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4 M
Friday Morning, July 22
ilatatka Batluj&fami
Published Every Morning Except
Monday by
TICKERS Gl'BKRV. Palatka. Fla,
Kntered at the Post Office at Palatka.
FU. aa Second Class Mall Matter
M. X. VICKEKS - Baalaeaa Maaaaer
OODE M. CIERKY - - Kdllor
The Management reserves the right
to reject all objectionable advertls
MBta or reading matter.
One year 16.00 Three months S1.75
. months . J.OO One week .15
Payable Invariably in advance
verry about every few days
BE. B. HISTOX, AdvertUlas Maaaser
Robert K. Ward. 5 a Wabash Avenue
Chicago. UL
Robert E. Ward. !25 Fifth Avenue
New York City
tjclephone rs5
The Associated F'ress is exclusively
n tit led to the use for publication of
all news dispatches credited to it or
not otherwise credited in this paper
and also the local news puDiis.iea
When the vhildrea come in with.
soileH clothes i".nd mother calls them
"little darlings," they know there is
company about the house.
Business will do better when it
stops expecting manna from the
skies and begins to dig fcr it
In the matter of non-stop llit'hfs,
the dove of peace is hanging up a
record that will be hard to beat.
Despised and inferior race: Any
race that doesn't speak our language
and threatens to undersell us.
The feminist movement in Ger
many hasn't progressed fo far as to
chanpo the Hymn of Hate to the
Herr of Hate.
Why worry just because the wood
en ships are empty and idle. A lot
of wooden freight cars are in the
same, fix.
Our foreign commerce doesn't
seem able to distinguish between a
state of splendid isolation and a
state of coma.
Barbers are beginning to trim
hair in a new style, but they cling
to the time-honored methods of
When the House voted t put
boots, shoes and leather products on
the free list it looked like a pener
ous thing. Many wondered why the
Republican majority turned tail pn
this proposition. There is a reason.
The House had previously, voted
"" "u lv,"' i trimming a customer,
mating 40 per cent, on hides, preen !
and cured. With this duty on hidef j There is a thorn to every rose.
and with 90 per cent of ail boot and Just about the time Dad gets the
shoe leather used in this country ' girls married off, the boys come
coming from foreign countries the : home from college.
manufacturers see an opportunity to
m.f.,. w, Poverty has compensation:
other leather products, abroad and
ship the manufactured articles in
here without duty.
It was a blow aAmerican labor.
Nothing more and nothing less. It
was a shrewd move.
disgrace. '
This is the situation that confronts
Katherine MacDonald as ' Amelie
Thorndike in "The Beauty Market,"
her latest production for Firs; Na
tional Exhibitors' Circuit and Which
will be shown at the Grand theater
Declared by critics to te the most
beautiful woman in the "world, Miss
MacDonald's' part in this production
affords her the opportunity of "her
screen career for a joint display of
her remarkuS!: beauty rnd histronic
ability. ,
Driving hoiio. -i l.-sson that society
San Juan Schools
to Receive a Huge
"Sum from Taxation
.'(By Associated lVe)
San Juan, P. R., July 21-0ut of a
budget of $10,000,000 passed by the
recent legislature and just approved
by Acting Governor Jose Benedicto
a little more than $4,000,000 is set
aside for the public schools of the
island. This is $1,000,000 more thin
the last school budget and the larg
est amount ever appropriated for ed
ucation in any one year.
The budget is the largest ever ap
proved. Including bond issues and
i direct appropriations, the legislature
KatiwriiwHKDci'.d j
The Bcautjr ierkGf I
. r
sham and "four Pushing'' must b
expiated in the end by paying 1 voted expenditures of $20,000,010
everj'thing tair.ed, . "The Beauty but several of the projects involving
Market" Fio'is to be one of thejlarge sums may be vetoed by the
season's most tavftlnj at rations, Governor Among ; the bond issues
, authorized were those for $3,000,000
according to the managemcn. of thel extnding o , railroa,,
Giant, theater. . nd the jsand; 1(000000 for jn
X-V-t ! insular bank; $2,000,000 road cxten-
Million and a Half
For Jap Social End
ill. tU,
dnrifll furvi(A wnilr : i
donor in making the gift
he had read that Kaichiro w,5
I prominent manufacturer, had (
(Br Associnfrd Prw itributed three and a half mi!i:0
Tokio, July 21-Three million yen, lnd that he too wanted tiS
l en ft Ann Uo Vioan t u U take
equivalent w t,, - ""'V building up the social welfa,. 'U
contributed by an anonymous donor,; " ' weirare of A
a Japanese, to be used in suitable , Pan-
., ' . . .1 Mr. Nezu's donation win -h.
sion and improvement bonds and in eat&blishing a high school
$1,000,000 for rural schools.
Let B 4 B. DO IT.'
Poverty has compensations. The
poor man makes no tax returns, and
is thus free to lie only when he is in
the humor for it". '
Scandal mongers make full use of :
an innocent and thoughtless act of
Amelie Thorndike when she walked j
from her rooms into the apartment j
of Captain Kenneth Laird. An in- j
spired article in "The Tattler," sets i
society's tongues to wagging and be
fore she knows it, her engagement 's
broken and she is threatened with
Oil, Gas and Gasoline
Stoves Repaired
IGrafonolas Repaired .
Ice Boxes lined
Government must protect us from;Second HanJ 0il St0VM for Sae
cheap foreign goods; but our own!
They are giving "her the gas."
and "stepping on her", are those re-
manufacturers are able to protect
us from cheap domestic goods.
publican ager
Men won i
didn't pique.
,'t reel; if
! Lenine's situation is not unprece- j
'dented. That other fellow felt that!
;way after he had killed the goose j
that laid the golden eggs.
'Palatka General
Repair Shop
519 Lemon St.
Decisions of the Supreme
won't lack weight hereafter.
German war criminals are being ,
treated almost as harshly as Denby i
treated Sims. :
A writer says there are only 3,790
cuss words in the American lan
guage. Mr. Dawes has just started
on that budget job, however.
The physician can't tell how sick
you are until he feels your pulse.
Patriotism: Love of country that i
i And he can't tell whether you need
endures when it isn't
deeds. Very rare.
Everlasting "rife and everlasting
peace are much alike. You have to
die to get either of them.
paying divi- i an Peration until he feels your
I If the offices are divided fifty-fifty,
the ladies will have four seats on the
Supreme Bench and the men four.
And it will be necessary to select i
. Europe sticks to the old ways, but neuter-gender lounge lizzard fv: the
Americans find some new thing to ninth place.
The Sanitary
Phone 46
Under New Management
Sugar (all you wanu lb 7c
Extra Fancy Rice. 5 lbs for 25c
Very Best Rice. 4 lbs for 25c
Compound Lard, lb 12c
Best White Rib Bacon, lb 17c
Pure Creamery Butter, lb 45c
Best Creamery Cheese, lb 28c
Uneda or all National Crackers, pkg .. 7c
6 lbs Self Rising Flour, for 35c
12 lbs Self Rising Flour, for 65c
10 lbs Grits or Meal, for 25c
6 cans No. 2 Tomatoes, for 60c
No. 3 can Tomatoes, for 15c
Gov. Corned Beef. 6 cans for i.oo
Van Camp Soup, while it lasts, can 7c
4 String Broom, for 45c
40 Bars Star Soap, for $1.00
Argo Starch. 15 for $1.00
Sweetheart Soap. 4 for 25c
Phone Us Your Order
Florida East Goast Ry.
Condensed Schedules
for lDrthr Inlomatiop e lb Ticket Aleut
KfTcctve April 5, III21
f .00 P. II. TRAINS 29 acd 30 MIAMI LOCAL Dally Malce 5:20 V. 11
nil stops. iCca ii'S and Broiler rjuffet Parlor Carit.
Th davllpht in als between Jcksonvl'le nnd Miami.
l-'.-O r. ;. TRAINS S5 and '!-THE HAVANA SPECIAL Dally- 1:00 P. M
jftop'S only at important stations. (Coach-fl and
Sleepers). Th Havana Special between New Tori;
a::d Key West. Through sief pers. New York and
Kf-v West. Jacks nvllle and ICev West. Jacksonville
.nd Miami. Hr.r.AIes the parse riser traffic between
the United Stat-s and Cuba. Connection made at Key
West direct w!:h P. & O. ships to nnd from Havana.
I'ining Car.
:l:!1 P. M. TP.AINS 37 .".rid 33 KEY WEST EXPRESS Dally. 6:10 A. M
Makes local st ;.". Buffet leiitr cars Jacksonville
,rd Miami: Thrush sleepus .v. -,v York and Key
w.st. one via A. C. L. and cue via S. A. L. north of
Lv. Palatka, 11:00 A M; 12:30 PM; 1:40 PM; 4:50 PM; 6:40 PM
Ar. E Palatka 11:20 A K; 12:50 PM; 2:00 PM; 5:10 PM; 7:00 PM
Lv E. Talatka 10:20 A M; 11:55 A M; 1:10 P M; 3:35 P M; 6:10 P M
Ar. Palatka 10:40 AM; 12:15 PM; 1:20 PM: 3:55 PM; 6:30 P M
Now Is The Time To
Help Us Give You Good Service
We need your help during this hot weather,
Everybody is calling for prompt service ev
erybody needs OUR ICE.
Do your share be sure that the ice man is not
delayed at your home have the ice money or
the coupon ready when he comes make it as
easy for us to serve your neighbor as you want
us to serve you.
We know you will help us thank you.
Southern Utilities Company
Twenty Five Sirts Given Away Absolutely Free
The first twenty-five ladies who make purchases at our store Saturday morning will be given
a good serviceable Skirt absolutely FREE. Remember please that this offer is good for Satur
day morning only, so come and get a valuable Skirt FREE.
Good, Servicable Shoes, for
Men, Women and Children
$1.19 Up
Men's Pin Check Pants, for
mer price $2.50, for this sale
Pair $1.19
Kahki Pants, former price
.$2.50 pair, for
$1.19 Up
Boys' Pants
49c up
Men's Trousers, $3, $6, $8
Sale price
$2.85 Up
Men's Dress Shirts, $2 kind
for 98c
Men's $3 Shirts $1.98
Georgette Silk Waists, $6, $8,
and $10, for this sale
$1,98 Up
1 lot Silk Dresses, worth $25
Ladies' Skirts, plaid, satin
silk, gaberdine, $10, $15 and
$20 Skirt for
$2.45 Up
Middy Blouses, $3.50, this
Ladies' $3 Corsets 49c
Washable Skirts, this is a
real bargain
Ladies' Hose, all kinds,
9c Pair Up
Men's and Ladies' Handker
chiefs 4c Each
Men's Ties, $1.00, $1.50 and
$2.00, while they last
Ladies' Hats, $1.49 up.
Everything else in our store
sold at fifty cents on the dol-
'I'Nf "
VC'-;.j",.L.: .- ' rtf'f-w d
; ) 'i

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