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Buildings Have Been Repair
ed And Eight New Buses
Allotted For Term
thousand white and colored Ons
low county children will return to
school for the 1940-41 term Thurs
day, September 5. About 800 of
them will be first graders.
Schools have been repaired,
eight new buses allotted, and one
new department installed during
the summer, according to Super
intendent A. H. Hatsell. The prin
cipal and teacher lists are sub
stantially the same as for the past
scholastic year.
Bus drivers will meet for in
structions and examinations Tues
The new department added to
the curriculum is a commercial
unit at Jacksonville with a full
time instructor.
Again Jacksonville classes will
be split up, necessitated by fire
that destroyed the school building
last February. Classes will be held
in the Methodist and Baptist
churches, Community house, court
house and at Georgetown colored
Nine Youths Enlisted
Here By V. S. Marines
Nine young men from Southeast
ern North Carolina were enlisted
during August at the local sub-sta
tion of the U. S. Marine corps re
cruiting service, sergean' George F.
Frederikson reported yesterday.
They included: Clare ,ce McClus
ky, Jr., Charlie Haa;, Jf.mes E. Han
ey, Robert E. L- i'.ea.es, and Sig
fried D. Polvogt, u Wilmington;
Clarence L. Noring, of Winter Park;
W. Janette Robinson, of Supply;
Robert E. Lewis, Jr., of Newport;
Elmo Croom, of Burgaw.
They are now taking three months
of preliminary training at the ma
rine training station bases at Par
ris Island, S. C., and Quantico, Va„
prior to active duty assignments
with some ship, torpedo station, ma
rine barracks, navy yard, naval am
munition depot, or foreign station.
Lee To Preach Sunday
On Chart Predictions
The Rev. James R. Lee, pastor
of th^ Sixth Street Advent Chris
tian church, will lecture from a 15
foot chart Sunday night at 8 o’clock,
showing the workings of God
through various ages and dispen
sations, leading up to the present
world crisis.
The subject of the chart discourse
is “From Eternity to Eternity.”
The chart foretells the age of peace
and tranquility to follow the forth
coming reign of paganism while the
church is in heaven with the Lord
at the marriage supper of the Lamb,
the Rev. Mr. Lee said.
PITTSBURGH, Aug. 30.—Iff)—
The Pittsburgh Pirates announced
the recall of 13 players now in the
minor leagues under option, seven
of whom were instructed to report
to the club this fall.
Those who will return before the
season ends were Catcher Ray
Mueller, from Rochester, Interna
tional league; Outfielder Frank
Kalin from Gadsden, Southeastern
league, Outfielder Halbert Simp
son, Williamsport, Eastern league,
and Pitchers Elmer Rambert,
Lloyd Dietz and Oadis Swigart and
Infielder Edgar ,Leip from Syra
cuse, International league. 1
Ritemour, of Charlotte, special agent
of the United States Secret Service,
a division of the Treasury depart
ment and one of the oldest and best
known law-enforcement agencies of
the federal government, speaking
before assembled groups of citizens
of Wrightsville Beach and W'ilming
ton, warned North Carolinians to
be on the alert for possible at
tempts to introduce and pass coun
terfeit money within the state.
Ritemour, citing Several counter
feiting cases handled by the Secret
Service division in Durham, Win
ston-Salefn and other points in the
state, investigations that resulted in
arrests and confiscation of spurious
bank-notes and coins, said the
knowledge and observance of a few
simple rules for the quick identifi
cation of suspected counterfeit mon
ey would save the individual from
possible loss, adding that Section
286 of the U. S. Code provides that
the maximum penalty for possess
ing or passing a counterfeit bill
with intent to defraud is 15 years
in the penitentiary and a fine of
$5,000. Thus, counterfeit bills inno
cently acquired and then found to
be counterfeit cannot be passed on
to others, but must be surrendered
to an authorized agent of the Treas
ury department at the loss of the
face value of the bill or coin. In
order that the individual might be
protected from possible loss, Rite
mour went on to explain that the
United States Secret service had
been authorized by the Secretary of
the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau,
Jr., to educate and train the general
public against the twin dangers of
counterfeit money and government
check forgery.
The common practice oi ru DDmg
a suspected bill to see whether or
not the ink will rub oft will not
prove whether or not it is genuine
or counterfeit, the secret service
agent said, explaining that the ink
will rub off either. Only a funda
mental knowledge of the types of
currency and a direct comparison
of suspected bills with genuine,
bank-furnished money of the same
type and denomination for possible
differences in the portrait, seal, se
rial number and paper can assure
the individual of full protection
against attempted fraud.
At present, the only three types
of currency printed by the United
States government for circulation
are: (1) Federal Reserve notes, which
bear GREEN Serial numbers and
seal: (2) United States notes, which
bear RED numbers and seal, and
(3) Silver Certificates, which bear
BLUE numbers and seal. Portraits,
as they appear on th# various de
nominations of bills, are as follows:
Washington on all $1.00 bills
Jefferson on all $2.00 bills
Lincoln on all $5.00 bills,
Hamilton on all $10.00 bills
Jackson on all $20.00 bills
Grant on all $50.00 bills
Franklin on all $100.00 bills
To detect counterfeit bills, North
Carolinians were urged to observe
carefully the following features of
all bills:
(a) PORTRAIT: Genuine is lifelike
and stands out from oval background
which is a fine screen of regular
lines. Notice particularly the eyes.
The counterfeit is dull, smudgy or
unnaturally white; scratchy; back
ground is dark, with irregular or
broken lines.
(b) SEAL: On genuine, saw-tooth
points around rim are identical and
sharp. On counterfeit, are usually
different; uneven, broken off.
—distinctive style, firmly and evenly
printed; same color as seal. Counter
feit—style different; poorly printed;
badly spaced; uneven in appearance.
(d) PAPER: All genuine bills are
printed on distinctive paper contain
ing very small red and blue silk
in me case ui turns, uu^cus
urged to make similar tests and
comparisons by ringing all coins m
a hard surface. Genuine coins sound
clear and bell-like while counter
feits sound dull and are usually
greasy to the touch. However, a
more reliable method is to compare
the reeding (the corrugated outer
edge) of a suspected coin with one
known to be genuine. The ridges on
the genuine coin will be found to
be distinct and evenly spaced; on
counterfeit coins they are poorly
spaced and irregular. Most counter
feit coins usually being made of
soft metal, another test is to cut
the edge of suspected coins with a
knife, Ritemour said.
While the Charlotte Secret Ser
vice agent’s work at the present
time Is largely of an educational
nature, Ritemour pointed out his
other duties are somewhat more
colorful, agents of the Secret Ser
vice being directly responsible for
the protection of the President of
the United States, his family and
the person of the president-elect;
the suppression of counterfeiting
and alteration of obligations of the
United States and foreign govern
ments; and the suppression of the
counterfeiting forgery; alteration
and fraudulent negotiation of U. A
Treasury checks, and enforcement
of numerous pther laws as provided
by Congress.
Ritemour said that the Secret Ser
vice department celebrated Its 76th
anniversary on July 2, 1940, a con
tinuous record of operation since
the Civil war, when it was first
Study Of Child-mother
And Texas Girl Planned
HOUSTON, Tex., Aug. 30—(A»)—
Lina Medina, five-year-old child
mother of Lima, Peru, and a four
year-old Texas girl with the bodily
characteristics of an adult wom
an, will be brought together here
in a few days for medical com
parison by a Houston specialist.
Privileges to conduct the studies
were granted in a letter sent by
Richard S. Kaplan of Gary, nd.,
attorney for the Medina family.
The specialist requested his name
not be used.
Following examinations which
will be conducted over a period of
weeks by the specialist, Jefferson
Davis hospital and Duke universi
ty medical school in Durham, N.
C., the Medina child and her baby
will be sent to Chicago for further
study. 1
Young Girl On Bike
Struck By Automobile
Shirley Phillips, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Phillips, 417 North
Fifth street, was slightly hurt yes
terday morning shortly before 9
o’clock when she was knocked
from a bicycle she was riding at
Front and Chestnut streets by an
automobile operated by Mrs. R.
S. Hall, 1611 Ann street, according
to police reports.
The girl, officers said, was mak
ing a left turn toward Second
street from Front at the same
time Mrs. Hall was making a left
turn toward Princess street from
Chestnut, officers said.
Each claimed she had a green
light at the time of the accident.
Organization Meeting Will
Be Held At The Y.M.C.A.
On September 10
Following several meetings, it
has been decided to hold an organ
ization meeting for a class in pub
lic speaking on September 10.
All interested Wilmingtonians
are invited to gather at the Y. M.
C. A. at 5 o’clock p m. on that day
to arrange a program and other
It is intended to limit the mem
bership to a number yet to be de
termined and to conduct classes
weekly for six months.
Two Southeastern. N. C.
Youths Join Navy Here
First enlistments as apprentice
seamen during the past week at
the Wilmington district office of
the naval recruiting service includ
ed two young men from Southeast
ern North Carolina, R. L. Deloacr.,
officer in charge of the local sub
station, reported yesterday.
James C. Potter, 20, son of Mr.
and Mrs. S. A. Potter, of route one,
Winnabow, and Felton E. Baker,
20, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Ba
ker, of route two, Rosehill, have
been transferred to the naval train
ing station base at Hampton Roads,
Va., for preliminary training prior
to assignment to various ships of
the U. S. fleet.
Conscription Fails
To Boost Marriages
Apparently the threat of conscrip
tion into army service is having
little effect on the desire of New
Hanover countians to marry.
A check of the records of the
register of deeds office yesterday
showed that there have been 21
marriage licenses isued this month
as against 20 for the same time
last year.
Of those issued during August,
1939, six were to negro couples and
14 to white. Of those issued this
month, two were to negro couples
and 19 to white.
i.fl—Three hundred golfers, of
ficials and friends of the Seaboard
Airline railway, will compete in
the 14th annual Seaboard Em
ployes’ association tournament
here tomorrow. C. E. Gatline of
Great Falls, S. C., will defend his
title, won last year. The tourna
ment is a three-day, 54-hole medal
event. 1
During early service difficul
ties of the Jones-Onslow Elec
tric Membership cooperative,
at least one subscriber found
consolation in electrictys
There were numerous inter
ruptions the first month, and
the subscriber sent in his re
mittance with a subtly written
letter that went like this:
“This electric service is very
handy. And accomodating.
Goes off just at dark, so I don’t
have to keep store open. And
don’t have to bother about lis
tening to radio, reading or even
cooking. Just close up and go
to bed.”
Program, Which Will Also Mark
Flying Club Anniversary, Slated
Sept. 7-8
SPINDALE, Aug. 30.—(#)—T h e
Rutherford airport will be dedi
cated Sept. 7-8. The program also
will mark the first anniversary of
the Rutherford county flying club,
operators of the port.
Colored Woman Held
For Mailing Threat
Fannie Mumford, 28, negress, 'f
Wilmington, was being held yester
day in New Hanover county jail in
default of $300 bond for trail at the
fall term of federal district court
in Wilmington on charges of vio
lating the postal laws by sending a
threatening letter through the mails.
The defendant, arrested yester
day morning by Walter G. Hatch,
U. S. deputy marshal, entered at
plea of guildty during a prelimi
nary hearing before William A.
Wylie, U. S. Commissioner. The
negress recently completed ser
ving a term at the county farm on
a charge of assult with a deadly
Rev. A. L. Benton, pastor of
Swansboro Baptist church, will
open a week’s revival at Bethle
hem church, near Richlands, Mon
day. Service will be daily at 11 a.
m. and 8 p. m. The Rev. D. J.
Robinson is pastor of Bethlehem
Four Charges Of Assault
With Deadly Weapon
Heard By Recorder
Nettie Cromartie, negress,
charged with assault with a deadly
weapon with intent to kill after
she allegedly cut Joe Walters, was
bound to New Hanover superior
court westerday morning under
bond of $750 after a preliminary
hearing in recorder’s court.
The docket yesterday morning
was full of charges growing out
of violence.
Henry Jacobs, charged with as
sault on a female, violating the
liquor law and assault with a
deadly weapon on a female with
intent to kill, was found not guil
ty on the first count but guilty on
the latter two counts and was sfn
tenced to a total of ten months on
the state highways.
Roller Conner, charged with as
sault on a female and with car
rying a concealed weapon, was
sentenced to a total of three months
on the state highways. He noted a
ten day stay of judgment under
bonds totalling $350.
George Halsey, 1106 North
Seventh street, charged with as
sault with a deadly weapon on a
female, was given six months on
the state highways. He noted an
appeal to superior court.
CARTHAGE, Aug. 30.——
Town officials asked residents to
conserve the water supply because
of a shortage caused by lack of
rainfall. # 1
The Alaska railroad was built by
and is owned by the federal govern
Son Of German Parents
Joins U. S. Marines
Not all Germans will fight for
the Nazis in the event of conflict
between the United States and the
Axis powers.
Among the men from Wilming
ton who have joined the U. S.
moved to this country LParet^
was two years of age. hen h*
Sunlight penetrates no,
few hundred feet, leavi»s „ ®!y «
- the °Cean’S de^h in ^
Treasury’s Counterfeit Expert
Tells How To Spot Bogus Money
What to look for to tell whether a bill is genuine or counterfeit is
shown in this pen drawing issued by tbe Treasury department.
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Decision in the Strange Case of
(Continued From Page Eight)
“_PLAINTIFF!” And in one
of the strangest cases ever tried by
the English Kings Bench Division,
Gertrude Cavanaugh was awarded
the verdict for damages. Her un
controllable wink, whether an asset
or a liability, brought her a judg
ment for 1500 pounds, which, m
American money is $7500.
Although this young woman’s
plight was really not a laughing
matter, the staid and solemn Eng
lish court could not refrain from a
bit of levity and neither could we
in our title, “Flirty Gertie,” which
Miss Cavanaugh certainly was not.
From an article in the United
States Law Review, this humorous
quotation on the case is presented:
‘T'he English newspapers did not
state whether Miss Cavanaugh was
left with the power to wink volun
tarily or whether she was limited
entirely to uncontrollable winks.
Undoubtedly, the power to wink
voluntarily upon occasion, is a
function of which no American girl
would wish to be wholly deprived.”
And in ending, the article said,
“Who can say that Mias Cava
naugh’s winks may not have in
fluenced the presiding lord justice
and an English jury of men?”
We recall no case in the American
courts in which damages have been
awarded for an uncontrollable
This is taken from a true case.
Reference of citation may be had by
sending a stamped, self-addressed
envelope to “Bela Lanan—Court
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