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HELD for slaying
Jfegro Lay Minister Is Also
'\rrainged In Holmes
Murder Case
G0LpsrtOR°. Nov. 26.—(JP)—Mrs.
Littleton Holmes, 37, and
,, ,,,, 40, negro lay preacher.
Tom .. . . ,
, cd m superior court to
were a“ *
in i■ i)'i r^es of murder and con
murder in connection with
^ of her husband, G. Lirby
:;v on December 31, 1939.
H°a defense lawyer’s plea that he
' rpady caused Judge Henry
r^'evens to grant posiponement of
' Li until the next term of court.
°V,(' l.eilv of I-lolmes, his head
,v';,s found at a lonely spot
f“'ile north of Goldsboro.
sheriff “““
^ration Agent Guy Scott said
‘ Melvin. who in 23 years of em
nlovmeiit in a florist business re
' „j I0 work on Sundays because
' believed it was a sin. told them
promised $2,000 to kill
' ,|n(.« but had received only $20.
Garrison and Scott said 12 days
,i Mrs. Holmes gave a slate
!fent impli lating herself in the slay
L:lIel.. in a newspaper inter-.
,!,e„ she denied giving the state
ment' and said that when informed
- ,,el. husband’s death she told Mel
"in that -r would rather it had
been me than my dear Hirby.”
CAPETOWN, Union of South Afri
i Vov Lh;— CP)—’The Belgian Congo
considers itself at war with Italy,
the governor-general announced to
night in an official communique.
“Zorro” At Carolina Midnight Show
Tyrone Pu*ver is supported by beautiful Linda Darnell in “The Mark
of Zorro,” thrilling story of the famous masked adventurer, which will
be given a preview showing at the Carolina's midnight show tonight.
Joe E. Brown’s first comedy
since the serious automobile ac
cident which put him into a hospi
tal bed for four months, opens to
day at the Royal Theatre. The
film, “So You Won’t Talk?”, is
said to leave no doubt that Joe is
fully recovered, that his high
comedy talents are unmarred, and
his extraordinary ability as an
athlete unimpaired.
“So You Won’t Talk?” is an
original comedy in which Brown
plays the dual role of a timid
book reviewer and a gang baron
for whom he is mistaken because
they look alike.
Frances Robinson, plays opposite
him in her most important role to
Others in the all-comedy cast
are Vivienne Osborne, Tom Dugan,
Dick Wessel, Bermard Nedell, An
thony Warde, Jack Byron, Harry
Anderson, Don Beddoe, Ed Laugh
ton, Bruce Bennett, Helen Troy
and Charles Wilson.
Royal Varieties has a color pa
rade and a Musical to make a
banp-up Thanksgiving holiday
show. 3
Thrills of the pioneer West mingl
ed with uproarious comedy bring
Wallace Beery to the screen in a
fast-moving drama of the great
outdoors in “Wyoming,” playing at
the Carolina theatre for the last
times today.
Amid Indian battles, raids on
cattle thieves and other exciting
detail played against the majestic
Teton mountains in Wyoming,
Beery engages in a courtship with
Marjorie Main that provides him
with his most comical romance
since “Min and Bill,” serenades his
lady-love with a harmonica and en
gages in comedy episodes with Leo
Carrillo. The young romance is be
tween Ann Rutherford, of the
Judge Hardy Family series, and
Lee Bowman.
Like its predecessor. “Bad Man
of Brimstone,” the picture is laid
almost entirely outdoors, the coun
try about Jackson Lake, Wyoming,
providing scenery of breath-taking
News of the Day, a color cartoon
and the latest “Information
Please” subject complete the pro
“Mark of Zorro”
Out of the black of night rides
a bold masked adventurer, his
sword striking terror in every
heart—his flashing emile and reck
less daring winning the loveliest
senorita in all of Old California!
It’s Tyrone Power in “The Mark
of Zorro.” his latest starring pic
ture, which will bq given a preview
showing tonight at 11:30 o’clock at
the Carolina Theatre’s gala
Thanksgiving Eve midnight show.
Linda Darnell and Basil Rath
bone head the featured cast. In
this most famous of all screen
rolas, Power scores, while Linda is
lovelier than anyone you have ever
seen on the screen.
Others who shine in the brilliant
featured cast include Rathbone,
Gale Sondergaard, Eugene Pal
lette, J. Edward Bromberg and
many others.
In addition to “The Mark of
Zorro” there will be a color car
toon entitled “Tom Thumb in
Trouble” and a new “Community
Sing.” .. 3
Drama torn from the pages of
history, Columbia’s “Western
Caravans” opens today on the
Bijou Theatre screen the suspense
filled story of bitter feuds between
cattlemen and homesteaders.
Charles Starrett, popular outdoor
action star, is seen as a young
sheriff struggling to keep law and
(Wed. and Friday Only)
Why buy new shoes when you
can have old shoes repaired
to wear and look like new.
All work and material guar
anteed—No lacks—All soles
sewed on.
We Feature Ladies'
Soles ...
H. L. Green Co.
This whiskey was distilled from
Grain undermost Modern Methods,
by experienced distillers. All of
this whiskey has been properly
aged in first quality new heavily
charred cooperage and every step
of the process carefully Watched
to ensure as smooth and palatable
whiskey as it is possible to produce.
Lynwood Hair, Serving Term For
Murder, Is Among Five
Freed By Hoey
RALEIGH, Nov. 26.—(iP)—Gover
nor Hoey today paroled five prison
ers, including Lynwood Hair, convict
ed in Cumberland county in May,
1939, of second degree murder and
sentenced to serve 10 to 12 years.
Others freed were:
Victor High, sent up from Orange
county last March to serve 18
months for manslaughter; Santy
Cain, sentenced in Stokes county last
April to three months for drunken
driving (the term began October 1);
J. Paul Speed, convicted in October,
1938, in Halifax county of embezzle
ment on two counts and sentenced to
five to seven years; and Lloyd Sim
ons, sent up from Currituck county
last March to serve a year for pos
sessing and transporting liquor.
Minor Charges Heard
In Recorder’s Court
A brief docket of minor oases was
heard yesterday morning in record
er’s court.
There were only two pax-king vio
lations on the docket. One -was tried
with the defendant being taxed with
the costs, which were then l-emitted.
The other was continued until Fri
day because the defendant was re
ported to be sick and unable to at
tend coui-t.
Trial of Willie Troy, alias Flower
Boy. charged with lai-ceny and re
ceiving. was continued until today.
DANVILLE, Va„ Nov. 26.—(iP)—
The sales committee of the Danville
Tobacco association decided at a
meeting today to suspend sales for
the Christmas holidays Dec. 17 and
reopen on Jan. 14. Selling then will
continue until Jan. 24.
order while gunplay flares between
the '‘nesters,” coming to settle a
new frontier, and the ranchers, sul
len and resentful of the fences
which will hamper their use of
the open range.
Suspense is heightened by t h e
threatened break in romantic ties
between the young sheriff and the
daughter of the leading stockman,
and also by the machinations of a
trio of cattle ruetlers who keep ill
feeling in the community aroused
to a high pitch in order to better
serve their own purposes.
Adding to the authentic mood of
the West which pervades the pic
ture, are beautiful natural back
grounds and songs of the range
sung by Bob Nolan and the famous
Sons of the Pioneers. Starrett’s
leading lady is pretty Iris Mere
dith already popular with the
star’s fans through previous ap
pearances in his western pictures.
This program includes "Dead
wood Dick” and the final chapter
I of “Terry and the Pirates.” 3
Political Spending Probe
Planned By Government
Grand Jury Will Investigate
All Expenditures By Parties
In 1940 Race
WASHINGTON, Nov. 26.— UP1—
The justice department today an
nounced a grand jury investigation
of expenditures of all national po
litical parties in the 1940 presi
dential campaign.
Attorney General Jackson said
in a statement that party officials
would be ordered to bring their
records before a special grand
jury which will be convened in
Washington, December 3.
The jury will hear testimony in
support of charges that sums in
excess of those prescribed by the
Hatch act were spent in the cam
Maurice M. Milligan will direct
the inquiry with what the depart
ment termed "utmost latitude."
Milligan is a special assistant to
the attorney general named to in
vestigate alleged elections irregu
larities. As a United States attor
ney in Kansas City he once inves
tigated election frauds in that city.
Evidence concerning election ex
penditures from all parts of the
country will be presented to the
jury. Investigation of other types
of election complaints, such as
fraud and coercion, already is be
ing presented to federal grand
juries in Chicago, Philadelphia,
Newark, N. J., and Wilmington,
The Hatch act put a limit of $3,
000,000 on expenditures by a po
litical committee and a maximum
ot $5,000 on contributions by in
Up to November 4, the demo
cratic national committee report
ed to congress that it had received
contributions totalling $1,917,213
and had spent $1,848,727. The re
publican national committee re
ported receipts of $2,993,991 and
expenditures of $2,313,400.
Chairman Gillette (D-Iowa) of
the senate campaign expenditures
committee has expressed the opin
ion that both major parties spent
far in excess of the $3,000,000 limit,
but has made no specific charge of
violation or evasion.
“'.tl COLDS
Put 3-purpose Va-tro-nol up each
nostril... (1) It shrinks swollen mem
branes; (2) Soothes irritation; (3)
Helps flush out nasal passages, clear
ing clogging mucus.
Boy Scout Honored By
Fort Jackson General
COLUMBIA, S. C., Nov. 26.
—(/P)— Jim Fort Hast, 12-year
old boy scout of nearby Swan
sea, visited Fort Jackson here
today as the guest of Major
General Philip B. Peyton, com
mander of the eighth division
—all because he recently wrote
to the General offering his
services to the army as a bu
gler so “some good man could
do battle unhampered.”
The lad, in his scout uniform,
was amazed at the newsmen
and photographers assembled
in the division headquarters
when he returned after a trip
around the post,
on and liked the horses,” young
on and liked the horses,’ young
Rast said.
Asked if he wr- ■>. the letter
to General Peyton unassisted,
the boy replied, “Yes, sir, I
did, and no one knew anything
about it. But when I was in
vited to come here, my mother
said, “fine!”
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 26.—(A1)—
The American Federation of Labor,
criticizing the wages paid skilled
mechanics in navy yards, today
approved a measure seeking a
higher scale. “I thihk it is time
Uncle Sam should take the lead in
raising wages,” said President
Harvey Brown of the Internationa/
Association of Machinists, “be
cause these are the times when
there should be a substantial up
swing in wages.”
v n-x\, xia£jjVI£iXVT
Lazy Bowels
With herb laxative,combined with syrup t-.^sin
to make it agreeable and easy to take
When constipation brings on acid in
digestion, bloating, dizzy spells, gas,
coated tongue, sour taste and bad
breath, your stomach is probably “cry
ing the blues” because your bowels don’t
move. It calls for Laxative Senna to pull
the trigger on those lazy bowels, com
bined with good old Syrup Pepsin to
make your laxative more agreeable and
easier to take. For years many Doctors
have used pepsin compounds, as agree
able carriers to make other medicines
more palatable when your “taster” feels
easily upset. So be sure your laxative
contains Syrup Pepsin. Insist on Dr.
Caldwell’s Laxative Senna, combined
with Syrup Pepsin. See how wonderfully
its herb Laxative Senna wakes up lazy
nerves and muscles in your intestines, to
bring welcome relief from constipation.
And see how its Syrup Pepsin makes Dr.
Caldwell’s medicine so smooth and agree
able to a touchy gullet. Even finicky
children love the taste of this pleasant
family laxative. Buy Dr. Caldwell’s Lax
ative Senna at your druggist’s today.
Try one laxative that won’t bring on
Violent distaste, even when you take it
after a full meal.
State To Prepare Map
Showing Accident Sites
RALEIGH, Nov. 26.—UP)—1To fa
cilitate the elimination of hazards,
the state highway and public works
commission has prepared a map
showing the sites of accidents be
tween July 1 and October 15.
The map, made by J. S. Burch of
the engineering and statistics depart
ment, is peppered with 1,000 dots
which, officials said, show that the
bulk of accidents occur in semi-urban
communities just outside cities.
Plans call for the map to be con
tinued on the basis of information
furnished by the highway patrol and
highway department officials.
Fast losing members. They now use Chi
cnesters Pills for relief from functional
discomfort and pain. Ab- f* j
solutely safe. Contain no
habit-forming drugs. At
all druggists. ana up
Correct Constipation
Before—Not After!
An ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of emergency relief .Why let
yourself suffer those dull lifeless
days because of constipation, why
bring on the need for emergency
medicines, when there may be a
far better way? That way is to
KtEP regular by getting at the
cause of the trouble.
If it’s common constipation,due
to lack of “bulk” in the diet, a
pleasant, nutritious, ready-to-eat
cereal—Kellogg’s All-Bran-goes
straight to the cause by supplying
the “bulk" you need.
Eat this crunchy toasted cereal
regularly, drink plenty of water,
and see if you don’t forget all
about constipation. All-Bran is
made by Kellogg’s in BattleCreek.
If your condition is chronic, it is
wise to consult a physician.
V. J
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combination—and back wide
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thread hosiery in an
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