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Friday Morning, Sefitemh
London, September 13 Modern
ministers are trained as mere "sales
men" instead of Christian apostles
and that is one reason why the people
generally have a luke-warm attitude
toward religion, dedlared the Rev.
Dr. J. S. Ladd Thomas of Chicago,
in an address here today before the
Ecumenical Methodist Conference.
The speaker said he saw "a real per
il" 'in the effort of denominational
leaders to force the ministry into a
narrow and mechanical scheme whose
direct aim is to produce the largest
immediate revenue.
"Poorly attended churches all over
the land bear witness to. the people's
indifferen.ce toward institutional re
ligion," said Dr. Thomas. "Full
churches are the exceDtion rather
than the rule. It is the empty
church which stares us in the face
and, 'more eloquently than words'
speaks of the attitude of that large
group of people who ' have rejected
institutional religion as something
unnecessary in their lives.
"They are pleaure mad; they have
s mania for materialistic indulgence
while their belief in the modern
church as the representative of God
and the Ambassador of Christ does
not express itself. The real probl
em," the speaker indicated, "is how
to vitalize the church so that she
may authoritatively and convincing
ly persuade men of their divine in
heritance and the mission of sacrifi
cial service."
Asserting that "the average artisan
lacks confidence in the church as the
champion of the 'square deal,' " he
"This indifference has arisen from
a misconception of God a wrong
teaching of God a wrong teaching
of the church and a wrong teaching
of the Christian life. In many of
the critical hours of history the
church has failed to impress the
world with an authoritative mes
sage which would bring light into
the dark hours on the subject of war,
the relations of capital and labor and
other vital questions which have been
Colonization Of j
Reclaimed Lands
Drainage Problem
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 15 Coloni
zation of reclaimed lands will be the
principal subject of discussion at the
tenth annual convention of the Na
tional Drainage Congress to be held
here September 22-24.
The convention will be attended by
landowners, farmers, drainage con
tractors, engineers and others inter
ested in the development of fertile
Reports of railroad colonization
commissioners ihid a report on meth
ods of colonization in cutover re
gions of Wisconsin will precede dis
cussion of colonis Vi- Other sub
1. 1
4 1 Ttt
considered are
g of drainage
age legislatipn
ency of electri-
ndrainage pump-
projects, sta
and the rel
city, stean
inc nlints'
Secretary tne y Sherman of Chi
cago report10 m! the governors of
South Can '"i8 Tennessee, Louisana.
Wv, Michigan and Mis
souri have ijiied delegates.
Speakers V 11 -iiclude Governor J.
A. O. Preus If Minnesota, Dr. F. H.
Newell of Washington D. C, former
head of the federal reclaimation ser
vice, H. B. Roe, a soil expert of the
University of Minnesota, and F. W.
DeWoIf, chief of the Illinois Geolog
ical Survey Division.
Waynesboro, Ga., Sept. 14 In a
fight with a posse of Burke county
officers near here tonight A. P. Peak,
of Columbia, S. C, an alleged liquor
runner was instantly killed. L. C.
Miller, of Lexington, S. C, his com
panion was lodged in jail here and
the automobile in which the men
were riding and eight cases of liquor
are being held by the authorities.
baffling the minds of men."
"Prophets and priests," Dr. Thom
as said, must "challenge the people
with a gospel that will restore confi
dence in the church, trust in Christ
and service to the world. The church
must not forget her social message
but she must also remember that
Christianity is a religion of the individual."
(Br Awroclateil l're.'l
London, Sept. 15 Moral standards
of the present day, changing from
the simple code of our forefathers,
are "excrescences growing out of the
war." declared the Rev. Dr. Elbert
Rbbb Zaring, editor of the North
western Christian Advocate, Chica
go, before the fifth Ecumenical Meth
odist Conference here today. "It is
a passing wave from which," he said
"we are slowly but surely emerging."
Dr. Zaring, in his address, refer
red to the pleasantry which passed
between a Chicago anil a New York
daily paper many years ago when
Chicago was developing the sky
scraping habit. t-nicago twuteu
New York on the fact and the Her
ald of that city replied there was no
city on the Western Hemisphere that
needed its sky scraped worse than
Chicago." Since then scores of ci
ties have gone into the sky-scraping
business," continued the speaker. "In
the spiritual meaning of thatl term
we must all scrape the sky to get a
correct idea of moral standards.
"The true moral standard is un
changeable. It lies like a 'great
snow-capped mountain range across
the horizon. It cannot change. This
moral mountain range which has set
the standard for all time sustains
the same relation to the moral world
that the Himalayas do to the physical
"Attempts have been m'ade to sub
stitute, but to no avail. Every once
in awhile you hear of a new set of
Commandments. Men of different
professions have issued Ten Conn
mandments. I have read of Ten
Commandments for husbands, for
wives, for students and even school
children. Revisers have even gone
into the field of the New Testament
and proposed Beatitudes different
from those laid down by our Lord.
All these attempts are futile and in
significant compared to the moun
tain range formed by the first Ten
Commandments let down out of
Heav,en through the medium of Mo
ses. They cannot be improved upon.
X. . '- '-".Vr.
- T
t 5 3
i 3 s t i 0 t t i.sj t ... a j t
"The Story of Plant Food"
"The SiorS of Plant
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eri a
m., .A...mn f moral stand'
ards is changing. We are today in
the trough of a wave. The war up
set everything, toppled our moral as
well as our intellectual and physical
standards. We have not recommenc
ed to keep house. Thus there are
certain retrogressions that are great
ly deplored and which some fancy
are a permanent lowering of the
moral standards. These are but ex
crescences growing out of the war.
Such a horrible program as was pro- j nmi a
jected upon the world could not but
leave in itsfrail a sordid conception
of morals. Thus, in the matter of
family ties, of physical habits, of our
amusements, we find people indulg
ing as they have not done for many
years past.
"This is but a passing wave. Even
now we are emerging therefrom.
Our conception of the moral stan
dard is liftintr. One of the most
hopeful phases of this development
of a moral ideal is the application
of the principal of Christianity to
the great world of industry about
us. There -is no question but that
we have a larger outlook in this field
than ever before.
"But the world has become com
plicated. There is no simplicity.
Everything is interwoven, enmeshed.
'No man liveth to himself and no
man dieth to himself in any sense
whatever. Once upon a time we did
not care how a man made his money
just so he distributed it properly.
Now we are not so anxious about
the distribution of his money as how
he made it. I have great hopes for
the future. The moral standard is
lifting gradually. The line marked
upon the side of the great and eter
nal standard set by Christ Himself
is gradually mounting. Some day
but not now we may reach the tip
of the standard."
Sex Equality Has
Long Existed On
Squirrel Islands
"(By Aol'lnel !.)
Squirrel Island, Me, Sept. lo
Fifty years ago twenty men bought
this island for a retreat from city life
the hot months of the year, lorm-
commiinity ami gave 11 iw.
, Wal o-overnment.
Now their children are celebrating
the golden jubilee of the
,t nf the Maine summer colony
idea. They declare that while sum
mer homes had dotted the coast of
Maine before 1871, it was the success
s,,i,irn.l Island Community
that led to the founding of other col
onies all the way from Kittery U
Founded for freedom and fun mod
ified bv church and village regula
tion, the Squirrel Island Association
was from the first on a basis of sex
winalitv. Women voted with men
a mniniift described as being
"as obedient to Divine Guidance as
that of the Mayflower Pilgrims."
Association added that the Nebraa-,
ka, Maryland, Minnesota, Kansas,;
Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ken
tucky and -North Carolina associa
tions were studying the subject
Thet plan of self government for
the bar is not new on this continent,
according to Mf. Iddings. It is in
effect in Canada, he said, while the
Inns Court of England, which serve
as a model, have been in existence
for centuries. ' ,
"Only seventeen percent of the
work of a lawyer is done in court,
the other 83 per cent of his liveli
hood is earned away from the 'all
seeing eye' of the judge," he said.
"Self discipline"anfl self government
are required now as never before."
There are 23,000,000 surplus wo
men in Europe, and continued talk of
aggression leads us to suspect that1
there are also a few surplus men.
(Bjr Ane ( J
constructed of materia
builders' supply m
chased with contribute
estate -dealers, emfe
workmen free of m,i '
by furniture dealers wiij
v onnor and her ni1(
Frank O'Connor, ft
ui-ine iamuy, a! t;J
several months aw. ff
ily he left was. on diet
evicted, the New Orlm'
auuui, tneir plight. It,
ssponse was immeduti
the h,
i pret
fh ws
bet of
icome ,
frieht I
Rub-My-TLsmfaT'tly a
septic. Cures infecW Jwere g
tetter, etc. ite a 1
'ea i
Ohio Plans Some
Protection From
Shyster Lawyers
Britain Prepares
New Coal Station
Hj Aiinoelntcil Pr'i
PaPeete, Tahiti Sept. 15 Great
Britain is preparing to establish a
naval coaling station at Penrhyn Is
land, a large atoll about 700 miles
north of here, according to report
received from a British warship that
recently visited Tahiti.
Penrhyn 'is famous in the South
Seas as a rich pearl island.
Tops Dressed while you wait at
Model Paint & Trimming Co.
Ht AorlntfO Trffn)
Thivron. ().. Sent. 15 The
tary state bar association of today!
is due to give way to an association j
created under state statute to which j
every lawyer is required to belong,
according to Daniel W. Iddings of,
this city, president of the Ohio State j
Bar association. i
The object sought is protection of
the public and the legal profession
from the unscrupulous lawyer. The
associations would have disciplinary
powers. !
A definite movement to this end
which has already made considerable
progress is reported by Mr. Iddings. i
He noted that North Dakota has
mad? all lawyers of the state mem-1
bers of the association which is giv-j
tn broad powers to evolve such or
ganization as it sees fit. The law,
went into effect July 1.
In Florida, a more comprehensive
bill recently passed the state senate.;
The Michigan senate has passed a
similar bill and in Ohio one was in
troduced in the Senate but failed to
pass. The president of the Ohio Bar!
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