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K' yT'."
Morainj, November 5, IfW
fjTTot.TWhen Pe-
C, world speed records dur-
M trotting season held iiere
a.nds of spectators took
I --- . .
. ti.pi as a ihhi
hile breeding di .
followers 01
.win pedigrees and statis-
.discover'if possible the origin
" unusual speed displayed by
of pedigrees iue uj
f, S. Anderson, an authority
.. hTeedine and a member of
Lai husbandry department of
Lucky College of Agriculture,
that the two animais aenveu
ability fr sPeed rom Ax"
, , ire who was not excep-
i fast himself but one who is
r . 1 ii j. 1
1 (or the speea 01 ins get uu
'i his sons. He has a record of
;jies made by Prof. Anderson
flat Peter Manning who set a
nrld's record for the mile by
sg the time from 1:58 to
could not have obtained his
Item his mother, Glendora G.,
it bad a track record of 2:25
hoi her sire ,mmes uruuun,
y a record of 2:28.
s the other hand one would not
the sire of Peter Manning,
who has a record of 2:14 for
b, to produce the greatest speed
;t tire oi breed bat It must bt
H that the champion's speed
to him from his sire since he
not have obtained it from his
Prof. Anderson said.
dam of Azoflf is Dolly Worthy
ns sired by Axworth. This
k the new world's champion a
eran'dson of Axworthy.
Uious to the crowning of the
ft champion, Arion Guy, anoth
fcendant of Axworthy, became
Est four-year-old stallion to go
It in two minutes or better by
Eja record of 1:59 for'the dis
L Arion Guy was sired by Guy
srthy who was also the sire of
nrld's champion stallion, Lee
irthy, who went a mile In 1:58
a Manning obtained three of
.tqnisites of speed in a great
torn several different sources,
studies made by Prof. Ander-
ikow. These requirements are
lor the ability to go very fast;
puss and endurance, or the abil-
carry speed for a mile and to
and intelligence, or the abil-
W wlilingness to be trained 'and
k No one family of itrotting
p lias all these requisites, ac-
!? to Prof. Anderson.
spite of the fact that he was not
pt horse, Axworthy, who contri-
extreme speed to the makeup
r Manning, is noted for the
of Ms own get as well as that
sois as shown by the records
liikcd by some of these animals
Anderson said. Lee Axworthy
champion stallion, was sired
y Axworthy, a son of Axworthy
General Watts, another son of
rthy, i foumHnf. n fnmilv nf
:ant trotting horses, according
rt. Anderson. Dillion Axworthy,
;(r son, is at Dresent the sire
most sensational lot of young
ever produced by any trot-
"e. Prof. Anderson said.
is safe to say that the great-
Niribution which anv sire has
to a breed is Peter tb.3
Gotham's Marriage
Crop Shows Dearth
of License Seekers
7 Associated Pkui
New York, Nov. 4 While else
where in the country more people are
being married this year than ever
before, in New York times are dull
er than usual for the license clerks
andthe ministers. Government sta
tisticians recently concluded the 1921
crop of weddings would be a bumper
one, with Dan Cupid harvesting
1,,5QO,000 brides and just as many
husbands from the fields of the un
mated. And yet New York city's
record probably will shoy at least
3,000 fewer marriages than in 1920
or 1919.
There are easier tasks than giv
ing an explanation for this nation
wide epidemic of knot-tying in a
year when millions are unemployed
and a3 jnany more are brooding over
decreases in their incomes. So say
the sociolobists and others with pen
chants for finding out what they call
the why of things. But it is not dis
tressingly futile to seek a reason for
the fact that only 56,501 licenses
were issued up to a recent date here
this year compared to 59,065 in the
corresponding"Tftf7od of 1920.
In the first place, they will tell you
at the license bureau that there are
fewer immigrants than in the past,
because of the restriction laws. Un
married aliens always had a habit of
coming over here to enjoy freedom,
and then almost immediately fling
ing part of it away at the altar.
Many young men who might other
wise wed aver that when the land
lord would get through deflating
their pocketbooks not enough would
remain to calm the butcher, the ba
ker and those who deal in silk stock
ings, cosmetics, subway tickets,
poats, suits and the other things nee
ded by housewives, such as needles
for darning the husband's socks and
rooling pins to fashion biscuits and
maintain order.
Even when the New York suitor
has the money he often seems unable
to locate a home. This condition is
common. Because of the home shor
tage, many young things after their
conventional dizzy honeymogo return
to live with the girl's family or the
man's. Perhaps from this will come
a new field of humor, the son-in-law
and daughter-in-law jokes that would
give mother-in-law a long-awaited
"Lightning strikes hidden moon
shine" And we have no doubt the
moonshine knocked thunder out of
Great's gift of toughness to his de
scendants," Prof. Anderson said. "He
also has passed an extreme speed
but its value in his offspring has not
been as great perhaps as his contri
bution of endurance. Peter Mann
ing fot this toughness or endurance
through his sire AzofT in a superla
tive degree. Last year he was a
consistent trotter and established
the world's record for three heats
in 2:03, 2:02, and 2:02. He also
holds the world's record for four-year-old
geldings with a mark of
2:02 Vj.
"Peter Manning's intelligence
could have come to him through
more than one line of his pedigree.
This is an important factor which is
sometimes underrated by people who
view a trotting race. No matter
how fast a horse may be or how
great his endurance if he will not
start right, stay in his gait or yield
himself to his driver he will nof
make records worthy of his speed
and endurance."
"Pretty Men" In
To Be Banished
Armament Confab
to Be at Famous
Oul Green Table
(llr Associated Preaal
New York, Nov. 4-The farmer
boy, the printers' devil and the work
a-day clerk are going to have their
pictures on the billboards and mag
azine pages this winter. They will
replace some of the swagger young
men who have been posing several
seasons for the artists hired by col
lar and clothes manufacturers. Not
a few of these concerns have con
eluded that the orchid is not the ffow
er of young American manhood, and
they are going in for sunflowers.
They say the buying public doesn't
like the ping-cheeked men who have
been showing the readers of adver
tisements what to wear. They seem
ed to have nothing to do but watch
polo ponies, indifferently peer at
yachts in the cove or ignore the foot
ball players on the field below them
in order to swap small talk with
girls in vivid sweaters and psort
Poople began calling them pretty
boys, cake eaters, lounge lizards,
sissies. Humorists poked fun at
them and the good old common peo
ple who bought most of the collars
and suits said "if that's the kind of
,a face you have to have to be well
dressed, I'll go through life a slouch.
But now they are going to show
the public that one can be "a regular
everyday fellow with a job and still
be smartly clothed. Last winter
there was a warm discussion within
the National Association of Retail
Clothiers as to the public attitude to
ward the "pretty men" in advertise
ments. This fall the result of this
discussion is apparent. Recently the
new catalogue of a nationally-known
clothing house wa3 published with-
Dr. Prince Leaves
For Denmark Post
(By AsaaalaAed Picas)
Washington, Not. 4 The "green
table" at which the representatives
of the nations participating in the
forthcoming conference on limitation
of armaments and Far Eastern and
Pacific questions will sit during their
deliberations will be' especially made
and furnished by the navy depart
The table which is destined to be
come historic is not of mahogany but
of a light wood finished in mahoga
iy. It is constructed in sections and
is portable, making possible its
transfer in case some of the full ses
sions of the conference are held in
other than Continental Hall.
When assembled it forms a hollow
rectangle with the fourth side open
and measures on the two long sides
forty feet, and across the third,
twenty-eight feet, giving a total
perimeter of 108 feet ample room
for eating at least thirty-six persons
The table will, in accordance with
custom, be covered with green baize.
out a single ballroom scene, bridge
party or clubhouse etching. Virile
settings surplanted them.
There was a drawing of an old
tar talking to two sturdy younths be
side a ship, a freighter, it was, not
a palatial passenger carrier. An
other showed a well-dressed office
worker working. He was within
sound of a printing press. A third
pictured a farmer dressed up for a
trip into town. He bore a business
like mien and apparently was just
giving some final instructions to the
hired man on the tractor when the
artist happened along.
am ablt to do my work." Rheixmatio'
pain3, gwollea ankles, disturbing
bladder ailments indicate disordered
Foley Kidney PUIS act
Pot Sale by SK H-Baogh-
New York, Nov. 4 Dr. John Dy
neley Prince, professor of Slavonic
languages at Columbia University
who was recently appointed United
States Minister to Denmark, leaves
today for his diplomatic post. He
expects to devote part of his time in
Denmark to continuing studies of
that country's early history and an
cient inscriptions.
"I have a special sentimental rea
son for being glad that I am sent to
Denmark, as part of my own family
originally came to America from
that part of England settled by King
Canute's Danes," he said. "In fact,
my very name 'Dyneley' means
'Danelaw,' a name given to those
settlements by the early English.
Dr. Prince is the second member
of his family to hold a diplomatic
position for the United States. His
grandfather, Johnson, was minister
to England shortly after the civil
After being graduated from Col
umbia in 1888, Dr. Prince accompa
nied an expedition which excavated
for antiquities in southern Babylo
nia. His studies of ancient inscrip
tions were later carred on at the
University of Berlin and elsewhere
in Europe. His knowledge of lan
guage embraces the Semetic and
Latin tongues as well as Slavonic.
Each recent summer he devoted to
studying Indian tribal languages In
Maine and Canada.
Advice For Women Who Suffer
"I wish every woman who suffers
with kidney trouble to try Foley
Kidney Pills," writes Mrs. Bessie
Brawner, 2522 Scoville Ave., Cleve
landland, O. "I could not do my house
work, but since taking Foley Kidney
Pills I feel like a new woman and
F. D. Meintzer, formerly of the Cushman Bak
eries of New York, and late of the Palatka Bak
ing Co., has purchased the Old City Bakery at
620 Lemon street and will operate a first class
bakery and conditor shop. And will always
have on hand a full line of breads, cakes, pies,
and in fact everything in the pastry line.
We are prepared to cater to parties and will
make any specials wanted. Wedding cakes a
specialty and exclusive designs. Give us a trial.
Call Phone 202-W.
MEINTZER, The Conditor
(Pronounced Mine-Sir)
602 Lemon Street
Palatka, Fla.
!s thebest Flour on earth. Money back guarantee
Sold by allGrocer Manufactured by
Atlanta Milling Company
Currie-Johnson Co.
Has Come to America to Write His Views of
the Washington Armament Conference
for Readers of
Florida's Greatest Newspaper
The Price of Bread The Length of the Working Day The Government Tax on Earnings
The Well-Being of the Race The Salvation of the Country The Education of the Chil
dren The Fate of Future Gener- ations The Sacrifice of
Humanity The Destruction of Civilization
These are just a few of the human problems that are hanging in the balance at the Washington Conference on
Limitation of Armaments.
Upon the outcome of this conference depends the answer to the questions which were the underlying causes of
the World War and which the Peace Conference at Versailles failed to solve.
But H. G. Wells will not be the only expert who will write of the Disarmament Conference for readers of The Me
tropolis. The management of Florida's Greatest Newspaper has lined up what it believes is the strongest staff of spe
cial writers to cover this big event. The following are included:
DAVID LAWRENCE, Washington's Foremost Political Writer.
WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN, resident of Florida, thrice candidate for president.
MARY ROBERTS RINEHART, one of the world's greatest women writers.
PETER B. KYNE, one of the country's greatest novelists.
ZIO, and others.
The Metropolis will also publish the reports of THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, THE UNITED PRESS, THE
No Southern Paper Can Beat This Lineup of Experts. Nothing But the Best is
Good Enough for Metropolis Readers
Order the paper NOW from your newsdealer,
as his supply on this important series will be
limited to advance orders only, or mail your
check direct to The Florida Metropolis, Jack
sonville, Florida.
Florida Metropolis,
Please send me The Florida Metropolis for.
months starting with the H. G. WELLS Series.
Palatka, Fla.
One month 65c 3 months $1.85 6 months $3.75.
V )
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