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ISb'-1 "4 ,' . " j fc, V -
1 Dawaihim
tri I're
F : .v r.nv in Anatolia,
leun' J
(Mustapha Kernels
Uich have passed through
jlioei, it 's "oW little more
se organization w.
inecrs and herdsmen re
th rnuntrv-
orce J'"1"
. , j i)ca pnrresnond-
sociatea i ,
0f these captives at
bled nothing so mucn s a
. in torn, threadbare gar-
most of them had no shoes
26 percent had uniforms.
Ikiii were aressea in rag-
lothine and some were
in burlap bags. Only the
re well attired but no two
niforms were alike. Scores
.icnnsrs were wearing tne
L shoes of dead Greek
.km they had stripped.
Lion with the soldiers dis-
t the rank and hie ol He-
were pretty weary of the
were ready to give them-
but desertions were pun-
death, thoy said. The of-
riewed, however, gave no
ession. They declared ft.e-
followera would fight to
he Turkish soldiers have
ire under wretched condi-
have been obliged to sub-
on sucn meagre rations as
found along the country
r Greek adversaries pay
lute to their bravery and
fjalities. They have stood
form of attack, from rifle
ry (ire to bayonet and gre-
h conscious of being out
two to one by the Greeks,
clung to their position
:e tenacity. The Greeks
Ugednfss is due largely to
List religious fanaticism.
trs, the Greeks assert,
bed the men with the idea
Christians intend to take
of Turkey and subjugate
ms and that their incur
t be resisted to the death.
Machine Invented
By Edison Useful
By AHHoolnteil I'rruN)
New York, Oct.- 14-Engineers in
terested in snow removal from city
streets have considered perfecting a
machine built forty years aeo bv
Thomas A. Edison, but left in an ex
perimental stage because the inven
tor turned his work into other fields.
This machine, drawn by a horse,
devoured the flakes and disgorged
them in icy blocks which occupied
only one-tenth the space of the fal
len snow and made removal easy. In
a letter from Mr. Edison recently
read at a forum on "snow removal in
cities," the injyentor expressed be
lief that a competent engineer could
readily figure out an efficient means
of improving and modernizing his
Stamping Out All
Trade in Narcotics
(Hy AHMi,clateil PrpMa.k
New ork, Oct. 14 Due to the
voluntary work of a wealthy New
Yorker, known to the police depart
ment as "X. Blanc," New York has
become an international clearing
house for police information concern
ing the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs
Cabbage Plants
All varieties for sale. 500 parcel
post, $1.25; 1000 parcel post, $2.00.
2000 or more by express, $1.50 per
Is the best Flour oil earth. Money back guarantee
Sold by all Grocers Manufactured by
Atlanta Milling Company
Currie-Johnson Co.
ril j house MMb
i In . 448 ouT5iDit
lis Is the paint
WE cell Certain-teed paint because
it b cf cuch hih Qualityand
becsuse tha pries iz richt.
Every ingredisr.i in Ccrtdn-tced paint is
first quality no "seconds" can Get into
this paint. No secrets get ir.to it either.
You will find the formula printed on the
label cf every can of Certain-teed.
The Certain-teed paint formulas are
based on SO years' experience. They
produce a paint that spreads easily and
has remarkable covering capacity. v It
can't be beat for holding its color and
We can sell you Certain-teed paints for
lesa than other high grade paints because
ach color is priced according to the cost
of making that particular! color plus a
fair and uniform profit t We give our
customers the benefit of? this saving.
We have the right Certain-teed pa"1 or
varnish for everything inside and outside
four house. Com and see us.
verstreet Hardware Co.
"We Specialize in Paints" -tka,
Blanc," in Europe whence he has
just returned, has been made pub
lic by special deputy Police Com
hioner Carleton Simon.
Commissioner Simon, who also
serves without pay as head of the
narcotics division of the police de
partment, said that "X. Blanc," wor
king as his European assistant, had
secured the cooperation of England,
Belgium and France in a determined
effort to stamp out the contraband
To this end, he announced, author
ities in Paris, London and Brussels
have arranged to send all informa
tion relating to drugs and drug ad
dicts to New York as fast as it is
collected and to keep the depart
ment 'here advised of intended ship
ments of contraband to this and oth
er countries.
Commissioner Simon said that "X.
Blanc" reported alarming increases
in drug addiction in all European
countries except Germany, manufac
tures much of narcotics shipped here
Belgian authorities, he added, are
divided in their opinions on whether
the increased use of narcotics or the
increased showing of American
"Wild West" moving pictures is to
be blamed for recent outbreaks of
crime. Train robberies occurred in
that country this year for the first
time in its history, he said.
Under Construction
Belleville, 111., Oct. 15 Construc
tion of a large hangar for the army
air service at Scott Field near here
has been started and is expected to
be. completed next August. Major
Frank Kennedy of Washington is
supervising the work, which will cost
more than one million dollars.
The hangar is intended to house
principally monrigid dirigibles al
though it will be spacious enough to
hold mammouth lighter than air
craft. Outside dimensions of the
hangar will be 908 feet long, 200 feet
wide and 180 feet high. Huge doors
at each end will be operated electri
cally. It is estimated $135,000 worth
of cement will be used in the concrete
work and that the electrical equip
ment will cost approximately $100,
000. About 250 soldiers will be at
tached US the balloon school at the
"Some bakers thought that cats
were necessary in order to keep rats
and mice away," said Dr. P. H. Mul
lowney, deputy health commissioner
in charge of the food inspection divi
sion. "The same object can be at
tained, however, by proper physical
construction of the baking plant, so
Basement bakeries will not be per
mitted hereafter. Bakers must re
frain from smoking or chewing to
bacco in their establishmentsc and
must report to the health authorities
any suspicion of contagious disease
among their , employes. Bakery
goods must be properly protected
from dust, dirt and insects.
No Cats Allowed
in Boston Bakeries
IB; AMoclated PrcM
Boston, Mass., Oct. 15 The cat in
the bakery must go. This is one'of
the orders. just promulgated by the
1 1 1 Second St. North
Putnam House
It is a mistake to walk into a store and just
ask for shoes. Looking alike and being
actually alike are djfferent.-
If this were not so we could save a lot of
money using "any old leather" instead of
the wonderful, enduring material that is
used in WILKINSON'S Shoes exclusively.
For Men, Women, Children
Every Pair Guaranteed Fit and Quality
Ladies, One-Strap House Slippers qc
Turned Sole, Cuban Heel. Our V'
Regular $4.50 Slipper ZZ.
Palatka's Modern Shoe Store '
We Have Won A Reputation As Auto
Painting and Top Repairmen For
The Entire State
Our business has grown until it extendi throughout seven counties comprising Putnam, St.
Johns, Flagler, Levy, Bradford, Alachua and Volusia. We also get customers from Duval
and other counties where auto drivers have learned of our splendid service. We are known
in Florida for superior ability and for doing work at prices that are unequalled anywhere.
Mr. Kmetz, of this firm, is not only a first class auto painter, but is also a paint chemist and one
of the most widely experienced in auto painting and top trimming.
We have one of the best equipped auto painting, top trimming and making shops in Florida;
separate rooms are used for different classes of work. We employ the best skilled labor that
can be had. Our top maker cannot be excelled. Our hundreds of customers will vouch for us
in- making this assertion. .
We were recently forced to enter into the furniture upholstering business to meet the demands
by our customers that we also do this class of work. However this does not interfere with our
auto trimming and painting business, as we have added a separate department to take care of
this work. We have heretofore been doing small jobs in furniture upholstering, but now have
a'fiilly equipped department in which to do furniture upholstering work in large quantities and
in first class shape. We have also made an extra addition for first class cabinet work with a
first class cabinet maker in charge.
From this date we are carrying the follywing equipment for all makes of cars;
Rubber foot pads, windshield rubbers, aluminum borders for running boards, linoleum for
running boards, top straps for Fords, all kinds of plate glass for auto backs, fasteners for any
make cars, door handles for autos, windshield clamps and awnings, dust covers, slip-ons, seat
covers, rugs, sockets and bows, silk shades for any enclosed car, vanity boxes and holders, and
most anything that cars are equipped with in our line.
Our painting and top work cannot be excelled. We not only paint them to look as good as the
factory, but paint them to be more serviceable. We have the exclusive right in four counties for
using a special varnish adapted to this climate. We have had the experience in using all other
kinds of varnishes, but have found that they would not stand this atmosphere.
We are Experts at Our Own Business Our Prices are Right
Model Auto Painting & Trimming Co.
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