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ped!:?tfd to the _ ___ _ .. 1 ■ — 11
p„K^i.T THE "NEWS t?™Wpi^
emit h eastern N. C. " " ■ W0%m 1^ l;,rpublished VnV _1 li K WW W W Complete Coverage of
~ ___ taiTIMUl (^©G&T ©QW©(f [email protected]@®[l^gS [g)|UgA8ai^rgV^ state and National New
VOL. 11-2^3----- WILMINGTON, N. C., SUNDAY, MARCH 3. 1940 X X pmrp ftvf r'PVTa
Hitler States War M ns To Welles
Of Central
Europe Seen
Jje Is Also Believed T®
Have Said Britain’s
Might Must End
THEY talk at length
F, R. Envoy Also Confers
With Schacht, Ousted
Economics Chief
BERLIN, March 2. — (iP> — Adoll
Hitler zealously argued Nazi Ger
many's case for a new place in the
sun in a 94-minute session today
nth Sumner Welles in which in
formed sources said he pledged the
jeich to fight until she felt secure
b a vast central European "living
ijace’ and had untrammeled ac
cess to raw materials.
Amid a great show of an ‘‘invin
cible will to victory” in the nation
to add to the information the
American is sifting for Presdent
Roosevelt, the fuehrer was portray
ed as pledging a battle against the
Allies until:
S Hitler’s Claims
1. Germany has unchallenged po
litical domination extending through
Bohemia ■ Moravia, Slovakia and
Hungary on the southeast and,
through German-occupied Poland on
the east.
Great Britain and France pro
mise not to stir up the Balkan
nations on the south and Scandi
navia on the north.
3. Germany's war-lost colonies
are returned and the so-called Eng
lish “stranglehold” on the world
economic structure is broken.
For the United States itself there
mas the snecific infnrmatinn that
improvement in German-American
relations was most desirable.
Welles hid behind an affable
smile his reaction to the talk in
the palatial chancellery but on the
German side quarters close to the
government seemed completely sat
isfied with the results of the con
Information had been given to
him painstakingly, it was said, for
belles came to Berlin with a repu
tation of being a good reporter who
could be depended upon to carry
h^ck to his chief a factual state*
®ent of his impressions.
*^ter important meeting with
lter’ t^e American underscore
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v,„. _ forecast
lantti-j^arol‘I!a: Mostly cloudy and
It »a,r,.tr°^casi0nal i'ght rain, slight.
fon"ralhnt”!rPOrti0n SUnda5’:
MUe? JjfjT°liDa: .Cloiidy and un
liizhtlv ,.An °9casi°nal light rain.
Sa%; Monday fJ*st'central P°rtt°“
ata for the 24 hours
‘ '•«» p. m. yesterday).
1-3(1 , Temperature
* «7• ,j4: ":30 a. in. 55: 1:30 p.
•inimiim "v>. p' 111: maximum 07;
i “• niean 60: normal 30.
1:30 a m crHu,m.!dity
*•$1: 7-Si , ' a- m- 87; 1:30 p.
' ■ou ji. in 7g 1
Total for
“one total -Urs endinS 7:30 P
•one. ' total sluce first of month,
Titles Eor Today
High Low
- 5:20a 12:04a
"hooboro inl„f S,:41P 12:35p
et - -i:37a 9:44a
Sunrise «.«„ 5:51p 10:01p
,:i,!^; SAsaSpC:10l,; ,n,,0“'
Wer bnr,y<JX- ilatc'h -■ — IP) —
*S<1 caiufaii ^0nts of tcm perattife
K, in L ' !bc -4 hours ending 8
SS^'M elsewhere!’"1 cotton-Sr°"-inS
Slle, ,,is:h Low Pr‘‘c
S. 'd ‘7 '■ —- 58 42 0.00
City ^ rain '■!- 50 °-00
J lt cloudv- — 37 31 0.14
-Wdr-: &
tijSl.'S* . 35 30 0.39
£hj, clear - 40 30 0.01
n 'Wi cloud -- 40 31 0.08
jjl'-Oca. ,-i'' r . 17 17 0.00
n^cnvilie ,L. —- ‘9 58 0.01
C** City, r ,d„r “ 77 «0 0.00
W ?'«. clear 38 37 1-05
l,!iAn?cles ,.i 74 08 0.00
C11*. rain ~ }* 0.00
C^cioudy . X) 40 4-24
k'p» ?,rlcans, cl,,!,;, - 74 07 0.00
CH. cloud ■ 2 84 0.04
Elk- cloudy ' — 39 0.00
Me 4'8 41 0.00
«.-hinond, cloud,? " 10 0.00
l»o Lv“ls- cloud” ~ Xi 38 0.0(1
VJ^fchco e!,.;;- 70 4 5 0.79
S , ‘'.doudv - I14 S3 0.01
*HU,' cloudv — l- 'll 0.00
%J*ton. ’rain" ' [f1 0.W
doudv'- n 3 0.57
' * I’7 *j2 0.00
Knitting For 150
Too busy knitting clothes for th<
150 children now living in hei
chateau near Paris to stop even foi
photographers, Screen .Star Made
leine Carroll is pictured in Neu
York where she recently arrive!
from France. She will start knit'
ting clubs in America to make
clothes for French children.
Test Of F. R.-Garner Vot<
Strength Is Scheduled
For April 9
SPRINGFIELD, 111., March 2— (-T
—The last apparent legal obstacli
to a test of strength between Presi
dent Roosevelt and Vice-Presiden
Garner in the Illinois presidentia
preference primary was removed to
The state certifying hoard decidec
to place Mr. Roosevelt’s name or
the April 9 primary ballot. Tin
members ruled that petitions filet
by Chicago democratic leaders t<
enter the chief executive in the con
test were valid although they wer<
not accompanied by a signed state
ment of candidacy.
WASHINGTON, March 2.— UP) -
Senator “Honest Vic” Donahey ol
Ohio, regarded as one of the demo
crats’ best vote getters, announced
today he would retire from the
senate at the end of his present
The lanky, gum-chewing senator
who has spent 35 years in public
life, declared he wanted to quit "foi
a much needed rest and the pres
ervation of my health.”
Donahey, 66, recently declined tc
run as a "favorite son” candidate
for the democratic presidential nom
ination. Third term supporters hac
hoped Donahey would make the
race and then turn the Ohio delega
tion over to Mr. Roosevelt if he
should seek renomination.
The Ohioan declared today thal
he had “endeavored to »o conduct
my public and private acts that I
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Finns 4im
34th Division
E 'Annihilated’
Tank Unit Wiped Out North
Of Lake Ladoga While
On Rescue Mission
Defenders Declare Soviet
Forces Held At Bay
Along Isthmus
HELSINKI, March 2—tS’)—Fin
land’s stalwart fighters tonight
marked up another smashing defeat
to the Red army in the cold fast
ness northeast of Lake Ladoga,
while the defenders of Viipuri held
i at bay ponderous Russian forces
storming the very gates of the an
cient key city on the Karelian
This time, the Finns announced,
it was the 34th Moscow tank bri
MOSCOW, March 3.—(Sunday)
—(/P)—The capture of the rail
way station and the southern
part of the strategic Finnish
city of Viipuri was reported
early today by the Russian ar
my, which has been seeking to
capture Viipuri for more than a
gade which was trapped in a snow
shrouded labyrinth — so easy to
march into, so deadly when phan
tom ski troops suddenly close the
exits — where the formidable 18th
Soviet division recently met its
On Rescue Mission
1 The 34th tank brigade had been
attempting to come to the rescue
of tho 18th division. But it was
caught, the Finns said, encircled
i and finally annihilated, meeting the
same fate of the division its mission
was to save.
Thus tonight another frozen bat
tlefield, with some 2,050 Russian
dead, lay northeast of -Lake Ladoga,
another ghostly monument to the
1 strategic skill of Finnish generals
1 and phantom troops.
Destruction of the 34th brigade
■ was no easy task.
Numerically inferior to the in
vading force and vastly inferior in
weight of motorized equipment, the
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Mrs. Burton Of N.H.H.S. i
Faculty Named Leader
Of Organization
- i
Mrs. A. P. Burton, home econo
mics teacher at the New Hanover
High school, has been appointed ;
local chairman of “The Better •
Homes in America’’ campaign, spon- ,
sored by the Carnegie-Purdue Foun
dation, with national headquarters
at Lafayette Indiana.
The purpose of the organization
is to coordinate the various agencies,
educational and social, civic and
religious, towards definite and speci
fic yearly and long-time goals for
home improvement. |
"The Better Homes in America”
movement, which is an education
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Eighth Candidate Files
ForN. C. Governor Race :
___ 3
RALEIGH, March 2—(iP)—A demo
cratic gubernatorial field twice as
large as any in North Carolina's his
tory seemed likely today when Ar
thur Simmons of Burlington formal
ly entered the race by paying a fil
ing fee of $105 to the state board of
Simmons was the fourth democrat
to file. Others are J. M- Broughton
and A. J. Maxwell of Raleigh and
Lieut.-Gov. W. P. Horton of Pitts
Pour others have announced they
will run, and if all should file the
field of eight would be twice as large
as the record of four. They are
Mayor Thomas E. Cooper of Wil- J
mington, Paul Grady of Kenly, L. L.
Gravely of Rocky Point and Bryant 1
Thompson of Hamlet. j
For years, the governorship was c
alternated between the eastern and t
western sections of the state, and un>
der that tradition—which may be a
broken at the will of the voters—the t
governor elected this year would f
come from the east.
Simmons comes from a politically v
western county, and Thompson from a
“a county near the imignary line
which divides the east and the t
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‘Scarlett O’Hara’ Wins ‘Oscar’
Vivien Leigh, British actress who played the role of Scarlett
O Hara m the movie version of "Gone With the Wind,” is shown at
Hollywood holding the gold “Oscar” awarded her by the Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in recognition of her choice as best
actress of 1939. With her is Producer David 0. Selznick, winner of
the Irving Thalberg award as producer of GWTW. (NEA Telephoto.)
W. C. Peterson Is Fatally
Hurt When Hit By Auto
- *_
ABC Agent Not Arrested,
Pending Inquest Set
For Tomorrow
William C- Peterson, formerly a
partner in the Peterson-Rulfs shoe
Srm here and since retired, was fatal
ly injured last night about 9:15
3'clock when he was struck by a car
triven by Neil J. Calder, ABC en
forcement officer, near the intersec
don of 17th and Orange streets.
He died within a few minutes after
peing taken to a hospital.
No Charged Preferred
Calder was not arrested and no
■harges had been preferred last night
pending the outcome of the coroner’s
nquest, to be held Monday morning
it 10 o’clock.
Calder told police he was driving
lorth on 17th street when Peterson
■an toward the middle of the street
rom the curb on the east side. Al
hough there were no eyewitnesses,
police said he was apparently run
ling across to avoid a car coming
rom the opposite direction.
Peterson’s death appeared to have
peen caused by head bruises, pos
libly a fractured skull and probable
urther internal injuries.
An investigation by police reveal
Pd a small dent on Calder’s left
ender and a spot of blood in the
itreet about 25 feet past the inter
jirl, 9, Killed And 12
Persons Hurt; Property
Damage Is Great
EVANSVILLE, Ind., March 2.—
5*)—A tornado, preceded by heavy
ain and hail ripped through the
lorth industrial section of Evans
'ille this afternoon, killing a 9
ear-old girl and injuring at least
2 persons. ,
Josephine Daugherty died in the
,'reckage of a two-story frame i
lome. Her mother, Mrs. W. C. :
iaugherty, 25, was injured danger- ■
usly and four younger Daugher
y children were hurt. :
The tornado came from the west
nd skipped northeastward through ]
lie city, striking with its hardest 1
irce in the industrial section. ]
Weather bureau officials said the ’
rind reached a velocity of 48 miles 1
n hour. [
Several homes were twisted off i
leir foundations and demolished,
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Postal Receipts Here
Show 16 p. c. Gain
If postal receipts are as re
liable an index to business as
economists say, Wilmington en
joyed a veritable boom during
The local postoffice took in
$17,180 during last month, as
compared with $13,963 during
February, 1939.
The increase in receipts over
the same month of last year was
16 per cent, Postmaster W. R.
Dosher figured.
3,600-Year-Old Tomb Of
Psou Sennes Is Opened,
Fortune Revealed
CAIRO, Egypt, March 2.-MJP)—
A king’s ransom in gold and jew
els that for 3,600 years had graced
i Pharoah’s mummy shone in the
tierce Egyptian sunlight today.
Archaeologists rejoiced in the
discovery and exploration of a
tomb some considered more im
portant to historians than Tut
Ankh-Amen’s—that of Psou Sennes,
second king of the 21st dynasty
and possibly one of Solomon’s many
Discovery of the tomb two weeks
igo and the opening of the royal
sarcophagus on February 28 in
the presence of modern Egypt’s
ruler, King Farouk, crowned 10
rears of toil by the French Egypt
ologist Pierre Montet.
Working- for Strasbourg universi
:y Professor Montet grubbed pa
tently for a decade in the sands
if San El Hagar, west of the Nile
lelta site of the ancient city of
ranis built by Rameses the sec
md as a holiday resort.
There under the great temple
milt by Rameses, Montet found the
:onib entrance, a shaft four feet
leep, which led to an anteroom,
t. short passage led the scientist
o the burial chamber, 22 feet long,
line feet wide and nine feet high,
vith walls of rose granite.
Inside the huge sarcophagus,
tlso of 1 se granite and carved
vith symbolic figures of the dead
ling and the god Osiris, lay the
lody of the man who ruled an em
>ire which was old and dying
vhen Homer sang of Troy, the
lead encased in a mask of pure
;old and the body swathed in sil
er gilt.
The prize, sought in vain by
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532 Allied, Neutral
Ships Sunk, Germans
Claim; Wall Extended
* - * -
Graf Spee, Two Destroyers
And Six Patrol Boats
Admitted Sunk
BERLIN, March 2.—(/P)
The German high command
summarizing the first sis
months of the war, reported
tonight the destruction oi
532 Allied and neutral ships
totaling 1,904,913 tons and
characterized the Nazi losses
as “small’' by comparison.
At the same time t h (
communique disclosed t h a 1
Germany had extended he)
West Wall fortifications al
the way to the North Sea.
(Recent dispatches f r o rr
The Netherlands have re
ported German troop move
mpnt.s nlnno- t/hp TfpinVi’s
northwestern frontiers, a n c
some observers have express
ed belief that these opera
tions were connected with
the construction of new bor
der fortifications.)
The high command listed
Germany’s naval losses tc
date as the pocket battleship
Admiral Graf Spee, two de
stroyers—which were not
mentioned by name, six pa
trol boats or mine sweepers,
and 11 submarines.
Naval Losses Listed
Among British naval losses were
listed the battleship Royal Oak, the
airplane carrier Courageous, the
auxiliary cruiser Rawalpindi, and
eight destroyers.
Listed as heavily damaged were
the battleships Nelson and Barham,
the battle cruiser Repulse and three
un-named cruisers in addition to a
number of smaller vessels.
LONDON, March 2-—(/Pi—Inform
ed British quarters, commenting on
Germany’s review of the first six
months of war, said tonight they
felt “the fantastic nature of the
claims made by the German high
command is so manifest that com
ment at the moment is needless.”
(By The Associated Press)
The first six months of the new
European war have been almost
twice as disastrous as the corre
sponding period in the World War
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He Raps Congress On Its
Rejection Of Panama
Canal Project
President Roosevelt returned to the
capital tonight to tackle domestic
and international problems after a
Central American cruise during
which he inspected the defenses of
the Panama Canal.
Immediately on his arrival it was
announced that he had signed the
bill under which the resources of
(Continued on Page Three; Col. 5)
British Drop
Flares On
LONDON, March 2—(/P)—Ger
man air raiders struck sporadic
ally at Nortli Sea shipping today
and the British air force reported
its scouts had drawn anti-air
craft fire by dropping flares and
pamphlets over Berlin as the
sixth month of the war ended
with threats of wholesale aerial
bombardments still unfulfilled.
Capping its announcement of
the exploits of British reconnais
sance planes, the air ministry de
clared that Royal Air Force fight
ers had downed two German air
craft on the western front, one a
Dornier bomber which fell in
French territory and the other a
Messejschmitt which dropped be
hind the Nazi lines.
rru „ .... le__i.l_ --£i_
and the thunder of anti-aircraft
batteries, echoing along Britain's
coasts shortly after dawn, her
alded the new forays by German
bombers, but there were no im
mediate reports of new sinkings
of merchant ships.
(In Berlin, DNB, official news
agency, announced that Nazi
planes had T'ssunk or extensive
ly damaged” several British
ships under convoy this morn
ing. but the location of the raids
was not disclosed).
Fight Off Planes
Fishing boats and trawlers re
ported fighting off German planes
with machine-guns, and at one point
the off-shore firing was so intense
it was audible 12 miles inland.
The 2,277-ton Italian ship Mira,
which put into an east coast port
during the afternoon, reported she
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Four Ships Of Nazi Coal
Scurry Back To Port
After Deadline
ROME, March 2.—(A5)—Britain’s
blockade of German coal shipments
to Italy on Italian vessels today
brought the promise of an Italian
diplomatic protest tomorrow to the
British government.
Four coal-laden Italian ships,
which left Rotterdam last night in
an effort to beat the midnight dead
line for British enforcement of the
blockade, returned today to the
Dutch port where they are tied up
with 12 other Italian vessels which
were loading coal.
The Italian note is expected to
point out Italy’s dependence on for
eign coal and to argue her rights
as a non-belligerent to enjoy free
access to commodities vital to her
national existence.
Informed circles also believed it
likely the protest would contend that
inasmuch as a large part of the coal
is mined by Italian labor and paid
for with Italian funds it is not ex
clusively a German product. Ital
ians estimate Germany’s equity in
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Thousand Azaleas Planted
Around Greenfield Drive
With work progressing at a rapid
pace, the Greenfield Park Improve
ment committee hopes to have the
first portion of its program to beau
tify Greenfield Lake drive com
pleted by April 1, it was announced
Already the work of the commit
lee is making a pleasing appearance
in that section near the northern
entrance at Fourth street.
Here the committee’s workmen
rave laid out winding paths along
Ihe lake side of the road. The
iiaths, which have a clay base and
i sand top, are to be strewn with
jinestraw shortly. They are bor
iered with hundreds of young aza
lea bushes, which, it is expected,
will be in bloom within the next
lew weeks.
All along the right side of the
road as one enters from Fourth
street, this path winds in and out,
following to some extent the con
tour of the lake shore.
The bank of the lake itself has
been greatly improved. Since the
floodgate has been lowered, lowering
the level of the water two feet,
workmen have dredged around the
edge of the lake, throwing the ma
terial on the bank, so that when the
water is raised again the lake will
(Continued on Page Two; Col. 3)
‘Act Of Aggression’ Hit By
Belgians In Quick Ber
lin Protest
BRUSSELS, March 2.—(IP)
—Two Belgian army planes
were shot down over their
homeland today in a clash
with a German bomber
which the government quick
ly protested to Berlin as “a
grave violation of Belgian
neutrality and an act of ag
One Belgian pilot was kill
ed and another was wounded
m Lilt; ciasn.
The incident, announced in
a communique, was followed
swiftly by a series of unre
lated accidents in which four
other Belgian planes crashed
and one pilot was killed, mak
ing the day the worst in the
nation’s aviation history.
Within a short time after
the issuance of the communi
que, German Ambassador
Vicco Karl Von Buelow-Sch
wante, obviously disturbed,
hastened to the Belgian for
eign office.
Is Kept Waiting
He was kept waiting 45 minutes
before he was admitted to For
eign Minister Paul Henri Spaak.
He was with Spaak for about 10
minutes, and after his departure
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British Ship Had Flashed
SOS Saying Sub Was
Attacking Her
WASHINGTON, March 2— <iP) —
A new mystery of the war at sea
developed today when the British
Freighter Southgate was found ap
parently safe after flashing word
that she was being attacked by a
submarine within the American neu
trality zone.
Naval patrol planes located the
4,862 ton vessel off Puerto Rico and
reported there was "no apparent
Left unanswered were the ques
tions whether a belligerent submar
ine was operating on this side of the
Atlantic and had actually attacked
the Southgate, or whether the mes
sage of distress early last night rep
resented merely the latest of a series
of baseless maritime scares that have
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