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FrWy Morning, Novemhf
Bolsheviks Proud
' of New Invention
Porto Rico Daffy
Over Numeral 49
San Juan, Porto Rico, Nov 17
The number 49 has taken a peculiar
plane proprlliTS attached to
care. nutomublli'S ""d limits
(By AMorlatrd Pr)
Mokov, Oct. 21. (Uy a Staff Cor
........ r tnliil.J PrPRSl
re.ponu,nt . u - , si ificance ;n porto Ric0 and Dr
The liolshivik Ruvi-rnment is prouu
of its attempts to solve the problem! Santiago Veve, former president of
of laml locomotion by the uec of air- the Republican party has suggested
ailway inac every citizen 01 ine isiunu wtar
it has' button in his lapel with that num-
not b.-en ,liscoo.HK.d by accidents. " u 11
. it m.i, wis thtt it Thls number has become a symbol
The must notable crash was that at .
miles from Moscow otl;",L" .... ' . , . . f
an omciai trip over trie lsiana wnicn
liii avnatt will include avnvir nna nf
the adapt. r of the a.r propter i.. - tll ,
1 town where he has spoken he has as
serted it was his hope to take the one
Pirates to l ie tiiuu mit-i nuiiuiun , . . . . . ,
tbaitM star from the flair of thp intlpnnnH.
Congress. ent,e ajvocates am place it on the
The car w as kumik jil a iieeu ,
about Tu miles an hour w hi n it jumped j
the track. The victims were broutfiu
Third International,
to Moscow and bried with (treat cere
niony in the r.ed .Suuare, aitainst the
Kremlin wall, where lies John Iteed.
the American Communist and jounal-
The objection to this adaptaton of
the airplane propeller, at least for rail
way uses, Is that wnen a IiIkIi speed
. -it-it,..,! the simile car becomes
uncontrollable. Its brakes do
...,.tl.,n effectively ami. when
road bed Is uneven or turns a curve.
the car leaves the track,
occcur because the car
atoooer iiuickly. when it
train ahead.
Thr. adaptation may have to be
limited to lioats for these reasons, and
lately a number of flat iron boats
m-ith an unturned prow have been
built, each equipped with
motor. 1'rlticnl engineers
method Is wasteful, despite
tacular effect.
When the automobiles equipped
with this propeller make their ap
pearance in the streets of Moscow with
a errifyinw noise the people not only
leave the streets but take to the roof
ops. Cab horses run away before this
windmill-like object movinn wllh the
speed of a tornado, ordinary auto
mobiles turn nto side streets and climb
over tlie curbs to the sidewalks, wait
ing until the Hed hope has vanished
In its cloud of dust.
Such exhibitions have convinced this
city's population that the open roads
of broad steppes is tin- best place o
use such a macine.
cannot be
overtakes a
a hi(th
say the
its spec-
Red Flag Losing
Out In Russia
illy AHMoeloted PrHMI
Tiflis. Soviet Republic of OeorRla.
Oct. 21. (By a Staff Correspondentt of
the Associated Press.) The Soviet
government here Is much more active
than that ot Moscow. It is a case of
the new broom that sweeps clean. It
has been supposed that, since the or
ganization of Jhe democratic Ceor
trlan Republic by the Eleventh Red
'Army, last February, the government
here was of the kind Jocularly called
ersatz" in Germany, that Is, a sort of
harmless substitute for the real hinff.
While in Soilet Russi, the Red flag
and the bayoneted Red soldier are
Koing out of style, these two attributes
of new freedom are much in evidence
Automobiles whiz aloiip;. bearing red
hanners. these banners are likewise
flown from many public buildings and
passes are strictly examined on trains
by shaKfry haired vcrsons arnnd with
knife and pistol, which owry tru--hlue
Communist has a riht to w.ar.
Strange iit-rsons. probably int- nt on
Vocketbooks 'and iforsotton or nuis
laid baprsane. rt-presellt thenis,lv,-s as
members of the cheka ( coinmittre
against counter-revoliitoni wlo-n n
terrupted This is qnito a pastime with
younp roughs. On tin- contrary, in
Sreater Itussia. the Ch.ka is a itum
shoe affair, and wlo-n it tiik.s any
thillff, it does so when nobody is look
ing. It covers its trail ev..n when it
makes arrests so thorouuhly that th
near relaives of th,- arr.-s,., ;,v 1,-rt in
Here, when tin- clu-ka tnarx.-s an ar
rest and later ..xecut.-s, n, ar t i la
tives are broadly informed, when they
hring food to the prison, thai the per
son in questhton no lotm.-r in-.-ds loo '
One of the latest performa ne,s of
the Soviet here was to start a brand
new kind of finance It set out to re
form he currency and improve ex
change anil (ieneral commercial condi
tions, and took the short cut or arrest
ing TOO of the leading merchants of
the Counfcry They vere told they
would be shot within a week unless
they made a contribution of 2."'.(ion.
000,000 rubles to the "sanitation fund."
"Vhey were short half this sum, about
$200,000 in real money. F te otlo r
half a committee was released to visit
the Near East Relief where the sum
was asked for in the form of a loan.
Jib the loan was not made, the mer
chants returned to prison, and were
later released, after giving promissory
notes to pay the sum.
Out of the Race
When a person wakes up with a
stiff back, has, pains in muscles,
aches in his joints, or has rheuma
tic twinges, he lacks ambition and
energy and cannot do his best. If
you feel out of the race, tired and
lanouid, or have other symptoms of
kidney trouble, you should act
promptly. Foley Kidney Pills help
the kidneys do their work and get
ut of the system the poisonous
waste matter that causes so much
trouble. They give relief from sleep
disturbing bladder disturbances.
American flag as the 49th state in
,the Union Everywhere this state
ment has been cheered except by in
dependence advocates
Never bfore has a governor of
Porto Rico adopted the policy of
Governor Reily in visiting each town
and speaking directly to the people
In every speech he has emphasized
the loyalty of the vast majority of
the people of the island to the United
States and he has been severe in his
criticism of the leaders of the ma
pority party, the Unionists, who
have opposed his campaign against
the one-star flag and advocate of in
dependence In his official visit to Fajardo, the
home of Antonio R Barcelo, presi
dent of the Unionist party, the city
was decorated with American flags
only, and it was the first city visited
that day in which no one-star flags
were to be seen
Republicans and Socialists, both in
favor of Statehood, have greeted the
governor in large crowds in all the
towns he has visited Unionists, ex
cept officials who have greeted him
formally, have to a large degree re
fused to participate in the celebra
tion planned for the governor's visits
British Delegation
Ends Official Tour
Cairo, Egypt, Nov 17 A delega
tion of labor members of the British
Parliament has just completed an
unofficial tour of investigation in
Egypt It was headed by J E Swan,
member of the House of Commons
and a mining leader of Durham The
local press devoted columns daily to
the activities of the mission but it
caused little excitement and there
was no unfortunate ncidents such as
occurred in previous instances
It is regarded as unfortunate in
business circles here that the visit
of the Swann Mission was personally
conducted by the Nationalist Party
Ie came at the invitation of Saad
Pasha Zagloul, president of the Na
tionalists Business men feel that
under such conditions the mission did
not have the best opportunty to ob
tain a comprehensive view of condi
tions in Egypt They also question
whether the mission devoted suffi
cient attention to the study of the
commercial and financial conditions
in this country
The extravagant hosptality of the
Orientals is likely to make a visitor
forget that the East, like the West,
depends for its prosperity upon its
commercial and 'inanical machinery
So far as known the Swan Mission
did not consult with the large for
eign colonies here which handle the
financial anil commercial business of
the country which is so essential to
its prosperity With the exception of j
the growing and picking of the cot
ton crop which constitutes Egypt's
greatest contribution to the world's
raw products, all the other opera
tions of ginning, pressing, financing,
insuring, exporting and, shppng of
cotton are done by foregners
These men feel that their views
should be considered by any group
which hopes to make an impartial
.study of the Egyptian question
In view of the foregoing facts,
foreigners in business in Egypt
doubt whether the Swan Mission will
have much influence upon the nego
tiations now resumed in London be
tween the representatives of the
British and 'Egyptian governments
Lawrence, Mass, Nov 17 A small
bomb, the lighted fuse of which had
been extinguished by the rain, was i
found tonight on the steps of the )
state armory, where a large conclave '
of MasorSs were celebrating com-!
mencement of work on a new temple j
uiii: vwuiKiNc. i ciik i;s auk ci t
In tim-s of business depression the
poor. .st workers are laid off first and
ef fieione " nn u and women retained.
Hackaehe. stiff muscles, aching joints,
swollen hands imil ft.t.t rheumatic
!r:ii!t. bbiflili r a i nk n. -us ami ,thu
symptoms of kidtii y trouble keep
many persons from doing their best.
John leo. liauer, ,lr., 3162 Brighton
Hd.. N. S., nttsgurgh, Pa., writes: "II
am relieved of all kidney trouble now,1
but the only relief was Foley's Kid I
ney Pills. 1 pin now well and strong:;
no more getting up at nights." Fo
ealu by J. H. Haugnton.
Important Work
In the Near East
(Br Assoclnted Press)
Constantinople, Oct. IB. Americans
should continue thcr rhumanitarlan
work in the Near East, said Prank A.
Vanderslip, New York financier, when
he visited this city in the course of an
econlmic survey of Europe.
He Will Tell Anybody
"I had a severe cold," writes For
est Thomas, R R 3, Box 29, O'Fal
lon, Mo., "I thought I was taking
pneumonia or consumption. Noth
ing seemed to do me any good. I
was recommended to try Foley's
Honey and Tar. I took two bottles
and I feel perfectly well now. I'll
tell anybody Foley's Honey and Tar
can't be beat for colds and coughs
and ought to be kept in the house all
the time. It pays to do so." Be
sure to get the genuine Foley's. Con
tains no opiate.
"We may be charged wth shrinking
our )oliti;oaJl f csponsfbilltfes in (the
Near East and with desertion of our
associates la the late war , when they
came here to administer an exceed
ing awkward and difficult situation,''
he continued. "Hut there is nothing
but praise for America for her wonder
ful relief work here."
Mr. Vanderslip said Americans had
signally distinguished themselves in
their work in behalf of the 500,000
Russan, Armenian and Turkish refu
gees who fled to Constantinople, lie
"The American lied Cross has fur
ulshcd these unfortunate refugees
with $10,000,000 in supplies and trans
portation. They have been the chief
instrument in moving refugees to
where they could have an economic
life. Their work has just ceased.
There are still tens of thousands of
refugees. There are 15,000 utterly
without means of support.
"Kvery iAmerican here feels the
Red Cross work should be continued
for a short time until these remaining
refugees are able to secure subsist
ence for themselves."
The American banker closed the in
terview with a warm commendation of
the activities of the other American
relief organizations and educational
bodies in Constantinople and a plea
that the people at home would con-
We Are Doing
Our Share
To lower the high prices that have prevailed
since 191 8, and now have reduced our prices to
pre-war basis. Come in and let us show our
line of
Cast Heaters, Oil Heaters and
Hot Blast Heaters
You will not get Better Stoves than these at any
price and we have them from
$3.00 up
Wood Cook Stoves, Ranges, Oil Cook
Stoves and Ovens
These Stoves range in price from
. $17.50 to $55.00
Gomes & Kellum
tinue to support their work.
"The Near East Relief Committee,''
he said, "Is feeding more thai 60.000
children in Aasla Minor and the Cau
casus. The Y. M. C. A. and the
T. W. C. A. are doing a great, efficient
..'.j m work The Mennonitcs have
made a splendid contribution to as
suage misery. The International Chris
tian Students' Relief is doing one of
the most valuable tasks of all. It is
of vast importance for the future of
Europe that he orch of higher learning
shall be passed on.
"There is a passion in his part 01
the world for education: the means
are pitifully lacking. No contribu
tlnns are better placed than those for
student relief. The influence of the old
Cabbage Plants
All varieties for sale. 600 parcel
post, $1.25; 1000 parcel post, $2.00.
2000 or more by express, $1.60 per
Amrlcan colleges here tor good 1b be
yond measure.
"All these efforts to help humanity
in a pitiful plight, but still a hi ctanity
that is tremendously worth helping,
give America a unique piestige. I
beielve we should go on with bur ef
forts and continue to deserve that
' "America l k t
and nowhere more 80 " 'M
o the world. ,,. than't
hope and bring it t0 "
tion anion th 1,v'ng
People 0 theN'
o" a8t- Ut u
Name and address of ;everylive Professional
Businessfman in the city in this column
Reliable Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Smart Toggery for Women
Dr. J. E. Thornton
X-Ray Thone 313
Merryday Bldg
Florida East Coast
Flagler System
Departure of passenger trains from
Palatka, Union Station, for East F
latka, daily:
No. ,101 10:10a.m. No. 1031:40 p.
No. 'l05 4:50 p.m. No. 107 5:55
Arrival and departure of passenger
trains at East Palatka Station.
No. 29 Miami Local ll:45a.m,
No. 85 Havana Special 5:15p.m.
No. 37 K. West Express.. 11:13p.m.
No. 38 K. West Express.. 6:10a.m.
No. 86 Havana Special 10:42a.m.
No. 30 Miami Local 6:16p.m.
Trains 85 and 86, through, between
New York and Key West, via A. C. L.
north of Jacksonville; dining car ser
vice. Trains 37 and 38, through slee
per New York and Miami, S. A. L.
north of Jacksonville.
J. D. RAHNER, G. P. A.
Putnam House
Rates $1.00 Per day and up.
Joyner's Restaurant
H. T. JOYNER, Prop. '
Meals 35c 612 Lemon St
Bardin's Machine Shop
Repairing All Kinds Machinery,
Boilers and Blacksmith Work
118 South Second Phone 339
"The World's Best Flour"
Browning's Bar
29 Years of satisfactory ,
"The Fountain of Youth;
iu uo your shoework right.
us a trial.
S. L. NORRIS, Prop,
403 Lemon street.
Children's Haircutting a Sptt
Strictly First Class Whiu Bar!
JOHN J. MURPHY Putnam Barber S
t r i. 214 Lemon Street
IVCdl E,MdlC S. J. Denmark. Prop. .Palatli
y After years of eiperimentingwe've produced
seat Coverall with re-inforeed band that
conceals the buttons and protects the body.
"r .
are made from best pro-shrunk material
byskilled Union workers; and so clever
ly is the drop-seat concenlcd that there
can be no objection to their
appearance. lioomy,and will
not bind or rip. Iron-clad
guarantee. Ask your dealer.
"Made to Make Good"
Khn Mfg. Co, Mobile, Ala.
Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
See Oliver Brothers and Be Satisfied
212 Lemon St. Phone 100
m tmu ij
Carnival all Next Week
Roberts United Shows
Circus, Carnival, Chautauqua, Hippodrome and wild west attractions
17 COlloSSal distinctly diversifipH rnnmlptp mJpm irrri;,
novel concessions positively no gambling devices or objectionable at-
u actions.
3 mammoth riding devices featuring the $10,000 Sea plane swings
where one gets all the thrills of riding in an aeroplane.
$10,000 merrygoround music for which is furnished bv a mammoth
$4,000 military electric orchestrian.
New 65 foot ferris wheel illuminated w ith 600 red, white and blue
electric lights.
Five big feature shows, featuring the IXL ranch wildwest show with
25 cow boys and girls in wild west contests of roping, shooting and
trick riding. Another feature show is the big hippodrome with 9 bis
acts of circus performers and funnv clowns, then comes the dog and
pony show, the children's delight. Then comes the trained wild ani
mal show with 2 car loads of wild animals from all parts of the globe
trained to perform in a manner that will have to be seen to be fullv ap
preciated Next in line is the big circus side show with 20 complete
shows under one spread of canvas. There are also three big curio
snows with jo puts 111 each show exhibiting curosities too numerous to
mention. I her. there are the two fun houses, the crazy house and the
tun palace Among the other attractions are the monkev circus and
speedway, the human rolette which caters especially to the children.
Another attraction of special interest is the big 18 vent motordrome,
with 4 international professional riders riding the perpendicular walls
m death defying feats; and last but not least, is the Dixy Land Minis
trels w ith 19 all star colored performers.
I rccdaily concerts by the 16 piece Royal Italian Concert Band.
4 big Circus free acts will take place each evening
Sorinnn?8 f un' f rolic and f rility. Six big days and six
glomus nights every day a scene of splendor, every night a blaze of
Beginning at 7 p. m. Monday November 22nd
East Palatka Show Grounds
FVee Transportation
tahfsrLT"?n "g U k1 -1C aSt Coast RaiIway Co. to run 4 round trip
fteandw?8 b?g,Tn?.ati 7 0'dock, carrying 4 coaches-
vl o w h to nrnn-0l0rKedvhich wil1 transport fi of charge a
ol --v--1'

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