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.jiiayt December-ij, 1921.
nation of Showert of Fish
aily occurring. ,
Lrs of flslies occasionally fall in
III pans " . 1 -"-".6
lSionlsliuient Jpsfanees of this
l,,ve occurred iMigmna. un
jsion a stiower 01 sraau tnree-
t jdctieDat "ks icii iicai- aiei mer
lin Wales, sprinKiing tne ground
over a large area. ir
, bv a whirlwind from any
I Us species of fish abounds, they
lave been conveyed through the
liistance of almost tnirty miles.
nlmilar instance oecurrea at
(j ij the Isle of Mull, In which
, ,ere found strewed on a hill
I from the sea and 100 feet
Sucli downraiis are more
......li'ol nmmtrlAG In
Uower of Bslies varying rrom
iiind a hwf to tnree pounds id
his been reported, hometinies
1:ts are living, more frequently
dead, and sometimes dry or
They are always of kinds
In in the sea or fresh waters of
I hborhoucl. The occurrence of
jcnienon is readily explained
Urtial vacuum and strong up-
produoed in the center of a
Such a whirling column, if
I over the surface of a lake or
of the sea, may suck up a con-
t; quantity of the water along
i living creatures that may be
his may he carried for a con-
. distance, and is discharged
. erpout or cloudburst when
ron.il energy or the whin is
o w? I6"' f ttle 't are
o futon to the ye that when wl
"K the 'letters. This ATZw
ha ,ve read al. the.so si.ns. ( , '0
M It sees on a Wmne or . vaonnt
I re.fi'r "n'-v t,( bourn
"iiniiis ninvni nvs n,,,.ti
hauls., (ill thpir win'.
llf nil ,1. ,....,..,-,
The names f
n" acrns, buil.il.,. TllP .,?,
"""iiioer ut'ithPt
me smaller iinr
dnws with si'-ii
;sn Why City Man Fails to
iariz Himself With the
Town's Landmarks.
bow why it Is so hard to
aarks in ynur head In the
days?" asked the old-
unethins that has bothered
deal. I can remember that
it twenty years ago I never
rouble remembering that on
such a corner was a three
ding with a wabbly tin
On another corner was a
bhouse, etc.
fellow doesn't remember
any more unless he makes
I mean that the mind is
impressed photographically
'peurnnce of buildings or
Jew is the advertising signs
A well-rounded education that
makes its possessor mtt flf Z
world, open to all the manifold Im
pressions the world comaills, onp wh
sees life steadily and sees it whole"
can make only for physical improve
ment and does make for physical im
provement. The quotation lust writ
ten is from Matthew Arnold; he ,ed
It of Sophocles. And is it t a
strange coincidence that in the fes
tival procession at Athens this same
Sophocles, the great tragic poet was
required to walk naked, because of
the physical perfection of his beuutl
ful body? Apparently his many-sided
culture and profound thought were
mirrored In the beauty of his bodv. So
It will always be. The soul will' mid
its expression in the body. And that
mold will be transmitted to future
generations, for rare is all. Exchange.
Jevvisn Records Buried.
tirst ceremony of if l-;,i i
Scotland hs taken place in the Jew
ish part of Piershlll cemetery, Edin
burgh, where a large nimiher of He
brew hooks, scrolls ..f the law,
phylacteries, and utensils used In the
synagogue were buried. The custom
Is observed to prevent misuse and for
preservation, and was rendered nec
essary owing to the amalgamation ot
three Jewish synagogues. Helios ac
cumulated (luring a hundred years
were contained in ten sacks, and 'were
lowered Into a grave lined with boards.
Teeth of Elephants.
Elephants liave only eight teeth
two below and two above, on each
side. All baby elephants' teeth fall
out w hen the animal is about fourteen
years old, when a new set grows.
Best Waterproof Material.
Salmon si in is about Hie best water
proof material that can he worn. The
Ksklmos iH4 It for both shoes and
Chopped Dollars.
A -chop;" in china, is a trademark.
It represents incidentally a guarantee
of value, which may be greater or less
in proportion to the commercial stand
ing or the firm whose chop it is. The
silver dollar in that country is chopped
by each Him or money-shop through
whose, hands it passes. A clean, un
(hopped dollar Is looked upon askance.
The chop atllxed may be merely nn ink
stamp, or it miiy he put on with a
sharp die, defacing the coin. Thus a
silver dollar, after being In circulation
for a while, be ies unrecognizable. A
properly guaranteed coin assumes a
cup shape, and not infrequently with a
hole through the middle. The Chinese
silversmith exacts a percentage from
the dollars that pass through his
hands by scooping out some of the .sil
ver. rii Islmrgh Dispatch.
The Mother of Ballooning.
A washerwoman was the mother of
ballooning and it .all started In France
about I7.su. The washerwoman wished
to dry a skirt more rapidly than could
be accomplished by air and sunshine,
so she rigged it up over the fireplace.
The hot air soon dried the cloth and
the woman was astonished to see it
round out like a ball and Moat up to
the ceiling. A neighbor named Mont
gollier saw the strange occurrence and
it gave him the idea from which ht
made I lie first balloon.
Something Important.
"How do you like your new boss,
"He's an awful pill, Imogen. Why,
he sometimes makes me wait five mln
utes while he's trying to think up a
".My boss is worse than that. When
I make a mistake in copying a recipe
somebody 1ms given him he carries on
as If the firm hail lost a million dol
lars." Ilirmingham Age-Herald.
Truly Cosmopolite Flag.
A United States ting has been made
In Jamestown, X-. Y:, which Is unique
in that it was hvade of wool, sorted
by a Yankee, scoured by an Albnnian,
carded by iin, Itnlitm-, spun by a Swede,
warped by a German, dressed by an
Englishman., drawn by a Scotchman,
woven by ajBglgjijH,, -supervised by a
Frenchman "inspected by a Yankee,
dyed by a Turk, "examined by nn
Irishman am dressed finally by a Pole.
Realty Mortgages
Outdistance All
Railroad Papers
(Br Aaaoclatd F . I
New York, Dec. 9 Real estate
mortgage loans have far outdistanc
ed railroad securities as the leading
investment held by life insurance
companies, according: to original sta
tistics submitted to the 15th annual
canvention of the Association of lif
Insurance President here today.
Speaking on "A Decade of Life In
surance Investments," Asa S. Wing,
president of the Provident Life and
Trust Company of Philadelphia, sta
ted that the real estate mortgage
loans of the life companies have
doubled in ten years, increasing from
$1,228,000,000 at the end of 1911 to
$2,408,000,000 on October 31 of this
Investments in railroad securities
were $1,383,000,000 at the end of
1911 as against $1,783,000,000 at the
end of 1920. Real estate mortgage
loans form more than. 32 percent of
the total assets of the companies now
while railroad securities, which for
med more than 35 ' percent 10 years
ago, have dropped to 26 percent.
Policy loans of $820,000,000 rank
third and United States government
bonds of $772,000,000 are a close
Forces Along Rhine
Are Going to School
(By Auoclatcd Preaa)
Coblenz, Dec. 9 Winter training
plans for the American Forces in
Germany as announced recently at
army headquarters in Coblenz' call
for at least three hours daily milita
ry exercises for officers nd men in
addition to the opening of schools
for instruction.
Training will consist of drills,
marches, tactical walks and rides
terrain exercises, map problems, lec
tures, conferences and schools for of
ficers and selected enlisted men.
One course of instruction is in a
school of languages for the study of
either French or German.
It is not an uncommon, sight in
Coblenz to see majors and colonels
and generals too, sometimes, with
school books in their hands, when go
ing' to and from billets to their of
fices. Many an American, who
reached the Rhine without knowing
more than two or three words of Ger
man, has learned enough "to get by"
as they say over here, while others,
particularly those of German descent
now speak the language fluently.
The training program, which is to
continue until March 31 next in
cludes chemical warfare service de
signed to teach proficiency in the use
of gas masks and in giving gas
The reaction from idealism is a reactionary.
Palatka: Mon Tues., and Wed.
Optometrist and
Manufacturing Optician
Over City Drug Store
Eyes Tested, Frames
Fitted, Lense Ground
Palatka and DeLand at the sign
of the eye.
DeLand: Thurs., Fri., and Sat.
fourth, being 11.30 percent of the
assets. Other investments include
state, county and municipal bonds
and real estate. The total assets of
the companies are in excess of
Horse and Hen Fast Friends.
A man In New Brunswick has a
horse that Is very friendly with a hen.
The hen gets In the horse's manger
and lays an egg, while the horse stands
back. As soon as the hen flies ofl
the nest, the horse steps up and eats
the gg.
Don't Throw
It Away
Have it Dry Cleaned
What an appalling waste of
money there is each year in
dresses suits, and other gar
ments thrown away when
only half worn.
Bring it to us for inspection.
Perhaps it can be dry cleaned
or dyed and made to look like
We will advise you to the best of our ability, if you'll let us.
Careful work. The result will please you.
W. E. WALKER, Prop.
308 Lemon St.
Phone 268
Mr. Wide Awake Merchant
Will You
Rent Your Show Windows
To Your Competitors ?
Certainly not;
For you know they occupy the most valuable
Part of your entire store.
You allow them to remain idle during the most
valuable part of the whole twenty-four hours.
Light them.
If you have merchandise for sale and are not
ashamed for the public to see it, keep your win
dows bright from dusk until bedtime.
By the use of Electricity you can convert them
from idle investment to your best add.
Southern Utilities Company
Yelverton's Christmas Sale Of
Continues Throughout This Week
WAS $140.00
WAS $75.00
YOU SAVE $15.00
WAS $125.00
s desired
w Tfafonola in our holiday stock of beautiful brand new models, delivered any day from nowguntil christ
Any Columbia uraiui maJ( on payment of one dollar.
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