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mine, September 10, 1921
. MX.
I;-;co makes 50
cigarettes for
want you to have the
.t paper lor "BULL."
. now you oan receive
with eaoh package a book ,
l 24 leaves ol UUk.
he very finest cigarette
japer In the world.
Wesleyan Body Receives Gift
obe That Belonged to Found
. er of, Methodism.
Wesleyan Methodist Connexion
t received from one of its leud
men a gown that belonged to
uder of Methodism, according
ondon Dully News. John Wes
i In 1701,- so; that the garment
than ISO years old.
.has, of course, left Its marks
,e gown. some parts are uis-
and others are worn and
The material is heavy, and
worked in black, are flowers
dug horses. . As the great
was a little man, the gown
e hung about his heels.
aimed that the gown was a
if gown, but . it Is very dis
to the ecclesiastical garment
lording to authentic records,
teley wore in the pulpit. This
fesses an ordinary sleeve, and,
i speaking, it seems to accord
jstyle of a black study-gown.
C'lr of the gown has also pre
' hmir of slippers belonging to
rixnese are in guuu couuiuuu,
f the kind that be would
s study.
of course, traveled through-
Britain and Ireland in all
(m his preaching tours, and
""jggested that he wore this
jWu as a protection against
lie conditions.-
lesit'y museum contains a
Iber of interesting relies of
Charles Wesley. It possesses
Vchair of John, and presently,
pom the donor of the gown,
jyesley'g study chair will be
fe. - . :
jproportlou of the visitors to
n come from the overseas
and the United States,
interest in all that relates
y history of Methodism is
me nest.
I but it np
J was a hen
,p. It was
I .-I
3nt of Scottish Newspaper
ntion to. Remarkable fn-
nt He Has Observed.
. -... .
fit I discovered in the ivy
-wall 111 my. garden a nest
.fit the characteristics of a
-Jst, with plastered lining
' r fhich contained .two eggs.
' 'Ith small black spots the
s bng thrush, writes a corre
pater on 1 noticed a bird
Slhe nest Only the head
ppeared to me
hen blackbird and
some days he
ld the bird off the nest,
iking In, I discovered Hint
d lining of the nest had
ty covered with dried
that the nest contained
()f Ird's eggs bluish green
. ends. The two thrush's
Of . Ippenred. They could not
; (lie. foot -of the wall below
' I there was found on a
01 J.rthe wall the broken egg
fush. "When I discovered
of its outer wall was
as if a cat had climbed
endeavored to eluw out
J sitting. Is it possible
Hi may have been scared
nest taken over by a
adapted to her requtre-
'f of my friends, versed
!of birds, ever heard of a
''Edinburgh Scotsman.
'.n -
2Cnimdan Law.
" iin suite of Turkey the
jiiiiire rest In principle
the Koran, the Hadlth,
if Mohammed, and the
fes cif his successors, all
binding upon the sov-
atate as upon all Mos
(neeesslve sultan, how
led statutes as suited
purpose tml, by virtue
(e authority, his laws
(til others have swept
lia HO. pact o ,,.,nj.K frt i
It justice is the sultan.
) the inw as he thinks
pie. New Sort Trio-
Big Fight Made Soldjers Better Men,
Is Assertion Made by Man Who
. ' Knows Them. .
The American soldier came out of
the war with more religion than he
went In, according to ltev. Henry Rus
sell Talbot, canon of the National
cathedral, at Washington, who arises
to defend the doughboy from the libel
that the "war ruined him."
"lie Is a better man for having been
In the army," asserts the canon, refer-,
ring to the veteran, the Stars and
Stripes states.
Canon Talbot was senior chaplain of
the First division of the American ex
peditionary forces. In a communica
tion to national headquarters of the
American Legion at Indianapolis lie
admits the American, as he saw him
In France, was "uncommonly timid in
the exercise of his religion. He was
frightened at Ids own religious shadow
6r he might have been grossly ignor
ant of the content and practice of his
But as the First division's senior
chaplain, the canon was in charge of
all the private belongings of the 1,800
Americans killed in the ten days' fight
ing in the Argonnc, and In nine out of
every ten of the men's kits found a
crucifix, scapular, pruyerbonk or testa
ment. "And in those days," Canon
Talbot writes, "the First division was
not carrying anything it did not deem
essential.'. . '
"There was a kind of collectivism
which outruns the ordinary standards
of honesty," declares the cation, "but
underneath there was implicit, if not
explicit, reverence for the Son of
Man." .
Ex-Service Men Instinctively Line Up
When a Crowd Is Waiting to
Be Served.
Army training still manifests Itself
in civilian life, and former soldiers
automatically full nito line when they
must wait to be served.' In the army
the men spent a great deal of their
time waiting in line for mess, drawing
stuff from the supply sergenut and a
dozen other purposes.
The old army training revealed it
self strongly during the recenf hot
spell at the Brooklyn Central Y. M.
C. A., when apparently most of the
10,000 members sought to take advan
tage of the swimming pool. Crowds
of young men stormed the locker
rooms each evening. The ex-service
men set the exanlple by lining up nnd
taking their turns to reach the gate.
As each elevator disembarked its load
the former soldiers automatically went
to the rear. Younger men who had
not' had this training and sought to
edge In fnr up the Hue were promptly
pulled, out aud sent to their stution.
No ex-service man who has stood In
line to drnw a pair ofsocks or get a
mess kit full of -"slum" will permit
anyone to get ahead of him.
Varying Strength of Sunlight
There Is practically no such tiling
as overllghtlng, writes J. H. Kurlan
der, in describing for the General Sci
ence Quarterly n series of tests made
by the lighting service department of
the Edison lamp works. He adds: "In
vestigation of places which are said to
be overllghted will usually show that.
If anything, they are glaringly under
lighted." These tests showed that sunlight in
an open field measures 8,000-foot can
dle power (which means that It gives
the llluininntloa that would be given
by 8,000 candles a foot distant). Sun
light In a street between buildings
measures 3,000-foot candles. Shadow
in a street between buildings measures
'00 ; under a tree In the open, 500. The
light on an office desk next to a south
window lias an Intensity of. 110-foot
candles; one ten feet in, 70, and one
18 feet in, 50. At Inside benches be
tween two exposures only 20.
The Guileless Yokel.
James R. Howard, president of the
Farm Bureau federation, said In
Washington the other day':
"The farmer is going to market his
own product hereafter. The farmer
of the past, who let the middleman
collar all the profit of the farm, was
more guileless thnn Cornelius Husk.
"Corn Husk, yon know, dime to
New York to see his uncle. He got
off nt the Pennsylvania station and
asked a policeman how long a walk
it was to his uncle's place.
"'You'd better take the elevated,'
the policeman said, hnnding back the
card with the address on it. 'It's a
seven-mile walk to where you're
'Well, by crlnus, I'll walk her,
anyhow,' said Corn Husk. 'Seven
miles, though! Say, ain't there no
short cut across the fields?"
(Br Associated Press
Redwood City. Cal.. Sept. 15
William A. Hightower, itinerant ba
ker and casual laborer, charged with
the murder of the Rev.- Patrick E.
Heslin, a Catholic priest of Colma,
CaL, protested his innocence from
the first and, maintained that he
would be willing to havxe a full jury
of priests sit in judgment on him.
The killing of the priest developed
one of California's most notable
murder cases.
Father Heslin was called from his
home at Colma, a suburb of San
Francisco, about nine o'clock on the
night of Aug. 2 by a muffled stran
ger who said he wanted the prie'si
to administer the last sacrament to
a dying man. The two rode away in
a small automobile. ,
The following morning Miss Marie
Wendel, the priest's housekeeper,
notified the police of his failure to
-return, and search was begun. Miss
Wendel later identified Hightower as
the man who had. called for him.
,The day after the priest's disap
pearance the Right Rev. Edward J.
Hanna, archbishop . of the Catholic
archiocese of San Francisco, receiv
ed a typewritten letter demanding a
ransom of $6,500 for Father Heslin,
and saying that he would be killed
if the money was not paid.
Rewards totalling $8,000 were of
fered for the safe return of Father
Heslin or the recovery of his body.
In the early evening of Aug. 10,
Hightower called at the home of
Archbishop Hanna.
' Glided by Hightower, police start
ed late that night for Salada Beach,
a short distance southwest of Colma,
where Hightower said he believed the
body was buried. He declared that
a woman companion whom he knew
as Dolly Mason had told him that a
drunken foreigner had furnished her
with the infbrmation.
On arriving at the spot the party
quickly uncovered the body. The
priest's skull had been crushed and
he had been shot twice.
The San Francisco police, suspi
cious of Hightower's tale kept hini
in custody. They esstablished to
their own satisfaction, that Dolly
.Mason was a myth. A woman nam
ed Doris Shirley who Hightower as
serted, had accompanied him to San
Jose from San Francisco on the night
of the murder, denied it, and High
tower later admitted he had been
mistaken in the date.
A search of Hightower's room in a
San Francisco hotel revealed a tent
which corresponded with tent ropes,
pegs and flaps found at the scene of
the crime.
Auto Tops, Seat Covers and Paint
ing, Model Paint Trimming Co.
Children's Haircutting a Specialty
Strictly First Class White Barbers
Putnam Barber Shop
. 214 Lemon Street
S. J. Denmark, Pron' -Palatka, Fla.
Just Arrived !
New assortment- of Blue Bird China
Ware. Also a large assortment of
plain white china.
Both in sets and in individual
All kinds, white and white, blue and
white, gray and white.
Come and look this over.
Gomes & Kellum
This King Worried
Over Mineral Find
(Br Associated Press)
Papeete, Tahiti, Sept 15 The
king of Rurutu, one of the Austral
group ssouthwest of here in the
South Seas, is troubled by the dis
covery of valuable minerals on his
The natives of the Austral Islands
do not want white people among
them, and they put every obstacle
possible in the way of Europeans
who would settle there. They own
their own .schooners and bring their
island produce to Papeete from time
to time, and carry back with them
such supplies as they need, thus they
avoid frequent visits of white men's
They make no secret of their aver
sion and say openly that they do not
want white men to come on any er
rand whatsoever.
While Rurutu is part of the colo
ny owned by France the government
of the island is still in the hands of
the hereditary king of Rurutu who
directs the affairs of his people sub
ject to the veto of the Governor
General of the colony at Papeete.
The old king has resented the
threatened exploitation of his island
and has attempted to apply the prin
ciple that a concession given is not
valid in his" dominion.
Out of town Kodak finishing re
turned the same day received.
ilii I llis TZEEPING cool is
fl K lilmW JMlM an art for all ages
vmSifffl- In 1' 'V ' Let us show you the
MHwIJ Inty &A different styles of
ntJgj?l G-E Fans
Prices From $10.00 Up
Spencer Electric Company
Memorial for Baxter Dogs.
At the summer home of Governor
Baxter of Maine on Mackworth island,
Chsco bay, are burled all the ' dogs
owned by him which have died since
1887, fufrs a Boston dispatch to the
New York Times. The governor is now
having jnade a bronze tablet, giving
the names and record of these animals, j
This will rest on the face of a big
granite bowlder, around which the
dogs have been buried. ,
The dogs were nil of the Same fam
ily and strain of Irish setters. The
first and great grandmother was Clen-
eora, given to the governor In 1887. by j
his father, tlie late James P. Baxter t
of Portland, Me. -" " j
The governor has raised about seventy-five
of these dogs, and while he
has Sold a few, most of those he be
ot kept have been given to friends.
(Self Rising)
The standard in FLOUR. These are the
patents which all manufacturers try to equal,
but none succeed.
Sold on a money-back guarantee
Manufactured by
H. C. C0W Milling Co.
old by ' "
Merryday Grocery Co.
Distributors, Palatka, Fla
To Boast is to Invite Do: bt
To State Facts, Wins Confidence
For your information here are the population figures on four of
Florida's strictly resort cities:
1910 . 1915
1690 .
St. Petersburg
West Palm Beach
What has been (he cause of the remarkable growth of these re
sorts? Principally the great expenditures of money to make them at
tractive and the tremendous amount of energy spent in bringing visit
ors to realize their beauty and attractiveness.
You people here, scarcely appreciate the wonderful opportunities
that are in store for the future of Ocean City Beach.
In comparison with the above resorts, Ocean City Beach sur
passes all of them in Natural Beauty the land is ALL high with
good natural drainage.
In every way we invite comparison, weather exceptionally agreea
blell the year round, for fishing, for hunting, for golf, for boating.
The inland canal is at it's back door. In location it is ideal, 20 miles
nearer than Daytona and 282 miles nearer than Miami.
Ten years ago whoever thought any of the above towns would
grow into attractive cities? Only the men who had vision and back
ed that vision with their capital.
Who can predict what Ocean City Beach will be 10 years from
now, 5 years and yes, even 1 year from now?
Again men with vision and foresight will capitalize that vision
and again will money be made in astounding sums because of the
growth of Ocean City Beach.
Will You Be One of the Wise Investors?
Once more will you have the opportunity of seeing money made
thru real estate investments, is it to be YOUR profit or your neigh
bors? A Miami subdivision backed by several millions of dollars boasts
of the fact that 100 buildings have been erected or will be built on
their property within the next six months this is after two years of
lot selling. After four WEEKS of lot sales at Ocean City Beach are
34 new buildings to be built before spring with 6 of them now under
construction over $95,000.00 in improvements to be made at Ocean
City Beach.
If we can do this much in 4 weeks, what can happen in 2 years?
Right now is the time to buy lots at Ocean City Beach and make
money on the increased values.
We are contemplating a raise in prices of all unsold lots after Oc
tober 1st, 1921. This alone will make money for you.
You folks who are waiting what for, no one knows are you
going to let strangers buy up all the available lots and make money '
through your shortsightedness? . t
Call 412, Palatka, and a courteous salesman will gladly give you
more information. , ,
' October will soon be here. .
Crescent Realty Company
12 Merryday Bldg.
(Exclusive Sales Agents)
' Phone 412

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