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ttv-ttt--, TION IN WARD 8 Aisu
f lltnaviu
Friday. Momtng, July 2 qt
Ualatka latly Neusa
An election is hereby Caiiej to te
S5:aSi55,! At co,, ta what , s 5 jjjj
- ' m, . ,i.w.it.W..'is called the "Colrain Crescent City m& Qf Lawa of tt of
Sookb m. WR.j:JlJ!!lr 1 Association," and on a recent date, : Florida, Acts of 1021, for the purpose
TJm MangemB... .- --y BavertU- according TO a paper m - lWu -
f t0 o,. Ford of this place, this of id WardB, to the C.ty Counc.l
the 9th day
during the
Ana VAlir
-x months
,r reading matter. jscnt t(J j. Ford of this place, thi jof said Wards, to the
SUBSCRIPTION PRICE 5SOcisitlm held its annual picnic ; je City of Falatfca;
r S6 M) Three months 31.76 " election shall be held on
nVa0r.ab;Ve eadvanc-e -1 Vith "early a hundred people pre- p
able Invariaoiy , Davenport is chair- . nr.riW hv 1aw.
" r.- -.
B. lU'STQW. Advert . o association, and among That the place for holding said
EKrtR WarYrJ.'waba's" Aveminent name8 which will be recog- election in Ward 8, shall be at Mer
MODcn ohicaKO, 111. . . .. . n wins Store.
auvbktisis Rw nized here are tnose or - , , ..
Davenport, Purinton, Harris, ana i""
TTs'others Fm all accounts these sum-1 election , ta Ward 9, shall be at Ma-
mer exiles from God's country nac
a pret y good time eatmg cake and That C Merwin and E. R Conway
pie and Boston Baked Beans and j are hereby appointed as Inspectors
V. 15t thin v and T- B- Dowlla 'S hereby aPPmted
such like things. wi l. in
Children's Day will be observed at s iu. r B r-
cess may'0(lj had to the said 8s-
meni toll at the office of tM assob
Vr in said City of Palatka during
each day, (Sunday excepted) from V
o'clock A. M. tP 12 o'clock w., nna
from 2 o'clock P. M. until 4 o'clock
P. M., from the date hereof untU and
including the said 2nd day of Au
gust, 1921, for the purpose of ex
amining said assessment H and Pre
paring petitions or complaints
WITNESS mv "and and seal ot tne
City of Palatka, this 23rd day of
July, A. D., 1921.
City Clerk, Palatka. Fla.
Robert E. rim. Avenue
New YorK
"TmTTkk ok associated pkkss
Th Associated Press Is exclusively
That expression when used in the
Rocky mountains always means
crossing the highest ridge between
the big river and the Pacific. But
it is here used in allusion, not to
climbing the crests and then descend
ing, but to something wo experience
every summer.
We are just now crossing the di
vide that parts the crescendo half of
summer from the diminuendo. To be
sure, it is over a month since the sun
was vertical over the Tropic of Can
ter and we saw the longest day of
the year with its more than fourteen
Iwurs of sunshine as against less
than ten hours of night. But the ris
irir momentum of summer carries
forward long after June 21 and it is
i oKni.t this ripriod that urn?
feels a subtle turning of the seasonal
tide, a stealthy easing round to face
the opposite direction toward autumn
and ripe corn and frost on the sedge
The signs are faint and delicate.
Sunset and twilight are upon us
these days a little more quickly. The
mornings are somehow fresher with
a faint suggestion of the coolness
we know in September. No longer
are the birds romancing and nesting.
Instead they are teaching young
fledgelings to be on the wing and
ready for migration. The black
berries are gone, the ripe grapes are
coming in. The cornfield green of
June is yellowed with the ripe tas
sels of July. The cotton bolls grow
fceavv and the leaves are slightly
bronzing with maturity. New-crop
sweet potatoes speak of autumn as
drawing near. Yes, the season when
all is fresh, green, immature and on
the make has slipped behind and the
senses detect on every hand a kind
of summer-crest, as it were, past
which we are stealing on toward
fineness, harvesting, and final re
Unmercifully hot flings at us mav
yet be indulged in by retiring sum
mer, tut briefer and brighter they
must be with less and less grip on
the lengthening nights. A belated
mocking bird, her first nest no
doubt wrecked by some tragedy, is
even now setting on four eggs in a
nest discovered by the observer re
cently, but she is the exception. Only
here and there is the baby-leaf tint
of green to be seen on the solid ma
ture green of forest masses. There
is an atmosphere of old settled sum
mer everywhere and the rapidly
growing suggestion of seasonal work
completed or approaching comple
tion. We are crossing the divide that
brings autumn nearer to us in pros
pect than spring is by retrospect.
the Presbyterian church next Sun
day morning, when the service will
open at 11 o'clock under direction of
Mrs. R. T. Chafer, and to wnicn ser
vice all the people of the place are
Knid Ward R
That P. J. Manucy and H. M. Moody
A Democratic Primary in Ward
Eight and Ward Nine in the City of
Palatka is hereby ordered to be
held on Monday, August 1, at S p.
m., for the purpose of nominating two
Aldermen in each ward.
Ward 8, Manucy's store, one Alder
man to serve until the regular City
election in April, 1922, and one alder-
The two orange groves in
lage of East Palatka, Putnam w
ty, Florida, formerly belonging U tht
late Edwin W. Johnson, deceasia,
one of which, consisting of en acre"
more or less, and on lotVn
citrus trees, a Packing hoi e b
and sheds for machinery ' Blt"h
on the south side of the public J hign
way extending -roveg.
SE'..2rc,, nf twenty acres, more or
less, and on w
. a stake, then.-. t Peg feet to Ptac. of b jllnl
"""" ... - M,,h alonir ' sal.1 . excepieu ii oevn tJI,v.,,
SSnehto It. nterat.on "ft oa.-t Railway Compa,,r 7
Section line between Sections jp.v , corport on on March ,
and Eight (). me" chanM am and said deea being
Section line Twenty (20) cnains R offlM of tne clerk
records i,'
of ih,. J
Fifty &0 "K?i Tot Two '2) of 'Court of Putnam County i
ginning, and being In Lot i Yen (10), Mil Book 0 of Convyanc3
section Eight (8), Township ien whlcn gad r,cord ,g nI?M'i
rir ii n
South, Range r,i T
East. coniaiiiiiiR -- a guD.
T (20) acres, more or less and ud
now b
frnm t
""L..:u ,hioh tracts are ae- acriuru
twenty acres; more or Ject t'hK Tlong and" across the
Mel is an artesian well now being used, ",,. exCepll.ng
Lndnecan and citrus trees, lasltuatea wu.w. ,and hereinbefore ae-
rearrbedDby mete, and bounds, as fol- Comnem. e- F
cordUJlly invited. The following is Ward 9.
v,oh unnninted as Insnectors. man tn serve until the regular City
and F. B. Trice is hereby appointed !elction in April, 1923.
as Clerk for the polling place in Ward 9, MerWtnV store, one Al-
Iderman to serve until the regular
the program of exercises for the ser
vice :
Organ Voluntary.
Opening Sentences.
Singing, "The Children's King-
Sunday School
Responsive Reading.
Old Testament, Prov 2: 1-11.
New Testament, Luke 2: 40-52.
Primary Department
Singing, "Children's Praises"
Sunday School
Recognition of Cradle Role
Miss Anderson
Recitation, "Children's Day for Two"
Mary Kinard
Singing, "I Will Follow Chrirt"
Sunday School
Violin Solo, Caratina Schmidt,
Miss Martha liartiett
Recitation, "Children's Day on the
Prairie", Elinor Smock
Duett, "The Little Miss'u"
Misses Evers
Song, "I think When I Read That
Sweet Story,"
Miss Elizabeth Atkissi
Offering Song, "For Jesus"
Sunday School
Chalk Talk Mr. Chafer
Hymn No. 379, "Jesus Calls Us".
aru .7. ' uctiiiau w
tv u .Ae ot tVio nollinw tilaceii ' rs,r olontlnn in Anril. 1 922. and one
AllAb bllC ' " v j V 1 ni.mi. ... ..g...., ,
in said Wards shall open at 10 o'-1 Alderman to serve until the regular
clock A. M., and close at 4 o'clock, city election in April 1023.
P. M., on said date. In the event that either of the
WITNESS the hand of the Mayor ab0ve mentioned places cannot be
of the City of Palatka, this 26th day use(j for said primaries, the Chair
of July, A. D., 1921. i man of the Executive Democratic
Henry M. Fearnside, .Committee will procure another suit
Mayr of the City of Palatka.
To all Persons Desirous of Having
Any Corrections Made in the As
sessment Roll of the City of Pa
latka. for the Year 1921.
a Vila nlofV
City Democratic Executive Com
Chas E. Rowton, Chairman.
.T. H. Hauehton. Secretary.
' July 26- 5t
Palatka Lodge, No. 34, F and A. M.,
will hold a special communication
this eveninir in the Masonic Temple
at eight o'clock. Work in the E. A.
degree. All visiting brothers are in
vited to attend.
J. H. HAUGHTON, Secretary.
All persons interested wh" are de
sirous f having any correction?
made in the assessment roll of the
City of Palatka, for the taxes of
1921, whether in the listing, valua
tions of property, real or persnal,
or otherwise, are required to rile
with the Clerk of the Council of the
City of Palatka, on r before the
next regular meeting of the City
Council of the City of Palatka, to be
held at 8 o'clock P. M. on Tuesday,
2d day of August, A. D., 1921, their
petition or petitions, complaint or
complaints; addressed to the City
Council, in writing, setting forth
specifically their objections to said
assessment, and the corrections de
sired to be made I
That the said City Council will
meet at the time aforesaid at the
Citv Hall in the City of Palatka, for
the purpose of hearing such petitions
or complaints and making correction:
in the listing, valuations of property
real or persnal, or otherwise, in the
said assessment roll.
And notice is hereby given that ac
tions to turn to the right as a last
That certain parcel of land lying on
Fast side of St7 Johns River, and de
ferred as beginning at the Northwest
corner of land sold by Wylde L. L.
Bowen to Joseph A. Crandall, be l.ur
also the Northeast corner of lands
sold by said Bowen to Osborn i D. hea
vv, and running thence due Noith ten
chains to a stake, thence East t.cu
ten chains to the middle of th'? i reeK
thence South along the men.'"'."'"-
of the creek about ten chains to the
Northeast corner of the aforesaid cor
ner of the aforesaid lands J,0I";P"
A Crandall, thence West about en
chains along the North boundary 1 ne
of the siad Crandall lands to .he point
half of Southeast quarter of Section
FWe (5) Township Ten (101 South.
Range Twenty-seven (27) East, con
taining Ten acres, more or less; also
that certain parcel of land being part
of the West halt- of Southeast quar
ter of Section Five (5), Township Ten
(10) South. Range Twenty-seven (i)
East, on East side of St. Johns Riyer
and described as beginning at the
Southeast corner stake of the land
sold by W. Id. L. Bowen to Owborn- D.
Seavy, and running thence bast par
allel to and 30. feet from North boun
dary of the land claimed and Inclosed
bv Edwin W. Johnson ten chains to a
small creek, and thence in a Norther
ly course with the meanderings of the
nnin, riiio Knst of the
Jinrthenst corner of the said Osboru
I). Seavv land, thence West to the
Northeast corner of said f'sborn
D Seavy land, thence souin vw;"
the East line of said Osborn D.
Seavy land to beginning, con-
ti . morp nr less:
also that certain parcel of land
on East side of St. Johns River, and
more particularly described as com
mencing at a point where the hection
line between Sections Five (5) and
Eight (8) intersects the East line of
the Woodruff Grant, thence South
.l.n. tha Et line r.f said (Jrailt
)odrurr urani, V', oi
fo S
ffn S.I hu,.red forty-
between "sections Five (5) and
LVht m. thence along, said
line eight hundred aou
All persons interested
required to be and appear " :
Judge of the Circuit Court of ,1"
County, Florida, on the '"ton Julv !
A. D. 1921. at the court to rong. . Capl
that day In and for saia .t 6
then and there answer the and his ii
tirr in a civn action, itutnaire. P
Witness my hand as Clerk Ms
rlpnit Court of Putnam r-.' . fll
y... ... - "unt
Ida, and the seal of saia good repu
22nd day of July, A. V. nnm
(Seal) R. J. HA;,vr,vte 8nd mu
Clerk ClrcJfi'i r j
By w. A. Williams t,M London 1
Solicitor for the Plai'utiir polltlcaJ
July 29; Aug. 5-12-1H-26; gc- i,'
23-30. ".' ...... :
United States Trust Com- )
pany, a corporation i
vs )
O. L. Hatch and Harvey )
B. Hatch. I
TO HARVEY B. HATCH, Defeadant,
herein, and all persons uicereBci-..
In this cause:
vn nnrl each of you will please
take notice that th,- above entitled
suit has been instituted aeainsi
bv attachment in the Circuit Court 111
aiid for Putnam County, Horida, anil
that in and by virtue of the writ of
attachment Issued h.reln, the follow
ing described property situated in
Putnam County, Florida, has been
Sydenham Reliable Family
No. 1 SYD7NHAM Uric-Acid Sol'
vant; Rheumatic, Liver, Bowel and
Kidney Remedy. $1.00.
No. 2 SYDENHAM, the great Head
ache Remedy, 50 cents.
No. 3 SYDENHAM Greatest for
Heart, Nerves and Blood, 50 cents.
Post Paid-
Free answers to all inquiries about
Dr. Soper, for
SLDENHAM Co., New York City,
tnd Palatka, Fla., P. O. Box 463
Texas Gas - 24c
Texas Oil - 25c
Oliver Brothers
A perfect wife is one who can pry
n,..illu nrt1 of tVa came tima nlfili
the dinner and pretend to hear wliat ,
her husband is saying. :
Don't envy Government employe?
Washington is a very unsatisfactcC'
Dlace to loaf at this season of IB
It won't help much to scrap the b
tleships unless we can arrang.i"
scrap the world's supply of fooush
If domestic rows and divorces Con
tinue, a spirit of fairness will ir time
nrnmnt us to weiirh in combataitf at
the altar,
'" A tan.T by any other name is still
a tax.
There has been no complaint of a
bayrs' strike from the hootch ped-
International rivalry isn't abolish
ed, but it is cheaper to drill for oil
than to drill soldiers.
Mr. Ford is selling more cars than
ver before, and now perhaps people
will shake off their lethargy.
In the matter of trimming i:ro
ent bystanders, the does of war
have very little on the hogs of peace
It will seem more like the road
back to normalcy when it is tilled
with moving crops.
Man is endowed with certain in
alienable rights, and he is lucky if
he gets the interest on the endow
There are two sides to the Irish
question, and the only side that con
terns official America is the outside
There is little chance that
of gravity will be repelled. It
one of the benefits fought for :
Naval competition i rathe ,
esting. You can't tell which '
exhausted first, the tax pI
ocean parking spaces.
lat tl .uw
Under Section 8 of Chapti
Laws of Florida
Notice is hereby given tit B. F
Oster, purchaser of Tax inificate
No. 782, dated the 7th da Jof July,
A. D. 1910. has filed said 1 itificate
in my office, and has ma iipplica
tion for Tax Deed to issum accor
dance with law. Said Cerifite em
braces the following desf-hed pro
nerty situated in Putnf bounty,
Florida, to-wit:-
Lots 12, 13, 14, 15, nnlK'i of 24
Bl't (10, Florhr!r.e
The said land being iessed at
the date of the issuance! such Cer
tificate in the name of II .aown.
Unless said Certificate hall be re
deemed according to 1:4 Tax Deed
rnr uema determined to quar-lwill issue thereon on I'' 29th day
of August. A. D.. 1921.
Witness my official t'nature and
seal this the 28th day I luiy, A. D.,
R. J. ifNCOCK,
Clerk Circuit Cof, Putnam
County, forida.
rel over the scraps that are left and
scraps over the quarrels that are
left. "
Congress has a pet alligator with
a remarkable snap. Perhaps he will
teach Congress to make it snappy.
Have You Tried
Our Bread?
If you have nor, try it and see for your
self how good it is. Hot rolls from ii a. m. to.
7 p. m. daily.
The Biggest Saver For
,ie are the .
ids, state a
ts, as annc
Old Son
1st ; Edmoii
Its "Inches" In The Worfcf S,
special n
$ v:. ' ' '
pre", lcavir
Is continue
good repu
eed agains
the . Adven
ts include
; the Earl
We are talking about our COUPON
It keeps down your ice bill.
It prevents your ice money from
lost or niched.
if cavoc voi i the trouble ot makinc the Adm
" J ( 7 fld -the
Change. Secretaries
& id the. ste
It protects you from the handling o(;sdt
wet or dirty money. f2Ti
Money-time-trouble-that's what
little book will do for you in a saving .f
wav. Use it no wand all the remain8' ma"
J , . . . ench pasi
der of the season. From drivers. ? v
ne to New
through tli
rho promi
Southern Utilities Compani6'
imurder ai
0ung on
,ay 23, V,
itary Bakery
Palatka s New and Best Bakery
I am pleased to announce that I will open
offices in the Kennedy building tomorrow
(Saturday), and will be pleased to have every
one interested call on me for free consultation.
Examination free for thirty days only.
Dr. Earl A. Rabb, Chiropractor
Kennerly building, opposite Putnam National
Bank, Palatka, Florida
Specials For Saturday
For Sleeping Porches
Quickly converted from a
couch to a double bed
$29.50 up
' 1 j.9 e
Kiddie Koops
If-'d need tric'ti
S15.00 to $125.00
"r Lord Be
r, the Firs
iti, Secret
Jdd, and
had no i
are n
the Frer
cleared !
kough pre
art. The
B action i
I fooled K
a worst oi
fetters t
(ptain Kid
pirate ma
f our shor
med the
a re
(tether any
W trust.'
the grea
in caliin
pd in ge
hich does
Reed and Rattan
Go-Carts and
$8.00 Up
Tfelverfon Furniture
. II ' " :
y 28 De
Is arrive
the ne
jshevik ii
tement tc
t latest
. people
I the cou
te aid of 1
'The n
apan for
and the
j troops ft
b, will
tdation o:
r'V t
(minoff J
it in a
arrived i
Idvices f
is of Co i
man hit
lid abilit'
seem to
fipiine b
. ,.C-.u. v. By W. A. WILLIAMlD. C.
A cp one wno Ju, IU(! 5 12 19 26

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