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Saturday Morningfi November rn
mm "
El Taso, Texas, Nov. 18 One of
the largest migrations of Christian
people of modern history is that of
about 200,001) Mennonites, 50,000
families, from Canada to Mexico,
which will begin in December. Their
tr.k is expected to last two years.
The Mennonites for the past year
have been looking for a new home,
Maimlmr unjust treatment in Canada
during the world war. tight na
tions have invited them. Land
"sharps," "boomers" and others have
tried to influence them.
After a dozen trips to Mexico, uu
ring which representatives conferred
with President Alvaro Obrcgon and
.officials of the Mexican immigration
service the leaders almost decided
to settle in Mexico. Then editorials
.from various sources, save Mexican,
declared the Mennonites were "mak
ing a mistake" that religious free
.i ...l,;,.!, iliev have sought could
not be guaranteed them under the
Mexican constitution. Another trip
was made to Mexico and state and
national governments assured th
Mennonites that they could worship
rA tw pleased, that they could
hold all the tenets of their religion
i 1.1 that, country and
ana cuiwu w- -
i-n tVw.ir permanent home.
Canadian Mennonites noui i
same belief as early members of the
sect who settled in the United States
that of non-resistance. The Men
nonites, in defending their belief, de
i,o,l that thev suffered less in the
,carly (lays at the hands of the In
dians than did others wno wag
warfare against the savages.
The Mennonites still refuse to en
ter tny war.
Another peculiar custom of these
people is the washing of feet. They
say that the command of Christ to
the woman to wash His feet stands
on the same sipirtual level as His
acts of distributing food and drink
to the hungry and thirsty. To the
Mennonites the story related by St.
Luke is comparable to the ones other
Christians regard, including the sac
rament and communion.
Community property is another be
lief of some Mennonites, although it
is not general. The members of the
sect cooperate in building roads,
school houses and churches.
The removal of the Cennonites to
America came aDoui wnen nimam
Tpnn had been granted land for his
Quaker followers. He was told of
Mennonites who had fled from Ger
many to Holland and his Quakers
came to their aid. The Quakers are
credited with helping them financial
ly and in colonizing parts of Ohio,
Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska and So.
Dakota. Later, colonies were es
tablished in Saskatchewan and other
parts of Canada. During the past
year a few of the sect have settled
in Florida.
For manv years there were 14 in-
.i..n..rwin l,r,lies of M c n non i tc s , but
years ago the sect was reunited.
The Mennonites will settle in Chi
huahua and Durango, principally in
the former state. Options have been
taken on land in both states and im
provements are being made on one
i.,,.n.,. tr.nnK the Bustillos hacienda,
nr ranch, near Bustillos and Chihua
hua City. The colonists have paid
'2S.OO0 nesos to hold this tract, the
money being on deposit to the credit
of the Zuloaga family, heirs of the
land owner, Carlos Zuloa
The purchase price is 000,000 pseos.
Ik . If),-' 1
Austria Undergoing
Another Collapse
of Finance Scheme
Hon. Mrs. C. W. Buberly, daughter
of the late Lord Nunburnholme, and
thrice married, has opened an antique
shop in Soho square, London.
Cut This Oout It Is Worth Money.
Cut out this slip, enclose with 5c
and mail it to Foley & Co., 2S35
Shotlield ave.. Chicago, 111., writing
vour name an address clearly. You
will receive in return a trial package
containing Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound for coughs, colds and
croup; Foley Kidney Pills for pains
in sides and back; rheumatism, back
ache, kidney and bladder ailments;
and Foley Cathartic Tablets, a whole
some and thoroughly cleansing ca
thartic for constipation, biliousness,
headaches, and sluggish boweis. rur
sale by J. H. Haughton.
(By AdHocloted Preim)
Vienna, Nov. 18 With the collapse
in the exchange value of the kronen,
Austria is undergoing another eco
nomic and financial spasm. Since
T,,lv 1fi the crown has dropped from
650 to the American dollar to aDoui
inno. The 100 crown note, whose
nro.war value was $20, is now about
the minimum unit of daily use, and
10,000 crown notes cannot be printed
fast enough to meet the needs of bus
iness. For the last month the govern
ment presses have been printing
some 5,000,000,000 kronen a week to
,o.f rnrrent exDenses. The issue
will have to beincreased to meet the
demands of the great army of civil
.servants for a living wage. Within
a month they have received increases
amounting to about 5,000,000.000
kronen and already, witn steacmy
fnllinc exchange and the equally
steady advance in living costs, they
nm formulating new demands.
The same is true of private busi-
, 1
,ness. In every class oi lnuusuy aim
wage earning employers are being
forced to raise pay while prices of
dvprvthnier mount,
When the collapse of the currency
set in so feverishly a few weeks ago,
a swarm of alien buyers swept over
the country. They bought every-
ti,;,1(r thev saw that had a value
Stores were stripped of stocks until
the majority of merchants Began to
retire their goods or refuse to sell
mnro thnn one article to a customer,
These foreign buyers were aided
the eeneral desire to
o-ot rid of Austrian money, me
feeling was that anytning was ucw.
lion the crown.
commie feature ot tne
IOC llivat, o.
H,mt.inn however is the alarming in
in food prices. The increase
in wages has not been equal to this
rise and the result is much unrest
j,, the noorer classes. Women
have been storming the oublic mar
kets, overturning stalls and in some
,, tntino- marketmen. iney
have had public sympathy and th
nnlipo hv Wn very mild in tneir
attempts to control these demonstra
t tho hoifrbt of the panic many
articles of food disappeared magi
cally from the shops to reappear at
.rrontlv pnhanced prices. iiiiiiw
milk for instance jumped from 180
crowns to 256 and this article is a
fair index of increased prices.
Tailors are demanding pay m
pound sterling and refusing crowns
Tn...nlnHI1 nclr -f.-if SWISS francs, de-
spite the law forbidding business in:
foreign moneys.
The collapse of the currency was
forseen by financial exeprts but none
could suggest a means of averting
it as long as the government M tore
ed to buy foreign money at any pric
es in order to buy breadstuff and
Rub'MyTTisnV antiseptic and pata
..:ii. fr infected sorea, tetter,
sprains, neuralgia, rheumatism
Prohibition Is Pro-
in Chili
(By AocIaed PrewO
Santiago, Chile. Nov. 18-Presi-dent
Alessandri has announced that
he intends to ask Congress to pass
legislation prohibiting the sale of all
intoxicants in the industrial centers
in Chile. These include me
mining district in the south and the
nitrate fields in the nortnern prov
The president's announotm
in reply to requests from .
cieties asking for a "flry 20ne
coal mining district where
occurred recently between
alleged to have been intoxica
government troops. Eight
workers were killed and 20
Deiroe order was restored.
It will take more than
war to put tne "ex"
in pvt
in 1
iii f i
Yelverlon FurnilurG Co,
"Tt -r b. no IT."
duties are rendered more efficient and
your property is better protected by the
use of electric
One lamp, even a small one, kept burn
ing all night at a strategic point is the
best burglar insurance.
Southern Utilities Company
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With Silk Shade
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B . I
tra. m T
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hunter, and guns
I Cli.
-ii ii l 1 1 t-. onif Qr
ohelis loaaeu iu atn. j
bring home full bags of game.
V;j;r:?' r- Mm
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- , J xJ1
t i

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