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flalatha iOatlu ECgma
Thursday Mornins
The Clcan-Up Squad, sent out by
government airenoies, the Red Vross
and the American Legion arrives in
Gainesville on Octobe r6, and will
establish headquarters at the court
house. The squad will remain there
until October 10th, during which
time, the members will work with on
end in view and that end is to get in
touch with every ex-service man
who has a clai magainst the govern
ment, and set in motion the machin
ery to get quick and satisfactory ad
justment of that claim.
The paramount idea of the Clean
up Squad is to cut red tape that has
prevented hundreds of disabled vet
erans and ex-service men in general
from receiving the compensation that
the government is glad to give. In
this work the Red Cross and the Le
gion have every assurance from the
government of complete and whole
hearted cooperation.
Under the plan of campaign, the
Squad composed of experts who are
thoroughly familiar with every de
tail of the workings of the War
Risk Insurance Act and the Voca
tional Rehabilitation Act, will get
in personal touch with every man
who has a claim or who thinks he
may have a claim, take up his case
as an individual proposition, avoid
lengthy and nerve wrecking corre
spondence and get results.
To reduce trouble, delay, and ex
pense to a minimum, the Squad will
furnish each disabled veteran, who
reports at squad headquarters, with
transportation back and meals and
lodging until his business is completed.
Baseball Results
At Chicago 3, Cincinnati 1. "
At Boston 5, Brooklyn 9.
No others scheduled.
At Philadelphia 4, Boston 5.
No others scheduled.
Fort Worth Champions
Fort Worth, Sept. 28. The Fort
Worth Panthers, twice victors in the
Texas league, today won their second
consecutive baseball championship
of the south, defeating the Memphis
team, pennant winners of the South
ern Association, 3 to 0. Today's game
gave the Fort Worth team the chain
pionship with four games out of six
played. Score:
Memphis 000 000 0000 6 2
Fort Worth 100 020 OOx 3 6 0
Batteries: Tuero and Hungling;
Pate and Harwaorth.
Head of Miners In
Kansas Defies His
Superior Officers
Indianapolis, Sept. 28. Alexander
Howatt, president of the Kansas
Miners, was directed today by the
vote of the convention of the United
Mine Workers of America to order
strikers at two Kansas mines back
to work, but immediately after the
convention decision he declared he
would not carry out the order. No
announcement was made by the un
ion officials what steps, if any, would
be taken to enforce the decision. In
voting, the convention had before it,
Howatt's assertion that he would be
expelled from the union before he
would obey such an order. By its
vote the convention sustained Presi
dent John L. Lewis and other inter
national officers in ordering the re
sumption of work which had not been
obeyed by Howatt.
League Pacifies
Another Bellicose
South American
Geneva, Sept. 28. The League of
Nations leaders breathed more freely
today when the assembly passed all
danger of the immediate defection
of another South American state.
Bolivia's acceptance of the opinion
of the jurist's ruling her request for
a revision of the treaty of 1904 has
ended the matter, so far as this as
sembly is concerned.
It is learned in Bolivian circlse
that the conflict cannot be considered
as entirely eliminated from the league
as Bolivia will immediately set about
revising her application to the as
sembly to make it conform to the
provisions of "the covenant; then she
will renew her demand to the next
assembly that.it invite Chili to con
sider revision of the treaty which
Bolivia holds is no longer applicable
to the situation between the two
By Associated Press
Gainesville, Sept. 28. Dr. Wilmon
Newell, director of the Cooperative
Extension Work in Agriculture and
Home Economics, has made public
the preliminary program for the
Sixth Annual Livestock Roundup to
be held here October 6 to 7.
Te initial session will include an
address by Dr. Newell W. C. Las
setter will discuss Pay-Day on the
Farm, Dr. N. W. Sanborn, How to
Get More Eggs, and a discussion of
Flirida against Western Conditions
for Livestock will be conducted by
Jesse M. Jones. An auction sale of
dairy calves will be held in the af
ternoon and Dr. H. A. Morgan, presi
dent of the University, of Tennessee,
will speak in the evening.
The morning session, the last of
the meeting, will be devoted to an
address on poultry by Dr. Sanborn,
while various phases of cattle and
hog raising will be discussed by L. S.
Harvard, L. M. Rhodes, of the State
Marketing Bureau, and Dr. A. L.
Shealey. C. A. Cobb, editor of the
Southern Ruralist will deliver an
address on cooperative marketing.
Speakers at the afternoon session
will include Prof C. H. Willoughby,
J. M. Burgieres, J. M. Scott and S.
W. Hiatt.
Jacksonville Sept. 28. Passage
of an ordinance designed as a curb
to "loan sharks" has been recom
mended by the laws and rules com
mittee of the city council. The
measure fixes an annual license of
$100, a maximum .interest rate of
3 1-2 per cent, and would require
money lenders effected by it to' exe
cute a $1,000 bond. The measure
would apply only to persons and
firms lending sums of $100 or less.
DeLand, Sept. 28. Stetson Uni
versity's football eleven will be
somewhat light this season, accord
ing to those who have studied the
prospects of the team. Practice i3
well underway under the direction of
Coach Allen. More than two squads
have come out so far, and leaders of
Jhe school are calling for a more
general response. Many of the boys
are holding back, it is said, because
they consider themselves too light,
and Leslie, one of th elightweight
candidates, is being held out as a
good reason why no one should fail
to come out because of lack of weight,
The team is developing speed, and
this with a good morale is expected
to go a great way in overcoming the
handicap in weight.
Russian Bolshevik
Government Sends
Out More Warnings
(Br AfMortntrd PrriM)
London, Sept. 28. What purports
to be another warning issued at Mos
cow by .the Third Internationale, has
reached a number of European capi
tals. It is signed with the names of
the President of the Internationale
and eight of its members, including
Karl Radek and Bela Kun.
The document, which is addressed
to "Our World Comrades," warns
them to be on guard. It describes the
Russion soviet government at the
present moment as being "between
the hammer and the anvil," and says
the danger . threatens "the entire
world revolution."
Shrine Hospitals
For Six Cities In
America Selected
(Br Aoclad Pr.l
Atlanta, Sept. 28. Locations of
six of the nine free hospitals for crip
pled children which the nobles of the
Mystic Shrine are to establish in
various parts of North America, at
acost of $2,000,000, have been de
cided upon by the trustees who met
in St. Louis, it was announced by
Atlanta Shriners tonight.
A hospital to cost $300,000 will be
built in St. Louis and institutions
costing $200,000 each will be erect
ed in Shrevcport, La., San Francis
co, Portland, Ore., the twin cities of
St. Paul and Minneapolis, and Mon
treal, Canada. Locations of the other
three, one of which is to be in Vir
ginia, one in New England and one
in Central Pennsylvania, according
to present plans, will be determined
upon at a meeting of the trustees
next January.
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Louisville & Nashville, and others.
Number Twelve Illinois Central,
Seaboard Air Line, Carolina, Clinch-
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stomach or other ills that result from
indigestion and constipation, you can
get relief with Foley Catrartic Tab
lets. They are a genuine, wholesome
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Above Prices for this Week Only. None Charg-ed-None
Palatka, Florida
field & Ohio, alternatively, and others.
Number Thirteen-Union Pacific
lines, Chicago Northwestern, Wabash
lines west of the Missouri( and others.
Number Fifteen-Chicago, Bur
lington & Quincy, Northern Pacific,
Spokane, I'ortiana a 0w, -
others. . ....
Number Fifteen Lnicago,
waukee & St. Paul, Great Northern,
and others.
Number Sixteen Atchhon, Topeka
& Santa Fee, Colorado & Southern,
Denver & Rio Grande, western ra
eific, and others.
Number Seventeen Southern Pa
cific Company, Chicago, Rock Island
& Pacific, El Paso & Southeastern,
Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific,
and others.
Number Eiiteen-Sd, , Louis-San
Francisco, St. Louis Southwestern,
Chicago & Alton, Missouri, Kansas
& Texas, San Antonio, Avaldo &
California, and others.
Number Nineteen Chicago & Eas
tern Illinois, Missouri Pacific, Texas
& Pacific, Gulf Coast lines, and
The commission noted that Cana
dian railroad subsidaries, such as the
Minneapolis, St. Paul & Saulte Ste.
Marie and the Central Vermont, had
"The World's Best Flour"
Mack the Piano Tuner
Wn eliminated from its consolida
tion and that water carrier.) where
controlled by railroads concerned,
were included. ' "
Real Estate
STOP at the;
Putnam House
Rate $1.00 Per day and up.
Mattresses Made Over
Old Matrresses Made New
Work Guaranteed
Prices Right
VegoIHair Mfg. Co.
Phone 432 6th Street
Cabbage Plants
AH varieties for sale. BOO parcel
post, $1.25; 1000 parcel post, $2.00.
2000 or more by express, $1.50 per
Children's Haircutting a Specialty
Strictly First Class White Barbers
Putnam Barber Shop
214 Lemon Street
S. J. Denmark, ProD- .Palatka, Fla.
Out of town kJ
turned the Hn,
Play ciw
Is it your move! 1,
move anything,
Baggage, Furnifo,
Hauling. Furnite(
service our mottr
W. H. Zorn
Was awarded th. J
gasoline and one q,J
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'unity to get tke ,
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winning J
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High Grade Silks
Our line of New Fancy Taffetas
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ages. These are soft Chiffon Taf
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$2.25 yd. .
Fancy Kimora Silks
There is no more attractive gar'
ment for the home than a pretty
Japanese Silk Robe or Kimona.
Come and see our new stock of
Fanck Silks.
$1.45 and $2.50 yd.
Evening or Dinner Silks
These exquisite silks are all any
lady of fine taste will demand for a
fine dress for evening w ear. We
have them in several materials
$1.95 to $5.95 yd.
Beldings Guaranteed
This Taffeta is guaranteed for two
seasons, and with care will last for
years. Ve also have a nice line
of the cheaper grade Taffetas.
New Fall Woolen!
Our stock of Wool Dress
includes many grades andFl
One lot of 40 in. Storm Sera
85c yd.
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$1.25 yd.
both all wool.
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plaids Pretty quality and
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- $3.95 yd.
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Here is another medium
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isfactory wearing maten;
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and you will find a good
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"e" ' . P. M. ,re Cl0se jf P. ,,.
- -J
m ?

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