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Sunday Morning; November ttt
Published Every Morning Except
Monday by
TICKKRS (il Kit II V, Pnlnlka. Fla,
Entered at the Post Office at Talatka,
Fla., as Second Class Mall Matter.
M. M. VIl'KFUS . Illinium Manager
GOOUK M. (ilKHHV - . Killtor
The Management reserves the rlsh
to reject all objectionable advertise
nents or reading matter.
HnA veat tit lift Thrna mnntha 1 7b1
Six months". 3.00 One week .15, Wide Campaign."
St. Mark's Church
Doors always open. v
25th Sunday after Trinity. Nov. 13.
7:30 Holy Communion.
9:30 Church Sunday School and
Bible Class.
11:00 Morning prayer and ser
mon, "The Spirit of the Nation-
Payable Invariably In advance
Robert E. Ward. 5 S. Wabash Avenu
Chlcaco. 111.
Kobert E. Ward. 21'5 Fifth Avenue ington.
7:30 Evening Prayer. A service
of intercession for the success of the
Conference of the Nations at Wash-
New York City
The Associated Press is exclusivel
entitled to the use for Dublication o
all news dispatches credited to it or
nt otherwise credited in this paper
and also the local news published
The vestry will meet after the
morning service. The members ex
pected. All others invited to these
services. Guy H. Frazer.
Big army and navy advocates are
much disturbed becaus ethe facts re
garding government expenditures
have at last reached the public. The
citizens of the country have learned
with alarm that 88.4 per cent of the
total appropriations of the United
States government for the fiscal year
1921 went to pay the costs of past
wars and to prepare for future wars.
It is necessary to cover up these
disturbing facts somehow so the
army propagandists are regrouping
the year's figures and spreading them
over the country in an effort to hide
the important facts. The costs of the
World War, comprising 52.2 per cent,
of the whole budget are grouped to
gether conspicuously as though they
were an entirely separate item. Be
side them are placed the amounts of
.the currant 8ppr?l?r.iat'0ns for tne
Army and Navy by way of ennui'st. (
but not with the idea that they
sh t? considered together. They
are vt Se taken sepai.w , mere
to be no relation in the reader's mind
between war costs and costs for
maintenance and enlargement of the
military machine. All emphasis is
laid on the $450,000,000 appropriated
for the Navy and the $418,000,000
for the Army which together amount
to 18.3 per cent, of the whole expendi
tures of the government. The public
fa to think the only important fact
is that the services get so small an
amount of the whole. It is not pointed
out that even this 18.3 per cent is
more than half again as much as the
entire amount that was spent for con
' structive purposes for the whole year.
Less than twelve dollars out of every
hundred spent by the government in
the fiscal year 1921 went for con
struction. The balance went to pay
the costs of past destruction and to
prepare for more, or, in other words,
to pay war costs.
That is the fact the militarists
would cover up and that is what the
tax-payer has found out. Having
learned where over three-fourths of
his taxes go no amount of white
washing of the facts is going to
siler.ce his protests. Those protests
arc pouring into Washington from
all sides. He is demanding results
from the conference about to meet
in that city; results which shall mean
a real reduction in the armament bur
den of the world.
St- James Methodist
Presiding Elder Rev. M. H. Mor
ton will preach at 11 a. m. Armistice
services at 7:30 p. m. The pastor
will deliver an address at this hour
and the choir will furnish special
music. The members of the Amer
ican Legion are expected to attend
in a body.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Jun
ior church at 2:45 p. m. Ep worth
League at 6:45 p. m. Prayer meet
ing Wednesday evenings. A cordial
invitation extended to all.
J. D. Sibert, Pastor.
The First Baptist Church
9:45 a. m. Sunday school, J. F.
Blake, Superintendent.
11:00 a. m. Sermon, A Vision and
a Pledge.
6:15 p. m. B. Y. P. U. with H. C.
Edwards, President..
7:15 p. m. Sermon, Tempting God
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
at 7:30 p. m., the Bible study course
continues. Every one receives a
hearty welcome to all these services
J. F, Savell, Pastor
L t4A" -
! , .V I
Mr. L. Bolton, a London civic clerk,
who won the $5,000 prize arranged by
the SciontinV American for the clear
est evplnniition for lay readers, of th
theory of relativity propounded by
Professor Einstein of Merlin. The
prize money was contributed by Mr.
Eugene Hlgglns of Paris, an amateur
enthusiast in physios and mathematics.
Mr. Bolton beat many distinguished
There was wide-sprend astonish
ment that a clerk buried in the British
patent office was hie to express a
clearer Idea a', wl.at Is considered the
irreatest discovery In physics since
Newton, than lending physicists them
elves. The photograph shows Mr. BolPni,
winner of the prize.
Needed Quick Help.
Nexdore Heavens! Is your house
Nnybor No. Just scut for Hie de
partment to come and water the
plants, that's all. My wife will be
home tomorrow. Boston Transcript.
Novelist Lost Vogue.
During the deluge of "realism" Mrs.
Southworth's vogue as a novel-writer
declined, but the older generation, or
the older generations, remained faith
ful to her and her books sold well.
Mrs. Southworth had furnished much
entertainment for young and old peo
ple for more than fifty years, but there
came a time when age forced her to
restrict her output. At least two of
her novels were published after her
death, and during her life and after
its close many of her stories were re
published, and there were numerous
"new editions."
Going Up.
"Mildred's fiance was in the avla
tlon service during the war, was he
"Yes, and I'll wager that he will
establish a new record for altitude
flights when he discovers how much
It costs to keep Mildred in eiotlies."
ing question: how can humanity jus
tify or God forgive T Human hate
demands no such toll; ambition and
greed must be denied it. If mis
understanding must take the blame,
then let us banish it, and let under
standing rule and make good will
regnant everywhere. All of us de
mand liberty and justice. There can'
not be one without the other, and
they must be held the unquestioned
possession of all peoples. Inherent
rights are of God, and the tragedies
of the world originate in their at
tempted denial. The world today is
infringing their enjoyment by arm
ing to defend or deny, where simple
sanity calls for their recognition
through common understanding.
New World Fellowship
"Out of the cataclysm of the
World War came new fellowship, new
convictions, new aspirations. It is
ours to make the most of them. A
world staggerinfi with debt needs its
burden lifted. Humanity, which has
been shocked by wanton destruction,
would minimize the agencies of that
destruction. Contemplating th
measureless cost of war and the con
tinuing burden of armament, all
thoughtful peoples wish for real
limitation of armament and would
like war outlawed. In soberest re-1
flection the world's hundreds of mil-v
nons wno pay in peace and die in
war, wish their statesmen to turn the
expenditures for destruction into
means of construction, aimed at a
higher state for those who live and
follow after.
"It is not alone that the world can-1
not readjust itself and cast aside the
excess burdens without relief from
the leaders of men. War has grown
progressively cruel and more destruc
tive from the first recorded conflict
to this present day, and the reverse
order would more become out boast
ed civilization.
"Gentlemen of the conference, the
United States welcomes you with un
selfish hands. wf harbor n
we have ao sordid ends to serve; we J
suspect no enemy; we contemplate or
apprehend no conquests. Content
with what we have, we seek nothing
which is anothers. We only wish to
do with you that finer, nobler thing,
which no nation can do alone.
"We wish to sit with you at' the
table of international understanding
and good will. In good conscience wc
are eager to meet you frankly, and
invite an offer cooperation. The world
demands a sober contemplation of
the existing order and the realization
that there can be no cure without
sacrifice, not by one Vf va, but by all
of us. 1
Surrender No Rights.
"I do not mean surrendered rights
or narrowed freedom, or denied as
pirations, or ignored national neces
sities. Our republic would no more
ask for these than it would give.
No pride need be humbled, no na
tionality submerged, but I would
have a mergence of minds, commit
ing all of us to less preparation for
War and rfiore enjoyment of fortun
ate peace.
"The higher hopes come of the
spirit of ouf Coming together. It is
but just to recognize varying needs
and peculiar positions. Nothing can
be accomplished in this regard of na
tional apprehensions. Rather, we
should act together to remove the
causes of apprenhensions. This is
not to be done in intrigue. Greater
assurance is found in the exchanges
of simple honesty . and directness
among men resolved to accomplish as
becomes leaders among nations when
civilization itself has come to its cru
cial tests.
"It is nof to be challenged that
government fails when the excess of
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er. Best Black Bass fishing and
hunting in Florida
American Plan; reasonable rates
H. F, Cook, Prop.
IMlla in Hc4 fti
Take no older. Bur of roup .
years Known us OCK, DMCSt, Always Kcllablfl
sum pi UKUUUftia tVUawHtKE
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nd Hold nrulllcYr
Play Checkers?
Is it your move? Let us do it. W
move anything.
Zorn's Transfer
Baggage, Furniture and General
Hauling. Furniture Storage.
Service our motto: Prices right-
W. H. Zorn Phone 56
its cost robs the people of the way
to happiness and the opportunity to
achieve. If the finer sentiments were
not urging, the cold, hard facts of ex
cessive cost and the eloquence of
economics would urge us to reduce
our armaments. If the concept of a
better order does not appeal, then let
us ponder the burden and the blight
of continued competition.
"It is not to be denied that the
world has swung along throughout
the ages without heeding this call
from the kindlier hearts of men. But
the same world never before was so
tragically brought to realization of
the utter futility of passion's sway,
when reason and conscience and fel
lowship point a nobler way.
"I can speak officially only for our
United States. Our hundred millions
frankly want less of armament and
none of war. Wholly free from guile,
sure in our own minds that we har
bor no unworthy .design, we accredit
the world with the same good intent'.
So I welcome you, not alone in good'
will and high purpose, but with high
"We are met for a service to man
kind. In all simplicity, in all hon
esty and all honor, there may be writ
ten here the avowals of a world con
science, refined by the consuming
firps of war. and made more sensi
tive by the anxious aftermath..- I
hone for that understanding . which
o,ill mnhasize the guarantees of!
peace, and for commitments to less
burdens and better oder which will
trnnnuilize the world. In such an ac
complishment there will be added
glory to your flags and ours, and the
vjviviii6 wa luaiiAiuu wm make tli
meS"endi"g mUSiC ' aU SUCCeei
Battery Service Station
Phone 10
Cabbage Plants
All varieties for sale. 500 parcel
post, $1.25; 1000 parcel post, $2.00.
2000 or more by express, Si.Kn 1
During Fair JVeek in
Jacksonville meet your
friends at
The Hotel Albert
On Adams street just off
Steam heat, hot and cold
running water in every
Rates $1.50 up.
Florida East Coast
Flagler System
Departure of passenger trains from
Palatka, Union Station, for East P
latka, daily:
No. 101 10:10a.m. No. 1031:40 .
No. 1054:50 p.m. No. 107 5:55
Arrival and departure of passenger
trains at East Palatka Station,
southbounT) dally
No. 29 Miami Local ll:45a.m,
No. 85 Havana Special 6:15p.m.
No. 37 K. West Express.. 11:13p.m.
No. 38 K. West Express.. 6:10a.m.
No. 88 Havana Special...... 10:42a.m.
No. 30 Miami Local 5:15p.m.
Trains 85 and 86, through, between
New York and Key West, via A. C. L.
north of Jacksonville; dining car ser
vice. Trains 37 and 38, through slee
per New York and Miami, S. A. L.
north Of Jacksonville.
J. D. RAHNER, G. P. A.
(Continued From Page 1)
agement of other nations which,
though not represented are held in
high respect, to declare that the con
elusions of this body will have a sig
nal influence on all human progress
on the fortunes of the world.
"Here is a meeting, I can well be
lieve, which is an earnest of the
awakened conscience of twentieth
century civilization. It is not a con
vention of remorse, nor a session of
sorrow. It is not the conference of
ment. Nor is it a council of nation?
victors to define terms of settle
seeking to remake the human mind.
It is rather a coming together from
all parts of the earth to apply the
better atrtibutes of mankind to
minimize the faults in our interna
tional relations.
Call of War Weary World
"Speaking as official sponsor
the invitation, I think I may say
call is noto f the United States
America alone ,it is rath(- the spoken
words of a war-weary world, strug
gling for restoration, hungering and
thirsting for better relationship; of
humanity crying for relief and crav
ing assurance of lasting peace.
"It is easy to understand this
world-wide aspiration. The glory of
triumph, the rejoicing in achieve
ment, the love fo liberty, the devo
tion to country, the pangs of sorrow,
the burdens of debt, the desolation of
ruin all these are appraised alike
in all lands. Here in the United
States we are but freshly turned
from the burial of an unknown
American soldier, while a nation sor
rowed while paying him tribute.
Whether it was spoken or not, a hun- j
dred minions 01 our people were sum
marizing the inexcusable causes,
the incalculable cost, the unspeakable
sacrifices and the unutterable sor
rows, and there was the ever impell-
666 is a prescription for Colds, Fever
and LaGrippe. It's the most speedy
remedy we know.
"Beauty is Only Skin Deep"
A gold brick always looks good. It has to. Its promising
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goods today. Merchandise with a name the name of its
maker has the call. For only the maker of worthy goods
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Opinion any other sort is soon condemned.
Wise merchants and manufacturers seek the good papers to
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table advertising for the readers' guidance. The well-informed
buyer seeks news of good merchandise through the
columns of the best papers.
This proves the value of advertising. Neither advertiser
nor publisher can prosper without your patronage. There
fore, it is to their advantage to cater to you. They do it, too.
And it is distinctly to your advantage to be guided by the
message they lay before you the advertisements.
Read Them Regularly
Wales Adding Machines
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