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xftiuary 12, 1Q22.
, v
ittn 'About In Man Through Walking
.Erect and 'Using Hands aa Hand,
ISlyi Savant
Why lmve mone of tho 'hitfher an
els developed speech? asks Dr. B.
laimyn In the Deutsehes Archlvfuer
. Qlnlsclie Medfzlu '(Leipzig). He points
"Dt that .the sounds made by animals
nd birds are limitative, like the "da-
Hdn' of a . happy baby. But the ln-
t progresses beyond echo-speech to
lal speech, which no aiilmul or bird
1n " 1 ' '
'Wiimr- he Droeeeds to answer this
lestlon, says We New York World,
the theory that mnn has evolved
itu the lower .animals 41 theory that
rapidly losing ground among serl-
sclentiflc men about ns follows:
'When man began to walk erect and
t in hie hands, -the 'right band was
frond more. convenient for attacks and
lrfense, ,iiesrures, and the ordinary
in of life-; the left hand being ised
Ire for carrying things.
! mater use of the right hand,
flie more abundant blood supply
left hemisphere (criminals have
latter), was what stimulated the
hemisphere of the brain to higher
lopment. This provided Romanes'
iaV anatomic factor" that dlstln-
man from animals and made
culate speech possible. It Is a
uence of man's walking erect
using his hands as hands. Speak-
and the organ of speech developed
ther. The singing of birds aud
it balancing power are by-products
the . evolution of their organ of
ring, as also music In man, along
rhythm and dancing, although a
Ic sense evidently co-operates with
internal ear. -
As It Sounded to Him.
Irley JBrooks, one of the most bril-
t Englishmen of his time, assocl-
jed with Thackeray and the famous
fcrk tmon in the editorial manage
fat of Punch, had- a mind tilled with
Ktry and he often wrote admirable
6 nes hlmselfi But he had no knowl
fee of or love for music. Nevertheless,
This role as reporter for some Lon-
fit newspaper Brooks one time had
3 fen called upon to write of a concert
Itlcally. , He wondered how he was
tolott to get away with It," and this
Low he did It:
pOver the deep tfbyss k bass there
feted, like i poised lark, a silvery
bud of treble, amid which the shrill
femolo Of the higher strings seemed
Bveriugly to glitter like the arrows
aunshafC through the mist of early
rnlnjc." ' ' ' "
Teheran Has Twelve Gateways.
' "At the distance, Teheran, built In
great pmt of the mud on which it
stands, Is only distinguished from the
surroiiiiiiing plain by the green trees of
Its many gardens," writes Ella C.
Sykes in "Persia and Its People," "but
as the traveler gets nearer he will see
the outline of the constellated city wall
and the tiled domes and minnrets of
mosques. He will enter, the town by
a grandiose gateway adorned with
glazed bricks In patterns, the prevail
ing tones being blue and yellow, re
lieved with block and white, the whole
giving a touch of splendor to its
squalid surroundings.
"These gntewuys are 12 In number;
some are adorned with the exploits of
Rustuin, the Hercules and knight-errant
of Persia, and others depict the
Persian solder of today all of them,
however, look best at a distance, and
do not bear a close examination."
Pantomime Followed Drama.
'Pantomime', one of the simplest
forms of dramatic nrt, was not origin
ated until the drama Itself had been
established for over 500 years. The
latter was the Invention of the Greeks,
but the pantomime was a purely Ro
man Idea.
Two aspiring actors; one of whom
was afflicted with throat trouble.
Pylndes and Buthyllus, gave the first
performance of this kind In the year
'12 B. C. It was only a make-shift on
their part because of the Illness of one
of the performers, but their audience
was so delighted that they continued
with the production of the wordless
Crowded Orchard.
PrmV L. C. Corbett of the United
States Department of Agriculture says
he found In England a specimen of
intensive fruit culture the like of
which he has never encountered be
fore. Apple trees are planted In rows
14 feet ajiart. Between these are plum
trees flanked by gooseberries and cur
rant bushes. The growth is so dense
that the work of cultivation must be
done by hand, and spraying Is done
by the Installation of a permanent
.piping system. The company which
owns this farm maintains a preserv
ing plant for making jam when the
fresh fruit cannot be profitably dis
posed of.
It Works Both Ways.
"The vulgarity of wealthy people Is
so much more noticeable than that of
the poorer ones."
'Yes, and at the same time It's go
much .more endurable."
Choice Meats
when you buy meats here no matter what
kind you order you may be sure always
that you will get the choicest procur
able native and western products. Give us
a trial. We will appreciate your trade.
' - Hens and Fryers Dressed to Order.
4 1 . Oysters in Season
The Model Meat Market
.". "Where Quality Tells and Price Sells"
326 Lemon St. Phone 98
Joint Accounts
A husband and wife or others whose in
terests are in common, often find it conve
venient to have a "joint" account.
Such an account is opened in two names,
and is paya'ble to either person. In case
of death of one, the account is held sub
ject to the order of the survivor without
the necessity of any legal formality.
We will be glad to give further informa
tion to those interested in the subject of a
joint account.
4 Per Cent. Savings Deposits
East Florida Savings &
Trust Company
Ancients Seem to Have Had the Right
Idea In Their Attitude Toward
. Inevitable Death.
What happens to us when we die?
What does It feel like to pass out of
this earthly life and enter the un
known beyond?
An interesting answer comes from a
group of physiologists. Their observa
tions are thut, in the dying hour, the
sense of smell is the first to fail.
Then, In order, the dying person loses
taster sight, touch, hearing. .
Thus the five senses pass. Outward
ly, deoth seems to have taken place.
But how about the sixth sense con
sciousness? Muiiy medical men be
lieve the brain is conscious, sometimes,
us long ns 20 minutes after the five
senses are gone.
Everyone has heard of people who
bud visions of angels, music und a
flood of briglit light, in the moment
of passing from the materlul world.
Why fear denth? Life is only a
journey, death only a change. The
ancients contemplated death without
fear, and met It with Indifference.
They accepted It as Inevitable,' hence
never raised altars to It as they did to
things that might change misfortune,
fever, volcanic eruptions or the god
of ruin.
They recognized that there was no
use In appealing to death, the Great
Adventure. Cincinnati Post.
Sergt. Theodore B. Crawley, U. S.
M. C, who set a new world's record
by shooting 177 consecutive bull's-eyes
at 800 yards, using a service rifle, In
the Winchester match at Camp Perry,
Ohio. The former record was 106.
Sergeant Crawley is a Kentuckian,
thirty years of age,
Drawn Together.
"Mrs. JIbway and Mrs. Gadder have
declared a truce."
"What brought that about?"
"Community of envy."
"Mrs. Gndspur of the same neighbor
hood has a new Jlmousliie." Birming
ham Age-Herald.
Similar Effect.
Forster Bright lights cause the
eyes to narrow.
Lynn They have the same effect on
e. roll of banknotes. Answers.
I TVTRnr.ArnnM nwwo i
an .ua,af& vaui 11 Mi TT U
The Congregational church held
its annual business meeting last
week, closing the year most satis
factorily. The old church officers
were, with one exception, re-eelcted.
Miss Kephart was chosen to serve as
organist and music director, succeed
ing Mrs. S. B. Ross and Mr. Arden
Jones, who filled those positions last
A combination musical show and
minstrel performance given Friday
Ready for Business
The Inland Cabinet Co., 6th. and Dunham Streets, designers and
manufacturers of custom cabinet work, wieh to announce to the
public that they are now ready to offer bids on any class of
We will build you furniture of any character to suit your desire
and space. Call and see us.
The Inland Cabinet Company.
Name and address of every live Professional and
Business man in the city in this column.
Reliable Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Smart Toggery for Women
Dr. J. E. Thornton
X-Ray Phone 313
Merryday Bldg
Putnam House
Rates $1.00 Per day and up.
Free Show Ticket
at the
Putnam Shu Factory
304 Lemon Street
We will do your work better
Bardin's Machine Shop
Repairing All Kinds Machinery,
Boilers ana Blacksmith Work
118 South Second Phone 339
Real Estate
J L. Sheppard, Jr.
Browning's Barber
29 Years of satisfactory service
"The Fountain of Youth."
American Shoe .
Will do your sh'oework right. Givt
us a trial.
S. L. NORRIS, Prop.
403 Lemon street.
Children's Haircutting a Specialty
Strictly First Class White Barbers
Putnam Barber Shop
214 Lemon Street
S. J. Denmark, Prop .Palatka, Fla,
I evening ire the hall by a traveling
troupe of young men drew a full
house, and the youngsters at least
were hugely entertained by the an
tics of the blackface artists. Later,
relieved of their makeup, the young
musicians furnished most excellent
mus:c for dancing. The dance was
repeated on Saturday night a num
ber of young people from, nearby
towns coming to enjoy the occasion.
The young people have just per
fected the organization of an ' Ep
worth league as an auxiliary to the
Methodist church and will hold their
meetings Sunday afternoons at 4
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schmidt,
Miss Ella Schmidt, Mr. Theodore
Schmidt and son, Robert, are now
absent on a motor trip through the
state, with Miami as their ultimate
Mr. Cyrus Evans is away on a
pleasure trip, visiting a lumber of
resort towns throughout thfetate.
Edward Gillett came home from
Jacksonville Sunday to spend the
day with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Buffum, and a party
of friends arrived from the north
Sunday and will, occupy apartments
in the DeTilla cottage and the J. H.
Corthell cottage for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Lackey, whose re
moval from the Townsend house has
become necessary because of the sale
of that property, have secured house
keeping rooms at Mrs. Bennett's.
Tells Rheumatism Sufferers to Eat
Less Meat and Take Salts.
Rheumatism is easier to avoid
than to cure, states a well-known
authority. We are advised to dress
warmly; keep the feet dry; avoid ex
posure; teat less meit, but drink
plenty of good Water. '
Rheumatism is a direct result of
eating too much meat and other rich
foods that produce uric acid which is
absorbed into the blood. It is the
function of the kidneys to filter this
acid from the blood and cast it out in
the urine; the pores of the skin are
also a means of freeing the blood of
this impurity. In damp and chilly
cold weather the skin pores are closed
thus forcing the kidneys to 'do double
work, they become weak and Iuggish
and fail to eliminate the the uric acid
which keeps accumulating and Circu
lating through the system, eventually
settling in the joints and muscles,
causing stiffness- soreness and pain
called rheumatism.
At the first twinge of rheumatism
get from any pharmacy about four
ounces of Jad Salts; put a tableapoon
ful 'in a glass of water and drink be
fore breakfast each morning for a
week. This is said to eliminate uric
acid by stimulating the kidneys to
normal action, thus ridding the blood
of these impurities.
Jad Salts is inexpensive, harmless
and is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon juice, combined with Hthia
and is used with excellent results by
thousands of folks who are subject
to rheumatism.
"Let B. ft B. DO IT.'
Florida East Coast
Flagler System
Departure of passenger trains from
Palatka, Union Station, for East Pa
latka, daily: N
No. 101, 10:10 am. No. 103, 11:30 am.
No. 105, 1:40 pm. No. 107, 4:35 pm.
No. 109, 6:20 pm.
Arrival and departure of passenger
trains at
No. 33 All Parlor Cars 11:10 am.
No. 29 Coaches & P. Car....ll :55 am.
No. 85 Coaches & Sleepers 5:05 pm.
No. 35 Coaches & Sleepers 7:37 pm.
No. 87 All Pullmans 11:42 pm.
No. 37 C'hes & Pullmans....l2.02 am.
No. 38 Cmes & Pullman.. 6:25 am.
No. 36 C'ches & Pullman .. 6:55 am.
No. 88 All Pullmans 9:45 am.
No. 86 C'ches & Pullmans..l0:40 am.
No. 30 Coaches & P. Car....5:05 pm.
No. 34 All Parlor Cars .... 5:45 pm.
J. D. RAHNER, G. P. A.
Mr. Wide Awake Merchant
Will You
Rent Your Show Windows
To Your Competitors ?
Certainly not;
For you know they occupy the most valuable
Part of your entire store.
You allow them to remain idle during the most
valuable part of the whole twenty-four hours.
Light them.
If you have merchandise for sale and are not
ashamed for the public to see it, keep your win
dows bright from dusk until bedtime.
By the use of Electricity you can convert them
from idle investment to your best add.
Southern Utilities Company
All this week with Mrs. J. E. Johnson
in charge.
Demonstration of the Perfection of
the Celebrated
Daily from 9 to 12 and 2 to 4:30 '
Tilghman Hardware Cos Store
(Palatka, Florida

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