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' t.
'.heir Forecast
Good Morning ;
. If thou sustain injuries, console
thyself ; the true happiness is in.
.doing justice. Democritus. '
VJ -4
thunder showers Sunday
Monday. No change ' in
temperature ... 1 .
'JI. K?.
ijmrn mum uiii
Exhibits Little
. in Verdict
xutor bays He
Ins to Try to Send
(Ily AMortatel I'rcM)
ekn1, G- July. 16. Thru
recommended by a jury of
Mrs. Eva Katherine.Kaber,
encr; .1 the electric chair
Hth fouud guilty of flrst'de
Vsnurder for' plotting the aa-
tion of her husband, Dan-'
Kaber. , ,
Was Ithe hope ' that mercy
be extended by those of
opposite I sex which in
her tounsel to exclude wo-
rors on the ground that
re "more cold blooded and
TTesg than men."" Attempt
-jade to Invalidate panels of
e jurors because there
omen on them and when -
were tentatively seated on
'V thev were dismissed bv
Sense of peremptory chal-
result of the recommenda-
rnercy Mrs. Kaber was sen-
lifii imprisonyment "In the
ormatory , for . women at
Jc by Judpe Bernon. Had the
t rfecommended the court
Eve . been compelled to . sen
rs. Kaber to . die in the
Afhair. .' .
, vie Others to Be Tried
jison term for Mrs. Kaber
tfirst 'final ; result ' of ; the
tort to bring to justice
bonsible for the' murder of
I l1?' Publisher as , he lay
I 13 m his home on the night
L Jf, 1919. There remain five
Ibe tried on first degree
gjnarges tt ' connection with
I Jthese are Mrs. Mary Bric
JiCSrj and Miss Marian Mc
o.SBghter, ; of . Airs. Kaber.
WOlf die" was 'with her mother
w ikying in i. semi-conscious
fur eel-' in; the county jail
. - J of ithe verdict was brought
9 jiy. Attorney Poulson, Mrs.
Jersonal counsel. The mo-
Sllars of age, wafe at Ster-
detentron home for wo-
Bt Auaclated Frew)
Paris, July 16. The league of
nations is going ahead with its
work , in connection 'with disarma
ment on the theory that it will in
no wise interfere with the propo
sed conference on limitation of
armament in Washington and that
it may develop information which
would be of use to such a confer
ence. . This waft the decision an
nounced at the opening session to
day of the temporary mixed com
mission for the reduction of arma
ment, appointed by the league,
which was presided over by 'Mon
sieur Viviani, ' of France, chair
man of the commission. '
jl 1 ller showed' no signs of in-
Jhe verdict or the sentence
: the court,. If, in fact, she
00 and
lies ga
te Bud
the ne
) value
,s apparently oblivious to
She merely ' nodded . her
presse lor answers as
' she uiuierstood. She was
J a Ufek'ss person and had
V'fl w ana xrom the court
fate sealed, what little in-llgCi-
Kabf.f did .show was
e in the future of her
ess J'l0Wian, whom county pro
rn Kid inton, says he will ask
newest i'k death nenaltv. Bail for
e was refused today by
n on the ground that in
testimony in Mrs. Ka-
hich tended to implicate
the crime, he could not
emporary ireedom. Ma-
ed to have furthered
murder designs and to
the piano to drown the'
(he alleged assassins were
victim by Mrs. Kaber.
her physical condition
fcfil! not be taken to pri-
days or more, it was
Lk A to permit her to regain
111 Both prosecuting 'and
with the verdict and
key addod that he would
e case. ,' "
Not Expected Round Ta
ble Discussion Will
TakePlace Monday
(Br AMelatL'Prrw '
London, July A6.i-Eamon' De-
Valcra's proposal and the nature of
Sir James Craig's conversation with
Premier Lloyd-George remain, close
ly guarded secrets. There; was no con.
ference between the British prime
minister and the Irish republican
leader today. Mr. DeValera will visit
Mr. Lloyd-George probably Monday
afternoon and in some quarters it is
predicted that ' a round table con'
ference inay.be' held Tuesday. This
however, is' only indicative of the
hopeful reeling generally prevailing
regarding the progress or the negO'
tiations for an Irish settlement
The Sinn Fein delegates were ap
pointed today by Desmond Fitz
gerald, 'Sinn. Fein minister of propa
ganda, who has just been released
froni an internment camp. The dele
gates will remain in London for the
week end, exchanging visits with
Irish sympathizers.' The party .mo
tored to the outskirts of London this
afternoon and took .tea at St. An
thony's hospital at Sutton, where a
son of the Lord Mayor of Dublin is
resident surgeon. ., .
Three wfembers of the Ulster cabi
net, H. M. Pollock, 'E. A. Archdale,
and U. M. Andrews together with the
secretary, Colonel Spender, also ar
rived in London this afternoon and
poined the Marquis of Iondonderry
who holds the post of minister of
education in north Ireland. Tbey con
ferred with the. Ulster premier to
night in preparation for the meeting
of Sir James Craig . with Premier
Lloyd-George after the latter's re
turn from Chequers court Monday.
JfC" V'
Capt I ra A. Crump, U. 8. A., who
has been, on duty in the office of the
chief of ordnance, War department,
has been sent to Coblenz for duty as
assistant to the ordnance officer with
the United States army In the Rhine
valley. N
Tyral Government
Revokes Bad Tax
(Br Aaclated Prru)
Innsbruck, Austria, July 16 The
campaign of the hotel keepers and
the Cancellation of engaged quarters
by summer visitors have proved too
much for the Tyrol government and
it has revoked its "stranger's mon
ey scheme. , . .
This compelled all non-residents to
, buy the new money and pay in it for
all things at a rate of exchange that
would make them pay nearly ten
times more than the native. A high
head tax on visitors is substituted.
, . Summer visitors had cancelled
rooms by the hundred causing the
hotel and inn keepers to hold mass
meetings of ' protest against ' the
Power of ' Interests Is
Manifested In . Every
- . Roll Call - ' '
Proposal to "Put Oils
On Free List. : Starts
; ; a Big jRtfy
(By AsxirUteA Praa) ,
Washington, July 16,--After re.
fusing hy a vote of 122 ;to 106 to
, . '' X
Model Farrn, With Luxuries For the Help, Falls
Under Criminal Ban For ExDenses
Two Murder Suspects In
Jail and Search Made
For Others
Others. , Deported "Scat
ter to the Four
the three yefj: dye em.
bared from' the Foi'dneMf tariff bill
the4house jumpe'd , suddeMy today
into a partisan light overtoil.
But it did not last long, 'Flaming
fiercely at first the 6"5l barfle ended
abruptly on republican inotion to
adjourn until Monday. Although' pp-
posed solidly by democrats, who
forced a roll call, the result" was the
same as yesterday when, "thef republi
cans, standing together, oted to
quit. '.' 1
By breaking in unexpectedly Rep
resentative Garrett, Tennessee, in
charge of the democratic minority,
forced the oi issue to the front. His
amendment to put crude, petrolium
and fuel oil back' on the free list was
thrown out on a point of order amid
the greatest confusion and uproar,
For a time the house did not seem
able to tell its .legislative head from
its heel a republican 'breaking in
with; a wild shout tofejoif ''where
4 we are at." ' .
As the Garrett free oil amendment
was not : out, Representative Tread
wa, of Massachusetts, a republican
member of the way's and means com
mittee, which at the eleventh hour
imposed a duty of 35 rents a barrel
on crude petreljum, and twenty-five
cents a barrel on fuel oil, stepped to
the front with an amendment to wipe
out the proposed tax. Being a mem.
ber of the committee, he was' permit
ted to present it but was stopped at
the close of a five minute talk by
objection of democrats, who an
nounced they were prepared to shut
off debate and vote.
, July 16. The fun-
I- n Banaparte Mizzelle
e mm, occurred here
' fn.T Aaao4at4l Praia)
Milledgeville, Ga., July 16. Homer
Marshburg, held in connection with
the deth bf Carl Watson, has been
released, having proven conclusively
thai he was1 in Macon no the. day. .
(By Associated Freaa)
Aberdeen, S. D., July 16.-Prompt
deportation of the alleged radical ele
ment among harvest hands coming
into this territory is believed by
Sheriff Elliott,' of Brown county, to!
have ended -for the present I. W.W.
demonstrations in this ' section, This
was the statement of the sheriff to-
i.ight after he returned from a search
of a group of 500 workers who reach
ed Aberdeen from the south this
morning. "
The search resulted irr the rrest
of two men, 'suspects in connection
with the murder Of William Hender
son, of Austin, Tex.,-at Wolsey, S.
Dak., yesterday. Another shooting
was reported from Millbank, S. Dak.,
where Harry Owen, a harvest hand,
was killed. His travelling companion
is- being held. Reports from Groton
and Plana, Brown county, through
which the deported I. W.W. were sent
last .nightaye to the effect 'that 100
of tKem boarded a freight train and
started for North Dakota. One hun
dred and fifty applied for work at the
federa employment bureau and were
taken care of, while the others scat
tered. " ' ' ' . -.;
News Was received here yesterday
afternoon of the death of Fleming
duBighion Guerry, brother of Goode
M. uuerry, oi alatka, in Jackson-1 of the Journeymen Tailors' Union of
villa Mr. uuerry was shot by his North America here on Auirust 1.
wife, who then turned the revolver j ' This convention is a quadrennial
on herself. She died instantly whilt affair, the tailors being preceded a
her husband lingered a short , while ! week previous lo the convention by
after hemg sent to a hospital, the Committee on Law and Audit
Jealousy of a girl, a close friend of which audits accounts of the union,
the family,' is said to have been the reviews the amendments- that have
cause. ... been presented, and prepares report i
uooae ra. uuerry ieu tnis morning for submission to the delegates.'
for Jacksonville to arrange for the At. these conventions the activities
funeral of his brother. He will be of the tailors for th mt four vn
Wife Insists Body
Without a Head Is
That of Her Hubby
Br AaHoclated PrpMHl '
Roseburg, Ore., July 1G. Officers
investigating the mystery of jthe
headless - lpdy found beneath the
wrecked automobile pf Dr. Rrf' M.
Brumfield here Wednesday, widened
their inquiry today and learned.from
Portland that a man believed to be
the owner of the car had passed
through there the evening after the
body was found. ' ' ;
A garage man identified Dr. Brum
field's photo as that of a man who
purchased gasoline from him and he
sajd his, customer appeared nervous.
An autopsy today disclosed that
one bullet had severed the spinal
cord and lodged in the stomach. ' A
second wound, also in the back, was
found. Although the body has been
identified by his two brothers as
that of Dennis Russell, local labor
ers, counsel for Mrs. Brumfield said
they hoped to prove it was that of
the missing Brumfield.
(Br Aasoclated Preaa)' -
Austin, Minn., July 16 Formal
announcement was made today
by George A. Hormel & Co.,
and R. J. Thomson, eomptrolt
ler of the concern, that Thompson
defalcations totalling at least
$150,000. '
.The Hormel Co. does a pack
ing business of approximately
$30,000,000 annually. Thomson
is well known (throughout, this
section of the country as "Cy
Thomson", and he is president pf
the Oakdale Poultry Farm, , at .
' LeRoy, Minn., near here and the
Oakdale Holstein Farm, near
Bloomin Prairie, Minn. "
Thomson laid out beautiful
parks on the farms and erected
a dancing pavillion at an expense
of $30,000, with a dancin floor
to accomodate 1,000 couples. A .
hotel with 50 rooms and u din
ing room to care for 75 dinners
was built. Then he constructed
a fire station and installed two
chemical engines with h perma
nent fire fighting force.
A ten acre playground for
children was laid out and an
artificial lake built.
On a farm north of Austin he
spent thousands of dollars on
buildings to house his $300,000
herd of Holstein cows and his
$20,000 duroc hogs. His cows
were cleaned with vacuum clean
ers. Electric fans were, installed
in the barns and so arranged as
to drive all flies to a room at one
end of the building where they
were destroyed by chemical gases.
His hog barn was steam heated.
He erected a domitory for his
hired men, spending $10,000 for
grugs and draperies. There were
; a billiard, sun room and dance
. hall. ' No legal action had been
taken tonight against Thomson
and it is indicated none is plan
. ned until it is definitely known
what the shortage it.
Want Allied Debt Paid
and Prohi Fakers Put
Out of Office
Miss Ruth Wallace, daughter oi
Secretary of Agriculture and Mrs
Wallace. She- is attending Gouchei
college, Baltimore, at present
Journeynient Tailor
Meeting In Chicago
Believed to 'Be Agent
of Mystery Ship Off
Jersey Shores
(My Aanoi-lated Prm
Atlantic City, July 16. Emanuel
Katz, proprietor of a hotel here,
was arrested by police today and held
under $2,000 bail on a charge of
smuggling intoxicats along the coast.
According to the police, Katz is
suspected og being implicated in a
plot to land 152 cases of whiskey,
valued at $30,000, from an alleged
"mystery ship". The liquor was
seized by agents after it had been
landed from small boats which were
run up in a deep inlet near VVild-
IwApd. All of the cases of liquor were
A (Br Associated Freaa)
'Cleveland, July 1. The.Rain
bow Division' Veterans ' Associa
tion f ailed to endorse an im
mediate cash bonus for former
service men at the closing ses
sion of their annual convention
here today. They passed a re
solution, however, recommending
early collection of the accrued in
terest on the allied war debt to
the United States and the use of
the money to pay the adjusted
compensation for ex-soldiers.
The resolution pointed out that
the allied debt to the United
States amounts to ten billion dol
' lars and that one and a half bil
lion dollars are now due as ac-crueinterest.
,The bonus resolution reported out
of committee after two day's discus
sion took into consideration the fact
that the treasury officials stated it
would be impossible to pay a bonus
without vdisruption of the financial
organization of the government.
It condemned the "waste of mil
lions of dollars each year in the emr
ployment of a vast army of unnec
essary public officers and agents and
indulgence in other forms of nation
al extravagence by the federal government.
The latter clause was Said to be
intended as a 1 condemnation of the
amount of money being spent in the
enforcement of the Volstead act.
Colonel George R. Leach, former
commanding officer of the 151st Field
Artillery; now mayor of Minneapolis
was elected president for the ensuing
year. .
With Billions Owing to
U. S. Treasury Pays
For Transport
Payment For Current
Expenses Not Affected
by National Debt
(Br Aaaoclate Preaa)
Chicago, July 16 Two hunatcd.
and fifty " delegates, ' representing
about . 17,000 journeymen . tailors
throughout the,). United . States and
Canada, will attend the eonvention j sgmped Nas$au Bahmas, via New
York." .- . -
' The presence, of supposed mystery
ships, which manieuvered just ' out
side the three mile limit, has been
known to revenue agents, it is said,
and revenue cuttersere assigned to
see that they did, not venture withi
American waters.
joined there by other brothers.
amendments, before becoming a part
of the constitution, are submitted to
referendum of the entire member
ship. ', ' ' -
Negro Held In Jail
After Writing Trio
White Girls Notes
Greenwood, S. C, July 16. A tele
phone message received here tonight
from Anderson stated that quiet had
been restored following the removal
of the negro Sam Sparks to the An
niston jail and no trouble was anti
cipated. In addition to Sparks, his
wife and another negro charged with
being implicated in the letter writ
ing, were carried to the Anniston
jail. Officers were reported to be un
certain as to the guilty persons and
two more arrests at Iva were ex
pected to be made today.
Jail Reported Surrounded
Anderson, S. C, July 16. Reports
that t mob had surrounded the jail
at Iva, near here tonight, seeking to
capture a young negro, were received
at the sheriff's office here, tonight
The negro had been arrested charged
with writing impror letters to three
white girls and feeling1 was said to be
running high.
(By Aaaoclated Prvaa) ,
Washington, July 16. Despite
Great Britain's debt of $4,500,
000,000 to this country, payment
of $32,688,352 has been made by
the American government min
istry of shipping in settlement
of a claim against the war de
partment, treasury officials said
today. The payment was made
officials added, pursuant to an
opinion by ' Attorney General
Dougherty. , ,
The British claim was. for
transportation services arising
out of the war with Germany
and the payment, it was ex
plained, constitutes a final set
tlemtnt between, the United
States and England, exercises a
broad discretion "in determining
what claims it will present
against other nations.
. Secretary Mellon asked Mr. Dough
erty for a ruling as to, whether the
act of March 3, 1875, which required,
the secretary to withhold payment of
any judgement against the United
States where the claimaint is in
debted to this country in any matter
applied to such a claim.
Must Pay Our Debts
Mr. Dougherty held the act did not
apply as it was not practice of sov
erien nations to prosecute their
claims a'gainst one another in the
courts and obtain judgements, but
adjust such matters through diplo
matic channels.
The Brtish claim was for what was
regarded during the war as current
expenses. Among the allies it was
said there was a general understand
ing that all current expenses would
be paid without awaiting the set
tlement of international debts.
Uncle Sam Wants
Japan to Settle
Mind on Confabs
(By Aaaorlated Pra)
Washington, July 16. Diplomatic
preliminaries to the disarmament
conference went .into a period of
quiesence today while Japan delib
erated whether to consent to the broad
discussion of far eastern problems
considered essential by this govern
ment if a serious disarmament effort
is to be attempted.
So far as could be learned no word
had come to the state department :n
response to the informal explanation
made to Japan yesterday relative to
the probable scope of the conference.
Officials, however made no secrst of
their continued confidence that Jh-
pan eventually would join Great Bri
tain, France, Italy and China in ac
cepting full participation in the discussion.
It was emphasized in officialcir-
cles that ' no hasty decision . was
sought and that there was no desire
here to have the Tokio government
accept unreservedly until if- had sat
isfied itself of the exact purpose pnd
good faith of the United States in
proposing the conference. The gen
eral expectation was that a delay of
several days . would ensue before the
nextimportant development
(By Aaaorla(c4 Praa)
Washington, Jnly4 16. President
and Mrs. Harding again left Wash-,
ington today on the yacht Mayflower
for a week end cruise down the Po- '
tomac. They, .will return Monday

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