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Sunday Mdrnih&Notiemh
falatka lathi News
Published Every Morning Kxcept
Monday by
TICKERS A iitKHHYi Palatka. F"
Entered at the l'ost Office at Paint Ua
Flu., as Second Class Mall Matter.
M. M. VICKKRS - HuHlnrm Mn
GOODi: M. ilKIIUY - - KilHo
The Management reservei
to reject all objectionable
anenta or reading matter.
the rlsh
One year ..J6.0H Three montns 11.7
Six months S.uO one wwk .1
Payable Invariably In advance
Robert K. Ward. 5 S. Wabash Avenu
Cbieaffo, 111.
Kobert K. Ward. 2L'5 Kifth Avenu
New York City
mcimi.li ok Asson atko imii-.ss
The Associated l'ress is exclusivel
entitled to the use for publication o
all news dispatches credited to It
not otherwise credited In this paper
and also the local news publlshe.
The names of the Woman's Mis
sionary Society of the Baptist church
were drawn at its last business meet
ing for the circles for the coming
year and the following are the names
..f tk(. biuiloea and mumhpra of the
new circles. The society would be the Y. M. C. A. Older Boys, confer
glad for any ladies who have re-jence opened at Daytona Friday af-
cently joined the church but are not I ternoon, continuing through yester-
Palatka Boys Go
Boys' Conferences
Palatka was well represented when
Committees from the Chamber of
Commerce, the Rotary Club and the
Kiwanis club have hold two meetings
to assemble information and to dis
cuss plans to submit to the people of
Putnam county for the construction
of a complete good road system.
The News is in possession of infor
mation concerning the last session of
the committee which suggests that
the committee has not made a full
and frank announcement of its pro
posals, or even of the discussion.
That a body of men assembled
should have individual opinions
about almost any proposition goes
without saying, but the very purpose
of conference is to assimlate the
ideas of all and to evolve a general
and acceptable working plan on any
proposition under consideration. We
are not advised as to whether or not
the committee has agreed on any de
finite plan or proposal, but it was an
open secret on the streets yesterday
that there had been a general dis
cussion as to the advisability of
paving certain sections of the coun
ty roads, leaving others until a later
day. Such a plan will localize in-,
terests, and we do not believe that a
majority of the people in any dis
trict in the county that has sufficient
assessable property to float bonds
for roads will be interested in any
thing less than a county-wide prop
osition. It was also stated on the streets
yesterday that a proposition for a
concrete bridge across the river had
been advised, but some members of
the committee had frowned on it.
But whatever is being discussed and
planned we believe that each devel
opment and proposition should have
the guiding light and influence of the
general public opinion.
Normal times: Those in which
people don't talk about the times.
' Some people believe everything
they read, except the gas meter.
Fable: Once there was a race that
didn't think itself God's chosen peo
In a small town, an important cit
izen is any man who holds a few
When people prayed for victory,
il-iev nrobablv didn't realize that it
would come collect.
yet members of the society, to enlist
with them.
Circle No. Leader, Mrs. C. C.
Hudson; Mrs. C. H. Dekle, Mrs. M.
D. Rich, Mrs. H. M. Fearnside, Mrs.
R. E. Neck, Mrs. Will Minton, Mrs.
J. Emmett Brown, Mrs. L. E. Wood,
Mrs. G. R. Hilty, Mrs. Tom Waldron,
Mrs. S. C. Stalling, Mrs. A. L. Teaff
Mrs. J. M. Pounds, Mrs. Walter An
drews, Mrs. George Bradshaw, Miss
Florrie Crook.
Circle No. 2 Leader, Mrs. J. H.
Yelverton. Mrs. L. C. Stephens, Mrs.
Emma Minton, Mrs. A. B. Cook,
Mrs. T. E. Hudson, Mrs. T. W. Till
man. Mrs. J. K. Culbrth, Mrs. W. S.
Miller, Mrs. Cora Surles, Mrs. W. H.
Zorn, Mrs. Lane, Mrs. B. E. Jarrett,
Mrs. J. Boaz, Mrs. R. G. Spearman,
Mrs. M. D. Lamon, Mrs. C. J. Hud
son, Mrs. Goss Mattox, Mrs. Fraser.
Circle No. Ii Leader, Mrs. J. F.
Blakej Mrs. R. J. Adams, Mrs. H. G.
Petty, Mrs. E. F. Perrin, Mrs. R. A.
Thomas, Mrs. 0. E. Prevatt, Mrs. S.
L. Zetrouer, Mrs. H. A. Johnson,
Mrs. Jennie Gordon, Mrs. Simms,
Mrs. Marlett, Mrs. Max Bogue, Mrs.
Clyde Cox, Mrs. G. W. Gilpatrick,
Mrs. L. H. Buck, Mrs. P. L. Cave,
Mrs. Barnett, Miss Mamie Davis.
Circle No. 4 Leader, Mrs. E. H.
Collier; Mrs. P. F. Hudson, Mrs. Carl
Davis, Mrs. E. M. C. Dunklin, Mrs.
Ofeil, Mrs. Hurgel, Mrs. Lander
bach, Mrs. W. H. Cassells, Mrs. H.
C. Edwards, Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. Ov
erstreet, Mrs. H. R. Rich, Mrs. R. J.
Hancock, Mrs. R. L. Earnest, Mrs.
Stubbs, Mrs. Shotwell, Miss Geor-
ia Johnson Mrs. Cubbage, Mrs. H.
A. Atwater.
Officers for the Ensuing Year.
The Woman's Missionary Society
of the Baptist church held its annual
business meeting Tuesday afternoon
Nov. 22. Officers were elected for
the ensuing year and a splendid re
port of the year's work was given.
This organization has given during
the last year $641.77 to missions, to
local work and personal service
$21.84, to Foreign relief and other
objects $48.70. Besides the monk
that has been used, garments, lit
erature, Bibles, etc. have been dis
tributed among families who were
in need.
The following officers were elect
ed: President, Mrs. J. F. Savell
secretary, Mrs. H. G. Petty; treas
urer, Mrs. L. C. Stephens; assistant
secretary, Mrs. R. E. Neck; vice-
presidents and circle leaders, Mrs.
C. C. Hudson, Mrs. J. H. Yelverton,
Mrs. J. F. Blake, Mrs. E. H. Collier.
day and' a portion of today. Those
from Palatka who went were John
Selle, Thomas Larkins, Harry Lee,
Ralph Browning, Sam McCormick,
Lusicus Tgomas, Manuel Rogers and
Ivan Smith, of Hastings, who is at
tending the high school here.
Many notable speakers were on
the program at Daytona, including
Dr. L. E. McNair of Jacksonville,
T. B. Lanham, Professor C. E. Beck,
from the University of Florida, Fred
T. Barnett, Professor James A.
Heaton, and others. Last night the
bojjs were guests of the Rotary and
Kiwanis clubs at a banquet.
The Palatka delegation were taken
to Daytona by S. S. Browning and P.
C. O'Haver, science instructor in the
high school. Mr. Browning has re
turned and Mr. Cassells is very anx
ious to have some one volunteer to
bring half of the party back this af
ternoon. Those who may be going
to Daytona, or who will go especially
to bring the boys back will confer
a great favor on Mr. Cassells by let
ting him know by telephone.
pine, sap pine and cypress hewn
cross-ties, car lots or less. State
kind, quantity and price delivered at
railroad siding. P.. 0 . Box 22, Pa
latka.. l.-27-3t
FOR RENT Three room furnish
ed apartment for light house keep
ing, 416 Reid street. ll-27-6t
FOR RENT 15 acre potato farm
at . East Palatka ;. just been plowed,
ready to cut and lay cut. Apply W.
S. Fry, or phone 294-J, Palatka, Fla.
Nov. 27-3t.
WANTEp TO BUY Five or x
room bungalow, close in, from owner
only. Address P. 0. Box 379..
nov -tf
FOR SALE One horse m good
condition. Apply Vego Hair Co. ll-8tf
vnn SALE One two-story house,
v -
also a bargain in others, and a few
choice building lots. Apply MKS. a.
ll-3-26t i
FOR RENT Unfurnished apart
ment, four rooms and bath. Apply
112 Main street, Mrs. H. B. Porter.
.company man-
i, wish to es
se in PalatkaJ
iger who can
Americans Held By
Bandits Released
One of the influences that cause
iim to desire higher ami better
things is a charge account.
Some people use correct English
and some use English that everybody
As !we understand it, the present
world conflict is between principles
and appetites.
Whhn the world disarms, our forts
won't t be a total loss. We can con
vert them into mail cars.
There are happy, restful homes
and then there are homes where ev
erything is tidy and immaculate,
Perhaps you have noticed that pri
ces are lower on nearly everything
you don't have occasion to buy.
(By Associated Pre.l
Buenos Ayrcs. Nov. 26. The ranch
owners and other. including the
American manager f an Armour pack
inn plant. . J. Macbey, who had been
held prisoner by band'" In the staU
of rVea Cruz, have been released, ac
cordlnK to a telegram from the com
mander of Argentine troops in that region.
Large manufacturing
facturing potato ban
tablish branch wareh
and desire branch m
invest $1,000. Addrfe
P. O. Box 259
Jacksonville, Fla.
FOR SALE At aleasonable dis
count, account of $3ldue from Mr.
C. V. Horton, autonl'ile mechanic,
of Cor. 2nd and MJison Sts., for
apparel bought by Ms. C. V. Hor
ton. Mail offer to PJO. Box 629
Nov. 26-3t.
Tampa,. Nov. 2,. Krancisco Aranno
& Co.. one of Tampa's leading cljrar
making companies, was placed In
bankruptcy today by the Tampa Hard
ware Co. and two Individual petition
en ditors. John It. Sutton, an attorney.
was appointed recover and will carry
m the business pending a settlement.
The schedule filed by the company
listed Its liabilities as ItiOO.AOfl and Its
assets nt $4(i(i,(iii0. .
IN Tnv tit eniwna. jm.
St. James Methodist Church
Preaching by the pastor at 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m., Ed. M.
Earnest, Supt.
Epworth League at 6:4' p. m. and
Junior Congregation at 2:45 p. m,
Bible study Wednesday at 7:30 p.
m. All are cordially invited to at
tend these services.
J. D. Sibert, Pastor.
At the second meeting of the par-
sh committee of the St. Marks Epis
copal church, Howell Davis, chair.
man, and P. D. Collins, secretary, for
participation in the Nation Wide
Campaign, eighteen group leaders
were selected and will be appointed
due form. Each group leader
1 be placed in charge of a sped
tied number of the membership of
the church, including those who may
not be members of the church but
who compose a part of the congre
gations. -
In this way it is hoped that ev
ery member ot me cnurcn ami con
gregation will be kept in personal
ouch with some group leader, the
group leaders with each other with
the parish chairman and with the
rector. By this group organization
it is hoped that the objective of the
nation wide campaign can be reach
ed. This is to mobilize the whole
power of the church and bring it to
bear on the church's whole task and
that means mobilizing for service
every individual, which is the final
Holy communion Sunday morning
at 7:30, the first Sunday in Advent,
Why not plan to go.
First Baptist Church ..
9:41 a. 111. Sunday school, J. F
Blake, Supt.
l.:00 a. m. Sermon, In Partner
ship with God."
C:00 p. m. B. Y. P. U. with H
C. Edwards, President
7:00 p. m. Sermon, Beginning
Life Over.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
7:30 p. m., Bible study course.
Everybody invited to all these ser
J. F. Savell. Pastor.
FOR SALE Marin Motor, one
cylinder heavy duty four cycle,
make and break spark; Baldridge re
verse gear; shaf with 16-in. three
blade propeller. In f-st class order,
develops 8 horse povr. Cash price
$110. Owner, Box 30E
Genuine Frostproof!
Leading varieties.
ments; satisfaction pfcranteed; cash
with orders; postpaifcOO, 50c; 500,
$1.00; 1,000, $1.75.
srrnnfr tilants 1000..
$1.00 per 1000., fcio
sionary strawberry
500, $2.50; 1000,
Plant Specialist, Maolin, Fidelia
Nov. 24-10t.
and Buff Orpington
lets and cockerels,
few Barred Rock pul
erels, $2 each. Ap;
1, Box 15.
Palatka Fla.
pnK RENT One tnree-room un
furnished apartment. Apply Sara
toga Hotel. '
22nd day of November, 1921, the tax
roll for the City of Palatka for the
year 1921, was placed in my hands
and in the warrant duly issued to me
I was instructed to collect out of the
persons and property taxable in the
City of Palatka the taxes assessed
against such persons and propertry,
on or before the 1st day of January,
A. D. 1922.
These, therefore, are to notify all
persons taxable and owning
property in the City of PaIatka
the tax books for the year 1' "
now open for the collection of' th!
Citv taxea at th. . V th
Collector of th rif , , the T
owe,, tw. v,n;ir.vr.aatka.Fi..
. -r. o: fj0V(
a. u. mzi.
Tax Collector of the City 0f p.i '
FOR SALE Light delivery n'oru
truck in good mechanical conditior..
$200 cash. Ford Sales Co. 10-25-tf
FOR SALE Nice sweet potatoes
at the right price; also oranges and
grapefruit. W. G. Tilghman, phona
50. 10-19-tf
FOR RENT Front half of store
building in heart of city. Suitable,
for small merchandising business,
real estate and insurance or general
offices. Ground floor. See G. M. Guerry
at News office.
FOR SALE New six room bunga
low, with bath. Apply Porter Bros.
ibbage plants
mediate ship-
xprese large
!5; wholesale,
yke and Mis-
ants, postpaid
75. Southern
Island Red,
ure-bred pul
00 each. A
strain cock
Beasley, R.
FOR SALE One two-story, six
room house, electric lights, thorough
ly overhauled and painted. Lot
70x140 on brick street. City prop-
ertyfl $2,800 cash.
Also a two room house and barn,
30 acres of good land, 10 acres clear
ed and fenced. About 25 fruit trees
on same. One acre in sugar cane.
$700 cash.
Also a six room house. 16 town
lots, 70 acres of fine potato land well
drain. Fifteen acres cleared and
fenced. $3,750.
Also a 6 room house, 15 acres of
land, ten cleared and fenced, a num-!
ber of bearing fruit trees. $900 :
with terms if desired.
A. W. Brooks, Palatka, Fla., Phone;
306. ll-26-6t!
Notice is hereby given that on the
Mr. Wide Awake Merchant
Will You
Rent Your Show Windows
To Your Competitors ?
Certainly not;
For you know they occupy the most valuable
Part of your entire store.
You allow them to remain idle during the most
valuable part of the whole twenty-four hours.
Light them.
tc 1 1 -T. 1
ir you nave meruianuisc lor saie ana are not
ashamed for the public to see it, keep your win
dows bright from dusk until bedtime.
By the use of Electricity you can convert them
rrom idle investment to your best add.
Southern Utilities Company
WAV V Tl V.irfhnntrinna Q.vlim-
der 2-cycle Bridgeporfpgine, 18 h.
p., for a small engine nd , boat all
complete; or will sell nine' and
clutch for $400. Adcbsl Monroe
Fish Co., Lake MonroeJ 1 t-20-7t
Dr. J. E. Thorton
Merryday Bldg I
Practical Accounts
Is holding classes!
nroll Now Complete Cae $50
Through the initiative of Palatka
Community Service a number of the
high school girls have organized
themselves into a hiking club and
have announced their first hike and
weiner roast for Monday afternoon.
The girls will meet in front of the
Woman's Club at four o'clock and
under the chaperonage of Miss
Faith Potter will hike into the coun
try. The girls on the "eats" com
mittee are reminded of their duties
as they will have a number of hun
gry girls to answer to.
This club is only one of the num
ber that Community Service hopes
to organize this winter. The young
er girls were started in Girl Scout
work by Miss Weed last spring and
under the leadership of excellent cap
tains are progressing nicely. The
inlo- fn have a iieog
Revival services beginning Sun
day morning at 11 o'clock and con
tinuing each evening at 7 p.. m.. at
No.. 114 South Eighth street, be
tween Lemon and Oak..
Morning subject today!' "Where
to Preach, What to Preach; Why to
Preach It."
Evening subject: "The Wonder of
the Ages."
Elder W. A.. Cameron.
I,mdl4-nl Ak jour 1jui for
I'll Is in Kcd ftnd UoldSl
boxes, sealed with Bluett
Take no other. But ti
l'rtigclrt. AskfnfCfTMi.TETll
IIAMNI HKAJNU fc, for lift
years known as Best, Safest, ts Reliable
Play Checks?
Is it your move? Let us t. We I
move anything.
Zorn's Trans'
Furniture andeneral
Hauling. ' Furniture Sfe.
Service our motto: ' Pricetht
W. H. Zorn Phd 56
ST. 1KIIK S ( 111 IK II.
2ml and Main Hts. lmors
Once again seventy five of Palat
ka's citizens assembled on the Li
brary lawn dressed in gals costumes
and played games under the direc
tion of Palatka Community Service.
Little tots of kindergarten age were
there a:; well as childrvn from the
primary grades of school, all enjoy-;r.-r
Finin the fir.t game, "A Hunting
We Will Go" to the old standby,
"Looby Loo' the kiddies shouted,
laughed, and sang, proving to the
adult on lookers thaf,, these , Satur
day afternoon play hours are tho
roughly enjoyed. f
After the games,'" ttielTiraren lin
ed up and inarched .to. the- Putnam
House where they enjoyed an hour
of stories. The ' Utile ; children were
under the direction of Mrs. C. A.
jHedgcr, the older in chargGDf Mrs.
t Sunday In Atlvwit. N'tv. -7th.
7:3a Holy Communion.
!t:30 Church Sunday School.
11:011 Mornlnu I'rayi-r. Anu-i'iim-munlon
and Advent sermon: "Wry
Chrtsl Came."
7::iu Kvenlntf l'ayer and Serii.oo.
subject, "The Armour of I.itfht.-
St, Mark's extends a cordial Invita
tion to every one. especially visitors
..ncl (trailers ir. the city.
GCY H ISAZKlt. Itector.
RABBITS I have accepted the
State Agency for the National Rab
bitry Supply House of Kansas City,
and hereafter Palatka, Fla., will be
a distributing point for Florida and
the adjoining states. To all who have
one or more rabbits of any grade or
kind I have a Free Catalogue of sup
plies and remedies for you. Write
or phone A. L. Davenny, State Agent
31 fi Kirkland street, Palatka; phone
414 during office hours each day ex
cept Thrusday.
WANTED Your shoe repairing.
Will guarantee 'satisfaction. Put
nam Shoe Factory. J- R- Hill, Prop.
Nov. 27-12t.
Red Cedar Chests
The Only Guarantee Agaist Vermin
nLdnc,,cle'r bee" USPC' tlK UnUe" StnU's GoV"t none have compared with
trz vzez ri cubic feet capadty w-untiiize"- t aduit
weeks unti. a total of seven ty as re "Vwo ll mre U'
nation showed that a had been .,1. CXam-
found.1 A TRUNK U?ed 3 similar the expiration of the same time fifty motl, were
Free Matin
The following meants
are giving their rons
a free matinee try
Wednesday at theandj
They are giving kets!
with every 50c piase.i
W. C. Gunn
J. R. Hill
Putnam Barber She
Oliver Bros.
Barnett Grocery
Smith's Candy
C. Garrett & Co. j
W. E. Walker : '
Haughton's DrugstQl
Hattie Buky
Daisy Tea Room
Mrs. T. W. Tillman
We handle only the royal line
made of mountain grown Ten
nessee Aromatic Cedar.
Arices ranging from $25.00 to 82.00
Juvenile Chests $5.50 and up.
Give Him Red Cedar Wardrobe
For Christmas
XnmenaSl':!!, double drawers 1, box and very lar.
We Invite to Call and See This Line
Teaff-Ramsey Furniture Co.
"AUttleNowandaLiuleNowandThea" Honda
"Ztr cmb J- W. Campbell.
Big ume " t-rcii
vj v

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