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plumbers close
beach sessions
Selection Of 1941 Convention
City Left With The
Xortli Carolina Association of
"pin? and Heating Contractors
r>unV Us 30th annual convention
c!o, , meeting of the board of di
"lU1 yesterday at the Ocean Ter
,eCt01hotel, Wrightsville Beach.
i'aCf . 0[ficers, elected at a closed
-'c' „ Ft iday, met with the board
jlsociation did not select its
rr' place for next year, leav
nieetfhat decision to the board dur
inS ! meeting next winter.
iW\[ire than 200 delegates attended
‘'n-"Thomas Parran, United -States
general, came in during the
invention, hut did not speak.
Principal speaker during the
1 . was E. C, Brooks, Jr., of
fT-ham state senator-elect, who
i a for rigid enforcement of the
'(‘te plumbing and sanitary regula-.
! tions. __.
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swollen jaws held together with
wire, the girl told of being picked
up by Thorpe and a companion,
C C. Thorpe, at a filling station
n(j refreshment establishment
near Myrtle Beach known as Silvy
Dollar Number 2.
From there, she said, they went
to another filling station and that
after leaving there Thorpe refused
to allow her to leave the car,
catching her once when she at
tempted to do so and slapping her.
He carried a gun, she said, and
she was afraid to make any outcry
or seek help of passersby.
Later, she testified, he brought
her to New Hanover county where
they were registered as man and
wife at tne rtooseveu ucuumo <u
the intersection of the Castle
Hayne road and the airport road.
There, she said, he made ad
vances which she repulsed and he
beat and choked her, stuffing tow
els m her mouth.
He left her there, she said, and
the next morning M. L. Harris, op
erator of Roosevelt Gardens came
into the cabin in which she had
spent the night and gave her five
pennies and told her to catch a
bus to Wilmington.
She began to walk toward the
city, she said, when a man em
ployed by Harris came up in his
automobile and brought her into
Wilmington, warned her against
taking out a warrant against
Thorpe, and then took her across
the Cape Fear river bridge and
put her out.
i The defense admitted the man
struck the woman but claimed she
had attempted to steal $40 from
him and that at no time had Thorpe
forced the woman to accompany
him on the trip. Defense counsel
attempted to establish that the es
tablishment where the girl was
picked up was a place of prosti
tution but the girl said that where
as girls working there might go
out with men, they never accepted
any money from them.
"Why one of them even had a
husband.” she said, ‘‘and he sup
ported her.”
'But you didn’t have a hus
band,” defense counsel said.
i\o, out i got three dollars out
of the picolo every Saturday, and
"'e got ten cents for every bottle
of beer we sold and a nickle for
soft drinks. We charged 25 cents
lor beer and ten cents for drinks.
"Besides," she said, “I had a
lella in Florence and he used to
send me money every week.”
Bhe said she had been married
and that she had a young child
"mch is being kept by her sister’s
husband’s cousin.
Thorpe was arrested in Durham
v“y 11 by federal agents and
o arged with transporting the girl
P°m South Carolina into North
'-arohna for immoral purposes,
fca6 Wlil be tried in October in
eral district court here on a
™rge o£ violating the Mann
act. j
James King And Six
Others Given Paroles
fhm‘^EIGH' July 27.—(TP)—Seven
t0f] 5™ Prisoners were parolled
j ' J Governor Hoey. They were;
In Ein”' convicted last October
J™1* C0lmty for selling liq
G i. sentenced to 18 months; Leo
last m ef,’ Sent up £l'om Pitt county
dnmi-0ntl to.serve four months for
ten tM driving; Otis Moore, sen
to six 3St April in Harnett county
Public "droll8 f°r 'njUry to ProPerty’
of dis„ unkenness and two counts
e'nt , e/'y E. N. Allen,
April J lom Guilford county last
bezzlcm° frve six m°nths for em
last Anri ■Eay W' Boyd' convicted
eratinJ ' 'n Gaston county of op
the inn,. am°mobile while under
to a vear^Trir ^ Iiquor and sentenced
last IIis L- Lanier, convicted
Sunken a - ’n Robeson county of
tour j,liVIng and sentenced to
Earnhardt '8’ and Bruce Lamont
imposed i.'.?eivin.s a 12 month term
Pass. ' ' APri* for forcible tres
These "nprt’pii’n^ S“rfly’ Undo Sam’s air force is growing. In the photo above, each big “X” formed by parachute straps, marks a future pilot,
turn at fiilhtf while one dVachS marches ofT^’ thefrreplaneeSarmy 7°°0 PH°tS 8 yCar' StUtlentS * foreSrountl await their
Cable Briefs
(By the Associated Press)
LA PAZ, Bolivia — One person
was killed and several wounded
last night in a clash between
Leftiest and Falangists (fascists)
in which machine guns, pistols and
stones were used. Six persons were
BERLIN—Appointment of Gustav
Simon, district Nazi leader of the
Coblenz - Trier district, as Ger
many’s civil commissioner for
Luxembourg, was announced to
VICHY—French anti-aircraft bat
teries fired on a British plane
dropping propaganda phamphlets
over Vichy Friday night and drove
the flier away. The plane took ad
vantage of a thick fog to approach
pivnoiunax uapiiai.
MOSCOW—The Rumanian minis- ,
try of foreign affairs has assured
the Soviet foreign office that no
further obstacles would be placed
in the way of Bessarabians wish- ,
ing to move from Rumania into j
the territory recently surrendered
to Soviet Russia, it was announced (
LONDON—A curfew from one <
me after sunset to one hour be
fore sunrise was imposed as a de
fense regulation on Britain’s east
coastal area today. It already is
barred to all civilians except per
ananent residents. I
MOSCOW — A three-man Soviet ^
crew took off from Khabarovsk, in ‘
the Far East, in a twin-motored (
plane christened "Ukraine” today l
an a projected 4.000-mile non-stop 1
flight to Lwow (Lemberg) in Rus
sian-occupied Poland. 1
_ \
BERLIN—German officials said ^
today- they were astonished that
the Dutch Hilversum radio had c
broadcast yesterday the report of \
a peace mediation appeal to Presi- ^
dent Roosevelt on behalf of "The c
Netherlands Committee for Organi- j
zation of an International Peace c
Conference at the Hague.” v
VICHY—Rene Fonck, French ace J
who was credited with 75 victories
in the World war said today the
French air force had made a mis
erable showing in the current war
because money intended for strength- *
ing it had apparently never been ‘
used for that purpose.
Sufficient credits were voted' by *
the government to build an air c
force equal to Germany’s, Fonck
said, and added “no one knew J
where the money went.”
__ C
22 LOST f
LONDON—Twenty-two men were j
lost on the two British trawlers
sunk this week by enemy air at
tacks, the admiralty announced .o
_ i
MOSC JW—Pravda, the commun- 0
ist party organ, declared today that a(
the United States is seizing on the _
Pan-American conference at Ha- j
'ana as an opportunity to apply
sconomic pressure on the weaker
American nations.
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt—Close as- a
sociates of wealthy Aga Khan, e
spiritual leader of Mohammedans
n India and East Africa, and of j
ris son, Prince Aly Khan, said to- p
lay their famous racing stables in p
France have been seized by the a
Germans. The prince, who recent- j
y quit the French army in Syria,
is now in Egypt.
ALEXANDRIA—Egyptian control o
)f the Suez canal in order to solve s
:he “difficult position” arising from c
French defeat was urged by the f(
nfluential Cairo newspaper A1
tVfad Elmisri today.
BERLIN—The German wireless “
reported from Riga today • that the si
new Latvian minister of education c
has decreed Russian instead of ii
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mania in a revised southeastern Eu
rope, Nazi bombers and sea-raiding
speedboats hacked with new fury at
embattled England.
Although Adolf Hitler’s airforce
struck repeatedly despite unfavor
able weather, official quarters indi
cated the grand assault on Britain
was still to come.
The Fuehrer himself was busy
with the re-casting of roles which
Balkan nations will play in the new
made-in-Germany Europe.
On the war front, air raids on
British oil-tank concentrations be
ow London have become an almost
iaily occurrence, while Nazi bomb
ers continue to attack port facili
ipc oirnrirte ond M/li’a ctotinno in
/arious parts of England.
During the past week at least
100,000 tons of shipping has been
lunk by Nazi speedboats or subma
■iries, the high command said. DNB,
he official German news agency,
•eported that "the convoy system
mccessful in the World War has
ost its former reliability.”
Without comment DNB reported
Herman short-term liabilities climb
d from 18,500.000,000 marks in May
o 21,500,000.000 marks in July.
Scottsboro’ Negro
Charged With Attack
DETROIT, July 27—tab—O 1 e n
Montgomery, 28, identified by offi
ials of the National Association
or the Advancement of Colored
’eople as one of the nine defend
nts in the celebrated Scottsboro
ase, was arrested today on the
harge of criminally assaulting a
6-year-old negress.
Policewoman Sally Darden said
Montgomery was arrested after the
/oman had run into a police station
nd declared she had been attacked
fter Montgomery threatened her
/ith a knife.
Montgomery admitted he was one
f the group of Scottsboro youths
/hose death sentences were re
ersed or commuted following
harges of assault upon two white
iris in Alabama in 1931, but he
enied the charge on which he
/as arrested today. 2
n f ni a it/
jruisn name un rray
To U. S. From Foynes
NEM YORK, July 27—UR—A Bri
ish plane was reported at LaGuar
lia field today to be enroute here
rom Foynes, Ireland, and expected
o land tomorrow aftre a brief stop
ver at Montreal.
Details of the type of plane, its
wnership or the purpose of the
Light were not available at the
irport. Officials there said the
lane would not be in contact with
he airport until it was within 90
niles of the field. 2
RALEIGH, July 27.—(TP)—Approx
imately 300 persons are expected to
ttend the first annual convention
f the North Carolina Ginners associ
tion here Wednesday, President
larence A. Johnson said today.
Lnglish shall be taught as a sec
nd language in lower and middle
TOKYO—Domei, Japanese news
gency, reported today the gov
rnment is preparing a vigorous
rotest against an incident at
[ageing, Central Java in the
utch East Indies, in which six
utch soldiers are" charged with
backing a Japanese retailer on
Illy 22.
AMSTERDAM — Twelve million
tying hens, or about two-thirds
: The Netherlands’ stock, will be
aughtered before Sept. 1-6 be
ruse of a shortage of chicken
led, it was announced today.
BUCHAREST—British authorities
: Port said were reported to be
'orciby holding" three Rumanian
lips today as a reprisal against
mfiscation of British oil interests
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WASHINGTON, July 27. — LT) —
Weather bureau records of temperature
and rainfall for the 24 hours ending £
p. m., in the principal cotton-growing
areas and elsewhere:
Station High I.ow Free
Asheville, cloudy _ 95 69 0.00
Atlanta, cloudy _ 96 76 0.00
Atlantic City, cloudy _ 87 76 .0.00
Boston, cloudy__ 93 7,8 0.00
Buffalo; cloudy _ 87 71 0.0S
Chicago, cloudy _ 86 66 0.00
Cincinnati, rain _ 100 74 0.00
Detroit, cloudy _ 85 73 0.17
Fort Wexth, clear 96 76 0.00
Galveston, cloudy _ 92 82 0.00
Jacksonville, cloudy _ 88 73 0.05
Kansas City; cloudy 98 73 0.01
Key West, cloudy_ 92 79 0.00
Little Rock, clear __ 94 75 O.Qfl
Los Angeles, clear_ 79 61 0.00
Louisville, cloudy_ 96 75 0.00
Memphis, clear _ 94 76 0.00
Miami, cloudy _ 93 73 0.97
New Orleans, cloudy _ 96 76 0.00
New York, cloudy_ 98 73 0.00
Norfolk, clear _ 102 78 0.00
Pittsburgh, cloudy_ 93 72 0.00
Portland. Me., cloudy 84 70 (TOO
Richmond, cloudy_ 101 72 0.00
St. Louis, cloudy_ 95 75 0.00
San Francisco, cloudy 67 57 0.00
Savannah clear _ 93 72 OOO
Tampa, cloudy_ 94 79 0.00
Washington, cloudy _ 100 70 0.00
Wilmington, clear _ 95 79 0.0(
Charlotte, Sacramento
Reach 100,000 Class
WASHINGTON, July 27.——
Two cities climbed into the 100,000
population class between 1930 and
1940 while two others fell below
six figures, preliminary tabulations
Df the census bureau indicated to
Sacramento, Calif., climbed from
93,750 to 105,530 and Charlotte, N.
G, from 82,675 to 100,327.
Lynn, Mass., dropped from 102,
320 to 98,072 and El Paso, Tex.,
fell from 102,421 to 96,677, between
1930 and 1940. This left unchanged
at 56 the number of cities between
100.000 and 250,000, but a possible
decline of one remained because
Gary, Ind., which was on the bor
der line with 100,426 in 1930 has
not yet been reported.
The only city to climb into the
250.000 class was San Antonio, Tex
as, which rose from 231,542 in 1930
to 253,143. Akron, Ohio, declined
from 255,040 to 243,130.
There are 37 cities over 250,
000. 1
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large and small torpedo cutters
“In 1940,” he added, “we will get
168—that is a 50 per cent increase.
“If you consider the tonnage in
1939 as 100 per cent, in 1940 the
tonnage will be 200 per cent . . .
our increase is not made at the
expense of small ships but has in
volved large surface ships.”
He said submarine production
this year was three times that of
Speaking in a broadcast on the
eve of the Soviet union’s observ
ance of navy day, the commissar
drew comparisons between the
German and British navies.
“England,” he said, “cannot
fully guarantee herself by a strong
navy only, with a less developed
air force and land army.
Only the presence of strongly
developed navy, army and avia
tion can guarantee the security of
a country.”
Jane’s Fghting Ships, authorita
tive naval works, says that “very
little reliable information is ob
tainable” about the Russian navy,
“but everything goes to suggest
that shipbuilding still proceeds at
a very slow rate.”
Admittedly far from complete,
Jane’s pre-war tabulation lists
three known Soviet battleships,
one aircraft carrier, five cruisers,
approximately 30 destroyers and
approximately 150 submarines.
Jane’s United States fleet tabula
tion of the same date is 15 battle
ships, five aircraft carriers, 18
heavy crtiisers, 17 other cruisers,
215 destroyers and.87 submarines.
RALEIGH, July 27.—(TP)—N. C.
State college officials are preparing
for hot weather during the 37th an
nual Farm and Home Week which
will start Monday and continue
through Friday.
Stickleback fish can be trans
fered from fresh water to trans
water without suffering ill ef
Delightful Collage on Sound
Beautiful View.
Price: $1650
Dial 6047
A line of meters, known as Ro
tameters, just placed on the mar
ket, register fuel flow rate, rate
Df flow of anit-icing liquid, re
mote reading fuel meters, and spe
cial meters for engine and instru
ment overhaul service.
I "
’recious Stones, As Well As
Gold, In Full Flight
From War Zones
NEW YORK, July 27. — <iP>— In
light from war-torn Europe 3. fabu
ous fortune in diamonds and other
ireeious stones, along with the con
cinuous influx of foreign gold re
serves, is flowing daily into the
iaven of American jewel centers.
One of the ironic fortunes of war,
this movement seerps destined to
center at least for the next few
/ears the world diamond market in
'Jew York. Prices of some types of
valuable stones are increasing as
much as 200 per cent because of
temporary scarcity while the prin
cipal market is shifting to New York
from Belgium and Holland, and be
cause of high shipping costs.
Three things are apparent in the
liamond market in its present state
of readjustment in this country:
1. There is a comparatively boun
tiful supply of both rough and fin
ished stones in thi3 country to sup
ply the normal market for the next
several years.
2. While a small section of the
tiiamond market has increased prices
as much as 200 per cent, most of
the market is "firm,” with prices
fluctuating no more than normal.
3. The supply of diamond cut
ters in the United States is ade
quate for present needs and will be
increased during the next several
months as skilled refugee cutters
from Belgium and Holland are ad
mitted under the immigration quo
Aside from the diamond and other
precious gem imports being brought
to New York by commercial firms,
many private citizens from warring
nations are coming in with rich per
sonal collections.
GOLDSBORO, July 27—(M—The
body of Milton Evans, 21-year-old
farmer, who drowned in Neuse
river yesterday, was recovered to
day by Deputy Sheriff L. R. Cobb.
Cobb said Evans had gone into the
river in an effort to escape the
More than 750,000 miles of im
proved roads make up the high
way system of the United States.
California Population
Shows 21 p. c. Gain
SAN FRANCISCO, July 27—tat—
California gained 1,196,560, or 21.08
per cent, in population during the
last ten years, preliminary cen
sus figures disclosed today.
The 1940 figure is 6,873,611, com
pared to 5,677,251 in 1930.
Largest numerical increase was
in Los Angeles county, which went
up 568,719, or 25.7 per cent, to 2,«
777,211. Shasta county, where the
central valleys irrigation project
brought an influx of workers, had
the largest percentage increase,
East Wilmington Club
Meets With Mrs. Rose
Mrs. Fred G. Rose was hostess to
members of the East Wilmington
Home Demonstration club Tuesday
During the meeting a motion pic
ture of the latest refrigeration was
shown by James Caruth.
After refreshments of sliced water
melon, the club was conducted
through a modern ice plant.
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