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Watch Your Step
Movement Gaining
Ground in Nation
(lly Amnrlntrd PrfH
Tiflis, Guorgia, Nov. 19 Tiflis is
a city dreary by day, and terrible by
night. The last city of importance
to come under the influence of the
Bolshevik emblem of .the hammer
land the sythe, replacing the double
Jieaded eagle of the empire, here are
contrasted the happy old days of gai
ety and prosperity with the dull mis
ery of the new regime.
At the railway station, on enter
ing the city, the difference is seen
and felt. Instead of swaggering
guards in black boots, black long
coats and flashing silver belts and
swords, are seen a few ill-dressed
Red soliders, looking hungry and un
comfortable in ill-fitting clothes held
together by a loose belt. Barefooted
ilirty, whitefaced, ragged boys clam
or for a chance to carry baggage.
Peasant women and bourgeois wo
men of the old time stagger along
under loads of baggage or packages
of food and fruit brought from the
country. Broken down hacks wait
for fares, pulled by thin, underfed
The streets are dirty and ill-swept,
full of holes.
People wear clothes that seem to
belong to another era. Here where a
dozen tongues are spoken and where
100 tribes used to gather in the proud
finery of their national costumes, all
is down at the heel. Women often
go stockingless. Their shoes show
signs of patches done over and over
again until they are composed of
patches only. Their skirts may be
of old pieces of silk and their jackets
of military cloth or even the black
heather of aviotor coats. Shawls
have replaced hats.
The men civilians wear clothes
that are a parody on shabby gentili
ty. Their top boots are all top, the
soles and heels long since worn
away. All sorts of military odds and
ends, from all the armies of Europe,
contribute to their dress, khaki put
tes, yellow leather jackets, British
canvass trousers, French blue caps
United States army coats.
The stores are boarded up, for the
most part and when open surely have
A lew bottles of French or Italian
perfumes and little else. A pair of
American shoes, of poor quality, was
seen in one window, marked 750,000
rubles, an incredible sum of money in
a city where a monthly salary of
Soviet employ is 3,000 to 5,000 ru
Small trading is done on the mar
ket place, where starving families
sell off finery and jewelry which es
enped the wrecks of their homes,
These homes, once so comfortable
and bountiful in hospitality, are cold
for lack of fuel, dreary for lack of
fonl, often curtainnless, with here
and there bullet marks on the outside
wails. The toilets and baths are use
less, because the city water supply
is cut off for lack of fuel.
The Red army in occupation ha
orders from Moscow to be good to
Georgians and it is "good," yet its
commanders go about with set, stern
faces as if the world was watching
Cholera in summer, starvation
winter, this is the lot of Georgia.
rlly Aneliitd Prp
i Baltimore, Md., Nov. 19 Prompt
' ed by the success of the Baltimore &
I Ohio railroad in its campaign of ed
ucation to reduce accidents to auto
mobiles at grade crossings, other
railroads have enlisted in the move,
ment and a drive is being planned
for next year tht will extend across
the continent. J. T. Broderick, su
perintendent of the safety depart
ment of the Baltimore & Ohio and
chairman of the Safety Section Com
mittee of the American Railway As
sociation, is making arrangements
for the national campaign.
The drive, according to plans dis
closed here, will open on a specific
day and there will be efforts to ob
tain the cooperation of automobile
drivers. Unlike most nation-wide
campaigns, there will be no end to
this one, it is promised, for its pro
moters regard it as unwise for the
railroads to cease even for a day
their efforts to reduce accidents of
this knid.
Many railroads will follow the plan
inaugurated by the Baltimore & Ohio
of watching the grade crossings to
observe the motorists who fail to
heed the warnings to be careful.
An estimate made by the Balti
more & Ohio's safety department
aced the number of automobiles in
use in the United States at the pre
sent time at 9,000,000. Baltimore &
Ohio records show that four percent
of the drivers are careless.
Heavy Losses in
Ships Last Year
(Ilv AHHorlnted PreNiO
London, Nov. 19 Steam and sail
ing vessels totally lost, or condemn
ed last year numbered 561 of 645,003 1
tons, according to statistics publish
ed by Lloyds Register of Shipping.
Of these 255 were wrecked, 60 aban
doned at sea, 80 foundered, 43 miss-
ng, 52 burnt, 36 lost in collision, 9
broken up and 26 "lost."
The United States lost 108 vessels
of 159,694 tons, Great Britain 163 of
180,503 tons.
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Philippines Want
Each Male to Get
Female Coming In
njr Associated Pnas) (
Manila, P. I., Nov. 19 An immi
gration bill which imposes a condi
tion that each male immigrant into
the Philippine Islands shall be ac
companied by at least one woman
between the ages of 18 and 35, is be
ing prepared by Senator Pedro Gue
vara of Manila, for introduction in
the legislature which meets the mid
dle of October.
The purpose of the bill according
to the author, "is to increase the
pouulation of the Philippine Islands
by at least 50,000.000 as rapidly as
possible, in order to make the islands
withstand both physically and intel
lectually, the race for human supre
macy." The bill would require an immi
grant to become a citizen of the
Phillipines after having been a res
ident here four years.
Out of the Race
When a person wakes up with a
stiff back, has, pains in muscles,
aches in his joints, or has rheuma
tic twinges, he lacks ambition and
energy and cannot do his best. If
you feel out of the race, tired and
laneuid, or have other symptoms of
kidney trouble, you should act
promptly. Foley Kidney Pills help
the kidneys do their work and get
out of the system the poisonous
waste matter that causes so much
trouble. They give relief from sleep
disturbing bladder disturbances.
lit' hr'
MIL 1 irVT
Miss Madeline Starhill, who was ad
judged the most beautiful girl in Phil,
adelphla, the Quaker City.
666 is a prescription for Colds, Fever
and LaGrippe. It's the most speedy
remedy we know.
Pickards China
firs! cost
slm ,4 w
M m f
This is a small word but what
a large meaning it carries
especially in Clothes a cheap
suit has a good appearance for
a couple of days but after that
all wrin les, short sleeves and
baggy linings appearance will
be deceptive at times
Our Clothe
71 A
Copyright 1921 Hart Schaffner & Man
Hart Schaffner & Marx
are all hand made by
the best of skilled tailors. Ever
seam hand felled and every suit
examined thoroughly by experi
enced workmen before leaving
shops Quality is their motto.
Hickey Freeman CW
Fearnside Clothing Compan;
Dodge Brothers
The Maharajah of Kapurthaia,
ometimes called the "Modern Solo
mon," who has been divorced by hit
beautiful Spaniih wife because he re
fined to give up hie harem of five in
India. The maharajah ia a colonel in
the British army and wai decorated
for extreme bravery on the weet front
la the World war.
n -
South Second Street
fj! ,rT"iT..
W: $ 1
The Victrola
is the Gift of
all Music to
Your Home
If ivr " "3
Wherever the dawn of Christmas morning finds a Victrola,
there are gathered the greatest artists of this generation. All
have contributed their art to the Victrola, positive that it is the
one instrument which brings to you their authoritative interpre
tations in the tones of actual reality.
Will there be a Victrola in
your home this Christmas?
$25 to $1500
The Chas. E. Rowton Company
i - ( '

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