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On earth. Pci ' 1 . . " ,
,8td meP--Holy WJ p
Weatlier Forecast
Colder In northern section, with
falling temperature in south. V.' V I 07 VW., fSi ; . ' '
P r '1 .AT V ;v-. r
' lab
. w : 1 ; i ..Aiir nlTlU
- - - - - mi m i 1 1 i i bi i i n i h x i
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NIP. M nibntls. ouun
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. 1 .
of Health
,' H,N. 69. j
Conference Naval Com
mittee Discuss 'Other
Harding Sends
Greeting to Oldest
Employee of Star
(By Aaaoclatr Pr
. Marion, Ohio, Dec 29. President
Hardine in a holiday greeting to
Martin L. Miller, 77, oldest employee
of the Marion Star, the presidents
newspaper, said that experience has
taught him that there is "even more
haDDiness in some of our humbler
pursuits than there is in assuming
responsibility in high places.
The greeting, ' received by Mr.
Siller yesterday, was in response to
one he had sent the president a few
days ago. . ' .
Miller a compositor, was one of
the emnlovees of The Star when Mr.
Harding first became connected with
it in 1884.'
so:;e L10REPR0P0SALS
Sharp Exchange Between
France and Great
(Br IukUM Fra. -
Washington, Dec. 29. The major
plan to limit the tonnage of the five
powers in submarines' and auxiliary
warships having Ibeen definitely
abandoned, th'e naval committee of
the arms, conference was prepared
to resume today its discussion of col
. , i . t A ... ' ' ...L :L
jlsi were ed yesterday by the
Fnerican delegates. First to be con-
lered today, -it was. understood
'ere the . proposal placing' a- limit
f 10,000 tons on any auxiliary ves
,fl to be Considered bvhev powers
and a limit of 2 : on air
v ,.. v vs?-
Great Britain alone agreed to the
- , i .... nMABAfai
yesterday after the effort to limit
naval strength in subnv-'s and
auxiliary' ships had been ' abandoned
in the face of the French announce-
ifr flxiHg a, limit' of 90,000 tonsjn
imersiMcs and'830,000 in auxll
r enfy for that country. The
nch, Italians and Japanese all
ounced that they would have to
it instructions before deeding
proposed 10,000-ton limit for
ift below the capital ship class
'rench hoped to, be in a posi-
n innminiA t.hair decision to
the American proposal regard-
tolane carries also provided
I limitation for the several
! Vi that type of ship. It was
ed only briefly yesterday
i ' commitment by any of the
' - V " '
1 ' ideve!oprent of yester
entous committee session
eh proposal that their
' 'permitted to begin re-
capital ship tqnnaga in
. Wrs before the termina
kposed ten-year holiday
ddered today by naval
other powers. In most
6posal, which was of
Tvation to France's
ice of the 175,000
ratio, was not re
w, endanger in any
up agreement, but
1. 1 by Mr. Balfour
, itsion as a
with the holiday
1 pYrhanire be
r and M. Sar-
ch delegation,
future war
l1 British em
:, tion of the
. Marines adn
' , ..day, was the
ed discussion ev
ence circles today.
the British delega
woftld reserve full
submarine issue
ip before a public
.3t appear certain
le heard of it be
tlf the conference.
Isses to
r of Wife
-Flitcraft, 40
police said late
killed his wife,
buried the
lome. Flitcraft
for" question'
lappearance of
o hours' grilling
the slaying,
. r fa' - ii
e 64 4 A 11
lH,...J M It
F-mtobal-gi.- . M
pewan lk, M F
I 14 1 1
1 r I I
'' " v admitted
SOLD FOR $2,000
Was Sold by Juan Pablo
Sales Just 100 Years
Annual Report
Shows Increase
Drunks in Chicago
SI Have Clinic, in
iome Counties'
New York. Dec. 29. America, in
stead of a land of promise and pros
perity, has proved to be the province
of disappointment and pain to Prince
Louis de Bourbon, who today is lying
in a Bellevue hospital cot, badly in
jured. He came to the United
States last spring as representative
of a syndicate seeking to stimulate
trade between this country and the
Balkan states, assertnig he was a
half; brother of King Alfonso ot
Spain. -
Shortly after' his arrival announce
ment was made he was to marry
Mrs. Bertha K. Archibald, widow of
a wealthy Englishman and a resi
dent of this city, but in August
there was a statement from Mrs.
Archibald that the engagement had
been broken. . .. .
Last nieht Deputy Fire Chief
"Smoky Joe", Martin was speeding
to a fire on upper Broadway when.
near Forty-fifth streeW ..man Jiujr-
ried pu(T from the curb, disregarding
the warning clang of the bell on the
veteran fire fighter's motor. He
seemed not to realize his danger un
til the machine was almost upon
him, and then he stopped. He was
hurled forty feet by the impact, his
left shoulder being brokenand he
Mobile, Ala., Man Pur
chased, and Growth
Started Then
Chicago, Dec. . of CW-
art of th emumcipai - CVerk
ubmitted , ,,nven.
I - ahrvweu
James A. '- . nast year,
s a-wcl nere , .
I tlDM llltV"" ,inpa xw
Tr:ase of Seventy-Five Pe:- a8 8gainst
;ents on Business
306 in 1920.
The rep"" ;
the city council demanding
rcou. .
mi 'Call 'fen as
1 as Possible for
3 . Ithe city
I52 to 6,
" '
: Tv HpaVV and 1,g "Bath House Jonn
t rce Is Quite Heavy 1 Aldetman Batn had
Iltease l vt . dean of e,B- onT0Ve
Mm B n . 1 -
yilllliiBviV- j C,
I "l . r. r n N
1 . solution 7 . -
(52 to b, ir Btate legisia- - XTr-'
Lw. congress and the . tQ eaT-
I S author the -,eetB MOD "J. or
nd distriDUHO" I
q Mountain ana
Brings Uiooa
in Many Cases as
suffered internal injuries. It ' was
Prince Louis.
He based his claim to his relation
ship with the Spanish sovereign on
romance between King Alfonso
XII. of Spain and a" beautiful Ru
manian girl whose son was born in
1884. This was two years before a
male heir to the throne was welcom
ed by the royal household of Spain.
Spanish authorities here .jnave not
taken seriously the man's claims to
direct kinship to Alfonso, but have
admitted the prince might be a scion
of another branch of the Bourbon
Delegation From
Siberia Arrives
In "Washington
Washington, Dec. 29. Expressing
a desire to assist the Washington
conference in arriving at a just and
proper solution of problems involved
in Siberia, the special delegation
from the chambers of commerce and
industries of the martime province of
Siberia, now in Washington, has ad
dressed a latter to Secretary
Hughes as chairman of the confer
ence recommending, among other
thines. that steps be taken to facili
tate wide use of foreign capital in
development of the resources ofthe
region. -
The report recommends regulation
by international agreement of the
salmon fishing industry, in Siberian
waters, urges friendly co-operation
of foreign capital in the fishery en
terprises, and declares that to es
tablish' the fisheries the Japanese
troops should be evacuated from
Saghalien province and the lower
part of the Amur river.
beneath the house, found the body.
The woman's hands had been tied
behind her back and her skull had
been crushde. The only motive for
the alleged crime given by Flitcraft
in his statement, according to the
officials, was that he becamay anger
ed when his wife did not reti home
Saturday nieht. It was latr ascer
tained that Mrs. KCVraft had been
employ-1 as n and had been
iabV 4a leave 1atient that
(Br Associated Preaa)
Key West, Dec. 29 The island up
on which the city of Key We3t now
stands was regarded as of so little
value at one time that it was sold for
$2,000 for just 100 years ago Juanl
Pablo Sales, who owned it, negotiated
with John W. Simonton of Mobile,
Ala., for its sale at that price and the
deal was consummated January 19,
1822, transfer of the property having
been recorded on that date. About
the only reminder of the sale now re
maining is a street here named for
.the purchaser.
Jefferson B. Browne, member of
the Florida Supreme Court, in his
book "Key West, the Old and New,"
tells the story.
"The earliest recorded data about
Key West is to be found in a grant
of the island of Cayo Hueso on Au
gust 26, 1815, by Don Juan de Estra
da, the then Spanish governor of
Florida, to Juan Pablo Salas." Mr.
Browne savs: "Tha erant recited that
it wan in consideration of the several
services rendered by him at different
times, much m the Royal Artillery
Corns stationed at: this iort, as well
fas the services "rendered voluntarily
and without pay at the office of tne
secretary under your administration.
. "Nothing was done by Salas in the
I way of settling or improvements and
'the island wore the same wild aspect
that it had worn for ages, when on
the twenty-first day of December,
1821, Salas offered to sell his right,
title and interest to John W. Simon
ton of Mobile, who had met Salas in
Havana. Havine heard of the ad
vantageous situation and capacity of
the harbor. Mr. Simonton was in
duced from the certain prospect of
improvement throughout the country,
hv the cession of Florida to the Unit-
led States, which hia mercantile ex
perience led him to foresee must ad
vance the interests of a settlement at
this point, to purchase he island for
he sum of $r00 on the nineteenth
day of January, A. D. 1822.
"Rnon after makine the purchase
he sold one undivided quarter of his
interest to John Warner and Jonn
Mountain, respectively United States
consul and commercial agent for the
United States at Havana, and two
other quarters to John Whitehead and
John W. C. Fleming. The interests
of Messrs. Warner , and Mountain
were soon after transferred to Par
Ann ("!. Hreene. who became a perma
nent resident of the island at that
"Qolna however, had made a con
Iditional safe to John B. Strong, who:
subsequently transferred his claim,
such as it was, to John Geddes, whb
having the countenance of Captain
Hammersley of the U. b. naval scnoo-
ner 'Revenge, then in me narour,
effected a landing and took possess
ion of the island in April, 1822.
"A Dr. Montgomery and Ueorge
M Heddea were in charge of the par
ity sent by Geddes to take possession
in his name. It consisted 01 two
white carpenter and three negroes,
with provisions and lumber to duhq
a shed. How long they remained on
the island is not known but as they
were supported by Captain Hammers
ley of the United States navy, the
other claimants were helpless to ao
anything more than protest. A law
suit resulted, which was finally ter
minated by compromise. One of
the legal documents connected with
this claim states that the considera
tion given for the island, by Strong
was a small sloop of about 31 tons
burden called The Leopard of Ulas-
Ltonbury,' for which he paid 575.
Strong's title proved imperfect, and
Salas, in order to obtain the restora
f thm island to the Simonton
I claimants conveyed to him five hun-
rired acres of a tract at "Big hpnng,
LV.- FlnnMa r
In acLce wjth promises made
to the 1 0f Florida during re
cent mol'VhA Florida Public
Health al
tion is rapidly matur
ing plans! its itinerant -tubercu
losis clinicl fount one clinic was
promised cn county selling as
many as vorth of Christmas
seals and aVnnl clinics In coun
ties selling 1" than this amount.
The clinic col. : a vjgil 0f sev
eral days pril tj,e actual day of
examination nurse who calls
on as many aA-ible of the homes
where there hLen' consumption
in recent yearconsuit With the
family regarding advisability on
having each meil examined by a
specialist. On thy'0f the clinic
as many as possV those who
apply are examined, fai.em in
.... ..
the order of their application? -v. 1 -
cording to R. H. Hixson,
secretary, there have always" been
many more who applied thai could
be examined. By having a fall-time
clinician the clinic can remain more
than one day or . can Ttvxfl for. a
later visit. The nurse .then on later
visits co-operates with the family
physicia nin advising the family of
positive cases concerning care and
Dr. Israel L. Kaplan, president of
the association, announces the en
gagement of Dr. L. C Brewer, of
Atlanta, Ga., as full-time clinician,
who, until recently, was connected
wit hthe Metropolitan Life Insurance
company s sanatorium at Mt- Mc
Gregor, New York, and who has for
several months past been taking
speciaj post-graduate work in dis
eases of the chest at the University
of Southern California.. Dr. Kaplan
states that Dr. Brewer's services as
a consultant will be. free to the doc
tors of the state who wish expert
consultation in regard to question
able cases. Miss Ada M. Whyte,
who has been connected with the
Florida Public Health association for
the past eighteen months as director
of the department of publis health
nursinsr. will continue to have charge
of the nursing service connected with
the clincis as heretofore. Miss M.
Mulholland was chairman of the seal
sale this year in Putnam county.
".-.-.a Pre . 1 WiuS
. . ft .anrin.' - - . t i
.rhlin. dean v. , onT0ve
the resolution derived from
Uvo use of the revenu -oidiers'
wines and beer to Pay -
ullahassee, Dec.
,9.-mie receM .
' railroad , ftann PftftADMUN
dasionby the - " rf ,u
emission upon the aw 1 1 U J I " ... nnf IT
.1 rr.ni an no lie
tW Southern Ben "
Tlegraph company to mC.c ! H KLUUU.
iofurnished oy - . 8everaMlUmUU .v' ft
mow w k
inn u tin Must
101U uw .
atPW Remarry or
Be Penalty
o:-Florida, was . advance confidence
1 Birmingham, Ala., Dec.
ad county authorities madejut
tle headway, they -
their efforts to-i-v
-0 as rh7state. t r tesponsibUies
. be!" "Tances in many." the city w,U x mountein
ikot 1. lit? mi rvi-iT. I . . t hv lii 1 tnrnpv vw -
diys i tne . n to her 1 their etww ,
in rates at son, e P al,ow- measuring P to that moD who lured
The complete and it is sufficient reasno to ol a ma
, l.. heen maw r .
ed n" . j
sked w " , f
afficieni. J .. , Birmingn"' "
dtv wiU meet the erne, - Tumlin weU-Kn - y
Seen tha, w-j - being br0ught about ny - " " beat Mm until the
skances are far i considered acCording to W. r. iight and beat , weratior
is they mil - wno tour1"- ' . streamed from a . , t
Lit eheavy u, nan.. chamDer o, body. mt Wm
Pa? tnem- . railroad commis- The pres.-- fte many r"Tamlin said when tne ;
The order ox - imum ex- Commerce has w nstcards, and . m waa told he - divorced.
.tea and charges for w- replies to 0f sncn Ue to be inflicted h
rates anu . by the lith regard for . . oil'.-; - rteath would DO . .
luruio" - . i. - , ;oat or xcdiv" . ut " .-i to mB"" :
. , . 1 o nrl .. Jl, WOUiU w . .v
furmsneu - - . iniv.- . . resiuv lL ' i wiil ui . j made -
Unne service TeAeerapni ....mber to inv .. Qf ' ..,., He reiuseu - ,
a"' i t.rte aou - i . . ihtio. r iiit. n imeattK'j'. .iu wniuv"'
Southern u8 exchanges, do both, aft. ftnd wa8 . - te t
mPany ,a: "the state of Florida. the board f1'' staWishment of " Th. court records '-"
respective , commission P- ern0on to - Mgociation for i ag anted a aec" - ago
.Afl i"" " . a- nrosent i ie vorctro"1 .
" v!. ,;. two m""
. vorcfrom his wife vol.
' . ner mon' i raiai. . r.mmeice tte groum- mim?
r.KllV9 f V I nl. .Kat . 1)1 x v I vita . T U'i u,'
charge 'o iment at ea. Tne ' in9titution Mre Untai? abandon--- , ,
desk -telephoL ol the telephone Ldvocated such an . ; YSUm'&tZSV'
ana every uuwumot r Jorfcrc. i inir , 'VMns of Eurnn- A In e
month orpalatka.
that the pres
, -X 1
phnVeo" the telephone! advocated a
i .vMinrTifeS. :t VUrida DB several iuui'"--',. f I ; III n,
company in the toto-Wyflfir?iflW. fP Hllr .: fif Am.an Prntl!
w r- Tho u.-hmiMn. nf ram in
and i8 hereby continued. r
It is ordered that the application
of the telephone company to classify
its toll telephone service according
to its proposed classification, and to
increase its toll rates and charges
within the state of Florida, be and is
hereby denied, and the schedules of
toll rates and charges now in effect
and on file with this commission
shall continue as its maximum rates
and charges.
It is ordered that the application
of the telephone company to increase
its mileage charges applying in con
nection with main stations or pri
vate branch exchange system which
are located outside the base rate
area, but within the exchange area,
be and is hereby denied, and the
mileatre charges and method of com-
putingsame now in effect and on
file with this commission shall continue.
Terre Haute. Ind., Dec. 29. Eu
gene V. Debs, socialist leader, pa
roled several days ago from Federal
prison, was resting at his home here
today following a rousing home
coming celebration tendered him last
night by thousands of his followers
an dfellow townspeople. Relatives
announced that for the next 'few
days Mr. Debs would probably re
main in the seclusion of his home.
Persons in the big crowd which
formed about the Debs home were
bedecked with red hats,; carrying
brands of red fire and large placards
in flaming red colors. J
Palatka will pay an increase of
75 cents per month on business
phones and 60 cents per month on
residence phones. The present rate
for a business phone is $3.75 and the
new rate $4.50 per month; and the
present rate for a residence phone is
$2, while the new rate is $2.50.
By AhkUM rra.
Managua, Nic, Dec. 29.Fifteen
officers from the United States
cruiser Galveston have arrived here
to form a military tribunal to- hear
the cases against the American ma
rines alleged to have been implicated
in the IfiTmg of three Nicaraguan
policemen and for committing ex
cafses against Nicaraguana. The
proceedings will be held in public at
th American legation- j
Fire Breaks Out.
in Schoonre at
Jax Eariy Today
Jacksonville, Dec. 29. Fire broke
out in the hold of the auxiliary
schooner Percy R. Pyne II., at 2
o'clock this morning and seven hours
later the schooner was still burning.
The vessel, of 1,300 tons, had a
cargo of creosoted crossties aboard.
To prevent a possible spread of the
flames to thf wharf the schooner
was towed to midstream and an
chored. At 11:30 the flame3 were still rag
ing and the fire department decided
to attempt to sink he four-master in
an effort to extinguish the flames.
The department then began pumping
enormous Quantities ot water into rt
The schooner was sunk in seventeen
feet of water and the flames were ex
tinguished. A rough estimate places
the damage at approximately $35,000.
By Aaortate Pr
Seville, Fla., Dec. 29 Arthur Pre-
vatt, merchant of Seville, will be
given a preliminary hearing here to
day a8 a result of shooting to death
of Maxie Clifton here yesterday.
Authorities said shooting was the
outgrowth of enmity of several years
no opposition of consequence. The
support essential to a building and
loan association, however, has riot
been forthcoming, as Mr. Merriam
says, because those who could make
it Dossible are not a unit, due to
their desire to be right before pro
ceeding. Mr. Merriam is confident,
however, that there is more than
reasonable assurance, in the post
card replies, of the need of an insti
tution to further building projects,
and further convinced, he says, that
a greater advertising of Palatka's
advantages will attract many more
desirble investors, home seekers and
industries to the city.
The local civic organization has
put forth particular effort to in
crease confidence in Palatka's ppten
tialities, and the positive superla
tiveness of the city's future. A cam
paign.' although not put forth as
such, has been waged to encourage
everyone to look forward to Palatka
as a city several times its present
size. The probabilities of such
growth are not remote, and the pos
sibilities are equal to Palatka's ef
forts. The growth of Jacksonville,
the magnitude of Miami, the majesty
of Atlanta, all reflect the confi
dence of the citizens of. those com
munities, according to Mr. Merriam.
The Chamber of Commerce board
of governors will discuss the results
of the postcard campaign this after
noon, and consider the immediate
and consequent requirements. It is
thought something progressive and
characteristic of a growing commu
nity will be the result.
na' cre
ated considerable excitement
but the officers said that
not as yet the slightest clue
identity of any members
If Mr. Tumlin knows any of the
members he has thus far refused to
admit their identity
un nan ere- ;
ment here,
it they had j j
He ni in th- I
of the 'mdpi v,
ny of the i ;
Educators Meet j
If ilia a ui uo iuj (
Talk of Veterans L
(By AMoclated PhmO
Washington, Dec. .29. A group of
educators and scientists met here .
today a tthe invitation of Colonel
Forbes, of the veterans' bureau, to ,
discuss ways and means of "finding
the best method of returning to so
ciety more than a hundred thousand
men disabled in mind and body by;
the scourge of war." The confer
ence, which met mnder the directi'
of Dr. John H. Fiey, of N
will continue three thsj'a . ,
erans' bureau announced tV.
ine as the most important i
to be considered and acted up ''
the meetings: "What shall b
sidered a vocational handicap
rate of maintenance pay a
ward rehabilitation; shoulc
tional training be emphasi
than placement training; v.
a tarinee be considered rer -and
what efforts should b
obtain co-operation of enr
absorbing trainees int
Thousands Pay
Last Respect to
Ex Gov. Bickett
(By AftMorlatrd Preawl
Raligh, N. C, Dec. 29. Thou
sands of his fellow citizens, irrespec
tive of race or political affiliation,
padi silent respect to the memory of
Thomas Walter Bickett, fomerr gov
ernor of North Carolina, who died
at his home here yesterday follow
ing a brief illness, as they viewed
his body which lay in state in the
rotunda of the capital here for two
hours this morning.
The flower-laden casket bearine
the body of the former srovernor was
removed from his home to the cap-
itol early today and at 9 o clock the
four entrances to the buildinir were
thrown own and the crowds filed' by
the bier to get a last glimpse of the
state a former chief executive. Tears
wre observed in teh eyes of many
Robberies am .
Murder Put i
PoIice 1'
. fBy Aaoclt
New York. .Dec. !
and four seridjlyg
result of the last fi
in New York city,.
the police and distric
fice at work to pro
peated assertion that
no crime wave this
Of the dead two
Of the badly injurec
men and one robbr
a murdered jewele
perions as the," '.
The casket restt.
ly beneath the doi.
and was draped 'in
state' flags.. Flowct
side of the coffin, x
signs rested upon, it
1 '
"J )

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