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paiatlut Qatar rp-
.."y'day, fdnU(l.
, I . ' '
.1 .
' ' 0
-. ,. : - A. J
- - . i tun v. Palatka. aV-'-
-H-lVf. nr ... ,? j mm - m
PnbUrted Every lornlng
"J. Class Mall
" gained
tne course oi
onntry.chjb yes-
Thc diffiralt fourth
If 4
uannpvmpnt reserves
wl all objectionable
eu or "d!",roaU.!;:gotiated by MrvHedpeT
SUBSCRlPTiONjf tne jaC(? of a strong wind
EST mo"hi'V oo . ' Se. sver i present intervening
Payable Inva, yard of water hazard. ;
.WKSTfcRW A.r jjumo,. four on the jsounlry dab
kubert is W , ,. . ... . ,i
jl unKS s a nve ui jijviuwj
hundrel! yanl? from ised tee anfl.
, j acVosa a irtiaJl; creek ;orit ' mflch
' . hSfhefind boy! ,pd' green.. yjje
- alf e aecurate enough to place hik
Jiall within the bcwl nd have ft-re
, triam there ,ier,yiiy.acooriUd a
' ' Mir fbllovre ti te ancient Stttifeh
"pa-stfoie ' Mr. Rtr," hoeVer.nad
v. v pjaJed tiiia liole "o . .previous
r rounds in "threa,. ani fturK threes er
i - j ' ing par; and itwaylrute pleasinir to.
those accftmganijrtns. Mm to see this
h Jnrther' hatiarkaMtf .evidence .bfMns
: 3," W. CamnbeR and 4 W. , Hart,
werV playing with Hedg ot
s' ' JiaA Jtpennte4 0dfiylty it thia
Jhole on 4neh ' nrevious . ronn,' yit
.r ' CampbeITjnaC fW tn maflhie sed
"' Vi; tfedgftr U Wra Jri thn tW4,
v i hole and a fesfe 31 olf ball pirked
.,1,1,. Vi ntlmr wKeuf nlavinir .cut
of the roagoB Am4 T t)ie, eartSet p A! , the
rt'Bf ds was ffie bal Hi8t..brogt ium-
",fani and honorv " ?-
' p' i t&K Hdei 3$: irmi inafiboV of
v.. the Oak Park,;W;,.'GoJf? club AP.an
ehtbusjaBtic' member f the..lot
-. edtntry 'dub. 1 In airt.icipaaon'Jot
' s good , nine-bole eourae here le has
V been carefully, and studiously appry-
y ng ' hifinself wder- local professional
' 1 ls- That he is proving- an apu pupil
apparent fnom i hls. remarVable
-. . jfcrforma.nce' of .yesierdayi , -K
' 1 - par for -e St." Augustine -Bine
boles "isj .33 .' r-CampbeU played
" several "holes in pa sdi Mtj Hart,
' . -hoie coBsecufiVe par playlnrr Mr.
" ; ; Hedger saiw Ws a fcteat influence
1 in the Irnprovement'of his jgaaie. .,
portant atations . onyl.
northbound January 4. . ,
rw. t- i o 1t. ' TT..
lust get you' a good Tiorsewhip and - . , ., . .
"'t v i- j vv Special, .mail nd baggage . cars,
run tm off.. AVe will stand, bap k of "f , . r
you ve you by protection yo, JiL?iSJ5St
need if it takes 500 of lis to do it. I 7 tt ir t u 7 ?
Tl'e. inein to "protect defenseless - -
nreau f am: Miami -nd Kev 'Vest. also
oma. gamst any aria .oers coach4 This train
Wilson Declares
. ' Gainesa3d Man
to Get Selt aJob
.! .-'.-..
ny. iiworlstedvShwO t -
Gaiesviila;,. -n. ,2. The Ku
Klux Klap ' iade. its public . bow to
GainesvUfe Ojtrjatmaa;-' eve f night
When VbitaVo 'presentativies 'of
the arganiiatlvij Appeared,' at t two
placet tn Xl?tt of Santa Claus. It
had fee "(pjuerally known that
Ui kiixisleif' here.,, . C ..:
1 At ori'Offtb places the felanjHien
toviplie)r "gifts. V"
U'Oin an) admonition wat the'gopa
for nothing , fofijier liead ; df - the
fadiilyjras' not to' share hethJand
the mother 'of several children was
requested to tell him that if he did
not peta' job. within a week nfl pay
bP a stiii4ateVl aijiouijt he would" be
put ta 0$ on the tfbunty roaas. , (
Tftese' ;groceties' "aie' for , y'ou and
y-ouf'chilljreji only," the bote said In
pact, ''and ybur 'goodfdr nothing
former husband comes "around and
fries to eat up this food which we are jj
prori,dlng for yomand the children
f " Schedule Starts'
With Tomorrow
' Beginning with tomorrow 1 n
ter schedule on the, f- Florida. East
Coast railway will beconie' effective
witK sii passenger trains each -way
aily. Some of these; it is anticipat
ed, -fail' rutf in 'two sectiohs if "travel
is as 'heavy, as present bookings in
dicate tt.woll : be. The following
trains will be operated:- - . V
' Trains 49 -and frf-Th-Miami 'lo
y.al viAMiirtu nf mnil. '-hairirafre. and
exoress cars. ' white and .'eolored;
coaches and. one, buffet parlor "tar
with drawing room. .Makes- all
stopsl TNo 'change;ii!,.time.' "A
. Trains 33, and 34 8he Palm Beaah
limited, "handles oW baggage car
F. E. C. dining car, through sleeping
car between Boslon and Miami via
Hell. Gate, fridge route, an4 Pullman.
parlor cars, no, coacnea. oiujis
' . A X -1. i; .-...1 m!e. evin
. m ivnitn Tiict Jot it. hv irnnwn
"'lr Tr 'bValwellhtops at' principal Mtt only. f:
r T! " '1' xZi Vo.lns between Jacksonville and Miami.
olT 'iiJ nadkaM of Makes all stops. Baggage and-;-
lAViiav 'a vif-wM-B-i r r r - 1 .
u rt,. m.tmn. Press cars, vi
-XJi ooacl -nd.tw. buff et . sleeper, for
Jl : ,.w 'fcftHlhe accommodation (rf passerhger to
t ma Wins, elderly women, ateo . . .. , ' . .
.dd.-. !, 5ff ulH "Wa all love " -k vvuu v
7rV . , t Trains 87 sd 88-The' Florida.
acm, , - Special oilman .carsonly, with
UNGRATEFUL TOURISTS SUING dinjng'Jar and baggage car. This. 5s
, MAN WHO GAVE 'EM UFThie 35th consecutive Season this
' (By Aaaociat Preaa . I train bas , been operated between
Miami, Jan. Z.--M. t. a. RcB, U. v . rf Finrida, Stnoa at im.
porta nt stations only.- A. C. !. din-
local real .estate dealer, , has ' been
aeTenaai.in .a suii.wr . 8ervice. ' First trrp' nJrt
damages 5Ued n m.mnty rcuitunnd leaves .Miami at 10:25 p.m,
court by'M.: Wafter artd bis wife . i . , -v' .
as a reu 01 injuries race.vea, wnen Trains 3? 38Seaboard Floe.
KochVcar.-nv which they were rid- . . Limited. Operated setweetf New
ing. skidded' ahd wrecked against a v , ,, o..v j m:: irrf.
J . w 1 XUIV X U1II VCSliU (Lilt iuuiim.
tree ntflV, OjUSH last; week. Koch. nandle8 j. car
W emerged from V the wreckage baggage white . and . colored
ih thtee broken ribs, -states that ,np. t " i. si,Ders' he-
he picked up the Walkers, whom be i.wnnvilW and MiamL First
had nerer seen before, at Fort ,Uu- . northbound ; from jMami 6:40'
negotiations, nicluding the. Shantung
tmestion upon whicb the Japanese
and .Chinese ,aTe not. deadlocked,, it
wasT belieyed that settlement would
not be delayed beyond two weeks
Most of ttr foreign delegate hava
made definite arrangements for: their
depWture at the end of 'that. time.
' In . connectio with Far Eastern
questions, the Siberian, situation had
been'., brought' 'suddenly into promi
nence . today through publication by
the special delegation here irom the
Far Eastern republic. ,of copies of al-J
leged communications between - the
Japanese and French' governments
covering the proposal'. that the two
governments act ' in concert . at the
Washington conference with respect
to the. "establishment of a Japanese,
protectorate over Siberia.-x: .' . .'
"Although the documents .were
promptly declared, by a member., of
the Japanese delegation to be a ma
licious fabrication," 'and charaiteriz-
i by a French delegate as "forger
ies,' stupidly contrived" "there , was
considerable '.'' speculation , today,
whether the accusation v would be'
brought formally before 'the eonfer-J
enfc by the Chinese 6r-'some, other
delegation when-'the Siberian Tiitua-J
turn is, taken up on the agenda.- He
Fair- Eastern representaitves them
selves not only , are not members of
the conference, but .re, speaking for
an unrcognized government, whici
left it entirely uncertain attr wkaj
cognizance .'may .betaken of the
barges, v" '
Fear Public' Apathy1,
' Washington,. Jan,2 In an effort
to "prevent public -apathy" on .world
peace : after. the elese of the .Washi
ngton conference, the national eoun-
cli for limitation, 'of armaments- an
nounced today, it had written to the
governors of the forty-eight -states
asking support 'in ""educating public
sentiment, dutihg" the coming year
for the next step .toward permanent
peace," and that thirteen aff irmatiy
responses bad been received.
By. Aaolatel Paa . ' ..
.Cocoanut , Grove, .- Jan 2,-yThe
" public- library here wich?4' resulteB
Vfrom the efforts of Kirk-Munxoey tbe
' author, and Mrs.Iunroe-and whSh
' - began with the gift of a few -books
" from Mrs. Tjiomas .Carnegier siste
. in-law of the late Andrew Carnegie,
has probably the most interesting
history of any library in 'Florida., .
When Mrs. Munroe in, the ':ariy
nineties orgamzed the ; Pine"; Needle
Embroidery club withi.a dozen or
' nore little girls who spent every
. . 'Saturday afternoon at.-the Munroe
borne, as members,, she did mot know
" she was- lay mg thft- f oondatron for a
public library. . l u. '
': In those earl.-timea Hra. . arne-
'tiev who spent many: winters at the
winfer bomt dt Andrew Carnegje
. op CumberlaBd-falatid, rfear Fernan
v diha, often came-to Qocoanut firove
"1' . in-her Jcht. During Cne of Jiejf vis
H its ebe tSed MnMtabroe rf.'sbe
'AJ?1 ot give Jfob: Pine. Neotires- sorae,
v-V-- books. anu sent" 25 vuljiiti shor
ffom'tr.-yacbt 'TIijp.was the stort
1 ' 0 the Pine Needle ' library' from
1 which the .present library ajrew J"6r
:-i fceveral.yegrs the books- remained- at
4 ; s the Munroe home 'but-'Vheno1Uier
,V v 'donation tfnlafgid. the. library il was
:.'.r'lh)OTed to i. roomj.iB'-fw.o'W .honse
which ,.ha& iloua1 since been v tom
down. " Thd'eslablishmeiit .of th li-
.brary took 'plaee luJo".- j V 4
x An iteresfmg feature that JU?s.
. Munroe in- later vyears pinned ;the
'. Weeding veils -and mde the wedding
v, . ' cakes . for -all , but kone. ol the girl
: who were wemberar of. the Pine .Nee-
i. ;, " die club at t organtfitioA?.'.--
derdale- - wben he learned ; they
missed-,- bus, jofferingthem a
to' Miam ip hia machine. -J I
FOR SALE OF RED SNAPPER I on another page
' . v R Aaaonated Iwa ' '
Pensacol Jan.v 2. Local fish
dealers have adopted a new;" scale of
prices to.be' paid for; red snapper De-
cause of the rdeereasea aemana lor
that variety offish, and is said
here that the. saine . quotation prob
ably will be adopted lalong the entire
gulf coast.,-The new .scale which is
I cent -per poundf less than that for-
meriy. prevailing, follows:' .
rot. , me ,. jirs. i,uv , jwuhus, v
cents; next 500O pounds, o cents;
nextifi.OOO pounds, 4 cents; '20,000
pounds -or. morei 3 cent. N
p. m.,- January 4. V." v
Schedule - figures showing, the de
parture from this station appear-in.
the. regular schedule advertisement
' . MlAML ' : ' . ' '
. (By tuorfilrd Frnal
Celebrated Here
' in Splendid Style
Negro citizens, qf Palatka are cel
ebrating Emancipatio nday today
with -.the most . pretentious program
they have eVef arranged, beginning
with a Tort parade which started
from the, Central school., atf 2:30
o'clock and traversed" the principal
street's of the city. The parade wis
highly creditable.' Headed ,by. a band
it, was made up of gaily decorated;
cars. -16ats. various civic -rganiza.
Miamli ?Jan, 2., UeUo PC I tiona1 and aeveral hundred children.
, . . " - 1
will disappear bet about January -.The celebration program will take
15 unless- something unforseen de- nlace tonieht at 7:30 o'clock at Beth-
velops. 'for ,it is expected the work of L. evUTC. under tbe-ausiices of the
pnvertirig the local telephone sys- Emancibation Association of Palat-
tem ntp an automate-system wuii.j of the best-knowii eoU
have been completed by tbat date. orM' speaws of the city will 'be on
ivapiu progress w iroip), mouc u. '""1 the pYogram which embraces songs.
installation of newequipment,- cd- Scripture reading and tbi reading of
t. -i it AVTM-tpf . tha j:va.1 .1 - . ' . ' .
vu wj, ' -r line emancipauo nprmniBuun. i
leiw WUL-'De ojieraiiun ltic iiiiu- i v , , - .
die of next month. ; V ." FIRING .IX BELFAST. .
. IBt Aaaorla rnut 7 .
Belfast, Jan. 2.' '.Sporadic ex
Sahford: Jan. 2 $emfnble coun- changes of shots that had been pm-
tv Which diacontmued be nreduc- fceeding tor twenty-iour. nours or
tion of cbtfoti several years ago be-1 more between members, of the, tival
cause Sof -ihe boll-weev'l, will plant faqtions -here without serious result
the . staile ' again-next season, many became graver today. . In the .early
acres' of . land - around -'Lonsrwood, hours twe men were noi ana Daaiy
Markbadi And other parts of the wounded. , .Another Jman was slight
By 'Aamwla ,-.'3'
-, Newport . L.Jan, 2 Word 'was
, . received here to3a;r vby jelati-Jei, of
, ueiuenan vorraia jaacuonaKii wr
, 44 that the officer-was 'iij-cpt
.. overboard' front -th? mine gwei-per
- Quail yesterday atid lost. The -Quad
. was- off Montauk Point" at the time
'' on Tier waV to Philadelphia, f 'b.ch
port- she- sailed .yesterday- .from (Bos'.
, ,t iLieufenant MicConafd -was na
tive of. Penrisylvania. ,..;.. .
' - "x " BT AaaM4at4 Pra l-
' UhiIa, P. J., aru 1 Emiiio Agui
"Vlaido, former, president of the Phil
ippine republic nd -leader of the
Phiirtreme insttrrectiott today, was
elected president of the A3S-i-iation
f Philippine Veterans, of the Jievoiu-
tionw succeeding- Cenei-al c Mamiel
Concepcioa. Mar.nel Quezon, presi
dent of fba , Pbllipprne' senate, was
1 ---7 " ... "" --i
' - . ' . 1 v i. .A-' it- -tv- " l. ' -m - 'ft- -aw v , . : I
Thw sale is btir Annil Cleanp- L t winter goc
and ends in bur Ready tq-Vye
You c't to g dniig
and means r your doUar.ife'i&ft
:lass goods; . 5 : ;
'Clearance Sale;;
' Rip. SnecriaLi
All Ovt . Silk Lace Nets,
17 Aaaaeiatea 1-eea.l
Coblenz. , Jan. 2. Led by band
playing "How Dry I -Ai," one jhou-
sand American troops left here to
day for Antwerp to embark for-the-
United -suites on transport, vau
tigny...;, ' i ".Vit '. ,'-
A largo number of those .leaving
were leaders of athletic activities-,
who have Been wits we Amenau
forces- in Germany-sinte the -begn
nihg of the' period of occupation. '- ,
Miamj, Dec.. Sli-Building permita
for" the, year 1921 are noV close to
the fivW rrtiliTon-dbllar mark.- and the
city building inspector has yet tb Is
sue one for the First Na: tonal Bank
buildine.' He was given the ' bbje
prints and application for 'the permit
several Treeka ago, but' the nautre of
the structure is such that he ias no
yet finished checkitig the" data. ,
. , a . ' u i
De Kuniak - Springs, Jan. - TL-A
meeting of laymen' of the Southern
Presbyterian church will be . beldj
here January d f or the purpose ef
orgaa'zjng a. laymen's association
for the Florida pneebytery. Justice
Thomas F. West- of. the state , su
preme wort, is chai-.isian of- the torn
mittce preparing for the meeting. -Missionary
Socity Meeting , ' '
The -'omah's , Missionary society
of tbe'Saptist church -wiH ho.d-
businesa 'meeting tomorrow eer-
noon at the church at 3:30 o'clock.
, . , - ' , .-, w fc
.FIRST-CLASS washer and ireneri
and ironer wants work. Notify JSo.
- . 12-2t
Fine-. Quality - Serge; $15&
value,, t close-ttt C
out at W WP.
"6 Inch. STORM SERGE; . black, while and col&rsy aoV
AH wool. a special s ':rtiL values, up U $2.00 at ' $50
value, to closevbut . .. I C 40 noV-
Stripe Storm. Sere -rt
f 20 value-40iib wide V
values-up to $2.00 at X SO
450 nov .J95
All colors, to close out!
Values to 2Sd this sale 5c
-v tt '.-.V 50c " V JOc
54 lav W09Ek JERSEY.
This is a $$ value ; f ,QC
Firoe, quality sale atf.
50 to 56. inches -wide,' worth
to $100 a Bct-t .. i' QK
This SalV.;....-
; 52 Inch" 3R0i toOTH
5ne AH' Wool; Satin, face
A $4.00 value V kvO A C
54 In High Grade Wool fab-
rie value .. 97c
county Already having been, broken, ly wounded when a bullet grazed bis
L. P. Haagn. of Markham; will plant neck. . . l;S'v ' .'-'
ivv acres, u, orainiey wm. pmni
100 acre neaW aSnford, and several
otty-J? .Janrfers have expressed tt will-'
uigness to plant from 60 to'100 acres.
. - B-r' AumIiM rmal
Ocala, - Jan. 2. Ralph .- Holder,
alias Hughes, the bandit who escap
ed from the Marion county jail -sev
eral months ago, has arrived in Chi.
cago- arid has been" arrested, accord-
Tampa, Fla, Jan.- 2. Fire of. un-
. - L , -i. . - r- ing to advices to local authorities,
mated at $30KK) to tha Tampk Gas ,
Company building late last -night. ARCHBISHOP SAYS PEACE
Firemen .were able to check' the! STILLS SEEMS FAR DISTANT
flames that spread rapidly" - hr al ' (Continued from Page 1)
sfa-ong wind and threatened Jto con- nouncment of a formal - five-power
sume.the entire block in the busi- treaty covering the naval limitation
ness center, o the city.
scheme. ;
: WitK this prospect for final dispo
sition of the'- naval . program,' there
was a general expectation among the
delegations today .that in the follow-
t Atlantic. jPity, Jan. 2, John Ken-
drick Banks,' the well-known author
i- v a' ing week settlement covering the
tion here today., Physiciaas will not . , . .
uy -that he is entirely out of dan-
Far Eastern field would be effected,
permitting the conf erene to- adjourn
I about the middle of the month. De-
6S ia a prescription for Colds, Terer spite the several troublesome issues
an InrinDa. . It's the meat aneadr which apparently have yet to be
remedy we kaow.
cleared away in that branch of the
17, 15th street.
The First Application,' Makev Skin
v looi ana vomiorwioiB . a.
V- ' , - ' .,..."' .
If you 'are suffering .front-, eixem
or some other orturiny, .embarrass
ing skm- trouble yon mayr quickly ,be
rid of ""it by using Mentho-Sulphur,
declares a noted skm specialist. ,
This1 sulphur preparation, because
of . its germ . destroying properties,
seldom fails to quickly subdue itch
ing, ef en of fiery ecsema. ., The first
application makes the skin cool and
comfortable. Sash and blotches are
healed right up. Mentho-Sulphur is
applied like any pleasant cold cream
and is "perfectly harmless.; - You can
obtain a -small jar from any good
druggist.- ''iv.:''V
' The". Stockholders of the Florida
Wood en ware Co. will bold their An
nual Meeting at their oft, Palatka,
Florida, Wednesday, January 4, 1922.
W. f, N "prism Secy
Dec Sth, 192J, ' i
3S in Poplin SllB Val "i 8$ct
40ii4all silk Georgette SI 25
3S in" ' ,: taffeta 1.25
Our prices on Re;
in - this sale,
Lany one of the
values we are
mars our gooas ci
gin witlr-and oui
are "jstraight he;
not t marked up
catch you. ,
36in"Sa'tin - .15
40 in Crepe de Chine t5
30 Inph, fine .grade a'.6.O0
value, all new. : CLtO QtS
shadesthis sale
; Silk Crepe , Kni
Fine heavy knit crepe, navy
and black, $4.00 ; 9 Afi
value at :..:t-.!r&
: Clearance
' FURS and K,
One HalfL
fv During Tkt
Oue lot Dresses,,
saleat:; '. .,. -(Sni
lot bressesCip
$40.00 This sale
- -!
1st colorabig val- tft A
!, 15 c qualityat,..'. v.elU
r' f. .'.;
In ' red,; "green I'
wortn totfiiw
This sdle-...
f .fv.'.;
f- A.'
1 ,
fi 1
Blankets P Comforts
f 4 I
One lot W OOCornfoit, This Sale '.'..$1,45
't v ' .
f . . (45
Gpttbix Wbblhap Blanket
Grey and fan, full sizeti blan-j C 1 'fill
lets. These are $2-50 val us, pr y ey if
Grey and taa'cloublei&lankets 'QC
$4.00 values,: to close out., . .. .. . eJ7ej
Blue'afid pink plaid blankets, . T Q C
t uii size, 3.ou values, now, . .
One lorTfihe coatsworth 'up
; td $23.00 Clearajicft sale,U ;
f AH other r feoifrem a TKird
, t v,t it , n,.
New Coat Sc
One lot Dress Ginghams arid
Cheviot, worth 25c,tthis sale. . f;
Special Prices on Hosiery
One lot fine Serge and Trifcotic!
uitsj worth to f30.U0, now.
il -h-i" "- ;-, .. 4.
' 1 .. r - 1 j -j ..
une joe men eraae v ewu '
' and Tncotin'e suits, worth up
to ,$42,00, this sale 1 . .
.'.: -'- " Kf ' t ".
. ' ' '" . ,-'.' -. .-.''
; ; Silk Glovc
One lot 16 button, pink and bl
. Silk Gloves, $3.00 val.. to clos
, " ,;.-;';. . t ';
One lot white and black Sift
Gloves; 50, aud 75c value, m
- f
OpcaCi30 a, m. -A Close 6 p. m.
elected honorary president. -.
.-- i - "
- . . . -. , -j. t
.. -ex;

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