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t Morning, September 3, 1921.
of goldenrod, that love
! the woodlands, and
baskets of golden-glow
fectively in decorating
ann's charming bunga
larming affair of yes
Mann was entertaining
Miss Dorothy Merriam,
ling girl who is shortly
e bride of Mr- Charles
lold nd green are the
roung lady has chosen
ing nd the same corn
tastefully used by her
anning the pretty" party
al, the guests were
he door by Mrs. Mann
oree, whose petite and
ttiness was emphasized
me of grey, and jade
, crepe. With this frock,
1 wore a grey hat trim
itrich. a new model of
1 grouped themselves
j cool screened porches,
esently asked to choose,
ty, of "odds and ends,"
iterials" from which to
bits of needle work a
always finds a use for.
dish cloths, iron holders,
were among the many
3 which resulted. Busy
accomplish many things
the stimulus of merry
i "sewing bee," those
! invited to the dining
a gold-colored canopy
i dining table- Miss Mer-
iquested to pull certain
ns, and as the canopy
a brilliant array of cut
ystal appeared, for Mrs
mned a "crystal shower'
! for the guest-of honor.
gift was a handsome cut
pitcher, and each of the
contributed a piece to
sndsome array of glass
"the ribbon pattern. A
andsome pieces of linen
low appeared, were also
ie"shower. To, two other
e shortly to be married
presented attractive sets
linen. These girls, whose
1 be' events of early fall
Priscilla Hamm and
this shower, the hostess
lesdames W. P- Merriam
er, Howell A. Davis, F.
md S. J. Hilburn, served
eshments consisting of
lie, Saratoga potatoes.
it and mints, followed by
et and individual cakes,
1 white color scheme was
the refreshments, and
ach mint cup, was a wee
lovely party showed
itment the touch of an
rsonality. Mrs. Mann's
eluded: Mesdames W. P.
H. Wilson, Carrie Wil
, Anderson, D. V- Loop,
ning, Frank Owens, Jr.
1,' Louis Jarmon, C. W,
Macdonald, J. B. Darby,
w, J, K. Culbreath, T. E.
T- Hamm, L. E. Tenney,
lan, W. W. Tilghman, C.
fton, N. 0. Rilee, Duncan
of Miami, T. J- Barnett,
Randolph, John Hodge,
Stewart Worden, Elizabeth Howe,
Louis" Philips, A. G. "Philips, Ralph
Philips, J.W- Calhoun, R. S. O'Hav-
er, ueorge McKeynoius, jr., & j.
Hilburn, Donald MacQueen, H. A.
Davis, and Goode M. Guerry, and
Mises Alice Elliott, Irene Yelverton,
Evelyn Hayman, Omar Davis, Mar
garet Mann, Florence Smith, Wini
fred Browning, Aloe Everton, Birdj?
Reed, Priscilla Hamm, Vanita Trom-
ey, Mildred Williams, Lucy Gard
ner, Martha Uancy, Harriett L,oop,
of Jacksonville, and Winifred Thomas,
of Daytona.
Mrs. J- V. Walton was hostess
yesterday afternoon at an informal
tennis party. After the game the
guests were served delicious refresh
Mrs. H. P. Peterson, and son
Phillip, of West Tocoi, were here
yesterday afternoon to arrange for
the entrance of Phillip in the High
School. He was a student' here last
session of school.
It, was erroneously stated in The
News yesterday that Dr. and Mrs- R.
L- Knox will make their home in
DeLand. Dr. Knox will spend three
days out of each week in DeLand,
but will continue to reside in Pa-
latka, Mrs. Knox remaining here all
the while.
-Mrs. Peck and Mrs. Courtland
Middleton have arrived in Palatka
from Pomona, where they have been
living, and will make their home
here, having moved into the old
Peck home on South Fifth street.
The many friends of Miss Louise
Bray, of Nashua, will be glad to
know that she is improving now, af
ter an ususually severe illness. They
will look forward to her early com
plete recovery-
Mr. and Mrs- Goss Mattox have ,
moved into one of the apartments
recently completed by Howell A.
Davis on South Eighth street.
Miss Leonora Earnest will spend
the week-end at St. Augustine Beach
as the guest of Miss Omar Davis, at
the Davis summer home.
Miss Harriette Loop expects to
leave today for her home in Jack
sonville, having spent several weeks
here as the guest of her brother and
sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. D. V.
Mrs- Henry Bonneduer, of Sav
annah, will arrive in Palatka Sun
day, to spend some time with Mr.
and Mrs. R. L. Earnest, at their
home on North Third street.
Mrs. D. M. Morrison and little
daughter, of Jacksonville, are spend
ing some time in ttfe city the guests
of Mrs. Morrison's son and daughter-in-law,
Mr- and Mrs- W. T. Nichols.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Stockton have
as their guests at their home in
Bungalow Park, the former's broth
er, Hamilton Stockton, of Jefferson,
Ga., who arrived in the city Thurs
day. Mr. Stockton will remain here
until next Wednesday, when he will
return to Georgia accompanied by his
sister-in-law and her little daughter,
Myrtle, who will spend a month with
relatives in Jefferson.
Misses Willie Ramsey left yes
terday for Brunswick, Ga., where she
will attend school this term- She
was accompanied as far as Jackson
ville by her father, E- E. Ramsey.
Francis O'Neal will return to
morrow from Charleston, S. C, where
he has been spending the summer
with relatives.
Miss Florence de Nazarie, who
has been spending some time at Na-
, In Her Latest Picture
"Merely Mary Ann"
And a Sunshine Comedy
"A Devilish Romeo"
Violet Mersereau
shua with her grand-mother, Mrs J
B. W. Bray, will return to her home
here tomorrow.
Mrs- C. H. Hyde and little daugh-'
ter, Marie, left yesterday for South '
Carolina, where they will spend a
few weeks with relatives-
. J. W. Browning returned- yes- j
terilay from a week's business trip,
down the Florida east coast. ,
Mr".and Mrs. W. B. Ryan and J
little son are spending some time at
North Beach. i
Royal O'Neal has returned from !
Summer Haven, where he has been 1
spending a portion of the summer as j
the guest of Mrs. John Walton- j
Mrs- J. W. Browning has as her
guest at her home on Kirby street, J
Miss Winifred Thomas, of Daytona,
who will spend several days with her.
Miss Eunice Banta, of North
Beach, is spending a few days here
with !:ttle M's? E?ther de Nazarie,
at her home on Reid street.
Miss Lula Payne and Miss Es-
telle Owen, of Satsuma, were anion.;?
Thursday shoppers in Palatka.
Friends of Miss Kate Lucas,
who has been suffering from severe
injuries received in a fall some week3
ago, are glad to know that she is
able to be up now, and are hoping
for her rapid return to health.
Mr. and Mrs. Julien de Nazarie
and two children, Esther and Jules,
have returned from a pleasant stay
of several days at North Beach-
F. E. Reeder, of Welaka, was n
prominent visitor here, Thursday.
Robert L. Earnest, Jr., and
Harold Earnest will leave Wednes
day for Gainesville, where they will
enter the University of Florida for
the coming term.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Hilliard
have as their guest at their apart
ment on North Third street, their
neice, Miss Betty Barnes, on Monti
cello, Fla-, who will be with them
until the middle of the month.
Robert L. Earnest, Jr., and Tom
Tilghman will spend Sunday and
Monday at St. Augustine Beach.
Mrs. Charles Grimm and daugh
ter, Miss Charlotte Grimv, have re
turned to their home here after
spending two months visiting rela
tives and friends in Brunswick, Ga.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed M- Earnest are
expected home today from a several
weeks absence spent in Baltimore,
Boston and New York.
Mrs. C. H. Grimm has as her
guest at her home on Dodge street
her niece., Miss Bonnie Mae Greene,
of Brunswick, Ga., who will spend a
month with her.
Mr.' and Mrs- H. T. Mann, of
Mannville, were among out-of-town
visitors here yesterday.
Among Palatkans spending yes
terday in Jacksonville were Mr. and
Mrs. C. Howard Rowton.
Dr. and Mrs. Donald MacQueen
returned yesterday' from a several
weeks' stay at Montreat, N- C.
Mrs. Fred T. Merrill arrived
Thursday from Jacksonville, and is
spending a week at her home here.
James R. Brumby of Clearwater
is visiting Miss Florence McRae and
Lewis James for a few days en route
to Sewannee University where he is
to enter school this fall.
Lewis James returned' home
yesterday afternoon after a pleasant
visit of several weeks with friends
at Summer Haven.
Dr. H- A. Johnson returned to
Palatka yesterday noon from a trip
to points in Gerogia and Tennessee.
Dr. L. W. Warren has returned
after spending several weeks in his
old home at Berlin, Md. He was
preceeded by Mrs. Warren, who made
the trip from Columbia by train, Dr.
Warren driving the remainder of the
way in his car.
W. B. Crawford, of Orlando, is
a guest iff the city for a few days
Mr. Crawford is a leading attorney
of Orlando and Grand Chancellor of
the Knights of Pythias for the Flo
rida domain.
P. R Frost, of Orlando, was
among the guests in Palatka yester
day. T. S. Hart, of Jacksonville, spent
yesterday here on business.
Rewarded for Efforts to Restore 'Come Here in Boat
Farms to Prewar State. j to See Local Club
Farmers Are Now Owners of
Agricultural. Implement Donated
by Two American Women.
Members of the local Kiwanis
club are looking forward with a
great deal of interst to the coming
t'arlK. Fifty fanners from the can-! next Wednesday evening of the Jack-
tons of Anlzy nnd Coucy in tlie ue. sonv;ne Kiwanis club, which will
vnstated urea of the Aisne (norther
France) are today the owners of agri
cultural Implements given them us
prizes by Miss Anne Morgan and Mrs.
A. Murray Dike of the American com
mittee for devastated France In rec
ognition of efforts they have made to
restore their furnm to their prewar
The prize winners were selected by
a jury of French agriculturists from
110 entries In two agricultural compe
titions. The fust prize, n. seed planter from
Louisville, Ky., was .won liy Albert
Delan and his wife, sixty-eight and
fifty-eight years old, respectively,
peasants from Allemont (Aisne) who,
although their fields were classed as
"irreclaimable" by the government,
returned to their farm, lived in a dug
out nlwl II fter two yenrs of hard labor
succeeded In putting tbelr entire farm I
under cultivation. j
Cash prtees totaling 4,(HI0 francs I
were also given by Miss Morgan and
Mrs. Dike to the 30 farm bunds i"
the cantons of Anlzy and luucy, wm
were most meritorious. The first prize
of :K1 francs was won by an ai:eil
make the trio here to install, the
local club and to bestow its charter.
Advices from Jacksonville are to
the effect that a special boat will be
chartered to bring the Kiwanians
here, accompanied by their ladies,
and also a bras sband and a jazz
orchestra. The Ki's believed in mak
ing a noise. It is believed that at
least 200 persons will be present at
the installation- .
The banquet and ceremonies will
take place at the Elks Club, after
which a dance will be enjoyed and
the visitors will begin their return
trip. There has been some discus
sion of trying to get them to tsay
over until the following day, to
avoid the night trip back home, but
no definite plan to this effect has
yet been made.
Moving Pictures
Now Made While
Surgeons Operate
Berlin, Sept- 1. An invention by
which detailed, enlarged moving pic
tures of intricate surgical operations
are taken without interfering with
J the operating physicians and with
out the presence qi a camera opera
tor has been perfected by Dr. A. von
Rothe of Berlin, and now is being
used in a number of German medical
universities, for the benefit of stu
dents. It is claimed that the stu
dents secure better instruction from
a study of 0e moving picture of the
operation than from witnessing the
operation itself.
The "operation camera" is design
ed to hang directly above the operat
ing physician's hands. The cinema
tographical lamps are in a room
above, separated from the operating
room by a glass roof.
After the machine has been placed
And First Episode of
Ann Little's Latest Serial
in position an operating physician o
a nurse can start it by pressing, an
electrical foot device which is all the
attention necessary on .the part of
the doctor or the attendants.. . 1
Out of town Kodak finishing re
turned the same day received.
Real Estate
Rates $1.00 Per day and up.
When you consider the steady, con
tinuous never-interrupted work de-
mnnrlal of thp kiHnpvs. vnll dn not
couple named Thulllet. who served for w(mder that they muJt haV hfilp
40 years on the same farm and who!
from the blood stream the waste mat
ter that forms poisons and acids if
(Br Associated PreM)
Miami, Sept. 2. The Miami
National Bank, which took over the
assets and liabilities of the Fidelity
Bank & Trust Co-, following the clos
ing of that institution by the state
comptroller May 19, will open its
doors for business Tuesday morning,
September 6, President Georgte E.
Nolan announced today.
The announcement followed re
ceipts of a telegram from the United
States comptroller of currency at
Washington authorizing the bank to
commence business.
It has been announced that all de
positors will receive dollar for dol
lar from the Miami National. The
depositors are planning a celebra
tion Tuesday.
A few minor reports vere heard
and the convention adjourned to the
annual dinner tonight, the conclud
ing function of the eovention.
after the war, worked a year wmioiii
wages because their mistress could
not afford to pay them.
Through the co-nperntlon of the
American committee with the farmers
of the Aisne, 25.000 acres of land rav
aged by the war have been reclaimed
and are at present under cultivation.
The committee has organized 32
agricultural syndicates among ihe
fanners and has placed 40 tractors at
their disposal. The two agricultural
contests with prizes worth more than
20.000 francs is one of the ways in
...i,i,.i. the American committee is
stimulating the farmers to do their ut
WUdimir Chenin and Wife at Copen
hagen Describe Perilous Flight
From Reds.
Copenhagen. Wladlmir C'hessln, for
merly consulting lawyer to the Dan
ish and Swedish legations in Petro
grud, with his wife, an ex-singer of
the Imperial opera in reirogrnu, te
cently arrived here after a perilous
flight from Russia. Their last mem
ory about Russia Is n rifle shot sent
after them while crossing the frontier.
Chessln, In the course of an inter
view, said, "Lenin's regime Is a rule
of terror. This is proved by my own
case. Since 1918 I have spent prac
tically all my time in prison In a filthy
cell, and but for my wife smuggling
food Into prison I would have starved
to death. One hundred of my 125 fel
low prisoners died from starvation.
Russia today Is a hell; that's the truth
about Lenin's Russia. The popula
tion of the towns are dying out, and
houses are demolished by the thou
sands, In order to obtain house tim
ber as fuel."
permitted to remain, sore muscles,
dizziness, floating specks, sallowness
and irregular bladder ' action. Foley
Kidney Pills give relief promptly.
For sale by J. H. Haughton-
Great Water Highway International
ized According to Treaty
Paris. Internationalization of the
Danube river finally became a reality
when representatives of the interested
allied powers ht-Id their final meeting
here and signed a convention to that
The International Danube commis
sion immediately was notified that
hereafter it would be in complete con
trol of all matters pertaining 1t the
river, as provided in Ihe treaty of Versailles.
Beginning September 8th my time
will be divided between DeLand and
Palatka, Monday, Tuesday and
DeLand Thursday, Friday and
Optometrist and Mfg. Optician
"The World's Best Flour"
Mathews & Allen
Machinists, Engineers and
Now is the time to overhaul your
plant equipment; we are equipped
for cylinder and valve boring of Cor
liss and other types of steam en
gines, pumps, etc.
We can make all emergency re
pairs with the least possible delay.
Make our shop your headquarters
for marine repairs.
Remember our location.
Gibson Bid g.w 329 River St.
Phone 273
Just Arrived!
New assortment of Blue Bird China
Ware. Also a large assortment of
plain white china.
Both in sets and in individual
All kinds, white and white, blue and
white, gray and white.
Come and look this over.
Gomes & Kellum
Burglar Eats, Drinks, Naps.
St. Louis. After ih-lnking a quart
of whisky and eating seven cans of
salmon he found In the residence of
C. K. Dodson, Kast St. Louis, a burglar
carried a mattress, bed clothing and
an ulnrin clock into the cool basement
for a nap, according to the Kast side
The Dodsons are away for the sum
mer. Neighbors saw that a hole had
been sawed through the cellar door of
the Dodson home and they notified the
Prehistoric Cave Yields
Deposits of Phosphate
Mlxnlz, Austria. One of the
most comprehensive of Ihe many
finds of relies of prehistoric
man In Austria has been dis
covered In a cave near this
The cavern known as the
"Dragon's Den" Is being exca
vated for its enormous deposits
of phosphate lu the shape of
bird lime. In a side cav some
1,K) yards from tlie opening
the evldeuteo of human occupa
tion In ancient times Were un
covered. Ureal quantities of.
quarts toiileniut and other
utenofls and kuuan boiiee have
been takem eot.
No. 1696
Was awarded the five gallons of I
gasoline and one quart of oil today j
May be the fortunate one tomorrow. 1
Our customers have an equal oppor- j
tunity to get the gas and oil which
we are giving away each day. j
Watch this space daily for the j
winning number j
H. C. Merwin
and Co.
Gasoline, Oil and Tires
Mattresses Made Over
Old Matrresses Mad New
x Work Guaranteed
Prices Right
Vego Hair Mfg. Co.
Phone 432 th Street
Play Checkers?
Is it your move? Let us do it. We
move anything.
Zorn's Transfer
Baggage, Furniture and General
Service ear motto: Prices right-
W. H. Zorn Phone 56
Cannon's Pure Food Market
Special Today Cash Only
Best Creamery Butter, 1 lb. prints 50c lb.
Pure Lard 1 lb. Prints 20c lb.
Florida Pig Pork Roasts 25c-30c lb.
Beef Roasts 20c-25c lb.
Fancy Fowl and Fryersfdressed to order)
Quality Cleanliness Service
C ' fl 1 In your shop or c
3h(wl EDISON ,Al
1 .
! I
I. -v
ii .

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