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services planned
r npra| Will Be Conducted
f From Late Residence At
3-30 O’CIock Today
funeral services for Mrs. Odessa
Jac];son. 42, wife of Benjamin
^"jack-soil. Of 106 South 16th street,
3 fatally injured when the
,:1;' sl,e Was driving left the road
ta' era'lled into a tree on the
rfa'onboro Loop road Sunday af
‘ will be held from the late
residence this afternoon at 3:30
«*' kAi j), p. Gilmour, pastor of
First Presbyterian church, will
ttie,uct the services. Interment will
SL in Oakdale cemetery.
1 ,ctive pallbearers will be: Howard
Jack Farmer, LeRoy Le
_ .. james A. Taylor, Jessie Mar
;Tan’and Burnell Curtis.
Honorary pallbearers will be: Dr.
„• h Moore, Dr. Donald B. Koonce,
p' Cunningham, Ben Ramseur,
Marsden Bellamy, Sr., P. J. Dowdy,
, j, Hannah. Sr., Louie E. Wood
sy E. M- Berry, O. L. Rhodes,
Hollis. Herbert O’Neal, Ed
Johnson. L. W. Garrett, Emmett
Bellamy. B- J- Springer, and C. E.
-|,e accident occurred shortly be
{crc 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon
rten the car apparently skidded on
thc „et pavement and left the high
nay, striking a tree which was up
rooted by the impact. She was alone
Beware toughs
from common colds
. That Hang On
Creomulsion relieves promptly be
cause it goes right to the seat of the
trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm,
Increase secretion and aid nature to
soothe and heal raw, tender, inflam
ed bronchial mucous membranes.
No matter how many medicines you
have tried, tell your druggist to sell
you a bottle of Creomulsion with the
understanding that you are to like
the way it quickly allays the cough
or you are to have your money back.
forCoughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis
Capital’s Day
———— -
(By The Associated Press)
House announced
that President Roosevelt would
disclose his personal opinion on
the question of aid to Finland in
letters to Vice President Garner
and Speaker Bankhead today
___ *
REFUSES protest
The State department revealed
the United States had refused to
entertain a British protest that
the Neutrality Acts discriminates
against British shipping.
A house sub-committee has
served written notice that funds
for four 45,000-ton battleships
would be withheld until the navy
showed why even larger and
more powerful ships should not
be built.
House investigators of the Na
tional Labor Relations Board
heard testimony that a St. Louis
board official had said the CIO
was “God’s greatest gift to the
working man.”
in the car at the time and Coronei
Asa W. Allen said that no inquest
was necessary.
Mrs. Jackson is survived by hei
husband, an official of the Jacksor
and Bell Printing company; two sons
Edwin B. Jackson and Benjamin B
Jackson, Jr., all of Wilmington; on<
sister, Mrs. Adolph Nelson, of De
troit, Mich.; one brother, W. L
Jones, of Wilmington; and an aunt
Mrs. Grace Dunn, of Portsmouth
RALEIGH, Jan. 15.—(-*P)—The at
torney general’s office, answering a
query from a labor union, said to
day there was no state law requir
ing that national guardsmen be given
preference for day work in indus
trial plants. The labor union said
it has a contract with a certain com
pany which specified that employes
having the longest seniority should
be given the preference of working
day shifts. The company, however,
the union asserted, automatically
placed on the day shift all employes
who were national guardsmen.
Gubernatorial Candidate Ad
dresses Meet Of Elizabeth
City Rotarians
COINJOCK, Jan. 15— (•£>) —J. M,
Broughton of Raleigh, gubernatorial
candidate, said tonight that North
Carolina would need able leadershif
in the next few years "to avoid a!
most an economic catastrophe.”
Speaking before the Elizabeth City
Rotary club at a good-will meeting
here, Broughton added that th«
‘‘leadership of the state and tht
spirit of its people will be tested
severely in the coming years.”
"We are going through a drastic
change of our economic and agri
cultural life,” he said. “The tobaccc
crop for this year has already beer
drastically cut and statements were
made a few days ago by leaders tha1
even this reduced crop will probably
bring a very low price.
"Cotton has lost its stimulating
foreign market to a large extent
These circumstances will mean i
high percentage of agricultural un
employment and will affect the wel
fare of nearly 70 per cent of oui
people. In fact, the whole standarc
of living in our agricultural areas i:
involved in the struggle that wil
have to be made in the next few
A 10 years program for prosper
ity, drafted by the Southern Gover
nors’ conference, is an “admirabli
approach” to the solution of thi
agricultural and economic problems
the gubernatorial candidate said.
FRANKFORT, Ky. — Eleanoi
Pogwist, 26-year-old self-styled ‘‘air
plane hitch-hiker,” was somethin!
new at Kentucky’s capital
She said Kentucky was the 22m
state which she had visited. Thuml
and air transportation holding out
she plans to visit all 48 states bj
air and call on the governors o;
She came here from Ohio, and pre
sented Governor Keen Johnson witl
a gift from Governor John Brickei
of Ohio—a miniature replica of i
“white elephant.”
BATON ROUGE, La., Jan. 15.
—(API—Addendum for the politi
cians’ book of tactics, as devel
oped in Louisiana’s current cam
Gubernatorial Candidate James
H. Morrison appeared with a
monkey, named it after Oppon
ent-Governor Earl Long.
The monkey fled to the
swamps. Morrison said this was
because the anintal "resented his
name.” Long reparteed it was
because Morrison was "too cheap
to buy peanuts.”
Mrs. Mary K. Harrelson
Funeral Rites Conducted
WHITEVILLE, Jan. 15—Funeral
rites for Mrs. Mary Katherine Har
relson, 65, who died at her home
near Green Sea Sunday morning
after an illness of two months, wert
held from the Mt. Zion Baptisi
church this afternoon at 2 o'clock
with the Rev. R. C. Hinton officiat
Interment followed in the churcl
Mrs. Harrelson was a member o
the Mt. Zion church.
She is survived by two sons
George W. Harrelson and A. D. Har
relson; four daughters, Mrs. N. L
Tyler, Mrs. A. W. Hardy, Miss Dore
i thia Harrelson and Miss Illeta Har
Funeral Services Are
Held For I*. L. Well
1 Funeral services for N. L. Wells
1 49, who died at his home at Rock:
Point Sunday night after ? brie
illness, were held from the late resi
dence yesterday afternoon at 1
Interment followed in the- Guyoi
■ cemetery.
He is survived by his wife aw
nine children, Daniel, Ezra, Iris, Den
I nis, Mrs. H. L. Wagstaff, Dell, Jew
1 el, Elsie and Dera Wells, all of Rock:
Point: three brothers, John aw
Pearlie Wells, of Burgaw, and Claud
1 Wells, of Watha; three sisters, Mrs
A. F. Blanton, and Mrs. C. M. Futch
of Burgaw, and Mrs. Chancey Drew
: of Magnolia.
Fencing is one of the most pop
ular sports in northern England.
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ed that none of the ministers was
of sufficient caliber to direct a
strong governmental policy.
Yonai is known to be an advocate
of closer co-operation with the
United States and is expected to di
rect a pro-American policy, although
his foreign minister. Hachiro Arita,
a veteran diplomat, is known as the
foreign minister under whom Japan
signed the anti-comintern pact with
Italy and Germany.
Sole holdovers from the out going
cabinet of General Nobuyuki Abe
were Shunroku Hata and vice-admir
al Zengo Yoshida, retained in theii
old posts, the war and navy minis
tries, respectively.
The other members of the ney
cabinet are:
Finance—Yukio Sakurachi.
Home—Count Hideo Kodama.
Justice—Shotatsu Kimura,
Education—Chinjiro Matuura.
Agriculture—Toshio Shimada.
Commerce—Ginjiro Fujiwara.
Communications — Masanor
Railways—Tsurehei Matsuno.
Overseas—Gen. Kuniaki Kosio.
' Welfare—Shigeru Yoshida.
In reliable quarters it was sai'
, army opposition prevented the ai
■ pointment of a stronger cabinet, an
. vetoed especially the veteran Seihi
Ikeda, who was considered the mos
. capable candidate for finance mir
' (Continued From Page One)
name of Father Coughlin in (be
! eyes of the nation.”
The defendants had styled
i themselves as supporters of the
Rev. Charles E. Coughlin,
1 Michigan radio priest, who join
ed the dissenting chorus by say
ing he had “roundly denounced”
’ this “Christian front” — once
I refusing a $1,000 check it sent
i him—and that all he had ever
advocated was “a” Christian
front to combat racial and re
ligious intolerance.
In Boston, Franc’s P. Moran, 3:
a Christian front organizer, sai
■ the New England group was entiri
ly independent and had no know
edge of the New York conspiracy,
and he added:
"If any of our members ever
pulled such a stunt, they would be
tossed out by the neck."
Boston police swung into action
with a raid on New England front
headquarters, seizing membership
cards and pampnlets which Police
Superintendent Edward \V. Fallon
described as "evidence that the
group was anti-Semitic.”
Fallon reported finding "no evi
dence whatever’’ of any revolution
ary plans by the Boston front.
Three separate investigations in
the New York area were ordered:
By Maj.-Gen. William N. Haskell
on behalf of the state’s national'
guard — focused on the fact that
five of the 17 under arrest are mem
bers of the guard:
By Gov. Herbert H. Lehman in
And by United States Attorney
Harold M. Kennedy in Brooklyn.
Aside from Mayor LaGuardia’s
chuckle, no comment was forthcom
ing either from officialdom or from
the alleged “revolutionaries” them
selves as to how a band of 17 men.
■ armed with 17 mostly out-dated
rifles and a few tomato-soup cans of
explosives, hoped to overcome the
nation’s biggest city with a police
force of 18,000—let alone the whole
United States government.
MOSCOW —UP)— Thanks to hot
houses inhabitants of remote Soviet
Russian Arctic stations will not suf
fer for vegetables during the win
ter months.
Hot-houses in which cucumbers,
tomatoes, onions and other vegeta
bles will be grown have been built
on Wrangel Island, Dickson Island,
Cape Wellen, Providence Bay and
other far northern stations.
Don’t Scratch Itchy Skin
Scratching minor skin irritations
leads to greater discomfort later
on and “opens” them to possible
infection. Instead, get your relief
from their itching, burning sore
ness with Black and White Oint
ment. Cleanse skin with Black and
White Skin Soap. Sold everywhere.
Throat raw, raspy, due to a cold? Get yourself
Luden’s and get yourself quick, soothing relief. In
addition to their special formula and cooling men
thol, Luden’s, like
hot lemonade,
have an alkaline
Copr. 1940,
Luden’s, Inc.
Advertising writers can’t make gasoline.
A bombardment of claims and counter claims has
broken loose—and it may confuse the purchaser of
Since the public has a right to be accurately informed
about the gasolines sold today, the American Oil
Company wishes to make a statement of policy regard
ing its regular gasoline and special motor fuel.
Comparing the quality of crude is not enough. Com
paring anti-knock is not enough. It is the sum total of
all the desirable quality characteristics that makes a
good gasoli le or motor fuel.
This constitutes the only real yardstick for compari
son. Fair comparisons should take in every quality a
f good gasoline or motor fuel should have.
During the 29 years of its existence, the American
Oil Company has not found it necessary to change the
names of its products. Throughout all of this period, it
has kept faith by constantly improving its products.
The American Oil Company has the largest and most
modern refining units in the world.
The achievements of its scientists and engineers have
been recognized as among the most important advances
in chemical engineering.
The American Oil Company has the resources and /
facilities to furnish the best products and the highest
values obtainable from crude petroleum.
We know what goes into Amoco-Gas and American
Gas. We know these products never have had—and still
do not have—any equals in their respective fields. Re
gardless of competitive claims, we say this unqualifiedly
and without reservation.
As to American Gas, we sell it for exactly what it is
—a pure, “sweet,” 100% petroleum product. It is not
“hopped up” with added chemicals which are not com
bustible. Its full range of quality characteristics comes
from petroleum only. We don’t try to make it a premium
gas by merely calling it one. American Gas is the best
buy at regular gas price.
As to Amoco-Gas, it is our premium motor fuel. It
costs more to make. It’s worth more. It does more. It
must sell for more. You can not get a real premium fuel
at a regular gas price. Amoco-Gas is instantly recog
nizable as a premium motor fuel by the velvety smooth
ness of the car’s operation. '
You can’t get something for nothing. We have faith
in the inherent common sense of the motorist—and in
his ability to separate fact from claim.
American Oil Company products are the finest ob
tamable. They are backed by the entire resources of the
American Oil Company, and accepted by the public as I
honest values, honestly described. }
The remarkable increase in the sales of American Oil
Company products proves that the motorist continues '
to be discriminating and alert in recognizing the “Sign
of Greater Values. ’’
... and I’m happy to present the
combination of the Andrews Sisters
and my band for your pleasure every
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.”
It’s a great tie-up... America’s No. 1
Cigarette for more smoking pleasure
.America’s No. 1 Band for dancing.,
Chesterfield is the one cigarette with
the right combination of the world’s
best cigarette tobaccos. That’s why
Chesterfields are DEFINITELY milder
Everyone who tries them likes" the
cigarette that satisfies...
You can’t buy a better cigarette.
\ t

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