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'. "'I ; "" " ''l',' ,
.'V '
. !
. J.
5 '4tlVwY
''1 V, '
isday Mornings November n -i Q2I
,p.,.WVM .. T . . . , r- . ; - ,'r . . . " ,
Coming Events
p;rty; Woman's Club;
Club; Miss Jacque-
hostess; 4:30 p. m,
Mrs. Arhtur Corpo-
btcss; Mrs. J. M. Harrell,
eous shower; Mrs.
Cerber, hostess; Miss NeJ-
James, honoree; 3:30
i's Club meeting; 8:30
Bridge Club; Mrs. C.
hostess. 330 p. . ,
r Club Tea; 4:00 p.
:W p. m.
itice Day Celebration.
Uion: American Lee-ioti
Lerican Legibn 'Auxil-
Putnam House; 8:00 to
M. Club; Miss Jessie
hostess: 3:30 n. m.
Hi, T
Merryday, Rena Br
Perbuseh. Mahl d,th ?UP"
enee Davis. , ZT 8nd Flor-
Played card.. , ",a
a xt Jwesuames Julien
-f-F u. rearnside, H O
t:i u . Crumley, w. G
TJ N Walt V-AWG-
o V t. xelverton, G. y. Bassett
S. J. Baratnw u t,, oassett,
Stockton. h h "J" "Bn,e? E.
Helen Su vT
ton, Lucv.Garrln r, ,, .'l.31'
noon. ' 3 mler m the
1 and Mrs. Philips
; Beautiful Party.
social event of tha wpoL-
biction party with which
(i C. talhoun and Mrs. AI
iilips entertained a large
uieir inenas yesterday
The American Lpn-inn
the scene of this delight-
and an exquisite profus
i and chrysanthemums, in
f colorings, added to the
'.His attractive gathering
kse flowers were taste
in vases and howls
about the room, where
liles were arranged for
Complimenting Charming Visitor.
A pretty affair T-t
was the dinn0. .even,ng
R ! nir.. , ' K'ven y Mrs
H. Talbot, of Indian-
"i""'ai WHO IS Rnon nn 1.1. . .
the Daisy Tea Room at seven o'clock
and were served .. '
,. "tiuus tnree-
course dinner.
Pink roses, with a rm,i,
ery, provided thP tw
i,,i , . . il " ucuracions
" e ne plaees were dainty
Those seated at th .-,..
pointed table were: Mrs. Joh H.
mrs- Hamm, Mrs. E.
'rs. ueorge E. Welch
, limerson
and the hostess, Mrs. O'Haver.
Kotarians Will,
Represented in RiV
Armistice Parade
At an unusuallv fnto.: ,
...,cjiit luncn
eon yesterday the Retard nix Js.
cussed and disposed of many matters
Pertinent to the club and club inter.
escs, and miirio
display of Rotarv A , f""
stice Day pdT
floats ThesewiJlbeinread.nesg-
Reports werp mno .l... ..
,i. , , tuu5e attend-
and tK 1uFlorida Rotary dy t Or-
'ando, the business sessions held be
ing described as i,!i,i.. . .
Each visiting Rotaran was asssTed
to help pay the expenses of tha,
meetng. It was r a., t.
- -x' mai, inere
was practically no enthusiasm over
tlllH foafiiwn
Plans were launched for the an
nual meetine and ha,,,, ...u:. u . .
i. ... 1"-, wmcn win
oe open to invited friends of the Club
A special program nf ft-
, v ovu" ana ora
tory Wll bp nmn i.L,
ino-' ff ., 1 ln,S meet
.7, win also be elected. It
ue nem m h'ak.
. She learns that -dier new
husband is a fnroi.' iiiX Lii.. : : .
- o. "iju reruses ti
take his punishment at, the hands of
. "b. tmDer
almost sinks to ., .,
. , -"""uwniicni,, wnne
ner husband, ivhnm t... , ..
oho Has leit,
takes a strong hold on life. The de
nouement alternates i tu. 1
r . ' "ic HITID-
ng Uen and
n,r,: ....... , . . J"iure
unginai wea and a sharp
ly denned moral and i.
mwicuver ex-
vc.cmiy actea.
small farm suitable for raising potatoes.-fltate:
price, terms and loca
tion. Post office bnx 2H1 , m.
w i iiuiie
Ae places were jtaljies
Hilly attractive design.
number of rubbers,
taken, it beine- found
Warner T. Hamm held
pa E. W. Elliott second
E. C. Shelly, low. To
w Hostesses presented
Wt Of household linpn
Bliott a beautiful at
Nish. A Chi
m an odd bulb dish,
not Mrs. Shells
latarding of prizes, Mrs.
. Philips, assisted
"eir friends. hi-j
"'I' a delicious salad
S of chicken salad,
!! balls. OIVOO . on
. wilec
!i hospitality of Mrs.
. Philips yesterday
aw.. r .
"lesaames T. J.
Barstow. C. R p.,.'
umberlain, M. B. Coch-
'e, J. H. Randolph,
Carl Davis, E. W.
1 F Collins, f w
..." - " -
T'er' T. Hamm,
n"es, J. H. Haugh-
k,H. S Wd r V
"nnson. n,ari. ir..
I . '.co ivup-
Hhy, Louis Philips,!
' D. Toints, S. H
," inghman, N. J.
' Waltnn If
If 1I-L- " IN.
- "mtthorne. W p
Root. .1. M Mill: '
i't Stpu'T- nr. . ,
f. -oraen,
f("-l R. L.
: m, Kobert Ram.
'"trson. I' n
' r. ItOSS,
"e Mi'tf.-dft, t ,
"are. r t t..
. ."aehnian, C. E.
urre, A. A r.
P- D. Wattles,
-"-a J.-ittiiy tit -
.iy, of t
' Jelks, of
Eiott, Mil-;
Pythian Sisters Dli.rhf r,,n..
Following the
the Pythian SistPrs ,i,;i.
, , "i-ii IUUK
place Monday evenincr nr , t.- ... ......
fuW nan, tne temple received
an mvuation to come to the home, 011
ui,Kiiis, 01 iur. and. Mrs. A. L,
Upon arrivini.'. tho mu.t. ,
tnat a delicious fm, .i-
muiae uinner
uwaicmg them and th. r..t .1..
. v , mat
..i was a surprise, added to
its enjoyment. The home and the
tables were Drettilv ,Wn.j
. ..w.a,cu Willi
sicciiciv alio a nmfnc n- ,
- - , .Uoluu ui vari-
awt, paior a perfect red rose.
After dinnpr. th
..... v.cnuig was
spent m informal fashion. Music,
singing and i mpromptu readings
added to the pleasure of those present.
N. N. D. D. Club.
The members of tho M t n n
Club will meet this afternoon with'
Miss Jacauelin PursW of v,- 1
- iici iiuini;
on Laurel strppf Tv,o t
invited her euests for -frtui rt',Ii.
Card Party at Woman's Club.
' It is expected that a large propor
tion of the card players in Palatka
will attend the card party at the
woman s uuD this afternoon. This
affair is given und& lim auspices of I
the silver commitfpa f tfca i..u
objective being ot raise funds for the
purchase of dnh ti
.7.. vi . 4 lilt',;
o'clock is the hour for whirl, nic
are invited.
- . uelng tormulated for a
business woman's el.,h i d.i......
. , - ill t BIUIKU,
nh TPTured by the Wom
lub. To this end lVTic r:n. ...
.00 uuW wnne,
state president of Business and Pro
fessional Woman,s c,ub wj1
Palatka Thnrd . .
j evening at 8
0 clock, at which nm ....
will be taken, St6pS
It has often bepn coid ti,t r,,.,
was a well onranizpd nit,, u,.t
- -n-j, uui inus
far there ha been no effort to or-
... me women who earn their
way, or who find mv,f:i,i j.-... .
fi.n.wic uiversion
by exercising some, talent in bisi
ness. Miss White will explain th
advantages and benefits of such or-
Kiuiauon ana co-nnpraH, a 11 .-
terested are cordially invited to be
e Who Live
in Neighboring Towns
You come to Palatka for the day
there is much to be bought-rightlv
and quickly. 6 "
Nearly everv'trin vn,,r.
something we sell and 1. it
opportunity to give you a sample of
VO.l.L, H UUr mDe, ,g
ready a known fripnd in ,
n ,. . ' Ju"i nome.
Our qualities our prices our new-ness-our
fairness-on every count
counts wnen you get the goods
home we arp mvnnoi,i.
s , . " io your
Please acceDt this invito:
i . ... .i.nt.iuii hoc ag
Mvcit,jaeiiipnr. nnr aa th !. 1.
"'c MiucK on
your door by a firm you could safely
wii" your diamonds.
condition. Apply Veg0 Hair Co. U-8tf
a i-ive or six
room Dungalow. closp in f.
1 a . , 1 uwxier
' uuress O Box 378
nov 9-tf
- nun new
MMbcuteu K-aSOJlTlP Vonnmn. r.-.
- . "iwtici. vvrne
for particulars. Stransky Vanori.pr
(In Pl, o
, uivntuia, O. Ir
WANTED To rpnt 9 Q
v . vi. y iUUllSll-
ed rooms for mm and ......
- yyhc, private
....1, pieierreo. Eaton, phone 401.
...in a JtUHUUS
Cedar chests. rn .j.. ,
dniate delivery Apply to Henis Pe
termann, Palatka. Pla no ,
Palatka's Best Men's Store
supply car in vour vipinit
with unqualified success in supply,
ing city, town and rural trade. At
the door of thp daii,,
inn . ... tuuoumer.
1100 to $150 net weekly income.
tasy trms: nrinrinni n.,,nni
' fHjmciii, ui car
Ui pronts derived from sales. No-
icuuneu. i no I
- - w,..,cll;e Jvl0
tor Oar Co.. Detroit Mini,
NICELY furTSsheJlnTTTrrr
' iU SOUth Kth St 11 n
teen (14) volumes of American Law
i-ruceuure, ideal for the busi.
ness man's library. These are not
!e.-ond-hand books in any sense. Will
trade for typewriter or hiWln.
hnve you to offpr? Pl,nn orro
218. V,
Dog, Hot Bollg, 6c;
806 Lemon street
Draft Beer.
FOB SALE Light deliver?
trirlr 4n trnnA . 1 -' 1 ....
TOlm,- " ""HaiHU conoitioc.
TRADE Four- 200 cash. Ford Sales Co. 10-25-tf
. v. ... vi UtUl
Palatka has gallon syrup cans for
sale at $13 per 100. 10-21-14t
FOR RENT-Two furnished
iniT vtMna 1 . . . "
- ' -u jucubea in
most pieasimr nart np n".,.
men preferred. References exchang
ed. Phone 218. i
STIR OITATT . .-. ""
t "nee-room un
furnished anartmont A-i.. o
toga Hotel. t.
NEW STYT.rc p. :
Hamburger Sandwiches, 6c:
FOR SALE Nice sweet potatoes
at the right Drice: nlsn nn.. j
' -.wugDP null
grapefruit. W. G. Tilghman, phone
60- 10-19-tf
FOR RENT TVftn. hw .
-.mu. vi awns
building in heart of city. Suitable
for small merclinndisino. t..i
real estate and innn. ,
offices. Ground floor. See G. M. Guerry
low, with bath. Apply Porter Bros.
Name Jand Taddress of reveryHive Professional and
Busmessfman in the city in this column.
Reliable Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Smart Toggery for Women
Jacksonville. Nov. s m,
x-.ojfui- mar
tin has annonnrwl .. . .
uibcuiion oi
appointing two or three additional
women police here whose duty it will
be to keen n u,.nti,,,i . ...
. , ""u upon
yoiing girls. Two urnmon T
- mis, u.
Alderman, president of the Duval
- - . i i umen s
Clubs, and Mrs. ft. t m.v-
president of the organization,' who
were given special police powers
sometime aeo. have Wo i:.j
. ' .-.. ourflucU
with badges by the mayor.
Reception for Governor and
Mrs. Hardee.
The mpmhpr nf tho r- tt.i.
Post of the American Legion and of
ine American Legion Auxiliary wiii
be the hosts at a reception, Friday
I evening, at the Putnam Hnnco tv,;..
reception, to which the public is cor
dially nivited, is to be in honor of
Governor and Mrs. Cary A. Hardee,
who will be Palatka's honored
guests on ArmistiVp n..i,r TI,
....j. iin- u-
-ception hour will be from eight t
mne o ciock.
Sunbeam Hand Meets Today.
The SlinllP:im Rnn,l ,,f thn b..i;.i
church will meet at the church today
at fnnr nVWlr TJ V,;i.1.t.
v a m. v.iiniii.11 aiu it-
QUC3ted to hrniir a Uanlralrin,,
. " " " "l
fermg of fruit for the orphanage at
Arcadia. t
W. N. MpSwppnov l..ft vo.-t.,-,!.,,.
for his home in South Carolina, after
spending several months in Palatka.
FripnHs nf oMW Mc. tr M
Kirkman will be interested to hear
3 P. m
"' NIGHT 6:45 P. M.
?nal News arid a Comedy
that they are now pleasantly located
in the Howell apartments, on South
Fourth street. '
E W. KJiintt loft ,tj.. x...
vw covciua lor
a several days' business trip which
...Ml i ...
mciuue visits to DeLand, Day
tona, Sanford and Orlando.
Miss Winifrpd Rtrnno- n. ..:
v-v..& ii uo a via-
it.-r to Jacksonville Sunday.
-Mrs. J. Walter Milliard is ex-
-- i v.-.thlr. the week to
her home here. Mrs. Hillard nasi
been making an extendpd visit tn pi
atives in Atlanta.
Mr. and Mrs. George Blanchard
and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Calkins, of
Georgetown, wpvp visitnre ; i
' ......u. ui tile
Gem City yesterday
Miss Florence Green was among
shoppers here from Pomona, yesterday.
Dr. and Mrs. G. L. Sipperell have
i as tlieir guest at their home at Flora
' home, Hurley Scott, of Okeechobee,
Rev. Guy Frazier, the new rector
I at St. Mark's church, will go to Jack-
sonville, today, to meet his famliy
and accompany them to Palatka.
j C. F Crandall is spending a por
j tion of the week on a business trip to
Orlando, Sanford and other cities of j
tnai section.
.Mrs. Lilly R. Campbell and Mrs.
Lee Killigsworth, of Hastings, were
snopping in ralatka yesterday,
three suns spent Sunday with rela-
Mr. and .Mrs. C A. Root ami tlo,v
tives at iiawthorneii
Allin?l. Rsiatinire la, lino .-Iinnnin
....w..,&0 .....Hfl CMUillllj;
in i aiaiKa yesieruay were: Airs A.
M. Stephens, Mrs. Georire Beach. Mrs.
j Fielding, Mrs. Blanche Killingsworth,
j and Mrs. York.
i Miss Helen Arthur spent Sunday
I in Vlnr;,linim. (lip miut ViwtU
er-in-lavv and sister, Dr. and Mrs. G.
t. Mppereli.
Mr. nnd !Vfr V. J NJpL- nvp mn,r
j ing this week into their new home in
the Howell Apartments.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Williams, of
Esnanola. were recent nleasant vis
itors in Palatka
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wigg have
"as their guests, Mr. Wigg's sister,
Mrs. J. H. Henry and two sons, of
savannan. iney win spend a weeK
Afra ITHwnrrl .Tpllfa nf .Talr
vine, is tne guest ot ner parents,
r i f t ' l i i
ur. unu mrs. uvurge c. vveicn.
Hr fl 1. fiinnrall nf Vnrahnmo
was a prominent visitor here yesterday.
Atlanta. Ga.. Nov '8 -ru.,
. , me accep
tance of the appointment as Roll Call
Httiiiau iur rnmrio i ' i-
riVerson. has hpn A L. ,
, wucu at neaa-
quarters of the Southern Division of
-"'erican Ked Cross. Mr. Evert-
son wm immediately begin active
worn ot organization t i. ,
Ron r. i fl. lne
llluol, iar-reacfting in
the history of Palatka.
Increased and extended activities
of the Red Cross mol-o ti,:. ...
. uui appoint
ment one of tremendous importance
Activities of th 7?o,i
. v ' are so
jS.veiy enlarg-ed that a maxii-
...u, inemoersmp must be obtained
in order that ths
- ?-""'"6 ucumnus
made on the organization may be
The work of the Red Cross for dis
abled veterans of the world war and
uemuers or tftpir f.nmili l ,
, , "as reacn-
cu UUSOlUieiV Stao-D-or l-
- - oo s piupunions
ine numbers of soIdipr , i,ft.i.
. uuopiuus
tinder K-ovprnmont i....
-ll :.'as growrt
-roiil 3,300 ir. 191J to 2G 000 in 1921
and the new year is expected to see
this number increased in even grea
ter proportion.
FOR SALE-Onfi h,n..J
. n -...iiu OIX
Touring Car. ata moriol in t
- - ... Wy con
dition; no fair offer refused. Call
231 N. 2d St "
wAJNitu-tuaWon, Watchman
clerk, or any kind fo work. Can fur.
man vio. i reterences. Annlv H W
Wood, San Mateo, Fla. 11-8-St Meals 35c
Putnam House
Rates $1.00 Per day and up.
"AlMljilj Z roomo t TTTin
, ugai
housekeeping: prefer rooms i-
vate home. Husband away part of
...ne, iiu cnuaren. Hnnm in t
Hotel. 0i
.. Joker's Restaurant
a. x. JUYNER, Prop.
612 Lemon St
WANTED Man itfc t -
...v.. Vi U, rep
resent US in this tprritn-,, nr. .
.w.j.. ttB wm
pay well and srivnn . u.;.i.i. ,
- uuauer to
District Manager. Burr Oak Tire
CompanyBurr Oak, Mich.
HAVING for Cuhi. M--,nnn
. i wai new xx.ki 11 ,a : A.
i j , : " "'g to
oe sold before leaving. HUGH SMITH
" " ' 11181 at- ll-6-3t
m good condition .
, reasonaoie
for cash. Apply to 211 Madison St.
Bardin's Machine Shop
Repairing All Kinds Machinery,
Boilers and Blacksmith Work
U8 South Second Phone 339
Browning's Barber
29 Years of satisfactory service
"The Fountain of Youth."
American Shoe
Will do your shoework right. Giv
us a trial.
S. L. NORRIS, Prop.
403 Lemon street.
FOR SALE s nnlliai-. if.
Stock, Houston, Texas, Vol. One
Hundred and twenty-five dollars a
snare, My price $85.00 a share from
one to fifty shares, address Wade
Page, M. P., Tampa, Fla. H-6-3t
Mattresses Made Over
Old Matrresses Made New
Work Guaranteed
Prices Right
Vesro Hair Mfr.
Real Estate
Children's Haircuttin a SpecUItj
Strictly First Class White Barber.
Putnam Barber Shop
ti Lemon Street
S. J. Denmark. Prnn Palo!
WANTED At onno
ii'i-nishcd housekeeping apartment,
y c.u;)!c. PARLIER James Hotel.
Tallahassee. Nov a n FURNISHED i5?inifo
Hardee has appointed the following ! Jght housekeeP'ng:, adults only.
Taxi SprviA
A. W. Brooks. PaaiHA! dl
reiui wnite Urivers. ll-5-6t
"-v. iwtiuwing
delegates to the national convention
- u-0aioon League of Amer-
uC nem m Washington Decem-
ui'i U-O.
Don C. XcMuIIen. Tampa; E C
Stuart, Bartow; J. w Blume, Live
Oak; H A. Spencer, Jacksonville; W
G. Tilghman, Palatka; B b m'
Merrill, Miami: Rpv n T A ..I
x , ... ' v aicman,
uacKsonviIIe; E. 0. Edge, Groveland;
turner, xampa; Dr. L. C. Phil
lips, Pensaco'a, and Rev. D W p
tor, Daytona Beach.
T.tr. n . . -
8ALK Rthliot,j ?fCT
business, good stock parts, cars and
-tai-ivta. uwner must sell
Address FORD, care News.
at once.
T.. ; r-
r ancy embroi
dering, Hemstitching, Buttons made,
at 9nn 10 XT rn. . , . .
p.iicirs, mrs. u. U. Griffin
Alice Kortas.
Key West, Nov. 8-Regular pas
senger seaplane service bttween Key
West and Havana for the season will
begin Novembpr is iin .
announcement by officials of the con
cern which will operate the planes.
ine lare irom Key West to Havana
will be $50 one way and $90 for the
rounu trip.
At the "Center Market, Lemon
see watsen, let him sell you
...,,. uxo Lemon street, phone 427,
Howell Theatre
Thursday, Night, 8: 13
Mammoth Minstrel and Musical Comedy for
Benefit Building Fund St. James.
Methodist Church.
Admission 50 Cents No Reserved Seats
"Without Limit" Today.
The Metro picture. "Without Tim
It. IS COnSIflPrpd OT1P nf inn M
w... u,c must.
unusual and powerful pictures of its
i: i . . .
Kinu ever made. Adapted and di
rected by George D. Baker from Cal
vrn Johnston's magazine story,
"Temple Dust," it will come to the
Grand theater today as thp fpntiirn
attraction. Included in the cast arp
such favorites as Anna Q. Nilsson,
Frank Currier. Robert SphuhU
Charles Lane. For stark nnuor
compelling interest and a plot of
persons living in wealth on the skirts
of society, "Without Limit" is said
to be in a class by itself as a stimul-
latng picture.
. It. tplls thp ntnn, nt r",k
. " j A..i'1'vi tt pleas
ure loving girl, who in a drunken mo
ment marries a coward and discovers
her mistake is a lumptoui gambling
POSITION . t - z-1
-. -..Kn,j,,,er or oi
fice girl. Address 720 Lemon St 3-6t
woo, iuviiv uiN I
815 "ra street, lowest rates. 11-3-6
FOR SALEOnp rwn.,tn.T. U I
"vwij. iiuuse,
also a bareain in ntliaro j .
, . , .-..w.o, oim a lew
cnoice building lots. A
11-.1-Z ir
WANTER-io rent, lease or-hnT
Back Hurt?
When the kidneys do not properly do
their work or purify the blood itream,
wite product, and pouonoui acids re
main id the yitem and cause backache.
'umiMigo, tore mus
cle., swollen joinu, stiffness, lame
ma similar symptoms,
For Sale or Exchange For Palatka
uty Property
Two Modern Bungalows Well Located, Ready for Oc
cuDancv. Tprms if not,;.
regulate and restore the healthy, normal
BeHon nf Irlna... . I LI. J I . ....
clean blood aod better health, with free
dom Irom ache and pains.
"U!fai7,i B"i"l't. Vt.. writ:
r'Ll lh " P..0
"7" bk wid .1 Hm coulsl not drt.t or
iszLrtir1 f-??" siri!
si " auwui nm im, a
oUw K.Am P.II. a,, .it l. l .
I ''I
i ii
f 1
i .

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