored when Hub
bard missed Jackson's roller. Larzo
was out short to first. Thomas scored
on Calhoun's hit, and Jackson crossed
the plate when Barstow was safe by
an error of first. Three runs and two
In the sixth, Moore, first up, was
out, short to first. Wall got a hit.
Katz was out second to first. God
win walked and Wooten got a hit,
scoring Wall.
Box score:
Lawtey AB R H PO A
Burney 3b 4 0 2 1 1
Pearce lb 2 0 0 4 0
Epperson cf, p 3
F. Moore If 4
Wall ZD 4
Katz rf 3
Godwin c 2
Wooten ss 3
Hubbard p, If 3
Moore lb 2
At Boston, 8; Cincinnati, 2.
At Philadelphia, 2; St. Louis,
At New York, 6; Brooklyn, 7.
Others not scheduled.
At Jacksonville, 0; Tampa, 7.
At Daytona, 5; Orlando, 11.
Others rain
At Birmingham, 3; Memphis, 5.
At Little Rock, 5; Atlanta, 4.
At Chattanooga, 1; New Orleans 17
At Nashville, 7; Mobile, 9.
(By An.oilnted Press
New York. July 7. Officials of the
Munson line admitted today that they
had been trying unsuccessfully for
two davs to establish radio communi
cation with the liner Callao due here
next Sunday from Buenos Aires and
Rio de Janeiro.
Recent reports of pirates operat
ing off the American coast were
scouthed by officials of the line, who
added that it was possible atmos
pheric conditions, or disabling of the
Callao's wireless were responsible for
failure to raise her. The Callao own
ed by the shipping board, carried 60
Company otticials received a report
from the steamer Munaldro today that
while hat ship was on her way from
Baltimore to Boston the second of
ficer observed an unknown ship ap
proach and then turn away. The ship
looked like a yacht, the officer said.
Reports that the navy department was
broadcasting a warning to vessels
to keep a lookout for the mysterious
craft were denied in Washington.
S. J Hilburn, representing the Ki-
wanis Club, Howell Davis represent
ing the Rotary Club, H M. deMont-
mollin representing the Business
Men's Association and Dr. L, W.
Warren, representing the Wholesale
Grocer's Association, will present Pa
latka's opposition to the proposed
equalization of freight rates when
the matter comes up in Atlanta next
Monday before railway executives and
members of the Interstate Com
merce Commission.
Dr. L. W. Warren left yesterday m
his car. and after stopping in At
lanta will go on to Maryland to spend
a couple of months. The other mem
bers of the committee will leave Sat
urday night or Simday.
It is understood that delegations
will be sent from Sanford, DeLand,
Tampa, Jacksonville and other ports
affected by the proposed change in
rates. The schedules as submitted to
the local wholesalers indicates tnat
the Duroose of the railroads is to
eliminate water basing rates entirely,
as was done along the eastern shore
of Maryland and New Jersey. If this
is done it will mean the elimination
of Palatka's advantages as a who's-
sale distribution point.
Tampa To Send Delegates
Tampa, July 7. A committee of
Tampa wholesale merchants will at
tend a hearing before the Interstate
Commerce Commission at Atlanta
Monday in an effort to head off ap
plication of the "long and short" haul
traffic clause. Enforcement of this
clause, it is pointed out, would make
it imoossible for Tampa wholesalers
to compete with points north of it
and within the state.
The death of Mrs. Millie F. Green
at her home at Grandin Wednesday
night caused a great deal of sorrow
throughout Putnam county. Mrs.
Grene has lived in Putnam county
all of her life and was a very pro
minent woman. She was seventy
years old. Surviving her are three
daughters arid two sons. Her daugh
ters are. Mrs. J. C. Durrance, of
Jacksonville, Mrs. B. H. Belisario of
Fort Pierce, Mrs. Mattie m. Mayo,
of Grandin, and Rev. B. F. Green of
South Jacksonville, and F. B. Green
of Grandin.
The funeral services were held
from the residence at Gradin yester
day afternoon and the interment at
Grandin cemetery, Rev. William Wil
kerson conducting the servies.
The funeral was m charge of W.
Carl Davis.
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statement while vet conscious and
while ho lay on the floor by the side
of the bed in which he was attacked.
This together with assertions by
two women witnesses that Mr. Kaber
had told them she wanted her hus
band murdered were the high points
in the state s testimony today.
Mrs. Mary J. Wade, an alleged me
dium, testified that Mrs. Kaber on
the iast cf several visits to her said:
"I want you to try to get rid of
Dan Kaber for me."
Asked by Mrs. Wade how she was
to go about it Mrs. Kaber was al
leged to have replied. "I want you
to kill him, anyway to get rid of
him. The man I love has no money,
only brains, and Mr. Kaber has $50,-
000 life insurance.
Think Movies Will
Help Learn Ideas
to Shoot Better
By AsNuclnteil PrenN
Des Moines, Io., July 7. Motion
pictures, stereoptican views, stereo
graphs, photographes, newspaper car
toons and their kindred in the held
of illustration were discussed today
by the National Educational Asso
ciatino. Seated in a local motion pic
ture theatre delegates listened to
speakers who praised and scored the
J. W. Wilkinson, superintendent of
city schools at Logansport, Intl., in
sisted that "dry as dust" geography,
reading, grammar, and arithmetic
would attract children like a circus
if lessons were presented in still life
or in motion pictures.
Totals 30 2 5 2011
Thomas out for cutting first.
Thomas ss 3
Jackson 3b 4
Larzo c 4
Calhoun If 4
4 1
Barstow, p, cf
Kersey rf ....
Browning If ..
Holden 2b ....
El rod p
1 6
3 0
0 0
0 13
Steamer Passengers
Had Thrilling Time
Crossing the Pond
(Ily Associated Prtlt)
Rome Italy, July 7. Forty
three days at sea with an insurbor-
dinate crew gave a thrilling experi
ence to the passengers of the steam
ship Pocahontas which arrived at
Naples Monday. The vessel's engines
were damaged three times, all the
dining room spoons were stolen and
for a time in mid-Atlantic the liner
was able to make only seven or eight
miles an hour. Just before entering
Naples the assistant engineer, whose
name is understood to be James Pen-
dergast, of Boston, jumped over
board and was lost.
One of the passengers in describ
ing his experience saw:
'We left New York with what
seemed to be an orderly crew but
when the steamer was outside the
port we had our first trouble and
were forced to lay over at Boston five
( Continued From Page 1) !
the imports and the exports of the
United States.
Callinir attention that the foreign
trade of the United States fell down
$1,188,255,449 last July to $527,378,
825 in May, 1921, the report says:
"Certainly the natural process is
preferrable to the infected knife of
interested surgeons which by select
ing the industries to protect and
those to .destroy can reap the harv
est their campaign contributions
seeded last fall. Verily, the oil men
are entitled to their reward, and
the lumber men, and the wool men,
and all the others who cast their
bread on the waters of a republican
American Valuation
Dealing with the plan for Ameri
can valuation of imports the report
"First among the subtile covert in
famies that mask their way through
this bill is the proposal to change
the base for ad valorem duties from
the actual price paid for them when
purchased by the importer to a spec
ulative, indefinite, uncertain, nebu
lous opinion reached by an appraiser
hidden in the recesses or a custom
house, consulting if he is industri
ous and cannot be bewildered, as to
what is the alleged wholesale prices
of comparable and competitive prod
ucts of the United States, or in de
cost production of Canada' that w.e
av: to impose upon tne cooii.i laoor
if India, China and Japan"
Declares Commercial Wan
Asserting that it is proposed by
this bill "to, declare a savage com
mercial war upon the whole human
family," the democratic minority
says it is doubtful "if in the history
of political affairs a measure so ir
redeemably and universally vicious
has ever been submitted to the law
making power of a civilized society."
"Its adoption," the report goes on
to say, "will be establishment by the
United States of an economic boy
cott aeainst the civilized world. The
countries that fought with us in the
late war will be victims of its sav
agery in exactly the same degree as
those who fought against us, while
at the same time it will oppress pre
viously our own people: who would
indeed be its chief victims were it
not that nations reduced to extreme-
ty of distress though the most de
structive war ever waged will suf
fer still more severely from its op
eration because all efforts to restore
their industrial life to normal con
ditions will be grievously impeded, if
not wholly frustrated, by the drastic
restrictions on trade which it imposes."
Charging that the bill was pre
pared outside of the ways and means
committee, the minority report says
the manner of its making up "can
not be defended."
Charge Trickery
"Its last minute changes whis
pered to a favored few," the report
continues, "are in keeping with the
intrigue, secrecy and robbery, which
inspired its covert subtleties, its con
cealed indirections; framed its newly
invented schedules, aasb its (com
plex and compounded rates, and fixed
its unaseertainable and incalculable
duties, with the trickery which has
transformed schedules, hidden jokers,
transplanted items, changed its no
menclature and made it impossible
to compare it with any of its prede
"Cunning has made difficult, if not
impossible, a comparison by printing
it in deadly parallel with previous
law. This conspiracy has required
since last December, or six months,
to hatch its monstrosity."
The democrats say in their report
that they vainly sought to have the
committee refer the bill to the trea
taining information as to the prob
able amount of revenue to be de
rived as well as the economic effect
upon the country. They' also say that
they sought to obtain action through
the committee from which the rates
and classifications in the bill might
te compared with the Underwood
and Payne-Aldrich laws.
"It seems," the report says, "that
the majority prefer not to giye in
formation to the house touching the
provisions of this bill and this is a
very natural position for them to
take, sine eif the membership of the
house, or the country, really knew
the meaning and effect of its. classi
fications, rates and general provis
ions, they would repudiate it in the
.nimtnnA fashion.!
HIUBb jpiuiivuuvwM
Attractive Mid-Summer Millinery
At Attractive Prices
Let us make you an Organdy Hat
Pretty ones at $6.00 each
Charter No. 4813. .Reserve'Dlst. No. 0
Report of the Condition of tke
Putnam National Bank
At Palatka, in the State of Florida, at the
close of business on June ju. mil
days for repairs to the engines. In
, ... l. : ...,.
mm-ucean me inacniiit-i y wa
atred for a day nd we seemed to be fa"" thereof, tne ai egea va.ue ,n
barely moving. The first mate tried
his best to keep the vessel going,
working up to his hips in water in
the engine room.
During June there were 851 visi
tors to the Library, 147 magazines
and 1,115 books circulated.
New Books
Among the most interesting books
recently added to the shelves of the
Palatka Library are the following
By Aaoe!utel lreia
Norfolk, Va., July 7. The coolness
of a commander and the pilot saved
six men fro nideath today when the
navy dirigible C-3 caught hre while
flying 400 feet in the air over the
IJ ...... D.....l ..,...! hn TV,
miui. ii . .
machine exploded a minute after it icontripuiions io w.e n,Btu.y iu
had been brought to the ground. state:
Friction caused by the flapping of The Unwritten History of Old St.
90 a ot 4 ola ripped panel caused the fire. rtugusune; copieu iron.
T'als : 29 5 8 a 4 r! With his coat burning, Lieutenant chives in Seville, Spain, by A. M.
Score by innings. R commander, fought to! Brook, and translated by A. Aver-
Talatka 0-3 000 0 o ; . n furnhull and the New Smyrna
i ne pronei or sirucK nis ritni wrist ;
the United States of the identical
imported article, whether sold or
not, excluding or including all or any
costs, charges, expenses, including
duties and also profits and commis
sions; in short, permitting the ap
praiser to place any value he may
see fit on the goods and making it
impossible for the importer to know
what duty he will have to pay until
he has actually imported and passed
them through the custom house
"In the face of the uncertainty
which this bill necessarily compels
as to duties it will be impossible for
anv importer to continue in business,
and the result of this provision will
be the destruction of the import trade
of the United States.
Another effect of the American
cimuiuv. t, w hits Rars-!-n fWt,-,l it ii.. still f,,m,hr th! Colony, by Carita Dogett. The story tends, is that the same duty will be
. ... n ir 11 i i i ... i. (if niptnrsnue fiimre and a ro-i imnnsoH nnnn "f
tow; hits, on Jjarsmw 2, on cnuu ., names urgeu nis men 10 oe caim 1 - "
off Hubbard 8; struck out by Bars-' and directed
tow 9 in four innings, Elrod 3, Hub-', craft,
bard 1; walked, by Hubbard 4, by El-1 Lieutenant C. C. Atwood. pilot, de
rod 1; stolen bases, Burney Thomas, spite the fact that he was enveloped
Jackson. Umpire, Brenizer. by flames guided the craft to a safe
. , landing before the big gas bag ex
ploded. If the bag had exploded be-
descent of the air-;miintlc chapter in the settlement 01
I Florida.
The History of Hernando De Soto
and Florida; or, The Record of the
Events of Fifty-six Years, from 1512
to 1568, by Barnard Shipp.
Rev. E. M. C. Dunklin generously
imposed upon "the intelligent high
184.91 HI.C0
Loans and Discounts
Overdrafts, unsecured
U. S. Government Securities owned
Other Bonds and Securities
Bankinir House I1O.0C0.0O; Furniture
and Fixtures io.5s4.50
Real estate owned other than bank
ing house '
1 1 ...uiih rl Dae Rank
Cash in vault and amount due from
National Baiks --
Checks on banks lorated outside of
city or town or reporting oanK
nnA ntt.aravh itmii
RedemDtion fund with U. S. Treas.
TOTAL $l,245.02.4fi
rnitl tork raid in $50,000.00
Surplus fund 75.000.00
Undivided profits, less current ex
penses, interest, taxes paid
Circulating notes outstanding
Certified Checks outstanding
r.Aci.;a'a .hu.lr. mitutonflinir
Individual deposits subject to
Certificates of deposit, due in leas
than thirty days
State. County, or other municipal
(ltnfiitu ecnred
Other Time Deposits flMN.w
Liabilities otner man tnose aoove
stated, unearned premium on
Liberty Bonds 3,284.79
88. trie si
1,245.0 2.4H
KtAtA of Florida-
County ,of Putnam, as:
I R,,hrr I Wricht CnshitT of the above-
namnH hull k tin solemnly swear that the
abov? statcm-nt is true to the best of my
knowlsiiic ana belief.
r rret Attest:
i, jl'.CHtlCKLIN,
. Jull.N'iON. Directors.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th
day of July. 1921. c. ANKEWV
Notary Putlic State of Florida at Large
My commission expires Aurii 12. 1924.
every man on board.
The machine under the guidance
I iniitunant Aturnnrt tnrilr nn in.
Washington, July 7. Federal re-, tentiona drop of nearly 200 feet and
serve bank operations during th .. - , . . t .
past year have resulted in an increase I
,.f t rnM rm'ilinsr bv S48".d()7.00U a
tlocraene in its notes in circulation of ! .em amounting to $5,242,000,000 on
siRn.nno.nnn nd an increase in its. June 20, 1921 were decreased 13.7
r iu. 1.: u.i u. ...4.1. donated the book about Dr. Turn
lure Hie iiiauiniit; icomicu tne rai ui
1.1 1 .; j,u 1 bull and his colonization project; Mr.
1 r m n n. J 1: lil.
ueorge r. t-tay, ine one ueuutig wim
De Soto and his stirring times.
then for about 100 feet was brought
r. in swift, short circles.
total reserve of v519,000,000 accord
ing to a statistical summary issued
by the board of governors today. The
contraction of the currency indicated
the board said, the degree to which
the country had entered period of
Total resources sof the reserve sys-
Der cent, from the total on June 5,
1920, of $6,047,000,000. The capital of
federal reserve banks however, in
creased from $94,500,000 to $102,000,
000 during the same period due to
the fact that "the system has steadi
ly increased in membership and
strength" during the year.
All members of the wholesaler's
baseball team are requested to re
port at the baseball diamond this af
ternoon promptly at five o'clock. The
game between the wholesale team and
the bankers team will be called at
that time. It is hoped that all will
be on time so that the game will not
be delayed.
"Lot B. Y B. DO IT."
BaMcr sad eteaptr printing w
labor Mrfer krfct at tfa Nw
Florida East Coast Ry.
1 Condensed Schedule
Fx faurtkor inlor.tlo k Tiakot Atemt
FITM't.'v- Anrll 5. 1021
6 00 P M, TRAIN'S 89 and SO MIAMI LOCAL Dally Make 6:20 P. M.
all atops. (Coachea and Broiler Buffet Parlor Cars!,
i The davllKht locals between Jacksonville and Miami.
6 00 P. M. TRAINS 85 and 86 THE HAVANA SPECIAL Dally-, 1:00 P. M
Stoua only at Important Stallone. (Coachea ana
Sleepers). The Havana Special between New Tork
and Key West. Through sleepera. New York and
Key Went. Jacksonville and Key West. Jacksonville
and Miami. Handloa the passenger traffic between
the United States and Cuba. Connection made at Key
West direct with I'. & O. ahlpa to and from Havana.
11 11 P M TRAINS 7 and 18 KEY WEST EXPRESS Da y.
Makes local atops. Buffet sleepina- cara Jackaonvllle
and Miami; Through sleepers New York and Key
West, one via A. C. L. and one via S. A. I north ot
LT.Pml.tka, 11:00 AM; 12:30 PM; 1:40 PM; 4:50 P M.
Ar E Palatka 11:20 A M; 12:60 P M; 2:00 P M; 6:10 P M;
LtE. Palatka 10:20 AM; 11:65 AM; 1:10 PM; 8:36 PM;
Ar. palatka 10:40 A M; y:15PM; 1:30 PM; 3:55 PM;
1:10 A. M
. 6:40 P M
7:00 P M
6:10 P U
:S0 P M
Hemstitching and Picoting
Cotton 10c; Silk 12 l-2c yard
Say. Folks!
Its Just the drink
forjthis hot
Order a bottle or a case today.
On sale at all diink stands.
Atlantic Grocery Company
Wholesale Distributors
For Six .Years I've Handled
"The World's Best Flour"
and find its quality always reliable
therefore, I recommend it to
my customers
Jas. Hourie
Open For the Summer
An Ideal Place to Spend
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