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Thursday Morning, September 8, iQ2f
fatato Wis I MH OPtN An I
l-ubltshed Every Morning Except
. : .. . nfflo at Palatka,
ntered at w. (1 Matter
Fla,. a
Senti or readlngjnatter.
" nnTtnlsl PTtlVJE
!M Three ir,onrti .
una --'-Jin 0ne wrek
yx month! - ... advance
King Victor Emmanuel Calls Loc!c
Specialist Europe's Most
Dangerous Man.
VICTIM IS ALIVE Fostet Watts and wife havi
n J.. a
. .1 .L J. ,W r,K,rrtV Of JOS. J. MCUiauy
i v . rvntval vnue and J
Th undersigned incuiiwi
. ...'.UTIKIKC
" I.. Ward, b to. wn"o"
i-hli.ncro. 111.
. n'i,-it'rNlNft
HA-ilii-" "." me-, Fifth Avenue
YOrK vii.y
K..t,. rt B.
All news are.m"-'"-- " this DftDer
.no SS.erW.K Toca. news published
Employed by People of All Nations
ind Professional Men to Open
Safes That Have Jammed
Does It by Sense Of Touch.
mil of A"-;1-"lT,u.ivelyl
Th? Ai'". for nubllcatlon of;
entitle iUj credited to It
If Palutka's principal business sec
tion were in flames during the day
or night every citizen in the city
would pull off his coat and do what
. ever might be necessary to prevent
iW .invading of the flames.
Everybody would have plenty of
.,.utt..r how urgent their
immediate business might be. If tm
-nnnliture of money in any reason
able degree would stop the flames the
money would be forthcoming.
If Palatka could secure direct re
terns from the coming of some gi
gantic industry which would neces
sitate the expediture of a small sum
of money monthly there would be lit
tle trouble in securing contributions
to this fund.
Rut the ratio of indirect returns
from investments, both in money ami
in effort, is far greater than from
direct return where the perception
f.f all has cut the margin of return
to a minimum. Indirect returns for
communities are derived from the
united efforts of its citizens to foster
cooperation, capitalize resources
through exploitation and encourage
ment to outside fhvestors. Giving a
fra hours eoneiencious effort durinfc
each month to community building
will accumulate into an asset that
money could scarcely buy.
This is the point we are after
Palatka right now needs the assis
tance, for a few hours for a few days
of community loving men with ambi
tion and vision to pull on the traces.
The agency through which this effort
is to be directed will be the Chamber
of Commerce. Bu:-y men are needed
to contribute an hour or two on
committees next week, Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 a.
m. to 12 noon each day in preaching
the gospel of community union and
securing members for the Chamber
of Commerce that it might represent
the entire citizenship.
So if you are asked to serve on one
of these committees, or teams, do it
Summit street. Dr. Harbison, who'
has great and growing faith in the
rVoscent City, purchased1
e mov:this" property as an investment ana , -. themselves together
, ... .1. Main street!.. . . i;i,lu that manv im- ; nereuy B..v
pn into Liie cuuhkc v - i ,r is more mtiii hiv-.j - . ... r. rippnmmir iiwiwv-
' j formerly owned by Victor Smiley. 1 TOVements may be made theon;' . Jd orltling a corporation un.
. . -aa . Ua . j ... . . ,u. t niaro there rateu Hliu 6 . . ' . ...
MiSSOUrian meeiS m ,,B W. H. Fuller, who has Deen spewu
Thought He Had Killed in
Quarrel 14 Years Ago, if' , , , nw is exoected ; w,il flush nn the corner lines of the
nor - ,-"-"" . , the
home some time within the nexi iew lot Tnere ,s iso room
days Residence for a double store build
P. C. Bradsbnw has sufficiently re-1 ing, which also may be erected for
covered from his long and serious ill-, leasing The big hous , furnished
, t,.hM fver to enable Wm ' and will be available for rent eitner
nea wx t.. - --
to get out in his flivver ano view uu.
'provements may De maue v..e... forming a corporation un-
pend-iS,,, winter. In the first place the re rated the Uw, o the
lichi-V,U be a flew bank building needc d, , " ? h and under the
,olt : , .1.:. n. n.in nreoared to i owe 01 noi ,
ni rpolt in Tletroit. M
i ran. and other points, left last week and this Dr. Harbison is prepared to
L. Turner, Crescent City, t
30 shares. n
Man Falls From Train During Fight
Which Resulted From Disagree,
ment Over Dice Game and An
tagonist Thought Him Dead.
Failure: A man who wasn t con
tent to stick at the one thing he
could do well.
It frequently happens that the
man who thinks he is a big gun is
a smooth bore.
God give us men. If something
isn't done soon, the women will be
bossing everything.
lti,lm.1'lie mini whom King Vic
tor Kmuiaiiu?l hails us the most dan
gerous man hi Europe Is neither Com
munist, Socialist nor criminal. He,
like his father and grandfather he-
fore him, keeps a store wliere sales
are sold. Tills In Itself Is not an un
lawful profession, hut he Inherileil
from his father, besides the small
siore off ths Piazza di Spragini, the
Unack of being capable of opening any
wife In the world with the help of a
hii of stiff wire.
Never in his life has he been forced
to bleak a safe open. Ho has been
summoned by people of all nations and
professional men to open safes that
had Jammed. Hut not only private in
dividuals call him; the '"u'r day Ivmg
Victor Emmanuel needed his services.
The king had left his keys in his pii-
Mile safe, where his wemlerlul collec
tion of coins Is kept, lie was worried,
us his favorite amusement every day
Is rearranging these coins. He was very
much worried until they told him Hint
a specialist for safes lived' ill Home
and would be called to the royal villa.
His Real Name Withheld.
Mr. X (his real name must be kept
sec ret, as the tax collector would levy
a heavier Income lax were it known
ii,t he whs called t the villa)
hnsieued to l lie Villa Savoia and found
tlie king pacing up and down mr
"You must not damage the safe, as
lb. re is my precious collection inside,"
said the kng.
No. your majesly,'' replied Mr. X,
"1 do ii.-it need even to damage the
:, ..it,- Mr. X h:ikeJ with a rrofe:)
lional ; ir at 'lie safe.
I am afraid yon will And It a dltfi
eiilt tusk, as It Is a Chubb Special,"
said the king. Mr. X Inserted the
wire, felt with the wire inside, dell
entely twisted it here and there, then
onened the safe door.
Here vour majesty, your safe is
The king was very much astonished,
,md said: "You are the most danger
ous man 1 have ever met." Mr. X re
plied: "I would be were I not Uc
Mr. X is rarely In his store, as
his fame has traveled abroad and he is
often telegraphed for to start at a
moment's notice. Before the war he
wms culled many times to Berlin to
the ex-kaisers safe and ne was
tmiiended also to Francis .losepn
who of I eu left his keys inside his se-
crei safe, find would allow no one but
Mr. X to open or try to open It.
Many Diplomats Call Him.
inploinats. lawyers, doctors, all ca
him when they need a reliable doctor
lor their safes. When asked how lit
din i he trick. Mr. X said: "It I
Iv ii .illestio'i of touch. I Bill Ilk
of I.
c nic
The country will get back to the
pre-war level when it gets back it-pre-war
level heads.
Apparently the war stopped to.)
soon. VVc didn't make the world safe
for high production costs.
The difference between the harem
system and our divorce system is
that the harem keeper has to sup
port them all at once.
The healing processes ot peace
have gone so far that you seldom see
the word camouflage in print now
Fables: Once upon a time there
was a woman who didn't believe her
husband did most of the work at the
Man can forgive a woman who has
more authority than he has, but he
can't forgive one
brains than he has.
ist who. without openitin
., i,.ii l,v ,.vninihliiL' a patient, hj
touchim: him what is the mailer ii
ice. .i:'tiim'hg "f safes is like n tl
iv. With my wire I can 1
trouble inside the lock. I'.
sides, my experience 1 Inherileil fro
''iitlier. wln in his time was the on
lock specialist in the world."
Sinoei lines il takes five miiriles. at
efien he has to probe for minuli
ec iinlf mi hour, hut never in his lifi
has he had to damage lock In oi'd
le open a safe. lie is ljie lliosl e
pert lock specialist in Europe in
tilli this talent has reieiriieil alwa
alt honest man who uec'es j
fess'iui. -Xi.-.v York T:i'":ne
Kansas City, Mo. Keulien i
of Paris, Mo., met face to face in a
Denver (Colo.) street a man whom he
thought he had killed 14 years ago
and the memory of whose alleged
dealli had haunted him nil these years.
A loiter telling of the remarkable
cuse came ft mil Denver to I. H.
Shalzer. manager of the Tool Specialty
company. It was from Shatzer's half
brother, ltoiibcn E. Hall.
Hall, a young farmer near Paris,
Mo., went to the Kansas harvest fields
to work in r.H'7. lie disappeared. The
letter received by Mr. Sbatzer was
signed with a strange name. Harry E.
Thomas. It contained this story of the
disappeiiriiiuv of the new name:
In Perpetual Torment.
For I t years Hull, under the mime
of Harrv E. Thomas ot Leuci, mi
quaked at the sight of a police officer,
lie has avoided nil persons he knew
when he was Hall. He has spent wake
ful nights, fearing arrest for murder.
wife and then a child served to add
to bis anxieties. What, if they should
discover he had killed a uilin?
Hut the worry is over. Thomas wus
walking rec-titly on a Denver street.
lie met the man for whose murder he
beiieved he was hunted, the letter
1 1 1. All,Ul
tales. J lie. two recoginncu e.o i...".
the same time. The "niurilered
. . . ... I.:.. !.i fri-eut-lmr
inn hem mil ins ii.uio o. h'
I : in night I killed you," 'i nomas
nsiiei .
band, no." the "victim repneu. i
was only oruiseo n niuv.
Iii i lie 11 years since his disappear
nce Hall's family has mourned him
s .ii id. ltelntives a fit i' a diligent
ein-cii. took steps lo collect his insur
ance, but lacking proof of death, were
unable to do so.
Of what happened after Hall, witn
.SIT". In wages, lett ine uarvesi iiciun
the letter has this to say:
I eot into a dice game. 1 won ?7ou.
One of the heavy losers was John Wil
liamson. He and I fought over uie
game, then patched up our differences.
Friendly, we climbed into a oox car iu
to Kansas City. We quarrelled
iL'uln. fought, and Williamson icn
from the train in the fight.
Not Guilty of Murder.
Hie next day 1 read in a paper
that the body of an unidentitieu niuu
had been found on the railroad right
of way. 1 was not guilty of murder,
but to prove It was a illtterent imng.
Others had seen us quarrel.
I went West, changed my name to
Thomas and grew up wnn me rounnj.
Finally I settled in Denver, was mar
ried and now have a aaugnier six
venrs old.
"You cannot, imagine the relief now.
Williamson went home with me, and
we told my wife and daughter. 1 am
the happiest man In the country. We
tire coming to see you and all the rest
of the folks right away. I can hardly
who has more
Reformation Safer.
Tne roughneck politician burst ill!
the lawyer's office and in an excited
inuuuer asked :
"What would you do if a paper
should call you a thief ami a liar?"
"Well," said the lawyer scrutlniz
ingly. "If I were you I'd toss up a
nickel to see whether I'd reform or
pay r.o attention to the statement."
The world became civilized after
men learned that the wages of the
producer are a first
commodity produced.
lein on the
We have our prides, but it must be
confessed that the cultural influ
ence of America in Europe is large
ly agricultural.
whn the modern daughter is fee-
line especially gracious, she is will
ing to concede that her mother is a
"nice old thing.
in fotnro vears. both parties will
brae about winning the war; but it
doubtful if either will brag about
tk shipping board.
The house shortage was made
more acute when prohibition emp
the Jails; but thank goodness
people can still stay at the movies.
The nessimist isn't as numerous
as he seems. Three frogs croaking
n a Dond make more noise than tne
water that turns the mill wheel.
Entire Educational System of Country
Under Direction of American
Lima. Peru Virtually the entire
educational system of Peru Is now un
der the direction of American profes
sors who were called upon here recent
ly to complete an educational reform
niovement begun fen years ago.
The foreign educational experts are
to develop the system, from the pri
mary grades to the university, In ac
cordance with the special needs of
each section of the country.
Dr. Harry Erwln Bard, formerly sec
retary of the I'aii-Aiiierican Society
of the rniteil States and formerly
connected with the Philippine educa
tional mission, was chosen by Presi
dent I.eguia to direct the reorganiza
tion. Dr. Baird has been appointed
general of education, and under him
are more than twenty American professors.
landscape and watch the baseoail
games. He will soon be himself
Mr. and Mr3. W. Q. OaTtledge and
Miss Addie returned on Saturday
night from a two months' visit in
New England and points in Virginia
and Tslorth Caroliqa. While in the
latter state they visited the home of
the gentleman whom Mr. Cartledge
refers to as the "Prince oi worm
Carolina," at Lincolnton. The Prince
and Princess are none other than our
fellow winter citizens, Col. and Mrs.
E. S. Rein hardt. Mr. and Mrs.
Cartledge enjoyed their vacation
very much and certainly they took
on a new and livelier look.
Rev. C. E. Jordan, rector of the
Episcopal church, who has been ser
ving a church in IJhiladelphia during
the past two months, is expected
home today and it is likely services
will be resumed' in his church next
Sunday. It is whispered here that
Mr. Jordan has been called to the
rectorship of St. Johns church, Tal
lahassee, one of the strongest
churches in Florida.
Mrs. W. B. Sanders and her dau
ghter, Miss Kate Crawford, have re
turned from an extended visit in
IT' Crotirfid , til teflC1!
Virginia, .tiis ...
music in the public schools the com-
I ing school year.
I Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Middleton re
turned on Monday from New York
and some of the New England re
sorts, where they have been sojourn-
I U r firm . i , HIV U'PolfS
ing uiumg u,c " . precinct
Paul C. Smith accompanied lus1r
daughter, Mrs. Roy Perkins and
children home last Friday, returning
on Monday evenin
lives at Archer, Alachua county,
where Mr. Perkins is cashier of the
Mrs. E. E. Austin has returned
from a visit several weeks in Sa
vannah, and during which time she
has almost entirely recovered from
the effects of a fall sustained in the
i early summer
! Rev. W. L. Atkisson, who has been
occupying the pulpit of the Presby
tprmn church at Columbia, Tenn.,
during the months of July and Au
gust,i returned on Wednesday of last
week and reports an enjoyable va
cation. He has two sisters living
some twenty miles from Columbia, at
Lewisburg, Tenn., with whom he vis
ited. His brother, the Rev. K. V. At
kisson of Miami, was also with him
several weeks. Services were re
sumed at the Presbyterian church
last Sunday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Eaton had as
guest over the week end their son
in-law, Mr. George Oglesby, of Or
The Misses Dorothy Burton and
Mareuerite Grimsley will leave on
Sunday for Tallahassee, where they
will enter for their second year the
Florida College for Women.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cliff and
their young daughters, who have
been spending a couple of months at
Daytona Beach, where they had
cottage, returned home last week,
renortinir an exxcellent time and
comfortable through August, but
warm July.
Mr. S. F. Flick, who has been quite
ill for some three weeks, is out again
and making steady improvement.
Robert and Curtis Atkisson, sons
of Rev. and Mrs. W. L. Atkisson,
will leave this week for Gainesville,
where they will attend the Univer
sity of Florida, Robert as a Senior,
and Curtis as a Freshman.
The Crescent City public schools
will open for the fall term on the
26th inst., and the boys and girls are
following proposed charter!
"Don't get hurt" is an excellent
slogan, but it appeals to the wrong
class. What we need is something
in the nature of "Don't hurt anybody."
Regions Isolated by Desert! Made
Accessible by Aerial
nvivale home or boarding house,
Dr. Harbison is surely setting the
none for advancement and has ai-
, -i J fVia londershiU
ready Deen eieuieu m i. .
in the procession for an improvea
and growing Crescent City.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Board of Trade will be hed at the
V. I. A. hall on next Monday night.
Mr. Chafer will be there to tell us
about the progress of the board's
hotel project, and the water worKS
proposition will also have a place in
discussion. It should De an imp"'-
taut meeting. And every member
should be present, as well as every
citizen not enrolled in the list of
The second move in the act of m
eomorating the Peoples State Bank
of Crescent City was enacted last
Monday when the temporary officers
were named" and formal 'application
for letters patent, incorporating the
bank was executed. This applica
tion was forwarded to the Comptroll
er of the Slate on Monday and a copy
annears in this paper. The officers
of the bank, to serve until the stock
holders' meeting in January, are:
President, Dr. A. B. Harbison; vice
president, W. A. Russell; cashier, W.
C. Cartledge; directors, Dr. A. B.
Harbison. D. M. Gautier, W. A. Rus
sell, S. M. LaBree, h. S. Turner, C.
B. Morrow and V. I. Carrier, inis
bank will indeed be a Peoples' bank,
the stock of 250 shares has been
subscribed by some 50 different peo
ple, all but three of whom are all
year round residents of this election
The incorporators have
application for 85 shares more than
thev can supply. For purposes ot m-
rriuay, .etu.muB 250 shares are all
g Mrs. Perkins name o the geven incor
porators, but when the organization
is completed, will be divided among
the applicants. The organization of
this bank is everywhere regarded as
a most important move in an ad
vancement all along the line for Cres
cent City.
The Atlantic Coast Line depot at
this place was destroyed by fire be
tween 2 and 3 o'clock on Tuesday
morning. The loss is complete, as
the fire was well under way and burn
ing furiously when discovered, and
word phoned in by Mr. J. E. Bartlett,
who lives near the station. With the
depot of course went the little office
of the Express company, and one of
the tanks of the Standard Oil Com
pany, containing lubricating oil. The
big gasoline tank, about 100 feet east
of the depot, was not harmed. The
night was very still, else greater
damage mgiht hace resulted, as the
big packing plant of Chase & Co. is
but a short distance south of the de
pot, with other packing houses
strung along south of that. The old
depot was built some 25 years ago
and at a time when when connections
were made with Crescent City by
the boat line which plied the waters
of Bird Pond and Lake Stella, then
connected by a canal. The railroad
company was seriously considering
the erection of a new depot for Cres
cent City on the lot south of the
Standard Growers' Exchange pack-!
ing plant, and probably would have :
started the new building soon any-!
way. It now seems a certainty that !
Crescent City will soon have a new ;
and modern depot. The cause of the j
fire is only conjecture. It had been j
Labor Day and a big colored celebra-1
tion and ball game and picnic was on
in Crescent City, one of the contest-;
ing clubs being from DeLand. Some
50 or more colored people were here
from that city and they returned on '
the 1 a. m. train that morning. It is j
thought that some one in the crowd
of waiting passengers might have
The name of the corporation shall
be the Peoples' State Bank, and us
place of business shall be in the city
of Crescent City, in the county of
Putnam, and State of Florida.
The general nature of the business
tn he transacted shall be that of a
General Banking Business, with pow
ers incident thereto, as provided by
the Statutes of the State of r loriaa.
The amount of the capital stock of
said corporation shall be Twenty
five Thousand ($25,000) Dollars, to
he divided into Two Hundred and
Fifty shares of the par value of One
Hundred Dollars ($100) each, to be
paid in cash.
The term for which said corpora
tion shall exist shall be Ninety-nine
The business of the said corpora.
tion shall be conducted by the fol
lowing officers:
A president, one or more vice-presidents,
a board of Seven directors, a!
cashier, and such other officers and
employees as the corporation may
authorize. The board of directors
may appoint subordinate officers and
employees, with such powers, duties
and terms of office as they may pre
scribe, or as may be provided by the
by-laws, not inconsistent with tne
banking laws.
The directors shall be elected by
the stockholders at each annual
meeting. All other officers and em
ployees shall be elected annually by
the Board of Directors. The annual
meeting of the stockholders shall be
held on the Second Monday in Janu
ary in each year.
Until the officers elected at the
first annual meeting of the stock
holders shall be qualified, the bus
iness of said corporation shall be
conducted by the following-named
Dr. A. B. Harbinson, President.
W. A. Russell, First Vice-President
W. C. Cartledge, Cashier;
and Dr. A. B. Harbinson, D. M. Gau
tier, Wr. A. Russell, S. M. LaBree, C.
B. Morrow, L. S. Turner and V. I.
Carrier, Directors.
The highest amount of indebted
ness or otfier liability to which the
said corporation shall at any time
T T rtnri-ir. P.reflepnt Pa.. h
. . , V.H.JI, ,v ,
30 shares. jji
County of Putnam ) f '
Before me, the undersigned P.
ry Public in and for the Stattf
Florida at Large, personally rs
peared A. B. Harbinson, D. M. Gjie;
tier, W. A. Russell, S. M. UBreJ 1
B. Morrow, L. S. Turner and v!gs,
Carrier, all to me well known, tfs i
known to me to be the indivirkati
described in and who executed .the
foregoing proposed Charter of t '
Peoples' State Bank, and each y n
duly sworn severally aekntwletyoui
that he executed the same fopjie
uses and purposes therein exprtS!one
In witness thereof, I have hetjicti
to set my hand and affixed ray iy
rial seal this 5th day of Septetjwq
A. D. 1921. Bin
Notary Public, State of Fl ki.i
My Commission expires Febm ;
7th, 1922. d o
When you consider the steady, t; i
tinuous never-interrupted work the
manded of the kidneys, you do n
wonder that they must have or
occasionally to filter and cast vill
from the blood stream the waste t pi
ter that forms poisons and acid ai
permitted to ..remain, sore misin i
dizziness, floating specks, sallor;he
and irregular bladder action, Fr I
Kidney Pills give relief prompt?ot
For sale by J. H. Haughton- ofit
e r
Beginning September 8th myfew
will be divided between DeLantj i
Palatka. fft
Palatka, Monday, Tuesday ijn ;
Wednesday f0
DeLand Thursday, Friday at00
. Saturday '?
R. L. KNOX ;ud!
Optometrist and Mfg. Opticicti
Rates $1.00 Per day andiuni
Dr. Tumlin and GooH
Crescent City, Floridtgy
Calls answered promr.fi
Day or Night.
No. 191S
. i
five fW
Was awarded the
gasoline and one quart of oil
YOU an
subject itself shall be as limited and May be the fortunate one toous
defined by Section 2712, of the Gen-!our customers have an equal t'e'
eral Statutes of the State of Florida. '.... , .t ,h. as and ,ji ft
The names and residences of the i
subscribers, and the amount of cap
ital stock subscribed by each, are as
f ollows:
A. B. Harbinson, Crescent City, Fla.,
M. Gautier, Crescent City, Fla.,
40 sshares.
A. Russell, CrCescent City, Fla.,
we are giving away each day. ' 1
Watch this space daily fbec
l in
winning number
M. LaBree,
B. Morrow,
City, Fla,
Crescent City, Fla.,
H C. Merfw
and Co.
Gasoline, Oil and Tires
approaching that time with varying earelessly thrown a lighted cigar or
Loudon. Hegions that would have
lo wait many years before they could
! he traversed by railways are now
: quickly mastered by aerial transport.
' News comes from the air ministry
Whei thTworid is made perfect' .ha. a new ai, route has been opened
. ,.to will up across the desert between Pales-
even the metropolitan papers will Pg Mesopotama NotintatloII
fill space with items about Mr. ana i reeelved of le arrlva, at
Mrs. Smith motoring to Jonesville . fl o three alrplu,ies 0f the royal
Tuesday afternoon.
When Moses brought down the
doubtless those who said: ''Aw, we
Ten Commandments, there were
can't stop all killing; let's just have
limitation of killing."
If it's from the News' Jot Boob
it's good priuttof. .
air force which have flown over this
The new route Is about 580 miles
long. It starts from Kamleh, passes
through Amman and Kasr AzraW,
where landing grounds have been pre
pared, and proceeds thence In an alt
most straight line across the Arabian
Oesert to Ramadie on the Euphrates,
nrt (hence to Bagdad.
It is said that Col: and Mrs. R. S.
Reinhardt may decide to come to
Crescent City and open up their
home in a week or two. Col. Rein
hardt's big cotton mill, which had
been closed down since May 1st, was
started running again last Monday.
The Central Cafe, under the man'
airement of Mesdames Dissel and
cigarette stub where it smouldered
until it shot up in a blaze.
To Apply for Letters Patent
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned will apply to the Governor
of the State of Florida, at Tallah
see, for Letters lVtent, mcoipcr.-.
Fuller will open in a few days. These ing the People's State Bank, under
ladies have so improved the old the following proposed charter, the
building on Central avenue where original of which is now on file in the
the cafe is to be located, that instead office of the becretary of . State of
When the Pay Envelope
Comes Around
of its being an eye-sore, as in the
old days, it is now a pleasing part
of the upper Central aveue land
scape. The cafe will be conducted
in a manner to reflect credit to the
town and will serve as a great and
much needed convenience.
Dr. A. B. Harbison has purchased
the said State of Florida.
Witness our names this 5th day of
September, A. D. 1921.
What'do you dolwith the money that's in it
Youhave expenses, of course, but what do yo
do'with the residue ? You have pleasures, of
course every one needs them but surely our
pleasures cannot cost you the balance of your
weekly stipend ? The most seniible thing a
young person can do is to start a savings
account, however small. The sensation of
knowing that your money is earning money is
vastly better than the thought that you are
living right up to your income. Let this week
be the week you open an account. $1.C0 will
start Foriune your way.
East Florida Savings
Trust Company
ESTABusHEb ' ieao. ' ' '
iPal.tka, Florid

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