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jMorninsr, September 27, 1921.
Notice this delicious
flavor when you
smoke Lucky Strike
it's sealed in by
the toasting process
(Br Aoclnted Pimm.)
eW York, Sept. 26 Unusual
Is, brilliant performances of indi-
lial players ana ireany mings
f entered into many of the series
the world s baseball champion
Such occurences are recalled
jh'year in fandom and lend to the
E illative interest in me viibuiihuu
games about to be played.
the- outstanding feature of the
les in 1908, in which the Chicago
s defeated the Detroit Tigers,
the hurling of Pitchers Overall
Brown of the Cubs. Overall
L two games, the second, in which
allowed the Detroits four hits and
L iix to one, and the fifth in which
allowed three hits and won two to
jiwn shut out the Tigers in the
irth game, three to nothing. The
fen getting but four hits off his
ird delivery.
In 1909, "Babe" Adams, the vete-
Pittsburgh hurler, won three
Les for the Pirates, the first, fifth'
seventh, against Detroit ' Hans
Spier, the Pirate shortstop,, played
llimtly, as did Monarty, the ve
in tbird-sacker.
Sender and Coombs pitched and
to the entire series for the Athlet
I against the Cubs in 1910.Coombs
fn ill three games in which he
irted and Bender won one and lost
ft. Eddie Collins performed brill-
my aneia ana ai dbi ior me mut
n, The Cubs were favorites to
p in the series. t
She home runs of Frank "Home-
Baker contributed largely to
It Athletics victory over the Giants
the series of 1911. In the seer
tae Baker's homer put th rn
in the lead and hi "
ird game tied. ''7"' .,
.i tn nnvp rnp crump, on
lants appo
ints aplenty were had in the
2 games between the Boston Bed
r. iii .
cox ana me JNew York Giants. In
the eighth game at Boston on Octo
ber 16, the score was tie in the ninth.
The Giants scored one in the tenth
and led. Harry Hooper robbed fiem
of a run that may have staved off de
feat by leaning over the fence and
taking Doyle's long hit which would
have been a homer. Then disaster
befell the Giants in Boston's half.
Snodgrass muffed a long fly by En
gle who batted in place of Wood, the
Boston hurler, whose hand was in
jured Jn the previous inning when
he stopped Catcher Myers' hard lin
er. Engle took second on the muff.
Snodgrass then made a magnificent
catch of Hooper's fly which seemed
tried all his cunning to strike out
good for three bases. Mathewson
Yerkes, and failed, Yerkes walking.
Speaker hit the first ball pitched for
an easy foul which should have been
caught by firstbaseman Merkle. As
it occurred later, by capturing this
foul Merkle would have saved the
game for the Giants for Speaker
singled, sending Engle ,across the
pan with the tieing run. Yerkes"
stopped - at .third. Gardner sent a
long fly sacrifice to Decore and Yer
kes sped across with the winning run.
In 1913, the Athletics won from
the Giants again. One of the bright
spots in this series was the great
pitching duel between Mathewson of
the Giants and Plank, of the Athlet
ics, in the second game. The Giants
won in the tenth inning, batting
Plank for three runs. Barry, Col
lins and Baker the great Athletic in
fielders performed well. Bender
pitched Philadelphia to victory in
two games.
The Boston Braves, who had made
a great fight in the National League
and won their way from the cellar
to the pennant, upset all dope in 1914
by winning four games straight from
the world's champion Athletics. Lit
tle John Evers pulled one of the
greatest "bone-head" plays in world's
series history in the tenth inning of
the third game. With the bases full,
Baker hit a hard grounder to John.
John juggled the ball and looked
dumb while two men crossed the
The hitting and fielding of George
Duffy Lewis featured the 1915 series
between Boston Red Sox and the
Philadelphia Nationals. He drove in
Speaker with the Sox's only run in
the eighth inning, first game. In the
fourth game his . two-bagger sent
across the winning run, for Boston
in the sixth inning, ; ge,', collected
three of his team:R,six,ii off .Alex
ander in the third game which the
Six won in the ninth on his Bingle
which drove in a run. More than
43,060 persons witnessed the game.
Harrv Hooper, of the Boston Kea
Sox, the same player who saved his
team the series in 1912 by v"'"
Doyle's long hit as it went
i,i hrilli- Same lur
v y fv, " of 1916 against
his team in the 333 payed
Br00ktly!:.afield. His hits were
S'"!!ne1y and contributed to the Red
!?ox victory.
"Babe" Ruth, now the home-run
champion and a member of the New
York Yankees, pitched the Red Sox
to two victories over the Chicago
Cubs in 1918. Tyler's pitching and
hitting also helped the Sox to win
the series. Carl Mays, who also is,
DOne UrV ColletTA for prose.ution,
" -WilUonV .T Rnma. Met nt tha hi,.
CoiirSe IS Planned reau' explained that establishment of
T? i nt the school was the first step to do
1 VI VJOinanOieUtn away with hit-or-miss. methods
"We are going to teach our men to
get results," he said. "Shipshod in
vestigation, making discoveries only
by chance, is going to stop. And
men who cannot be taught to be ef
fective will be dropped. ,
"Federal investigators are going
to learn right away that they are not
to flash their shields for their own
amusement; and they are going to
learn that the real object of this bp
reau is to protect citizensand to pre
vent crime, not just to arrest crooks.
We are not going to set the world
afire, but we are going to give this
couatry a detective, service of which
its citizens can be as proud as the
English are of Scotland Yard."
Edward J. Brennan, division su
perintendent of the bureau, asserted
that, to permit department officials
to get a line on their men, recruit3
would put in a month of study be
fore being placed on active duty.
"Otherwise he would be helpless
By Amnclatul Prenai
New York, Sept. 26 Department
of Justice agents are going to school
to read books and learn how to be
detectives. .
The curriculum of the school, just
started by the Bureau of Investiga
tion, includes study of such techni
calities as the laws of search and ar
rest, rudiments of evidence, rights
of citizens and preparation of cases
a member of the Yankees this year,
won two games for Boston by his
airtight hurling.
Last year the triple play made by
Wambganss of Cleveland in the fifth
inning of the fifth game against
Brooklyn; Elmer Smith's homer with
three on in the first inning of the
fifth game and Bagby's homer with
two on in the fourth inning of the
same game were features. Speaker,
the Cleveland manager played well.
You need the Legion the Le
gion needs you. Are you go
ing to do your share now? Or
are you going to continue to
let others do it for you?
C. HOWARD ROWTON, Post Adjutant
when he started out," he continued.
"If without training he were sent
out to investigate a bank robbery,
he would not even know where to be
gi. He would not know how to pro
ceed with a search without getting
into legal difficulties. He would not
know where the state and Federal
jurisdictions overlapped.
Work of moving the old tin build
ing which formerly sat on Reed
street to the southwest corner of the
school lot between Oak and Laurel
streets has been completed. This
building will be used for storage pur
poses until the next scholo building
is erected.
pomestic Service
In New York Being
Done by Housewife
(By Aminrlntod Prea)
New York, Sept. 26 Domestic la
bor is so scarce in New York that in
thousands of homes, normally well
supplied with servants, the mistress
is doing her own housekeeping.
Maids and buttlers are said by em
ployment bureaus tq prefer being out
of work to taking jobs at less than
the high wage scales prevailing last
Of many reasons advanced by em
ployment agencies for the failure of
servants and employers to agree, one
of the most common is that prespeo
tive maids seek work only because
their husbands are jobless and are
refused places because prospective
employers, will not consider appli
cants for temporary positions.
Prevailing wage scales are said by
employment agencies to be: cooks,
$50 to $70 a month; general house
workers, $40 to $50; chambermaids,
$50 to $60. Japanese butlers com
mand $100 to $125 a month with
board and lodging.
Auto Tops, Seat Covers and Paint
ing, Model Paint Trimming Co.
If it's from the New' Job Room
it's good printing.
How Far Will Your
Dollar Go Today?
Beautiful Footwear
Is Always Admired
There is satisfaction of course in having
footwear that pleases your own fancy, but
the pleasure is even greater when you know
that it has the full approval of others. Our
distinctive : shoe ser
vice assures smart
ness, anditkcorrect-
Footwear that will
please you and that
others will admire.
Fine Black Kid
What you get for a dollar determines its value. And
the secret of economical buying is information. The man
or woman who is best informed is the one who buys to best
Every day this newspaper contains information that
you should have in order to increase your buying power.
The advertisements are intimate little lessons in economy.
They are notices of how, where when and for what your
dollar will go farthest.
This advertising awaits your pleasure. It does not
. force, itself upon you. At your convenience you can study
it to learn where to go for the productor service you require
-o discover where and how you can buy most easify and
" to best advantage.
It's a fascinating and worth while practice to see just
how you can make your dollar do its best for you. '
The Advertisements' Will Tell You
... ii I U.. ,4 nnA Iccrv niimpi-C in nurriMlliJr trior T KoirP -rfnrl o Thi ret C ICC Qrri;li Qro-irn nt T rvo t t t I omv. n
WISh tO announce tO tne pUD.llC gntia J l t Ua R,mn.RPnn nlsnr in WtcrmviH onrl r,n frnm th Sp,;,p Qrori'rm tU ll,iAa Af.
Having secured the services of a first class meuw npnP, uJu tn nrp in Purnam r Wnr. '
at Atlanta, I am in a position to give you service yu
Completely Equipped Garage
"We Serr."-that is my motto. All repairs promptly
attended to. Reasonable Prices.
Vesta Storage Battery Service
The VchU is the only Storage Battery gold that gives a
written guarantee for Two Years. All Battery work
guaranteed. Recharging all makes a Specialty.
Goodrich Tires
I operate a fully equipped service station for Goodrich
Tires. I have all sizes and fabrics. -
Free Air
Palatka, Fla.
A Full and Complete Line of Accessories in Stock
Texas Gas
w. c Sunn
Motor Oils

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