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James S. Ficklen Says Help
From Federal Government
‘Highly Desirable’
GREENVILLE, July 12.—Wl—
James S. Ficklen, chairman of the
executive committee on the tobac
co association of the United States,
today urged that “everything poss
ible” be done to secure again the
support of the commodity credit
corporation “to buy tobacco from
the 1940 crop.”
Such help from the federal gov
ernment is “highly desirable,”
Ficklen said, if a “satisfactory
market for the farmer is to be
maintained.” *
Continuance of the European war t
means a further “downward trend”
in tobacco prices unless the far- (
mers get “buying assistance from k
the government” to support the
market, Ficklen predicted.
“Some people have the idea that
since tobacco prices advanced after
the first year of the last World
war, they will again follow the I
same course. World conditions,
however, are entirely different to
day from those prevailing in 1915.
“In the last war free and open
markets were maintained with Hol
land, Denmark and other counties
which today are absolutely closed p
for our tobacco, and probably will p
remain so for the duration of the ^
“In view of these conditions, it c;
seems likely that the upward price t«
trend prevailing during the 1 a s t jg
war will be reversed to a down
ward trend without buying assis
tance from the government,” Fick
len said. 4 tr
__ a
Large Crowd Attends
Shell Station Opening
The Market Park Shell Service
station, 16th. and Market streets,
opened with a bang yesterday
morning as it began a two-day ob
servance of its formal beginning
as a business house of Wilmington.
During the day more than 400
people called at the station to wish
its operators well, to leave flowers
and messages of congratulations
and good will.
The formal opening still has a
day to go and indications are it
owners and operators of the sta
will be attended by a record crowd,
tion are Clyde Harrelson and
James Kirkham. 4
Red Cross Nursing
Report Filed Here
Miss Zou Mercer, Red Cross
public health nurse, visited 103
sick persons, admitted 40 sick per
sons to nursing care, and spent
75 hours in the field, during June,
Miss Columbia Munds, county
supervisor of public health nurses,
reported yesterday.
One case of defective teeth was
corrected, two cases of tonsils
and adenoids were corrected, and
groups of pre-school and school
children were referred to medi
cal care during tike month.
Finnish Vessel Sunk
Off Coast Of Ireland
LONDON, July 12.—UP)—The Fin
nish radio announced tonight that
the Finnish freighter Petsamo, 4,
596 tons, had been sunk off the
Irish coast and that the master
and crew of 33 were landed at
Cork. Nothing was said as to the
nature of the sinking. 4
Mother, Be Careful
About Giving
Your Child
Unknown Remedies
Take no chances
with your child's
health to save a
few pennies.
Before you give your child a doubt
ful “bargain” remedy . . . any
medicine you are not absolutely
sure about — Ask Your Doctor.
Always call up your own good doc
tor before you give your child a
single dose of “something just as
good” sold on the old hawker’s ar
gument that it’s a few pennies
cheaper. Such a “bargain” could be
the dearest purchase ever a woman
made, mother.
For your own peace of mind
alone, give no home remedy you
don’t know all about without your
physician’s approval first.
Ask your doctor about even the
common children’s remedy, milk
of magnesia. And when he says
“Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia,” see
that you get real Phillips’ when you
buy. Use the full name, never ask
for just “milk of magnesia.”
Get either the original liquid
Phillips’ or the newer Phillips’ 1 ab
lets, peppermint flavored, that chil
dren chew like candy.
e Motorists traveling the scenic short route between New York and Cape Cod, Buzzard’s-Bay and other New England points can take a 50-mile
short-cut by using this new bridge at Jamestown, R. I. The bridge, spanning the west passage of Narragansett Bay, connects Conanicut Island and
r the Rhode Island mainland for the first time in history.
! Mrs. J. T. Barker Points To
Heavy Toll Of Traffic
Accidents In U. S.
The opening of a safety cam
paign in an effort to educate the
people of Wilmington and surround
ing territory in the importance of
careful driving was announced yes
terday by the Goldenrod chapter
No. 142, Order of the Eastern Star,
of Wilmington.
Mrs. J. T. Barker, worthy ma
tron, said: “There appears to be
a tendency on the part of most
people to regard lightly the traffic
problem, although motor vehicles
i afc causing many muiuicus ui uiuu
sands of accidents each year and
tens of thousands of deaths. Be
fore this accident and death rate
is going to be decreased, it is
going to be necessary for every
individual, whether he drives a car
or walks, to realize the great ha
zards created on our thoroughfares
by motor vehicles.
“It is a pity that such a condi
tion exists, for I know of no greater
help to humanity than the motor
vehicle, both from the standpoint
of pleasure and also business, but
it seems when people become fa
miliar with any kifid or apparatus
that they become careless with it,
and the old adage: ‘Familiarity
breeds contempt’ not only applies
toward individuals but to the indi
viduals toward anything with which
they have to deal.
“We earnestly hope that every
individual will support and cooper
ate with the Goldenrod Chapter No.
142, Order ofthe Eastern Star, in
making this worthy cause a suc
cess and accept our slogan ‘Keep
Fit to Drive.” 4
Mother Kills Children
And Commits Suicide
OREGON, 111., July 12.—IIP)—A
young mother stabbed her three
small children to death with a kit
chen knife today and then took her
own life by inhaling fumes from
the burners of a gas stove.
The bodies of Mrs. Ray Bressler,
30, and the children, Carolyn, 6;
Paula, 16 months, and Robert, 6
months, were found in the kitchen j
of the Bresler’s home.
A few hours later a coroner’s ;
jury returned a verdict saying the
children came to their deaths from j
stab wounds inflicted by their mo
ther and that she committed sui- J
cide. 4
j Ke&tlatuut
Decision in the Strange Case of I
(Continued from Page Eight)
“--REVERSED!” And in a I
sensational and dramatic action,
the New York Court of Appeals
reversed the decision of the lower
court and freed Tony Bolina of the
charge of second degree murder
He was granted a new trial but it is
doubtful whether the trial was ever [
held. At least, there is no record of i
such action. I
. And here is the interesting, log- |
ical reasoning of the higher court. It
is true that Tony drove the wagon,
that the wagon held a wine cask
and that the cask contained Gallo’s
body. The man finally admitted all
this. But, said the court: “Because i
}“ls man attempted to dispose of
the body and swore falsely about i
his connection with such disposal !
is not enough to convict him of the
murder, which he denies.”
Gallo was a powerful man and
his body showed the results of a
terrific encounter. And this, in the 1
eyes of the court, was sufficient to 1
convince that body that a legless >
cripple where clothing showed no
signs of bloodstains or disorder,
could not have committed the
What other connection Tony had
with the affair, or who w-as the
murderer of Mark Gallo remained
a mystery, but a court of law de
cided that “The Man Without
Legs could not have done what
appeared to be a physical im
This is taken from a true case.
Reference of citation may be had bv
sending a stamped, self-addressed
envelope to “Bela Lanan—Court
Starting Next Week
Don’t Miss It—Follow It Daily In
This Newspaper.
(Trade Mark Registered; U. S. Patent Office.
World Rights Reserved by Carlile Crutcher.)
Willkie Says Rehabilitation
I Of Economic Life Necessary
DENVER. July 12.— UPI—'Wendell
L. Willkie told a cheering crowd
today that ‘to rehabilitate our
economic life is as necessary as an
adequate national defense.’
Willkie speaking from the steps
of the state capital, said ‘we must
make our economy vital and vib
rant to survive the most aggres
sive and destructive attack in all
history on the democratic way of
The republican nominee added:
‘‘It is with a very deep sense of
humility—an overpowering sense of
humility—that I accept the leader
ship of a cause to bring unity to
America, to rehabilitate our eco
nomic life and to build such a
national defense that no Hitler or
any other totalitarian dictator may i
ever strike at this great, fre demo
cratic life that we have here in I
America.” <
Willkie drove here for a meeting
with the Colorado republican com- ;
mittee from his Colorado Springs t
hotel. c
Mrs. Willkie accompanied h i m
\t. Lillleton, Colo., a spectator ask
sd Mrs. Willkie to speak. S h i
shook her head and Willkie re
narked with a grin, ‘She doesn’
make speeches.”
‘Have no deception about it,’
tVillkie said in his talk here, 't<
-ehabilitate our economic life is a
lecessary as an adequate nationa
lefense. We must make our eco
lomy vital and vibrant to survivi
he most aggresive and destruct
ve attack in all history on th<
lemocratic way of life.”
The nominee continued:
‘‘I have had a very restful re
‘I am under a pledge with my
self to make no speeches on poli
:ies and issues until I make my ac
:eptance speech but I could noi
et this occasion go by without
hanking you for your warm wet
‘I want to represent you and
mur cause in nthe preservation ol
he United States through the
emocratic processes.” 2
Movie Revues
The first Jeanette MacDonald
Nelson Eddy film in more than a
year was well worth waiting for.
This is being proved in ‘New
Moon,” which is closing at the
Carolina theatre tonight.
Fans of the two singers will find
their favorites in exactly the types
of roles for which they were in
tended and manners of the 1780’s
they transport their audience to
another world, a world of imagina
tion, song thrills and intrigue which
includes in its unfolding, ship
wrecks, riots and life on a magical
tropic island.
Appealing ill support ui iviiss
MacDonald and Eddy is a strong
cast headed by Mary Boland as
Miss MacDonald’s romantically in
clined aunt, Valerie. Miss Boland’s
individual type of comedy is per
fectly suited to the characteriza
tion. Also giving a good account of
them-selves are George Zucco, H.
£. Warner, Grant Mitchell, Stanley
Fields, Richard Purcell, John Mil
jan, Ivan Simpson, William Tan
nen, Bunty Cutler, Claude King,
Cecil Cunningham, Joe Yule
George Irving, Edwin Maxwell
Paul E. Burns, Rafael Storm and
Winifred Harris. 4
Five men dead! Shot! Poisoned!
Frozen alive! Who’s next as Kar
loff prowls an underground laby
rinth of horror . . to kill that
-inborn millions might live! Tombs
office for the living Chambers of
terror for the dying Only deep in
the earth could deeds too dark for
he light of day and unholy myster
ies like these be revealed!
Boris Karloff, horror king of
Jollywood, comes to the screen of
the Royal Theotre in his most
terrifying role in Columbia’s “The
Man With Nine Lives,” playing
today. Roger Pryor, Jo Ann Sayers
and Stanley Brown are featured in
the weird drama which tells of a
scientist who is restored to life
after having been in a state oi
suspended animation for ten years.
Karloff portrays the scientist who,
upon his restoration, embarks on a
series of experiments with ruthless
disregard for human life. Nick
Grinde directed the new thrill-film
which was written by Karl Brown
from a story by Harold Shumate.
Extra joys include three stooges
in “Nutty but Nice,” latest chapter
of “The Shadow” serial and latest
news events. . 4
Crew Of Torpedoed Ship
Believes They Sank Sub
DUBLIN, July 13— (Saturday) —
(IP) — The crew of the torpedoed
Liverpool tanker Athellaird, 8,999
tons, said Friday night they believed
they had sunk one of two U-boats
which had attacked them.
Thomas Ford, an Irish sailor, said
that when the ship was struck by a
torpedo, the captain ordered his gun
crew to open fire and “we believe we
scored a direct hit one one of the
Part of the crew arrived in Ire
land Thursday night, having rowed
about 400 miles, to within sight of the
coast before being picked up. They
reported the Athellaird was tor
pedoed July 2. The captain and men
in another boat were rescued Thurs
day by an unidentified ship.
Seventy per cent of the esti
mated 2,600,000 crippled persons
in the United States above the
age of 15 are males.
Greece always has maintained
its racial characteristics despite in
vasion or removal of its inhabi
“Attention, men! We’re to keep the crowds back at the
parade—but don’t handle Jhem too roughly!“
; Eure And Carr Also Praise
• Proposal To Establish Home
Near Wilmington
' Governor Clyde R. Hoey and
i Thad Eure, secretary of state, have
. endorsed the proposal to establish
■ a state Disabled American Veter
' ans home ana recreation center on
: the old D. R. Foster place, on
Middle sound near Wilmington, ac
cording to a statement made yes
' terday by Norwood S. Westbrook,
state DAV commander.
State Commander Westbrook
' said he had received a letter from
' J. O. Carr, prominent member of
the New Hanover bar and U. S.
District attorney, wherein Mr. Carr
ixrro+a Vwa xxncViorl 44+n pnmmoriri
this undertaking as a worthy en
Governor Hoey, in his letter con
cerning the proposed home and re
creation center, stated: “Natural
ly, I should like to see this club,
and I wish to commend you and
those associated with you for their
efforts in this behalf.
Secretary of State Eure, who
wrote to the State DAV concern
ing an inquiry as to the legality
of such a campaign for the sale
of the donation bonds, went on to
“The ’Good Will Bonds’ as des
cribed by you, if not redeemable
cannot be classified as a security,
and I know of no reason why there
should be any Interference with
your plan so far as our Securities
act is concerned. You are to be
commended upon this program,
and I wish you much success in
vour undertaking.”
Ray Brumley, of Charlotte, i s
chairman in charge of the “Good
Will Bond” sale, which was open
ed here last Saturday when Judge
John J. Burney, of Wilmington
purchased “Good Will Bond Num
ber One” in the series that is being
floated throughout North Carolina
to establish the State DAV home
and recreation center at Middle
Chairman Brumley has opened
the State DAV “Good Will Bond”
headquarters in Room No. 3, Py
thian building, from which the
state campaign is being conducted
by his staff.
State Commander Westbrook ex
plained that the home and the re
creation center project were auth
orized at the State DAV convent
ion here last month. He added
the plan for financing the proposi
tion through the sale of the dona
tion bonds was also approved at
the convention.
He urged that Wilmingtonians
and other North Carolinians be as
generous as possible in purchasing
the bonds, pointing out that the
home and the recreation Center
would be a facility that would do
much towards rehabilitating the
disabled veterans in this state.
The State Commander quoted the
following from Mr. Carr’s letter of
endorsement ox tne project:
“I am informed that the North
Carolina department of Disabled
American Veterans of the World
war, of which you are commander,
contemplates establishing a state
home and recreation center for
disabled American Veterans, and
that the D. R. Foster place on
Middle sound has been selected for
this purpose.
“This undertaking is to be fin
anced by the issuing by the Dis
abled American Veterans “good
will donation bonds,” which are to
be sold but not redeemeu, which,
of course, are in the nature of
contributions by the purchasers of
the bonds.
“Such an undertaking would give
to the Disabled American Veterans
a place to go for recreation and
pleasure, and I wish to commend
this undertaking as a worthy en
terprise.” 3
President Roosevelt has appoint
ed three secretaries of war and
three secretaries of the navy.
Railroads now own or operate
more automobile trucks than lo
16 S. Front Phone 62381
A written guarantee with 8
I each ( orne I tire.
Recruiting Of 9,000 Will Give
Corps Sizeable Force
Of 34,000 Men
Expansion of the Marine corps
to a strength greater than it has
been since the days of the last
World war is now under way, and
when an additional 9,000 men have
been recruited the Corps will have
a sizeable force of 34,000 men.
This is more than half the maxi
mum enlisted strength of the Ma
rine corps which, just before the
signing of the armistice in 1918,
numbered 63,714. More promotions
and a great increase in the
strength of the Fleet Marine Force
will be the result, ccording to ser
geant George F. Frederiksen, in
charge of recruiting for the U. S.
Marine Corps, Room 212, Postoffice
Building, Wilmington.
For years the Fleet Marine force,
a special division within the Corps,
has been taking part in maneuvers
with the navy. Islands in the Carib
bean or the Pacific furnished the
practice grounds for the establish
ing of advanced bases, and gave
the sea soldiers some excellent
training in landing and other ex
When the new strength is achiev
ed it is proposed to organize sever
al defense battalions, mainly t o'
augment the Fleet Marine forces
on the east or west coasts or at
locations which mav best serve the
military needs of the nation.
The Fleet Marine force com
prises virtually all military units,
including rifle, engineer, chemical,
signal, tank, motor transport and
the necessary service companies.
New defense battalions will be cap
able of an all-round defense short
of a major fleet effort, it is said,
and will add considerable strength
to the original force.
Sergeant Fredericksen announc
ed yesterday that D. J. Woodcock,
Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. D. J.
Woodcock, Sr., of Atkinson, and
Thomas Badham Polvogt, Jr., son
of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Pol
vogt, Sr., of the Orton hotel here,
have been selected for the Marines.
Both have passed their final ex
aminations at Raleigh and left yes
terday morning for Parris Island,
S. C., for their recruit training.
On completion of their training
they will be sent to some navy
yard, ships of the fleet, torpedo
station or foreign stations.
Woodcock attended Atkinson high
school and Polvogt graduated from
New Hanover high school this
spring. 3
Blues Reported Biting
At Atlantic View Pier
Emil Sell, of the Atlantic View
pier, reported yesterday afternoon
that blue fish were biting well at
the pier at Wrightsville Beach.
R. C. Lucas, of Sunset Park, A1
Wheadon, Frank Joyner, Mr. and
Mrs. A, E. Elmore and A. A.
Hardin, the latter three of Faison,
were among those making catches
of small blues and Virginia mul
let, he said.
Avocodoes (alligator pears)
have 1,200 calories a pound—far
more than any other fruit.
A codicil is an addition or altera
tion to a will.
300,000 State Employes
Covered By Hatch Act
WASHINGTON, July 12— (IP) —
Rep. Dempsey (D-NM) estimated to
3ay that about 300,000 state em
ployees, paid in whole or in part with
federal funds, would be covered by
the ‘‘clean politics” act now awaiting
approval of President Roosevelt.
‘‘The figure may be a little high or
a little low,” the New Mexico repre
sentative, who led the successful bat
tle for house approval of the legisla
tion. said.
Although there have been sugges
tions that the measure outlawing
"pernicious political activities” might
apply to most state and local em
ployees because nearly all 0f »■
receive federal funds or aid in,
:y, Dempsey said he thought this
tiot true. ‘ da
Robeson School House
Is Destroyed By Fire
MAXTON, July 12.—Fire of un,
determined origin late last night
destroyed the Liberty white school
uilding, a brick veneer eight-room
structure located between Mavtrn
and Rowland.
County Schools Superintendent
C. L. Green said the buildin* waj
“fairly well” covered by insurance
Built in 1924, it replaced a frame
structure that had burned. " 4
is the foundation of our society. Why not, then,
start now and build a home of which you can he
justly proud? Instead of paying rent, apply that
monthly payment on a home of your own and enjoy it while
paying for it. The CAROLINA plan of home financing is the
ideal one—come in and discuss your plans with us.
The / Million Dollar
Carolina Building and Loan Assn.
"Member Federal Home Loan Bank”
President Sec.-Treas. Asst. Sec.-Treas,
ROGER MOORE. Vice-Pres. J. 0. CARR, Atty.
^^—i^—. j .
(With Order)
6 lbs - 19c
12 lbs _36c
24 lbs _69c
Compound Lard, lb —--914c
Pure Lard, lb _714c
Pure Lard, 50-lb tin _$3.65
Smoked Sausage, lb __15c
Smoked Meat, lb _1214c
Neckbones, 4 lbs _20c
Spare Ribs, lb _10c
Stew Beef, lb _10c & 1214c
Cream, 4 tall cans_25c
Pork Chops, lb_15c & 18c
Veal Chops, lb _15c, 20c, 25c
Chuck or Rib Steak, 2 lbs 25c
Bacon Skins, lb _514c
Fresh Country Eggs, doz. __23c
2— 5c Matches _5c
3— 5c Table Salt _9c
Sugar, lb _414c
(Limit 20 pounds)
Bologna, lb _1214c
DIAL 6193 or 7830
117 Dock Street
Certified Feeds
Heavy* Groceries
L. R. SMITH, Manager
"read the CLASSIFIED Alls'
Serve White’s Deluxe Peach Ice Cream
made of luscious Red Ripe Peaches and
select ingredients — your family and
guests will enjoy any of White’s many
While Ice Cream & Milk Co.
613 CASTLE ST. _ DIAL 5251
oiiic uiutnciis m» u
(Fully dressed) lb._4 OB
Loin and Rib OCm
Swift’s Premium Hams |Q*
(half or whole) lb. __ I OB
Tender Picnics I r.
(half or whole) lb._I OB
Rump 94*
Chuclt i M -
STEAK, lb. _ 4 06
STEAKS, lb __4 06
GOOD nn.
STEAK, lb. _ 40 C
MEAT, 2 lbs. _ 4 06
Breast lb 55c I Legs lb __45c
Giblets lb 45c | Wings lb 30c
Bachs lb _15c
Shoulder i n
PEAL i n.
CHOPS, lb. _ IOC
Ground i f
STEW. ,b. .... I OC
Ss. ,b..IBc"* 25c
Pork OC*
SPARE BIBS, 2 lbs. ...^O*
rum*. hC
NECKBONES, 2 lbs. 1"
TAILS, lb. ,w
Pocket Honey Comb
TRIPE, lb.6,w
Pure Pork 97r
SAUSAGE, 2 lbs. .
PORK j flC
KIDNEYS. Ib. _ v
Round Stringless §C
Greenhouse | 5C
TOMATOES, 2 lbs. .
Dozen _
Roasting Ear | 3C
CORN, dozen .
Sweet Bell I 5C
PEPPERS, doz..
4th and Nun Sts.
DIAL 7774
SUGAR, 5-lb. bag_25c
10 lb. Cloth Rag_48c
Carnation, 3 tall or 6 small 20c
Rose, 4 tall or 8 small _25c
COFFEE, 2 lbs._„27c
Oleomargarine, lb._r__10c
MEAL, 5-lb. bag_10c
Tomatoes, 4 No. 2 cans_25c
Large Size
1 -lb. box F. F. V.
Vanilla Wafers _14c
COOKIES, box_14c
LEMONS, doz. _19c
POTATOES, 10 lbs_19c
5c size Matches. Salt I A*
Macaroni, Spaghetti, 3 for *
Fresh Tender
CORN, doz_19c j
Pure LARD, 2 lbs._17c
TOMATOES, fresh, lb_5c
ONIONS, lb. _5c
Corn Flakes, 2 for_15c I
CHEESE, lb._20c I
Luncheon Meat, lb._22c
PORK CHOPS, lb-___20c
RUTTER, lb_32c
RACON, 2 lbs_35c
Picnic HAMS, lb._18c
PIG MEAT, lb_11c

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