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SIEELS, rubbers
and rails climb
Traders Keep Commitments
Minimum Pending
' Further Light On War
® w YORK, June 18 —(AV-Most
market traders kept com
?t0(Cbnts at a minimum in today’s
m 1 pending further light on
niropean war problems but the
General direction of prices was up
"jtd, bv steels, rails, rubbers and
atfcialties. the list made its best
f jn the morning when gams
1 fractions to around 3 points
were posted for favorites.
After mid-day prices began to
‘it and volume dwindle, with the
that the principal morning
1 rmbers were enabled to emerge
c.th on)j' infinitesimal portions of
heir early upswing. In addition,
!?«es running to a point or so
were to be seen here and there.
The Associated Press average
a net upturn of .2 of a point
t411 Transfers of 718,810 shares
compared with 1,208,330 yesterday.
Stemming the buying tide was
lVe evident desire of many in Wall
t eet to await-the Hitler - Musso
,ni peaCe terms to France. Com
bating the Picture were persis
fnt claims of the British they
would battle to a finish notwith
standing French capitulation, and
void Premier Petain and com
mander Weygand had urged their
-t-avering troops to fight on until
,i,e armistice was actually signed.
Bolstering sentiment still was
,he outlook for heavy armament
spending at home, climbing steel
production, expanding railway
revenues, brighter prospects for
tae rubber companies through
manufacture of the synthetic
staple, growing demand for copper
and increasing mail order sales.
* Aircrafts lagged as a Senate
committee moved to shorten profits
on navv plane contracts. Oils soft
ened also on the likelihood petro
leum shipments overseas would be
curtailed by the latest shift in the
irar man.
American Airlines. Eastern Air
toes and Allied Chemical got up
; to 3 points. Unchanged to moder
ately higher were U. S. Steel,
Bethlehem. Republic, Chrysler,
Goodrich. Goodyear, Sears Roe
buck. Unite! Aircraft. American
Telephone. Western Union, N. Y.
Central, Pennsylvania, Southern
Pacific. Great Northern, Kennecott
Du Pont, American Smelting and
International Nickel.
Losses running to a point or so
were suffered by Standard Oil of
5, Y. , Texas Corp., Loew’s, Ana
conda. Douglas Aircraft, Boeing,
Glenn Martin, Westinghouse and
Eastman Kodak.
Rail loans were the best in the
bond department. Italian and Ger
man bonds, up for a while, eventu
ally slipped while some British
empire issues recovered. Comodi
tes steadied. Wheat at Chicago
was unchanged to up 3-8 of a cent
a bushel and corn gained 1-2 to
34. Cotton added 50 to 70 cents a
bale. “Free” sterling again was
Up a point or so in the curb
Were Jones Laughlin, N. J. Zinc,
Pennsylvania-Central air lines and
Aluminum of America.Ounder wa
ter were PantepeC. Bell Aircraft
American Gas, American Cyan
amid “B” and Brewster Aero
The turnover here was around 109,
MO shares against 168.000 the day
before. 2
30 15 15 60
Indus Rails Util Stks
Ret change _ a.2 a.4 a.2 a.2
Tuesday _ 58-3 14.8 33.6 41.1
Prey, dav ... 58.1 4.4 33.4 40.9
Month ago .. 53.5 13.2 31.1 37.7
Tear ago_ 67.6 18.2 37.5 47-6
13(0 high_ 74 2 20.5 40.6 52.2
13(0 low_ 52 8 13.0 30.9 37.0
»J» high . ' 77.0 23-8 40.6 53.9
W low_ 58.8 15.7 33.7 41.6
60-Stock Range Since 1927:
, 1937-38 1932-36 1927-29
H|sh . 75.3 72.8 157.7
u . 33.7 16.9 61.8
Wliat Stocks Bid
Tucs. Mon.
Advances . 408 221
Declines _ 145 407
1 whanged . 154 13?
"°tal issues 707 76t
6EW YORK, .Tune 18—OP)—Sales
'losing price ancl net change of the
ot'wn most active stocks today;
Loft. 39.100—25; no.
OS Steel. 23,400—53%; no.
Republic Stl. 17.000—17%; a74.
•%' Central. 14,200—11%; a%.
Len Motors. 13,800—44% ; no.
Losi Air Lines, 11.900—31% : al%
Steel, 11.600—77%; a%.
S Rubber. 11,600—21; d%2.
,mt Air Lines. 9.200—16% : a%.
Anaconda. 8.800—21%; d%.
pap and P. 8,800—12%; d%.
' nad pac. 8.100—3; a%.
nrtiss Wright, 8.000—7%; no.
5 Tp' and Tel, 7,000—3% ; a%.
| ,0" Ry. 6.400—11%; a%.
ORLEANS. June 18.—CZP»—
shortn ■l,t'!rps advanced today or
bilk p?VPrin" and price-fixing b:
at «Lu°Rins quotations were stead:
?i*uis of 12 to 15 points.
Juk- OR011 High Low Close
palv l!!--1 10-35 10.21 10.31 upl;
Oct fn) 10 :5415_10.52B
Bee ~~ 9-23 9.46 9.23 9-40 up 1!
Jan " 017 9.30 9-15 9.26B
filch " 0 14 9.14 9.14 9.16B
Slav " 8 83 9.05 8.83 9.01 up 1!
R-Bh] 8 58 8" s-08 8.86 up 1!
Iff j ,lfia Y°RK, June 18—IIP)—But
I’r ti,. 014l RtPadV- Creamery: high
k***" 27-27 3-4: extra (9
Jirtti 26 3-4. canons 26 1-4—1-2
konR including- tubs and car
1‘4» seconds (84—87) 24
Closing Stock Quotations
(By the Associated Press)
Adams Exp _ 5 3.8
Air Reduct___39 1.4
Alaska Jun _ 4 3.8
A1 Chem and Dye_150
Alleghany_ 1_2
Allis Chal Mfg_27 1-2
Am Can -97 3.4
Am Car Pd ...y_ 23 3-4
Am '’or Pow _ 1 1.4
Am Pow and Lt___ 3
Am Rad and St S _ 5 5-8
Am Roll Mill_11 3.4
Am Smelt and Ref_ 38 3-4
Am Sug Ref__14
A T and T-156 1-2
Anaconda_-___21 5-8
Am Tob B- 75 3-4
Arm 111 _ 4 1.2
A T and Sf_15 3.4
Atl Ref- 20 3-4
Aviat Corp- 5 1-8
Baldwin _15 3-8
B & O- 3 5-8
Barnsdall _.__ 8
Bendix Aviat _ 29 1-4
Beth Steel _ 77 7-8
Boeing Airpl ........_ 13 7-8
Borden _IS 3-8
Borg Warner_16
Briggs Mfg _16 7-8
Budd Mfg_ 3 5-8
Budd Wheel_ 4 5-8
Burl Mills_15
Bur Add Mach___ s
Calumet & Hec_ 5 3-4
Can Dry _14 1-2
Can Pac_ 3
Case J I _ 60 1-4
Caterpil Trac _-_47 1-2
Ches & Ohio _ 35 7-8
r m st p 1. P Pf i.s
Chrysler _64 1-8
Coca Cola _102 3-4
Colum G & E _ 5 5-8
Coml Credit _28 1-2
Coml Solv _- 9 5-8
Comwltli & Sou _ 1
Consol Edison_..._26 1-8
Con Oil —- 6 1-2
Cont Can _41
Corn Prod _49 1-4
Curtiss Wright - 7 5-8
Curtiss Wright A-- 24 5-8
Davison Chem ......-... 4 7-8
Del Lack & W - 3 3-8
Doug Aire _ 73 3-4
Dow Chem _151 1-2
DuPont _-—161
Eastman Kodak--—129
Elec Auto Lt _31 1-4
Elec Pow & Lt - 4 1-2
Freeport Sul-- 30 5-8
Gen Elec _ 31 3-8
General Foods - 40 7-8
General Motors .—_—..... 44 1-8
Glidden _12 1-8
Goodrich ____—- 13 1-4
Goodyear _ 16
Graham Paige - 3-4
Gt Nor Ry Pf -21 1-8
Hudson Motors __—. 3 3-4
Huppmobile Motors -—3-4
Illinois Central --- 7-3-8
Int Harvest _ 46 1-2
Int Nick Can _ 23 3-4
Int Tel and Tel_ 3 1-5
Johns Manville ——- 51 1-2
Kennecott _—— 28 7-8
Kroger Groc ___.... 29 1-4
Libby O FG1_33
Legg and Myers B_...— 95
Loews ___— 23 1-2
Lorillard __ 20 3-8
Louis and Nash _47
Mack Truck _ 20 3-4
McCrory Stores_12 3-4
Mo K T ___ 3-4
Mont Ward —_39
Murray Corp_ 5 1-4
Nash Kelv _ 4 1-4
Nat Biscuit _18 5-8
Nat Dairy Prod_13 3-4
Nat Dist _19
Nat Lead _18
Nat Pow & Lt_ 7
N Y Central_11 5-8
No Am Aviat_16 3-4
North Am_18 7-8
Nor Pac_ 5 3-4
Ohio Oil_ 6 1-8
Otis J31ev _12 1-8
Pac G & E -.27 3-4
Packard _ 3 1-4
Param Pix_ 5 3-8
Param Pf _ 70
Penny J C_81
Penn Dixie_ 2 1-2
Penn R R. 18 1-4
Phillips Pet _32 1-2
Pitt Scr & B _ 5 3-4
Pub Svc N J_ 33 7-8
Pullman _ 20 3-8
Pure Oil _ 7 5-8
Radio _ 4 3-4
Rad K O_ 15-16
Rem Rand _ 7 1-8
Republic Steel -_17 5-S
Reynolds B _36 1-4
Seab Oil . 13 1-2
Sears _ 70 3-4
Shell Un __ 8 1-4
Socony Vac _ 8 5-8
Sou Pac _ 8 5-8
Sou Ry .. 11 1-8
Sperry _ 39 3-4
isiunuaru rsranus __a is
Standard Oil Cal _18 1-2
Standard Oil Ind _23 1-8
Standard Oil N J _35 1-8
Stewart Warner_ 5 5-8
Studebaker _ 7 1-8
Swift _19 3-4
Texas Corp _38 1-4
Texas Gulf Sul _30 1-8
Timken Det Ax _23
Transamer _ 4 3-4
Trans and West Air _17 1-8
Un Carb _68
Un Pac__77 1-2
Unit Aire _40 1-2
Unit Corp _ 17-8
Unit Fruit_64 1-2
Unit Gas Imp _11
US Ind Alco. 17 3-4
US Pipe_ 25 3-4
US Rub__21
US Smelt and Ref_49
US Steel __ 53 3-4
Vanadium _33
Va Caro Chem _ 2 1-4
Warner Pic _ 2 3-8
West Mary _ 3 1-4
Western Union_-_,_17 1-2
West Elec & Mfg __ 90 1-2
Wilson ___- 4 3-8
Woolworth _ 31 1-2
Yellow T & C_13
Youngs S & T_32 1-2
Total sales 718,810.
Asso G and El A ..31 1-2
Can Marconi __ 5-8
Cities Service___ 4 7-8
El Bond nad Sh __ 5
Gulf Oil _29
NEW YORK, June 18—CP)—Sugar
futures Wavered nervously today in
a market dominated by war con
The world list opened moderately
higher but gave way under selling,
in part speculative. Final prices
were unchanged to 1 1-2 points low
er on sales of 3.000 tons: July 1.08b,
Sept. 1.08b.
Domestic sugar ended 2 lower to
1 higher on turnover of 3,800 tons.
A slow raw' market combined with
overseas news to dampen trading
Puerto Rican raws were offered
for mid-June shipment at 2.80 cents
a pound and Philippines due July
12 at 2.77 cents.
Refined remained at 4.50 cents in
eastern territory.
No. 3 range follows:
Higli Low Close
July _____ 1.79 1.79 1.78B
Sept _ 1.87 1.86 1.86B
jan ” _ 1.91 1.90 1.89B
Mch _ 1.93 1-93 1.92B
May -- 1-97 1.97 1.97B
RICHMOND, Va., June 18—«*>—
(USDA)—Livestock: hogs—10 cents
lower. Good and choice 180-225
pounds 5.05-5.25 the top.
100-120 lbs. 3.25-3.75; 120-140 lbs.
3.75-4.25; 140-160 lbs. 4.25-4.70; 160-180
lbs. 4.70-5.05; 225-250 lbs. 4.55-5.05;
250-300 lbs. 4.25-4.75; over 300 lbs.
4.15-4.65. Sows under 350 lbs. 3-50
4.00; over 350 lbs. 2.00-3.50.
Cattle — Largely .25-.50 lower,
dull. Cows and bulls steady. Weighty
sausage bulls 6.00-6.50. lights 5.50
6.00. Dairy' type cows around 4.50
5.50, canners and cutters largely
3.50-4.50, Vealers fairly heavy, about
steady. Selling mostly from 8.50
down. Spring lambs slow. Strictly
good 9.50-10.00. Demand dull on
common and medium grades.
CHICAGO, June 18—iff)—(U. S.
Dept Agr.) —Potatoes, arrivals
i 110. '0n track 323; total U. S. ship
ments 562; supplies liberal; de
; mand fair; market weak; Califor
Sa long whites U. S. No. 1. 2.00
to 25- California bliss triumphs
i U s No. 1, 2.25; North Carolina
’ cobbiers U. S. No. 1, 1.55 to 1.70;
Arkansas and Oklahoma bliss tri
umphs U. S. No. 1, 1.50 to 70;
- Alabama bliss triumphs U. S. No.
- 1 2.00: Louisiana bliss triumphs
! U. S. No. 1, 1.60-70.
CHICAGO, June 18—MV—Lard
tierces 5.52; loose 4.65; bellies 6.00. |
NEW YORK, June 18 —Ufl —
Closely controlled Nazi currencies
advanced briskly in relation to the
dollar today while the Axis leaders
weighed the fate of France.
Supplies of the currencies were
extremely limited in the local for
eign exchange market. Formerly
Amsterdam was the main source
of supply but since the outlet was
eliminated most German currency
has come here from Switzerland.
The benevolent mark jumped 2
1-10 cents and the registered mark
1-2 cent.
The pound eterling declined 3
cents. The Swiss franc held un
changed. The Canadian dollar rose
1-8 to 80 1-4 U. S. cents.
Closing rates follow (Great Bri
tain in dollars, others in cents):
Great Britain, demand unquoted,
cables 3.62, 60 day unquoted, 90
day unquoted. Belgium unquoted,
Denmark unquoted, Finland 2.00n,
France unquoted, Germany 40.10n,
(Benevolent) 19.10, travel 12.85,
Greece .70n, Hungary 17.65n, Italy
5.05, Netherlands unquoted, Nor
way unquoted, Portugal 3.80n, Ru
in a n i a .52n, Sweden 23.86n,
Switzerland 22.43, Yugoslavia 2.35n.
Argentina official 29.77, free 22.09,
Brazil official 6.05, free 5.10, Mex
ico 19.00n. Japan 23.48, Hongkong
22.83, Shanghai 6.05.
Rates in spot cables unless other
wise indicated.)
N-nominal. 2
NEW YORK, June 18—(J’l—Wool
—business for fall delivery con
tinues to improve with some mills
said to have sold up to their pro
duction for the next few months.
Jobbers report good demand for
tropical worsteds and gabardines.
Cotton goods—trading pace slack
ens but prices remain firm. Rayon
—strong prices continue in fairly
active dealings. Spun rayon novel
ties and pigment taffetas lead in
volume. Silk—market remained
quiet. ’ 1
NEW YORK, June 18—(£>)—Eggs
37,629; steady. Moxed colors: fancy
to extra fancy 18-21; extra 17 1-2
3-4; storage packed firsts 17 17 1-2,
graded firsts 16 1-2—3-4; current re
ceipts 14 3-4; mediums 14 3-4; dirties
No. 1, 14 1-2; average cheeks 13 1-2—
SUFFOLK. Va., June 17—(JV
Peanut quotations: jumbos 3.90 to
4; bunch 3 1-2 to 3.65; runners
3-38 to 3 1-2. Market remains dull.
Rush To Buy Italian And Ger
man Loans Subsides But
Most End Higher
NEW YORK, June 18 —</P) —
Railroad issues led in a narrowly
sdvancing bond market today. The
rush to buy Italian and German
oans subsided, but most of them
ended higher, and the hard pressed
British dominions’ liens found sup
The sudden interest in rails, par
ticularly the lower priced group,
was traced in brokerage quarters
to a better than seasonally ex
pected pickup in carloadings on
many prominent systems. Heavy
Tjovement of materials used in
armament making and other
phases of the European war ac
counted for much of the better
Ending fractons to more than a
point higher were southern rail
way 4s at 48 5-8, Union Pacific
1 l-2s at 95 1-2, Southern Pacific
t l-2s at 35 3-4, Northern Pacific
Is at 62 1-8, Missouri Pacific 5s at
L-8, and Santa Fe 4s at 103 3-4.
Other domestic loans making
some progress included internation
al telephone 5s, Goodrich 4 l-4s,
consolidated oil 3 l-2s, American
& Foreign Power 5s, Montana
Power 3 3-4s and Pacific Gas 3 3-4s.
In the foreign dollar group gain
ers of fractions to more than a
point included Italy 7s, Canada 4s.
Peru 6s, Argentine 4 l-2s, German
unstamped 7s and Colombia 6s.
Sydney 5 l-2s jumped up 12 points
to 60 on light turnover and
Queensland 7s were up 1 1-2 at
65 1-2.
French government 7 s sold at
97, off 3, the first time a sale
of these bonds had been made
since the armistice plea of Mon
day. They were offered yesterday
at a wide discount from the pre
vious sale but no bids were avail
U. S. governments were quiet
and mixed, ending 9-32 of a point
lower to 7-32 higher.
Total sales of $5,177,200. par
value, compared with $5,383,000
Monday. 2
CHICAGO, June 18—(J>l—Light
cattle receipts today sent prices
up 15 cents, and in some instances
25 cents. High prices influenced by
heavier receipts were unevenly 5
to 15 cents lower. The top was
$5.25. Spring lambs were around
25 cents lower.
Cattle receipts totaled only 6,000
against 8.500 a week ago. Fed
steers and yearlings were strong
to 15 cents higher. Heifers were
strong, and a light supply of cows
was steady along with bulls.
Hog prices were mostly 10 cents
lower. Shippers took 1,000 and hold
overs were 1,000.
Most good spring lambs sold at
$10.25 to $10.50. Ewes were scarce
but steady.
(U. S." Dept. Agr.l—Salable hogs
17,000; total 22,500; general market
dull and unevenly 5 to 15, mostly
10 lower than Monday’s average;
top 5.25: few load 5.20; good 400
to 500 lbs. packing sows 3.90 to
4.15; light 4.25 to 4.40; shippers
took 1.000; holdovers 1,000.
Salable cattle 6.000: calves 1,500;
fed steers and yearlings strong to
15 higher under light receipts: in
stances 25 up against yesterday's
low turn: very few toppy cattle in
run and relatively few heavy
steers: mostly 8.75 to 10.25: few
loads 1160 to 1475 lbs. 10.40 to
10.60; load 1170 lbs. 10.75; heifers
strong; most fed kinds 8.75 to 9.50:
load choice 1124 lbs. 10.25; 1044
lbs. averages 10.00; light supply
cows steady along with bull; few
weighty sausage bulls 7.25; but
that price traded sparingly; veal
ers weak to 50 lower; 9.50 top;
trade rather freely.
Salable sheep 2.000; total 4,500:
spring lambs around 25 lower;
most good springers 10.25 to 50;
fed mostly 9.00 down; bulk around
80 lb. California springers 10.00
choice throwouts 8.50; few shorn
old crop lambs 8.00; ewes scarce,
steady: old head lights and hand
weight natives 3.50 to 75.
NEW YORK, June 18—0P>—Short
covering and buying by textile
mills boosted cotton futures 10 to
14 points today.
The market started lower under
Bombay offerings but kept steadily
ahead until late realizing pared top
Exports Monday 2,664 bales; sea
son so far 6,225,631. Port receipts
4,666. Port stocks 2,513,038.
Range follows: 1
LIVERPOOL, June 18— W) —Spot
cotton quiet, prices 22 points lower.
Quotations in pence: American, strict
good middling 7.9S;' good middling
7.5S; strict middling 7.43; middling
7.33; strict low middling 7.23; low
middling 6.98; strict good ordinary
6.53; good ordinary 6.1S.
Futures closed unchanged to 7
higher. July 7.10; Oct. 6.86.
BALTIMORE, June 18— CP> —
Potatoes—(old) — dull. Unchanged.
(New)—Strong. Truck: N. C. 100 lb.
sacks Cobblers U. S. Is bright 1.40
50; dirty 1.15-35; bu. baskets Cobblers
u. S. Is 75-1.00. Kill 100 lb. sacks
Cobblers. Rest unchanged.
NEW ORLEANS, June 18—((FI—
Spot cotton closed dull, unchanged.
Sales none. Low middling 10.00;
middling 11.00; good middling
11.45; receipts 4,504. Stock 605,524.
__ ■■*
Closing Bond Quotations
(By the Associated lJress)
3 % s 43-41 Mch._103
394 s 47-43 _108.2
394 s 45-43 __- 108.5
394s 46-44 __ 108.30
4s 54-44 . 112.25
294s 47-45 Reg._107.27
294s 45_107.22
3s 48-46 _109.20
394s 49-46 _ 110.6
2s 50-48 _ 102.31
3s 55-51_ 109.11
294s 53-51 _ 102.31
214s 60-55 _ 106.25
2 94s 59-56 105.18
2 94 s 65-60 _ 105.14
Federal Farm Mtg.
3s 49-44 _ 106.31
Home Owner* Loan
3s 52-44 __ 106.18
AT and SF 4s 95_ 10394
Can Pac 4s Perp - 40%
C and O 4%s 92 _-— 119%
C P. and Q 4>/2s 77 - 76^
Chi Gt West 4s 59 _ 22 7s
Clev Un Term 5%s 72 - 80
Olev Un Term 4%s 77C_ 64%
D and R G West 5s 55.. 1%
Erie Rf 5s 67 ___ 10%
Fla East Cst 5s 74_ 4%
Hud Coal 5s 62A _ 27
Hud and Man Rfg 5s 57 __ 39%
Int Mer Mar 6s 41 __ 55
M K and T Adj 5s 67_ 4
Mo Pac Gen 4s 75 _ 2
NYC Rf 5s 2013.. 52%
Nor Pac 6s 2047 _ 5314
Penn RR Gen 4%s 65_ 99%
Seab A L> Cn 6s 45___ 3%
So Pac Rfg 4s 55 ... 53%
So Ry Cn 5s 94 _- 85%
So Ry Gen 4s 56 __ 48%
Third Ave 4s 60_ 54
West Md 4s 52 _ 77%
Australia 5s 55___ 41
Brazil 6%s 26-57 - 10
French 7s 49_ 97
Ger Govt 7s 49 -- 24%
Italy 7s 51 - 59
Japan 6%s 54 _ 88
Orient Dev 5%s 68 _ 52%
Rio Gr ]> oSul 6s 68 - 6
CHICAGO, June 18—UP)—'Wheat
futures moved over a range of
about a cent and a half in a dull
session today but the close was un
changed to 1-2 cent higher than
At the start wheat futures ad
vanced 5-8 to 1 3-8 cents and what
action there was took place early
in the session under scattered buy
ing influenced largely by the up
turn in the stock market and less
favorable weather and crop com
ment from the southwest.
Subsequently the market receded
from the peaks and steadied
around 78 cents for the September
wheat contract. Traders showed an
inclination to await announcement
of the peace terms to be offered
the French by the axis powers.
Other grains acted in sympathy
with wheat and all changes were
confined to minor fractions.
Most trade in wheat was de
scribed as of local character and
wheat did not show real weakness
at any time during' the session, re
flecting traders said, the feeling
that the market had been fully
liquidated and was in a position to
reflect any constructive news.
The Winnipeg and Buenos Aires
markets were featureless. Kansas
City and Minneapolis followed Chi
Broomhall estimated the German
controlled areas would need 200,
000,000 bushels of wheat this sea
son without consideration of t h e
losses of this year’s crop in in
vaded territory. The European
crop summary was generally un
favorable, only Italy, Spain and
Portugal showing average crops,
with rain needed throughout Eur
ope and in Australia.
Open High Low Close
July _ 78 78% 77% 77%
Sept ..78% 78% 77% 78%
Dec _ 80 80 78% 79
July ___61% 61Vs 60% 61%
Sept _59% 59% 59% 59%
Dec _57% 57% 56% 57
July ..31% 31% 30% 30%
Sept _29% 29% 29 29%
Dec _29% 29% 29% 29%
July _76 - - 76
Oct _72% 72% 72% 72%
Dec -- - - 73
July _41% 42 41 41
Sept _43% 43% 42% 42%
Dec _45% 46% 45 45
July _ 5.45 5.45 5.45 5.47
Sept _ 5.65 - -■ 5.65
Oct _ 5.75 —— 5.75
Dec_ 5.87 5.92 5.87 5.92
July _ 6.00 _ _ 6.00
Sept _ 6.90 - - 6.90
NEW YORK, June 18—(/P)—Cot
tonseed oil traders operated warily
today. Final prices were 1 point
lower to 3 higher.
Most sales of 70 contracts repre
sented switching from one month
to another.
July closed 5.96b, Sep. 6.09b, Oct.
6.10b, Dec. 6.15b. (B-bid).
Crude oil was priced nominally
at 5 cents a pound in the southeast
and valley and 4 7-8 in Texas. 1
SAVANNAH, June 18—(#)—'Tur
pentine firm 26 1-4; offerings 270;
sales 45; receipts 439; shipments
none; stock 10,350. Rosin firm; of
ferings 282. all sold; receipts 750;
shipments none; stock 168,312.
Quote: B. 3.20; D, 3.30 E, 3.62 1-2
to 70 F, G, 3.90 to 4.00; H, I, 4.00;
K, 4.00 to 4.05; M. 4.50 to 55; N,
4.90; WG, 5.15; WW, 5.65; X, 5.90.
CHICAGO, June 18—(®—Cash
wheat: sample grade red 77 1-2;
sample grade hard 73 1-2.
Corn No. 1 yellow 64 1-4 to 65 1-2;
No. 2, 64 to 66 1-2; No. 1 white
75 1-2.
Oats No. 3 white 34 3-4 to 35.
Barley malting 55 to 60; feed
40 to 48; sample grade 40. 1
NEW ORLEANS, June 18—(A>)—
The average price of middling 15
16 inch cotton today at ten desig
nated southern spot markets was
16 points higher at 10.70 cents a
pound; average for the past thirty
market days 10.08 cents; middling
7-8ths inch average 10.51 cents a
NEW-OP.LEANS, June 18—W—
Cottonseed oil closed steady.
Bleachable prime summer yellow
6.00n; prime crude nominal July
5.49b; Sep. 5.63b, Oct. 5.64b, Dec.
5.70b. 1
CHARLOTTE, June 18—<£>>—Spqt
cotton 10.65.
Shipping News
Modoc, 1298 tons, U. S. coast guard
cutter, on routine cruise off the
Motor Vessel
City of Salisbury, 274 tons, for
Savannah, with cargo of sugar from
New York after undergoing repairs
at docks of Southeastern Shipping
(Italian) Villarperosa, 3,621 tons,
loading cargo of scrap iron, Cape
Fear Shipping company, agents.
Drifter, 87 tons, at Wrightsville
Northwind. 126 tons, at C. D. Maf
fitt’s dock at Wrightsville Beach.
Harold and Herbert loading car
goes of lumber at J. Herbert Bate
Lumber company.
Panaman. 3,156 tons, from Pacific
coast ports via Puerto Rico and
South Atlantic ports with general
cargo, Cape Fear Shipping company,
Proctor from New York with car
go of lubricating oil, Southeastern
Shipping service, agents.
Movie Revues
Drama hot from Satan’s own
stamping-ground, Hell’s Kitchen!
The story of a cop’s son who tried
to lick life the “easy way.” Mark
ed for death by the queen of the
mobsters but fated to die by his
own father’s hand! Desperately he
lived and shamefully he died, the
heart-breaking son of a gallant
Red-hot action and blazing emo
tion highlight Columbia’s “My Son
Is Guilty,” thrilling new melo
drama which opens today at the
Bijou Theatre. Bruce Cabot plays
the role of the cop’s son turned
killer who forsakes the arms of
his childhood sweetheart, Jacquel
line Wells for the double crosses of
gangster - queen Wynne Gibson.
Harry Carey turns in another ace
performance as the loyal patrol
man whose sense of duty costs
him the life of his only son.
The current chapter of “Drums
Of Fu Manchu” and a Cartoon
“Daffy Doc” preced the feature
on the program. 2
"Drums Along the Mohawk”
promises to be the highspot of the
day at the Royal Theatre today.
Filmed in the latest Technicolor,
with Claudette Colbert and Henry
Fonda in the starring roles, this
20th Century-Fox picture brings
unsurpassed action, vividly direct
ed by John Ford. The story is
based on the great best-selling
novel by Walter D. Edmonds, oi
the stirring days of adventure and
romance when America was young.
The action is set in New York’s
peaceful, beautiful Mohawk Valley
and depicts the colonists under the
onslaught of the savage Iroquois.
Battle scenes in this film reach
a pitch of realism and excitement
never equalled on the screen. They
have been photographed by Bert
Glennon, who under John Ford’s
direction filmed “Stagecoach,” not
ed principally for its fine camera
A special short subject, “Lester
Stevens,” completes the program.2
Infectious laughter is the delight
ful product of the contagious
comedy to be found in Columbia’s
“The Doctor Takes a Wife,” hectic
hilarious, happy new hit at the
Carolina Threatre. With Loretta
Young appearing in her first all
comedy role — and appearing to
greater advantage then ever be
fore!—with Ray Milland as her
dashing co-star, and a splendid
supporting cast which includes
Reginald Gardiner, Gail Patrick,
Edmund Gwenn and Georges Me
taxa, “The Doctor Takes a Wife”
is a sure cure for the blues!
Miss Young’s metamorphosis
from ravishingly radiant leading
lady to riotously unrestrained com
edienne is a spectacular highlight
in a spectacularly hectic hit.
Milland, as the young doctor, is
forced by circumstances to bill and
coo in public with the “wife” he
,has taken, holding for more pri
* 1.
. i
Morganton’s Mimosa
Festival Starts Today
MORGANTON, June 18—!ffl—
Morganton’s annual mimosa festi
val will begin here tomorrow after
noon with a band concert and pa
rade. Mis Mary Kistler will be
crowned queen of the festival to
morrow night, preceding the pres
entation of a historical pageant.
Col. J. W. Harrelson, adminis
trative dean of North Carolina state
college, will crown the queen.
The festival will continue for
three days. 1
Man Is Arrested Here
For Abducting Children
\V. R. Tripp, 35, was arrested
here yesterday on charges of kidnap
ping three minor children from his
former wife in Conway, S. C., dur
ing the week-end.
H. B. Hardwicke, deputy sheriff,
and C. W. Guse, rural policemen,
from Horry county, South Carolina,
returned Tripp to Conway for trial.
South Carolina officers said Tripp
would be given a preliminary hear
vate moments the battle between
As though this glowing picture
of felicitous domesticity were in
sufficient of itself — which, inci
dentaly, it definitely is not!—to
evoke a new high in audience
laughter, the Carolina Theatre’s
newest comedy has additional com
plications, all of them delightful.
Walt Disney is the star of the
short program with one of his
inimitable cartoons called “The
Riveter,’’ the balance of this pro
gram is made up of a fine novelty
and news.
ing on charges of kidnaping three
minor children, all girls, ranging
from five to ten years in age, from
his former wife in Conway last
Officers said Tripp had secured a
divorce in Florida, was later sued
for support of the children, and
only recently had fallen behind in
his payments. v
Tripp had married again and has
been working as a mechanic for
several months .with a Wilmington
automobile concern. During the
week-end he went to Conway and
slipped away with the children, of
ficers said.
Mrs. Meier Reports
Loss Of Parse Here
Mrs. Beulah Meier, dress shop
operator, reported to police yester
day that while in the Peoples Sav
ings Bank and Trust company, she
left a purse containing about $59
and about $300 worth of jewelry
lying on a counter and that some
one removed it while she was at a
teller’s window.
CAIRO, Egypt, June 18—<A“>—The
British announced tonight that an
Italian general was taken prisoner
curing a British raid in Libya June
16 which penetrated the Italian lines
so deeply that the officer was cap
tured while driving his wife to a ma.
.ernity hospital. The captured gen.
eral was in charge of an engineers’
HOLLYWOOD, June 18— —
Maurice Moscovich, stage and screen
character actor, died today in a hos
pital following an operation perform
ed last Thursday.
Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of County
Commissioners of New Hanover County, \\ i mington, N. C. at
the office of the Chairman of the Board in the Court House till
3 PM. Eastern Standard Time on Monday, June 24, 1940, at
which time the bids will be opened on the equipment as speci
fied below to be used in connection with the operation of a roclc
quarry to obtain material for the paving of Bluethenthal Airport
near Wilmington, N. C.
1_10 inch by 16 inch Plain Bearing Jaw Crusher Mounted on
Skids with receiving hopper complete with 24 foot straight
bucket elevator of ample capacity, 30 inch by 12 foot screen
(3 sections) with 42 inch by 4 foot dust jacket, and approxi
mately 30 H. P. gasoline power unit, ail complete with neces
sary drives and power transmission equipment.
1 Crowler Type Wide Gauge Diesel Tractor with 18 inch or 18
inch shoes, having approximately 35 draw bar H. P. com
plete with 2 wheel pneumatic tires end dump by hydraulicly
controlled scraper, having a capacity of approximately 3 yz
cu. yds. weight of scraper approximately 4700 lbs. and tractor
approximately 11,600 lbs.
1 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor capacity 85 cu. ft. actual
air at 100 lbs pressure mounted on either 2 or 4 wheels.
1 Pneumatic Jack Hammer Blower Type to work with above
compressor complete with 50 feet of hose and necessary
1—3 inch Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump having capacity of ap
proximately 325 G. P. M. at 25 foot total head powered by
6 H. air cooled gasoline motor direct connected, or
1—3 inch Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump having capacity of ap
proximately 400 G. P. M. at 25 foot total head powered by
direct connected 7% H. P. electric motor—220 volt-single
phase-60 cycle current available.
Bids are requested as follows:
(1) New Equipment: bids on any part or all of the equipment
giving unit prices of each piece of equipment.
(2) Used Equipment: bids on any part or all of the equipment
giving unit prices of each piece of equipment.
(3) Rental Purchase Plan: Bids will also be received on the fur
nishing a part or all of the abqve equipment on a rental
purchase basis. Under this plan the sale price is to be given,
and the rental price per month, giving the Board of County
Commissioners the option to purchase the equipment at any
time during the rental period, applying the amount pre
viously paid in rental on the purchase price.
All bids are to be enclosed in a special addressed envelope
marked ‘‘Bids on Quarry Equipment” and delivered to the Clerk
of the Board. The County reserves the right to reject or accept
any bid, and also to purchase units of equipment from different
bidders as may appear to the best interest of the County.
A certified check of 2% of the amount bid shall accompany
the bid.
Clerk Board of County Comm.,
New Hanover County.
Lewis L. Merritt,
County Engineer,
Wilmington, N. C.
The New
Has Been
Don’t use it until after
midnight Saturday,
June 22nd
0 The new Green-covered directory contains all the
new telephone numbers which are not in effect until
after midnight Saturday, June 22nd. Continue to use
your old Blue-covered directory until after the conver
sion on that date.
# Calling from memory is likely to result in getting
wrong numbers. To avoid mistakes, refer to your
directory before calling a number.
If you have not received your new direct
tory, notify the Telephone Buaineea Office
and a copy will be sent you at once.
J. R. THOMAS, Mgr.
Southerii BellTelephore add Telegraph Cooiproi
_ '

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