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"—' jieTHOOIST
.. Market street at 14th.
pri" Robert L. Jerome, minis
UepeV,A Marks, superintendent,
ief. B'. ,.45 a. m., with classes for
eee« »' ’’ morning worship serv
jli»Ses' . m. with sermon by
ontbe subject: “Respect
ft P>sW •> The Lord’s Supper
[of pr0pferved Vesper services i.t
«llt,e°!-irh «ermon by the pastor
it®* subject. “The Suffering
)»llie, n , Wednesday at 8 p. m.
Cutis1- “ fce a Parent-Teachers
tte'e parents of children in
•Siren’s division are asked to
leC the church. A special pro
®"! ms been arranged under the
?r»»B -interpreting Easter to
0n Friday at 7:15 p. m.,
:l,l|irt” nf Bov Scouts, Thomas B.
^scoutmaster. A cordial wel
^ /extended to everyone to at
:cBf !he services.
rth _ Corner Fifth Avenue
Bladen street. Minister:
yorth paVv, Wayside House, 815
Phone 2053-XW. Sunday
>'■ 7/5.45 a. m. Church school.
J,irc” public worship. Sermon:
Christians or Is Religion
",0! ■>” [-30 p- rn. Picture service.
Serl0US' nur Fright Friendly ser
S.pl Address: “A Religious Ex
llCE' » that Changes, and Must
i*rieB pe Changing.” Monday,
»t 7 P- m. Mission Cir
Bcy r, m Board of Stewards
"'official board at 8 P- m. Tues
°i Rangers' Boy’s club at
m w. P. A. Adult scnooi at
Wednesday, Junior league
F' . ni Choir rehearsal at 7 P
at Waver and study at 8 p. m.
Le 'read Chapter « of “Metho
P i-eired for Action." Thursday,
v scouts at 7 P- m- Finance com
® St S p. rn. If any friends
“ not yet received their Cent
Lenten Self-Denial boxes,
.We get them Sunday.
Fifth Avenue - Fifth between
and Church streets. Chancie
Barclift. pastor. Church school
Beets at 9:45 a. m. with D. B.
Branch as general superintendent
Graded for worship and study,
•jtre are departments and classes
all age groups.
rniFregational worship with ser
; the pastT at 11 a. m. His
tae'will be “The Atonement.”
jC5 o' lock vesper hour will fea
^ a service by the young people
it observance of Young People’s
jjv if - Mary Bethea will make
an add e - on “Methodist Youth
Advances . and the pastor will
Ipeak on “Young People Loyal To
A Living Church."
Epworth League. Sunday, 6 p. m
Regular monthly meeting of
Board of stewards, Tuesday 8 p. m.
Mission Study class. Wednesday 8
p. m., led by the pastor, who is
discussing the book Methodists
['rited for Action” by Dr. John R.
You are invited to make this
eh'ireh your church home and to at
tend all of its services.
Federal Point — Located about
tor miles south-west of Carolina
Beach. Rev. W. A. Tew, pastor;
phone 3095-W. Worship services
conducted by the pastor Sunday af
ternoon at 3 o’clock. Sermon topic:
"Why Jesus Came.” The public is
invited to attend.
Wesley Memorial — Located at
Winter Park. Rev. W. /. Tew, pas
tor; phone 3095-W. Worship ser
vices conducted by the pastor Sun
day morning at 10 o'clock. Sermon
topic: "T h e Re-enforced Life.”
Church school conducted at 11
o'clock by Mr. J. N. Needham,
general superintendent. Young Peo
ple meet at 6:30 o'clock in the edu
cational building. The Women’s cir
cle will meet Tuesday afternoon at
MO with Mrs. S. J. Hawkins. The
second class of the school of mis
sions will be held Wednesday night
*t 7:30 in the educational building.
The pastor is teaching the course:
"Methodist United For Action.” This
course is for the entire church.
Whether you be a man, woman, or
youth, you belong to attend classes
in the school of missions.
Grace—Corner Grace and Fourth
streets. Rev. J. u, Herbert, pastor,
tturoh school at 9:45 a. m. A. R.
Ctm'< general superintendent A
7°od teacher and good class for
C'cry age group. Morning worship
o'clock. Sermon by the pastor,
subject; “Why Christ?” The public
j! cordially invited to worship a*.
Gr«ce church.
Vesper worship at 5 o’clock;
—essage by the pastor.
The ._ .. .
i, --- iii'juuuj ixicc<.xxi&
'* boar*! of stewards will be held
thc church at 7:20 on Monday
}}‘ March 4, R o g e r Moore,
Eraser meeting will be held on
.Jtoesday night at 7:30. The study
till VJlethotlilits United For Action,
jc the topic of the ' evening.
' men o£ the church have the
thrfntati0n o£ chaPters two and
u',.6 'n charge. Special music by
rJ M the church. This book bv
outstanding Methodist
w"' Jchn K' Mott, swell
7 ‘he attention of all Metho
!&leMi!,')Ple 11 is hoped that the
htetin4 congregation at the initial
l?eJr 5 of this special study on last
riight, will constantly
period“!!, these_ weeks of the study
t'rt'ice 156 PUb 'C iS invited to these
f...6 pastor is meetlne each Sm.
iVri ninfe at the Sunday school
Pie m enK°.f1 a c]ass ot young pen
it ma.,cChl <Jreri' to instruct them
(lurch I5 relatiriS to Joining the
’till claSR o£ new members
»n Palm *!™wed inLo the church
tited t0 Lrida; ' The Pastor has in
5’oung npi.f cafs a" children and
llle church ° ,|Vh.° d0 not belong tc
tiass will 1 IR hoped that this
°r n°t thev^ P-th6m hec'tie whether
’h|s season V\1Sh to i°in the church
^de on ■ Announcement will be
,f this srjfr.n'Jr' as to the iocat'on
March , , c!ass’ I£ will meet
Circles 0f-1° and 17
meet tin r Missionary society
1—Mrs r . "I;eh as follows:
"ide lender, at Mrs. H.
C. Davis, 405 Wrightsville avenue
Monday at 3:50.
2 Mrs. T. E. Cooper leader, at
County Home, Monday at 3:30.
3— Mrs. S. M. Yarborough, lead
er, at Mrs. T. J. Sellers’, 517 Orange
street, Monday at 3:30.
4— Mrs. L>. C. Marshall, leader, at
Mrs. George Clendenin’s, in Chest
nut Heights, Monday at 3:30
5— Mrs. E. L. Fulcher, leader, at
Mis. A. M. Crouch’s, Tuesday at
6— Mrs. S. D. Hurst, leader, at the
church, Monday at 3:30.
Winter Park—Rev. R. H. Satter
field, pastor. Sunday school meets
at 10 a. m. S. W. Brinson, superin
tendent, D. J .Batts, assistant. The
Baptist Training Union meets at
6:30 p. m. Evening service at 7: SO
with sermon by Dr. J. H. Foster, ’-'he
Mary erring circle of the Woman’s
Missionary Society will meet Monday
afternoon at 3 o’clock. The Katie
Murray circle will meet Monday
night at 8 o’clock, at the home of
Mrs. D. L. Futrelle. The regular
monthly meeting of the United
Workers will be held Tuesday eve
-a w « v uiwt.iv (.lie UU111C ' J
Mrs. C. M. Waldorf with Mrs. Theo
Schr^eder and Mrs- Waldorf hos
tesses. Prayer service Wednesday
evening at 7:30. The Woman’s Mis
sionary Union will observe the seas
on of prayer for Home Mission at
the church Thursday beginning at
10:30. A cordial Invitation is extend
ed the public to all the services of
this church.
mthside—Corner 5th and Woos
ter. Services for Sunday, March 3
are as follows: Sunday school at
9:45. Morning worship at 11 led by
Rev. M. O. Alexander, our state
missionary. B. T. U services at 6:30.
Worship service for the evening at
7:30 The pastor will lead the even
ing worship. We give you a hearty
welcome to worship with us. J. O.
Walton, pastor.
First — Fifth and Market streets.
Sankev T,ee T!lantnn nostrir Sen.
day school at 9:45 a. m. Morning
worship at 11. Mr. Blanton will
pr.ach on “The Spiritual Life,’’ and
the comn.union of the Lord’s Sup
per will be observed- Special music
will be a solo, "The Cross” by Har
riet Ware, sung by Miss Helen
B. T. U. at 7 p. m. Evening wor
ship at 8- The pastor’s sermon sub
ject will be "Today in Paradise”.
The high school choir of the church
W'ili furnish the special music.
You are cordially invited to wor
ship with us.
Tabernacle — (Fundamental) —
Sixth and Ann. John F. Warren,
pastor. Bible school meets at 9:45
a. m. The pastor will speak at 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m. The Lord’s sup
per will be observed at the morn
ing hour. Music will be under the
direction of Mrs. W. T. Mercer. The
young people will meet at 6:30 p.
r-., with Mrs. L. L. Mills in charge.
Prayer services each Wednesday
evening at 7:30 o’clock. Bible study
for everybody each Thursday even
ing at 8 o’clock. All are invited to
wrorship with us and a hearty wel
come awaits all w’ho come.
Gibson Avenue — Rev. G. W
Bullard, pastor. Sunday school at
10 a. m. J. C. Nortcfn, superinten
dent. Worship services at 11 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m. with the pastor
preaching. Baptist Training Union
meets at 6:30 p. m. with a complete
organization, G. W- Murray, direc
tor. Prayer service Wednesday at
7:30 p. m. The public is cordially
invited to worship with us.
Wrightsboro — Rev. H. S. Strick
land, pastor. Bible school 9:45 a. m.
C. J. Josenhans superintendent.
Classes and departments for all
ages. Morning worship hour 11 a.
m. Mrs. J. L. Marshburn, pianist.
Young people’s meetings.6:45 p. m.
Seniors, led by group No. 1, R. W.
Geddes in charge. Intermediate, led
by Mrs. G. W. Trask will be con
tinue the study of the Tabernacle
with the pastor teaching. The Ju
niors are led by Mrs. C. J. Josen
hans and Miss Dorothy Stevens.
Evening worship 8 o’clock. A series
of cottage , raye. meetings will be
gin Monday evening 7:30 o’clock.
These prayer meetings will con
tinue each night in the homes ex
cept Wednesday at which time the
regular prayer meeting will be held
at the church at the same hour.
The Woman’s Missionary society
will meet at the church at 10:30
Wednesday morning for a day of
prayer for Home Missions. The Sun
beam band will present a program
the last hour beginning at 2:30 p. m.
Everyone is cordially invited to
pray and worship with us.
Temple—17th and Market streets.
Rev. Arthur J. Barton, LL. D., pas
tor. Congregational worship and
preaching services at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. The pastor will preach at
each service- At the morning hour
hi; subject will be, "The First
Christian Martyr”—a follow up
message to complete the one of last
Sunday, at night, “Sold For Soup. ’
Sunday school 9:45 u. m., J. O.
Greene superintendent. Graded de
partments and classes for all ages.
Baptist Training Union at 7 P- m
Monthly deacons’ meeting Monday
night at eight o’clock. Mid-week
nraver service, followed by the re
gular monthly business meeting,
Wednesday night at eight o’clock.
A hearty welcome and cheerful
Christian fellowship await you al
ways at the Friendly Chruch.
Delgado—Sunday school 9:45 a. m.
with classes for all ages. W. C. Scog
gins, superintendent- Evening wor
ship 7:30 p. m. with sermon by the
pastor, Rev. C. C. Myers. His sub
ject will be, “Returning Unto God.
Young People’s league 6:45 p. m
W. D. McCaig, teacher of Men's
Bible class. Coley Reynolds in charge
of the music. Mrs. Bell Fowler, mu
sician. Public cordially invited to all
McClure Memorial—Castle Hayne
Morning worship 11 o’clock each
Sunday. Sunday school 10 a. m.
Classes for all ages, E- E. Heath,
superintendent. Young People’s lea
gue 6 p. m.
First — Corner Third and Orange
streets. Rev. A. D. P. Gilmour, D.
D„ pastor. Mr. J. Lyman Cong’don,
director of music apd religious edu
cation. Sunday services; 10 a- m.
Church school, with graded classes
for all ages. 11:15 a. m. The com
munion of the Lord’s Supper. Sub
ject: “Returning unto God.” Spe
cial music by the choir. 7 p. m.
Meeting of the leagues. Monday 4
p- m. Meeting of the circles of the
Woman’s Auxiliary. Monday 7:30 p.
m. Meeting of the Boy Scouts.
Tuesday 5:45 p. m. Short prayer
service in the pastor’s study.
Everyone is cordially invited to
these services.
Church cf the r ive’ ant — 15th
and Market streets. Rev. J. Harry
Whitmore, D- D., minister. Miss Lu
cilla White, director of religious
education. Mr. Arthur John, direc
tor of music. Church school at
9:45 o'clock. Classes for all ages.
Morning worship at 11 o’clock. Ser
mcr. by the pastor: ‘‘Returning
Unto God”. Vesper service at 5
o’clock. Message by the pastor: “Be
Still My Scul.” Pioneers will meet
at 7:15 o’clock and Senior-Young
People at 7 o’clock. Executive com
mittee of the Woman’s Auxiliary
will m t at 3:30 o’clock on Monday.
Girl Scouts will meet on Tuesday
and Wednesday at 3:15 o’clock. Pri
mary and Junior expanded sessions
on Wednesday at 3:15 o’clock. Boy
Scouts will meet on Friday at 7:30
You are cordially invited to wor
ship at the Church of the Covenant.
St. Andrews — Corner Fourth and
Campbell streets. Rev. Charlton H.
Storey, D. D- minister. Carroll C.
Riddle, director of music and re
ligious education. Mrs. Laura Ho
well Norden, organist. J. E. Wood
burn, superintendent of the church
school. J. K. Bannerman, teacher
of McClure Men’s Bible class.
Church school 10 a. m. A class for
every age. 11 a. m. Morning wor
ship. Theme for the morning sermon
Returning Unto God. Organ pre
lude: “Prayer.” Devred. Hymn-an
them, "In the Hour of Trial.” St.
Andrews choir. Offertory: Anthem,
“Teach Me O Lord” Thomas Att
wood. St. Andrews choir. 5 p. m.
Vesper service. Sermon topic, "The
Greatest Joy.” Organ meditation,
“Andante.” Chauvet. Offertory an
them: “Brother James Air.” Maro
sa. By the choir. 6:15 p. m. Meet
ing of the Young People. Mr. Rid
dle’s class will have cnarge of the
worship program. A cordial welcome
av its you at all our services.
Immanuel — Corner Fifth and
Meares streets. The Rev. F. S
Johnston, pastor. Norman Mintz, or
ganist and choir director. Church
school, 9:45, Harry Wettig, general
superintendent. Class for every age.
Morning worship and sermon by
pastor, 11 o’clock. Theme: "Return
i> ; Unto God.” Evening worship
and sermon by pastor 7:30. Young
people meet 6:45. Important notice:
There will be a congregational
meeting immediately following the
morning service to consider the bud
get for the new church year be
ginning April 1. Mid-week prayer
and Bible study Wednesday 8 p. m.
Winter Park — Rev. Raleigh M.
Engle, pastor, Sunday school at 10
a. m., Jno. L. Lamb, superintendent.
Worship service at 11 a- m., Young
People at 6:45 p. m. Mid-week ser
vice on Thursday at 7:30 p. m.
Pearsall Memorial — Rev. Raleigh
M. Engle, pastor. Sunday school at
30 a. m„ Melzar Pearsall, superin
tendent. Young people at 6:45 p. m.
Worship service at 7:30 p- m. Circles
of the Woman’s Auxiliary on Tues
day at 3:30 p. m., at the Catherine
Kennedy Home and at 8 P- m. at
the home of Mrs. E. H. Cheshire.
Mid-week service on Wednesday ill
8 p. m.
The Citadel — 215 S- Fr nt street.
Brigader and Mrs. J. V. Breazeale,
officers in charge. Captain Marga
ret Wynn, assistant. Sunday school
10 a. m. Worship service 11 a- m.
Young Peoples meeting 6:30 p. m.
Open Air service 7:30 p. m. Salva
tion meeting 8 p- m- Young Peo
ples meeting, Tuesday 7:30 P- m.
Prayer service, Wednesday 7:45 p.
] Ladies Home League meeting,
Tt ursday 7:30 p. m.
Wright Street Hall — 321 Wright
street. Sunday school 10 a. m. Open
Air service, Friday 7:30 P- m. Holi
ness meeting, Friday 8 p. m.
The public is invited to attend
these services.
First Church of Christ, Scientist:
17th and Chestnut streets. Service
S'unday morning at 11 o’clock. Sub
ject of lesson sermon: “Christ Je
sus.’’ Sunday school at 10 o’clock.
Wednesday evening meetings at 8
o’clock. At othe.- meeting may be
heard testimonies and remarks on
Christian Science.
Reading room in the church edi
fice, where the Bible and all au
thorized Christian Science literature
may be read or obtained, inis room
is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 3 to 5 P- n>.
The public is cordially invited to
attend | all services and visit the
reading room.
St. Mary’s—Masses on Sunday at
7, 9, and 10:30. Mass during the
week at 7 o’clock. Holy hour first
Friday at 7 a. m.
St. John’s — Third and ReS Cross
streets. Rev. E. W. Halleck, rector.
Services for the 4th Sunday in
Lent. Holy Communion at 7:30 a.
m. Church school and Bible classes
10 a. m- Holy Communion and ser
mon at 11 a. m. Y. P. S. L. 7 P. m.
Evening prayer and sermon at 8
p. m- The pub”c is cordially Invit
St. Janies — Corner Market and
Third streets. Rev. Mortimer Glover,
rector. Fourth Sunday in Lent.
Holy Communion 8 a. m. Church
school 10 a. m. Rector's class for
adults 10:15 a. m. Holy Communion
and sermon 11 a. m- Young People's
Service league 7 p. m. A cordial
Today’s Sermon j
_Editor of Advance I
Text: Matthew 26:17-30.
Our lesson, based on the story ol
the Last Supper in the Upper Boom
where .Tesus was observing the
Passover with His disciples, brings i
us into the closing scenes of our
Lord’s earthly ministry and His
preparation for Calvary.
It is upon this Last Supper and
the symbolic eating of the bread
and drinking of the wine that the
communion service in the Chris
tian Church has been established.
It is fit ng—especially in these
days when there is such great need
of drawing Jews and Christians
together in tolerance and in love
for one another—that the Last
Supper, which founds the Chris
tian service of communion, should
have been the Jewish Passover,
still observed with such solemnity
and devotion by Jews throughout
the world.
* * *
The Passover and the service of
communion have more in common,
however, than this association in
the lives of Jesus and His disciples.
They are designed to promote the
same spirit of faith and gratitude to
God for His mercy and salvation.
Both emphasize the reality of re
ligious fellowship and the conscious
ness of a bond of unity in faith,
hope, and devotion. They also em
phasize that element of sacrifice
that has been so essentially asso
ciated with religious service and
with human welfare. The progress
and betterment of man has been
possible because of those who have
borne heavy burdens and accepted
great sacrifices to attain it
welcome is extended, especially to
visitors and strangers.
St. Luke’s — Formerly Delgado
Mission. 125 Spoffords. Ashley T.
St. Amand, lay-reader in charge.
Holy Communion, Rev- J. Leon Ma
lone, celebrant 9 a. m. Church
school 4 p. m. Vespers 7:30 p. m.
Come, a welcome awaits you
St. Andrew’s-On-The-Sound —Rev.
J. Leon Malone, rector. Sunday
school 9:45 a. m. Y. P- S- L., 7 p. m.
Holy Communion and sermon, 8 p.
St. Andrews’ tries to serve the
spiritual needs of the community.
Church of fjie Good Shepherd —
Sixth and Queen streets. The fourth
Sunday in Lent. Rev. Frederick A.
Tdrner, rector. Church school at
9:45 a. m. Holy Communion and ser
mon, H a. m. There will be a cor
porate communion of St. Ann’s
Guild at this time. Evening song and
sermon at 7:30 p. m. Childrens’ ser
vice 4 p. m. Tuesday afternoon- Mid
week Lenten prayer service 8 p. m.
Wednesday evening. Mr. Turner
will preach his first sermon as the
nev rector and members and
friei s are cordially invited to wor
ship with us
St. Paul’s—16 and Market streets.
Rev. Alexander Miller, rector. 7:30
a. m. Ce bration of the Holy Com
munion. 9:45 a. m. The church
school. 11:15 m. Celebration of
the Holy Communion. 7 p- m. Y. P.
S. L. meeting. Lenten services every
afternoon next week, except Sat
u day, at 5 o’clock. The ’.ev. Wal
ter Raleigh Noe, executive secre
tary of the Diocese of East Caro
lina, will officiate.
Church of God — Monday 7:45 p.
m. Choir practice. Wednesday 7:45
p. m. Prayer service and Bible
study. Friday 7:45 p. m. Y- P. E.
service, President Canal Teaehey.
Sunday 10 a. m. Sunday school.
Sunday 11 a. m. Sermon by pastor,
Rev. W. W- Harmon. Sunday 7:45 p.
m. Service. Sunday school superin
tendent, Raymond Murray. Choir
ster, G. R. Willoughby. Pianist,
Ruth Teaehey. The series of meet
ings will close Sunday night, March
3. The public is cordially invited to
attend the closing services. You are
First Pentecostal— North Second
and Parsley streets. Rev. I- D.
Dickens, pastor. Residence, Oakley,
Castle Hayne Road. Post office ad
dress Box 201, Wilmington. Sundav
school 10 0a. m. B. A- Blake, super
intendent. A class for all ages. Morn
ing service 11 a. m. Sermon by the
pastor. Young People’s service 6:45
p. m. Miss Alene Greer, president.
Evening service 7:45 p. m. Sermon
by the pastor. Mid-week prayer and
praise service Wednesday evening
at 7:45. The Friendly workers cir
cle will meet with Mrs. A. F. Con
nor, in her home in Oakley. Thurs
day evening at 7:45.
The public is most cordially invited
to xxrr»r*cV»ir» with ns in all nf niir sf»rv
ices. You will find a friendly welcome
and spiritual service here at the
friendly church.
Castle Heights — Mrs. W. T. De
Vane, Jr., will conduct non-denomi
national religious services this af
ternoon, at 3 o’clock, and tonight
l.: 8 /clock at the Castle Heights
church, Fifteenth and Castle
streets. Her subject will be ’’There
Are Others.”
Special instrumental and vocal
selections will be rendered at the
night service. Singing will be led
by a large mixed chorus choir, to
gether -with the Castle Heights or
mi,. : „ .• :__:
Sunday school will assemble at
2 p. m. to study the text: “The
poor useth intreaties; but the rich
answereti- roughly. A m a n that
hath friends must show himself
friendly; but there is a friend that
sticketh closer than a brother.”
Prov. 18-23:24.
St. Paul’s — Sixth and Market
streets. The Rev. Walter B. Freed,
pastor. Morning worship service 11
a. m., sermon: “The Greatness of
God.” Vespers 8 p. m., sermon:
"This Treasure in Earthen vessels.”
Sunday school, with classes for a"
ages, 9:45. Luther leagues 7 p. m
Lenten service Wednesday 8 p- m..
This last Passover of the dis
:iples with the Master was a period
of great sadness, because Jesus
lad assured the disciples that one
if them should betray Him. The
shadow of the Cross was very de
finitely upon Him, and the disciples,
who had turned from all that they
lad in this world to follow Him,
were puzzled and disappointed to
find that, instead of settirg up an
sarthly kingdom, He was going to
some mysterious fate. Apparently
they did not even understand what
this fate would be or how, through
suffering, their Master wvs to ful
fill His earthly mission.
* * *
But in the depth of their sorrow,
:hey must have sensed a deeper my
stery. They may not have under
oread and gave it to them, and
when He spoke of the wine in the
cup as His blood, “poured out for
the remission of sins,” and when
He spoke of the time when He
would drink of the fruit of the vine
anew with them in H i s Father's
kingdom, although they may not
have understood, they must have
sensed some world of glory above
the tragedy that overshadowed
We see these things after the
fact. We can enter into these ex
periences and understand as the dis
ciples did not understand. It is this
that ought to enrich for us •he ser
vice of communion, the Lord’s Sup
per which repeats and symbolizes in
our experience what happened m
that Upper Room.
sermon: “The Parables of Hidden
Treasure and the Pearl of Great
Price.” A supper meeting of the
men of St. Paul's Friday evening
at 7 o’clock in the Luther Memor
ial buildingt L. A. Plummer the
speaker. A most cordial welcome
awaits the worshipper at St. Paul’s,
and a special invitation is extend
ed to strangers and visitors to wor
ship with us.
St. Matthew's — 919 North Fourth
street. The Rev. Carl H. Fisher, pas
tor. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Adolf
worship service 11 a. m., sermon:
‘‘One Never Trusts in God in Vain."
Lenten services Wednesday, March
6, 8 p. m. We are always glad to
have visitors join us in the worshj >
of our God.
Wesleyan Methodist — Corner
18th and Castle streets. Song ser
vice begins at 7 p. m., followed by
sermon by the pastor, 0. A. Kiger
The public is cordially invited.
Sixth Street—Jas. R. Lee, pastor.
Sunday school—9:45 a. m. Morn
ing worship — 11 a. m. Evening
worship 8. Pastor will speak at
both services. Special family day
service at 11 a. m. Topic for eve
ning message “Is Your Faith an As
set or a Liability.”
Fourth Street, Rev. S. E. Thur
low, pastor. Corner Fourth and
Church street. Sunday 10 a. m. Mr.
H. S. King, supt. Morning service
11 a. m. Sermon by the pasior.
Junior and Senior Loyal Workers
will meet at 7 p. m. Night service
8 p. m. Sermon subject. “The All
Powerful Christ.” Prayer meeting
Wednesday night 8 p. m. You are
cordially invited to attend all serv
Church of God —21st street a id
Gibson Avenue. Sunday school 10:30
a. m. Preaching 7:30 p. m. Sermon
subject. "Why Your Prayers Are
Not Answered.” If you are having
trouble it w'ill pay you to come out.
•T. L. Taylor, pastor.
rnu: __a t_ „l_
James Lawson. R. D., minister.
Sunday school 9:45. J. p. Garrott,
superintendent. Morning worship
11. Evening worship
Spring Rally Day will be observ
ed in the Sunday school and in the
morning worship service- At the
morning service the minister will
preach on the subject; “I Will Come
Back Again.” Miss Azalene South
erland will sing, “Satisfied With
Jesys,” by McKenney. The prelude,
"Evening Star” by Wagner, will be
played by Arley Southerland, violin
Gregory Community: Nun, be
tween Sixth and Seventh streets.
The Rev. Spurgeon Jay Mayfield,
pastor. Ruth Hall Brown, director
of music and religious education.
M. Candler Ready, superintendent
adult department. Church school at
10 a. m. Classes for all ages. Morn
ing worship at 11:15 a. m.
The Rev. Mayfield will fill his
pulpit at all services today, speak
ing to the general theme during
the Lenten season: “In The Foot
Steps of the Master from The
Place Where He Was Born to the
Place Where He Was Crucified.”
Holy Communion services will be
held at the morning hour and also
at 6 p. m.
The Young People's Forum will
meet at 5 p. m., led by Miss Fannie
Davis, president of the forum.
A cordial invitation is extended
to all. j |
Perdew, Sprunt Make
College Honor Roll
DAVIDSON, March 2—Two Wil
mington students at Davidson were
placed on the dean’s list for the
spring term, having made an aver
age of B plus or higher during
the semester.
They were William Perdew and
David Sprunt. t
A total of 34 men of a total
senior class enrollment of 136 were
on the honor list. . I
i oiTilVb 1
“fetSs f&v l
1 Sessions—AU ^ossil:> \
1 Learn M»oul
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Red Circle
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