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‘Mck Benny Picture Will
Open At Carolina Monday
chaos On Western
; Plains As Car-Lover
Turns Cowboy
automobile is here to
- - js vas Jack Benny's pro
ment following his rough
'e' bimeback interludes in
i#*- gernv Rides Again,” the
"B"cK d screen comedian’s ven
rsm0 the wide open spaces,
11 1 n ‘be presented here Mon
r!!C!1 ‘the Carolina theatre.
ds:« Benriv’s aversion to horses
tnrious” amounting to a pho
' , ever, for the sake of his
d ,,, the interests of film
8rt' ation he consented to being
phed for the first time in
'aboard a bronco, albeit
rJj ' fact mildest one the studio
:t f corral. Several days of
.exercise were involved
making of the picture.
\,,a. sufficient for Jack
‘f' ■ gennv who avers his in
of slicing to his 1923 Max
li] n the future.
% rsee are too nervous, Mr.
A opines. "They are so ner
thev make me nervous.
;,:v dli„;t trust themselves, how
re;hev expect anyone else to trust
■Moreover, they have a way oi
their heads and favoring
A..Mder with a contemptuous
'vre Thev may serve their boss,
t'hev sneer at him. They re
■ lad me of Rochester.
•■Horses, as a means of trans
,,,.j011. are inferior to the auto
—obiie the railroad train, the air
;Le and the kiddie car. A plush
:;,t on a railroad car is wearing
n {he sacro-iliac. but not nearly
.'..much as is the spinal column of
starving pinto.
Anyway I hate horses, so there.
; piayed one once at Santa Anita,
-ciit'on the nose. The horse stood
o fine until they moved the start
gate. Then it collapsed.”
Despite his diatribe against the
.ntire equine category, Mr. Benny
confessed that he enjoyed himself
■uring the making of “Buck Benny
Rides” Again.” And he cherishes
0 ten-gallon hat as a memento of
ie time when he stood-off the cat
* rustlers, and followed the
eick wagon in the best tradition
1 Hopalong Cassidy and his pals.
All's chaos on the Western plains
:: two-fisted, ten-fingered Jack
Benny, phantom rider of Fred Al
len and lone ranger of the Seven
Delicious Flavors, bites off more
aan he can chew and comes to
rcic- it in "Buck Benny Rides
Main." It's love in bloom which
Dives Jack to forsake his pent
; use for a pommel and Maxwell
: r a mustang—love for lovely El
en Drew who draws a line be
iv.een Western he-men and all the
rest of mankind when it comes to
love. .Jack goes West to prove
himself worthy, and before he’s
through it's the deer and the ante
ope who are looking for new
‘lower Of London Is
Billed At The Bijou
Our- of the bloodiest and most dra
S’ie periods in all history, the
Tilting l-V.h century, will reach the
’teen when Universal’s “Tower of
London" opens Tuesday at the Bijou
•' year in die making, the new
■villa offers Basil Rathbone in per
'us his strongest role as the dia
Richard ill, infamous “Crook
0-h king, and includes some of
h i; wood's ablest dramatic players
■ i'-s cast of hundreds.
Loretta Young And Richard
Greene Stars Of Blue
Grass Picture
In the 'belief that millions of Ame
ricans are loyal and enthusiastic fol
lowers of the sport of kings—without
actually knowing much about the
sport, or the kings either, for that
matter—Hollywood has now turned
out a picture which is said to be the
last word on the subject.
It is 20th Century-Fox's Techni
color production, "Kentucky”, sche
duled to open Monday at the Bijou
theatre, with a cast headed by Lo
retta Young and Richard Greene, and
including (among its more tempe
ramental players) some of the fin
est thoroughbreds of American turf
Announced as a great romantic
story, centering on two of those
proud families who for three genera
tions have fostered one of the fin
est traditions of horse breeding and
racing that the world has ever
known, “Kentucky” reveals all the
luxuriant beauty of the Blue Grass
country in its natural state—for it
was there that many of the scenes
were filmed, according to Darryl F.
Zanuck, 20th Century-Fox’s astute
production chief.
Looking at newsreels of a horse
race, Zanuck was struck by the ap
palling contrast between black and
white photography and the actual
race as he had seen it. The brilliant
hues of the jockeys’ silks, the
crowds, the colorful sheen of t h e
thoroughbreds, the indescribable
beauty of the Kentucky countryside
itself—all were lost, Zanuck felt, in
the lack of chromatic variation.
The latest Paramount News events
precedes the feature on the program.
The "Weaver Brothers and Elviry.
of vaudeville fame, are scheduled
for another local screen appearance
in Republic’s "In Old Missouri”,
booked at the Royal theatre for a
run of two days starting Friday.
The story is a unique one, dealing
with the adventures of a family of
Missouri share-croopers who jour
ney to the city to acquaint the own
er of the land they- worked on with
the unfair practices to which the
share-croppers are subjected.
They find themselves in the man
sion of John Pittman, owner of the
Pittman Land and Cotton company,
and soon discover that their own
troubles are minute in comparison
with his. Not only has his company
nothing to show for a year's wrork,
but it is hdveiing on the brink of
The "Weavers and John Pittman
change places. Abner Weaver as
sumes Pittman’s position as head of
the Pittman Land and Cotton com
pany, while John Pittman retires to
the relatively- care-free, though im
poverished life which was the lot of
the Weavers on the Ozark land.
Also on the program are Chapter
8 "The Shadow”, “Boobs in the
Woods” Andy Clyde comedy.
Loretta Young. Richard Greene, Walter Brennan at the Bijou
Kentucky” featuring Loretta Young, Richard G reene and Walter Brennan which shows at the Bijou
theatre tomorrow only is a technicolor production of racing rivalry and the famed derby itself.
Pat O'Brien And Edward Ar
nold Starred In ‘Slight
ly Honorable’
Rated one of the season’s most
sophisticated and amusing film sto
lies of scandal in high places, Walter
Wanger’s "Slightly Honorable.'' with
a cast headed by Pat O’Brien, Ed
ward Arnold, Ruth Terry and Brod
erick Crawford, will open Wednes
day at the Royal theatre through
United Artists release.
Cast on the Wangei theory of ‘‘the
best available players for even the
smallest roles," the film features a
lineup of supporting talent* that in
cludes Alan Dinehart, Claire Dodd,
Phyllis Brooks, Janet Beecher. Ber
nard Xedell. Douglas Dumbrille. Eve
Arden, Douglas Fowley, John Shee
han and many others.
It introduces a new personality
to local audiences, Ruth Terry, the
“Little Cupcake" of Hollywood, Miss
Terry is the 18-year-old actress Wan
ger pulled out of nowhere and plac
ed in the leading role opposite Pat
O’Brien. Although this is her first
major screen role, advance reports
claim the Irish miss handles her "
assignment like a veteran, and more
than holds her own in the face of
real acting competition. Ruth is cast
as Ann Seymour, a vivacious and
lively night club entertainer, who
adopts Pat O'Brien as "her man’’
when he rescues her from a man
handling admirer.
Special shorts include “Bill of
Rights” in Tecnnicolor, a Loony Car
toon “Porky’s Movie Mystery.”
Many French-Canadian farmers
if the Saguenay section have for
years raised their own tobacco.
Radio Comedians at the Carolina
The Are Colored comedian, •Rochester’ Anderson assists Jack
Benny to mount li is white broncho in a scene from "Buck Benny Hides
Again,” which opens at the Carolina theatre tomorrow.
Stars of Royal Movie
&. si......... a
George Murphy. Lana Turner and Joan Bloudell sing and dance
their way to your heart in “Two Girls on Broadway,” the season’s
streamlined musical opening Monday for a two day showing at the
Lamour-Preston Teamed
In South Seas Picture
Teamed for the first time in
films, lovely Dorothy Lamour and
Robert Preston supply the ro
mance in Technicolor South Seas
adventure film, "Typhoon,” which
starts next Thursday at the Caro
lina Thatre. Lynne Overman and
J. Carrol Naish will be featured
with them in supporting roles.
Main setting for the colorful
story of "Typhoon” is a small
Island in the Dutch East Indies
pearling grounds. The picture, of
course, takes its title from the
seasonal storms that lash these
waters, one of which forms the cli
Dorothy Lamour, sarong of sa
rongs girl, this time wears a "lava
lava,” which, reports say. is a
Polynesian wrap even briefer than
the sarong. Robert Preston literally
follows suit; he wears a "pareu,”
which is the masculine equivalent
to Dotty’s bright brevity.
The story storms in as a sailing
ship founders, and as Dorothy, as
a ten-year-old girl and the sole
survivor, is cast on a lonely shore.
Years elapse, and the scene shifts
to a nearby island, where Robert
Preston, discharged from the
Navy, is a derelict befriended only
by his old pal, Lynne Overman.
Lynee has a submarine, with
which he huts pearls. When he
and Bob brawl with a powerful
native chief, they must flee on
the submarine to save their lives.
Lack of oil forces them to aban
don ship on a strange isle—which
proves to be Dorothy’s. Now she
has grown to alluring womanhood,
lives in a sort of jungle penthouse
with a female chimpanzee as her
only companion.
Action hustles the continuity to
its awe-inspiring windup. J. Carrol
Naish leads the crew in mutiny
against the sailors. There’s a grip
ping sequence as the submarine
submerges, with the main hatch
not dogged down Sudden inter
ruption of the love story is pro
vided by the pursuing Chief, who
discovers the sailor’s hideaway,
and comes shorew'ard to kill.
Lana Turner And Georgi
Murphy Starred In Royal
Theatre Offering
The screen's newest dance team
composed of Lana Turner an
George Murray, makes its bow i
the streamlined musical, “Two Girl
on Broadway." coming to the Roya
theatre Monday and Tuesday.
Miss Turner and Murphy, togethe
with Joan Blondell headline th
cast of this dramatic production wit
a musical background telling th
story of two sisters who journe
from a small Mid-Western town t
New York City in an attempt t
‘Village Barn Dance’
Is To Show At Bijoi
l When Republic’s “Yil'nige Bari
I Dance” opens next Wednesday a
J the Bijou theatre, local picture an
diences will have an opportunity t
see in action one of the most coloi
ful personalities ever to flash acros
the ether waves—Ralph Waldo Err
A descendant of the famous poe
^ of the same name. Emerson beoam
1 famous as a wizard of the pipe oi
' gan, claiming the distinction of ii
^ augurating the largest pipe orga
in the world at the Chicago st;
r | dium.
e| The current chapter of “Drums c
1 Fu Manchu." and a Ropey e car too
e “Aladdin and Wonderful Damp,’’ ar
y also on the program.
d .
crash ilie big time shows. The ro
mance centers about the love of the
two girls for the same boy, hoofer
Eddie Kerns, portrayed by Murphy.
Screen polls and the public's re
action have hailed Lana Turner as
the most popular and most talented
of Hollywood’s current younger
stars and her role in “Two Girls
on Broadway” gives her increased
opportunity to confirm this verdict.
Murphy comes to the new musical
direct from his success with Fred
Astaire and Eleanor Powell in
"Broadway Melody of 1940,” while
■the popular Miss Blondeil makes
her first appearance under the M
G-M banner in the streamlined musi
Two new song hits are heard in
the production. They are “My Won
derful One Let’s Dance,” written by
Xacio Herb Brown. Arthur Freed
and Roger Edens, and “Broadway's
Still Broadway,” by Harry Revel and
Ted Fetter.
Kent Taylor, last seen in “I Take
This Woman,” heads the supporting
cast of “Two Girls on Broadway.’’
Also in the cast are Richard Lane,
Wallace Ford. Otto Hahn. Lloyd
Corrigan, Don Wilson and Charles
Latest War Scenes. “Little Brother
Rat” and “Diamond Dust” complete
the show. j
‘Outpost Of Mounties’
Will Show At Bijou
Acclaimed as the finest outdoor
drama yet to star the popular
Charles Starret, “Outpost of the
Mounties,” new Columbia saga of
the Northlands will open at the
Bijou theatre on Friday for a two
day engagement Friday. Second in
the series of Mountie films. “Out
port of the Mounties” involves
Starrett and his leading lady, Iris
Meredith, in a thrilling tale set
in the tree-studded landscapes of
the Canadian Northwest. Also fea
tured in the film is the talented
radio and screen aggregation, Sons
of the Pioneers, who contribute
the music of the North Woods.
The program also includes the
current chapter of “Flash Gordon
Conquers The Universe,” and a
Charley Chase comedy “The Heck
‘Victor Herbert’ Film
i Will Show At Bijott
iVictor Herbert, the man who rul
L ed Broadway during its most color
ful era and taught the world to sing
’ of love, is dealt with on the screen
for tlie first time in Paramount’s
5 elaborate new musical romance, “The
Great Victor Herbert”, scheduled to
open next Thursday at the Bijou
1 theatre.
The program also includes a color
i cartoon, a Travel Novelty and the
i Latest News events.
> Herbert ,in his initial appearance
•] before motion picture audiences, Is
j portrayed by an actor whose resern
f | blance to the famed Irish-American
i; composer is so remarkable that
e [ friends of the late maestro insisted
■ he play the role.
it’s Lana
turner ....
aud how she
Sets her Man! ^§J
,ts stream- 1
llnsd romance 1
• ■ • • Set to
Its proud romantic tra- RICHARD GREENE
dition! Its sporting Blue f
Grass tradition! Cap WALTER BRENNAN
fared in the splendors DOUGLAS-DUMB RULE j
of Technicolor! -
> 1
At 11-12:45-2:30-4:15-6-7:45-9:30 ★ Feature 10 Minutes Later j
Basil Kathbone - Boris Karloff - Barbara O’Neil j
Also — “DRl'MS OF FU
It’s Gay Proceedings: With
Comedy and Dancing by
Rochester . . . Songs by
Virginia Dale anil Lillian
Cornell . . . Swing by
Phil Harris .... Ileauty
by the Merrie! Ab
bott Dancers!
rnaniom itider ot Fred Allen sues
off more than he can chew and comes
to rue it! - g
f SPECIAL ADDED "''N l| ;J|I||
★ Fitzgerald Travelogue If
★ Pete Smith Specialty I i ..gmamS
^ ★ Cartoon and News r'
"TYPHOON," with Robt. Preston - Dorothy Lamour {
! Starts

II Performances
f at
' 1:15-3:15-5:15
Feature 35
Minutes Later

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