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A. O. Rich and daughter, Miss
t, of Galesburg, III., arrived
eek-und - will be guests for
ime , of Mr. and Irs. B. F.
jiast. Mrs. Rich is J a cousin
I. l ilnnghast, .and this is her
Isit to Florida or the south.
s been spending some time irj
ah, where she was the guest
i and Mrs. W. J. Pierpont. Mrs.
ilected the Bouth for her sum
cation on the strength of rep-
tions made by her relatives
id in Savannah, that it was a
ire comfortable 'section than
ted jesorts of the north, and
) of it is, she found these rep
fcions true and. is delighted.
nd Mrs. Webb Chamberlin and
lughter of Miami, came last
id are to spend some ten days
r. Chamberlin's parents, Mr.
a. . . W L. (Jhamberlin. They
latka last Tuesday.
Harry Chamberlin of Miami is ex.
pected here on a; visit . the coming
week. "
Dr. Harbison is having his launch
overhauled and rebuilt at the Merrill-
Stevens ship yard in, Jacksonville.
The boat will be ready for delivery
the latter part of the week. Dr. and
Mrs. Harbison expect to spend many
happy days on their fine launch in
traveling over Florida waters. They
may "also use the launch on a trip
to Philadelphia the coming month.
The street committee of the town
council is having . a hard time just
now m keeping Central avenue navi
gable for vehicles.. The heavy rains
of the past several weeks have washed
gorges in the lower end of the street.
R. C. Middleton has returned from
Macon, Ga., where he has been en
gaged in shipping peaches during the
harvest of a big crop of this fruit
in south Georgia.
Merile Ewers, who has been spend
ing some six months at the milftary
hospital, in Lake City, where he has
been undergoing treatment for in
juries received witn tne army in
France, is .expected home fhis week.
He is said to be much improved in
health by the treatment received.
R. L. Smith is doing some exten
sive farming this year in Flagler
county, near Shell Bluff. .
ihe grounds of the Lyon estate
are to be cleaned up and made more
presentable, an order from Detroit
having recently been issued to that
T. H. Smith is taking possession of
his new store this week, recently
purchased of E. L. Hancock.
Mrs. R...B. Bethel and daughter,
who have been spending some months
at Pablo Beach, have returned and
are now occupying their home on
South Main street.
The Presbyterian Sunday School
will observe Children's Day with an
appropriate and interesting program
of music and recitations on Sunday,
the 31st, inst. This will be a special
service and will be at 11 o'clock a. m.
in the church instead of the Sunday
School room. Next week we will pub
lish the program of exercises.
James Pdagett, Sr., who has been
spending the past several months
jury, service in the United States
court this week, thus making it com
pulsory for the president, of the in
stitution to do a little work.,
"Vis said that T. C, Darby, serving
as clerk at the Hotel Gorden, Way
nesville, N. C, can say "25 per day"
to applicants fo rrates at that hos-
telry in such a pleasant manner and
voice that they consider it a pleasure
to pay the bill and express regrets at
being obliged to leave.
Don't forget , the barbecue dinner
at the country ckib Thursday 6 to 9
Loot So Small This
Burglar Hangs Self
(By AaMClatrd Prrsn)
Vienna, July 20 Forcing his em
ployer's safe .and funding only about
$20 worth of crowns, Rudolph
Twrdik hanged himself leaving a
note that the disappointment after
so . Hard a iob was more than ho
could stand.
"Let B. & B. DO IT."
Annual Financial Statement
Of Crescent City School Trustees for Year Ending June 28 1921
July 1, 'Balance .'.;
Sept. 25, Sold K. Borson Cypress Ceiling..
July 29, Error, Bank should have'chareed to school
rl On C-M i e. -n a, ... j.
, , , ucimcn luaimiaciuring vo. uividend .... 1500 00
Oct. 9, Loan from bank, less interest ...!Z.......!I. 734 84
Mrs. Annie Robinson is spending
several days at Geneva, Fla., the
guest of Mrs. Bessie Hart.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Gates have
gone to Washington, D. C, where
they will remain several days, then
motor to their summer home at New
port, N. H., stopping over to visit
friends, en route. They were ac
companied by Miss Almyra Moore
who will return to her home at Am
herst, Mass.
Mrs. Westbrook and daughter,
Miss June, of Jacksonville, guests of
Jan. 28, Loan from bank, less interest ....
March 26, Gilbert & Bennett Manufacturine Co. Divirfii' Mo. i
May 31, Warrants for Mrs. Chaffin and Mrs. Richards ZZ 15o!o0
p from Miami in their car.
Lucy Chamberlin Hard and, with relatives at Coleman and other
te son, John, are here for a 'points in the state, has returned home
th their parents, Mr. and Mrs, Mr. Padgett seems much improved in
hamberlin.' ' health.
Irsoh has purchased a Iimou- The Crescent Realty Company has
th which to take outings' in . vacated its offices in the Astorbilt
father. Mr. and Mrs. Borson block on; Central avenue,' near Wall
o leave, in a few days" for "a i street '"' ' .'' '" ' r
Some time in. the. North Caro-j Mr. and Mrss 3. F. Ganas visited
Contains.- , jPalatka last Monday on business an j
id'Mrs. Letts. and" Mrs. James j pleasure. '
t, Jr., accompanied Mr. and; $W. A. Warner, cashier of the Bank
, (seH ion an auto trip to Pa- of Crescent City,, was drafted for
;" S3959.24
Supplementing teachers" salaries $ 800.00
Cutting down orange trees, cleaning school yard and '
hauling debris and cleaning school house 145.60
Janitor - - .. 20oloo
Express and freight on paint, desks, lumber, shell etc 52.26
Hauling lumber, sand, shell, etc 73.47
Teachers expenses to Crescent City.. 23.11
Supplies, chalk and T. paper .". 78.67
Lumber and labor for finishing inside of buliding and
putting up new i building 367.41
George Pitman, painting school house . 150.00
Music books and book Digest of Reference...:. 62 42
Trustees Bapt. Church rent on buildg for school purposes 50.00
5 cords of wood : 55 nn
Drew Co. and Lounds Dg Co., black boards, wire baskets 39.77
A. Hercules, desks and teachers chair and table 557.95
C. O. D. oil and varnish kru
Flue lining, lime, cement, etc 94.28
1 car of shell for walk . 46 00
Palatka News, printing 1919 & '20 Financial Statment 4.00
Mrs. M. P. LaBree, ins. on Fur. and small bide 63.12
Fenole Chemical Company ; 13.02
Cohen Brothers, Shades , 20 40
C. H. Preston, 6 stoves, pipe and oth er supplies 126.90
S. Durst, paiat and painting and stoves....!.... 21.00
R. Bushnell, tuning piano , 5,50
G. H. Herrick, clock t... 13.40
A. B. Torrey, roofing for awnings k . 8.70
J. Rafferty, labor awnings, platform, moving stage, etc 32.51
J. N. Blackwell, certified list voters and Randall Wells 12.50
R. J. Hancock, recording deeds ,-. 4.75
Bank Crescent City, loan and int. xn note 515.00
Curtis Atkisson, grading expenses ............. 15.00
Cash, auto to Palatka 8.00
Advance teachers salaries : 150.00
Bank of Crescent City, safety dep. box rent 3jpo
June 28, 1921, Balance
"S"i ROC tlie
Florida Citras Escfene ?
.onda witius-'Jsxc
v Other means of marketing fruit having failed to yield uniformly satisfactory
''.? returns-
' (. . Why not join the Florida Citrus Exchange?
Experience having shown that speculators lack in regard for the growers' in
' terests
Why not join the Florida Citrus Exchange?
Since the "growers are entitled to know where their fruit sells, when, to
, :; .whom and for how much money
J Why not join the Florida Citms Exchange?
. .
Because the only way to make an institution better is to get on the inside and
assist in running it
Why not join the Florida Citrus Exchange?
Inasmuch as co-operative marketing is based on the principle that the growers
' together have the ability to handle the selling of their products
, - Why not join the Florida Citrus Exchange?
Since the need for the growers' own organization is greater today than ever
before and since its efficiency-may be increased by. every additional
member - v
Why not join the Florida Citrus Exchange?
Will you not agree that the Florida Citrus Exchange has accomplished much and that .
to join NOW would give the organization the benefit of your experience and judgment?
For information as to membership consult the manager of (the nearest association or
sub-ex."hange, or write to the business manager at Tampa.
citrus Eztcn:H&j&& m
The Maceo Dairy Co
914 Lemon St. Phone 58
Offers the following prices in Dairy
Sweet Cream, quart. 1 80c
Country Butter, pound , 45c
Pure Milk, quart , 15c
Skimmed Milk, quart 5c
Butter Milk, qt. 8c, gal 25c
Better prices to wholesale trade.
H. A. OSGOOD, Mgr.
The State Teachers Examining
Board will hold teachers examina
tions for all grades of Certificates, in
PALATKA, JULY 25th. The exami
nations will begin not later than nine
ing a certificate in force, or whose
certificate will expire before the end
of the next school term, should take
the examination at this time, as no
one will be employed to teach who
does not hold a valid Florida teach
ers' certificate.
County Superintendent.
July 14-15-19 22
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kessler, have gone
to Orlando, but will return here later
on. ' .
Fred Dushanek has returned to his
home at Garwood, N. J. A dance
was given in his honor before leav
ing, and a large crowd were present!
and all had a jolly time. Delicious
watermelons were served.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Haymart and
Mr. Ben Havmart were visitors at
Our Como hunters participated in
Crescent City.
a bear hunt over Fruitland way, but
did not succeed in capturing it. It
was a disappointment as they had
requested the ladies to get the broil
ers ready and a eood fire bo all
could enjoy the bea steaks. . .
Mr. and Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Wm.
James and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Sulli
van were visitors at Palatka.
Cheap foreign goods would im
poverish the American workman.
and then he wouldn't be able to pay
the taxes necessitated by Europe's
inability to pay the interest on her
The things the Irish do to the
King's constables are surely no more
atrocious than the things Americans
do to the King's English.
Why worry? Blood is
than the skulls of jingoes.
Orange Grove Properties
In the best fruit growing section of Flori
da are not going a beggin' for purchasers;'
in fact few of them are for sale. But there
are a few such, and one of them came into
my hands during the past week. There are
nearly Eight Acres, and the trees are filled
with fruit. One of the most desirable groves
in the environs of Crescent City on good
road, handy for shipments.
Also, Two Residences in Town
If you want a Home, here's your oppor
tunity. Opportunity gets tired , knocking
sometimes, then it goes to boosting prices.
Are you on?
Real Estate CrescentJCity, Fla.
Men's, Women's and Children's
Continues All This Week
Our Inventory, just completed, shows our stock of Shoes
too heavy, and in accordance with our policy of cleaning
up older stock and starting each season with new Stock
as near as possible, we. must REDUCE STOCK MA
TERIALLY. To do this quickly we are making SALE
Ladies High Grade
Pumps, Patent and
Kid, former price $10
to 12.50, Re- p AC
ducing price. DiTu
One lot Ladies Pumps
and Oxfords O CC
reducing price ZiOu
One lot ladies black
and white Sport Shoes
6.00 and 7.00 Q QC
values at ... . ZiD J
Brown Play Oxfords 2.50
values now
Patent Strip Slippers
3.00 values :
Special bargain in men's work shoes
Remember this is high grade
stock aRd not "sale shoes" made
to sell at a price.
Mens High Grade
Dress Shoes
Fine Brown Kid and Calf
Oxfards, newest style, for
mer prire 114.50,
$10 values . .$7.85
One lot 6.00 and
7.00 values go
ing at
Mens white Buck Sport Ox-
ima. one U.e new
'st, $ 1 0 value
going at . .

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