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Club Devotes Luncheoni
Meeting To Planning
New Activities
The regular Lion’s flub luncheon
held at the Friendly Cafeteria
Thursday was devoted to general
business, with various members
discussing present projects and
proposing new ones to be consid
Singled out ai one of the out
standing project* of the club is
the New Hanover High school an
nual declamation contest, which
has been under the sponsorship of
the organization for the past thir
teen years.
Another project which has been
of considerable help to the com
munity and a means of bringing
aid to a large number of under
privileged school children is the
money obtained from chewing gumt
vending machines, which are scat
tered over the city.
When needy cases of children
with bad eyes has been brougnt
to the attention of the club, the
children have been sent to a doc
tor to have eyes examined and
glasses furnished.
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authority, were presented to the
commissioners but no action was
taken at the meeting.
The commissioners approved the
purchase of a fire truck for the
Maffitt village area, to be operat
ed by members of the authority’s
watch force.
The truck, Executive Director H.
R. Emory explained, will be as
sembled from used truck and used
parts in order to conserve mater
ials for the war effort.
After discussion, the commission
ers voted to make the authority a
member of the Social Service ex
change, now being formed under
the sponsorship of the local United
Community and War chest.
Present for the meeting was
Chairman Harry M. Solomon, who
presided, and Commissioners Wal
ter B. Freed, R. Stewart, Fred
Little and C. B. Kornegay.
2 Buildings In City
Damaged By Vandals
Vandals did considerable dam
age in two Wilmington buildings
Wednesday night, law enforce
ment officers revealed Thursday.
Unknown persons entered the
new Chestnut street school at the
city limits on Chestnut and ran
sacked a number of rooms, tear
ing out drawers and scattering
papers over the building.
The investigating officers ex
pressed the opinion that the in
truders were seeking funds taken
in by the school during the cur
rent bond drive.
Another group of vandals had a
field day in the Carolina apart
ments, the officers said, tearing
fire extinguishers from the walls
and squirting their contents over
the floors and unreeling fire hose
racked on the walls as a fire pro
An investigation into both af
fairs is underway.
Origin Of Good Friday Obscured
AfterAlmostTwo ThousandYears
Good Friday: A three-hour watch
-at-the-Cross service will be held
Friday at Grace Methodist church
from 12 noon to 3 p. m. Seven min
isters of the city will assist the
pastor in this service. The public
is invited to come and go at will.
Sponsored by the Ministers’ As
sociation, an Easter sunrise service
will be held at Oakdale cemetery
Sunday morning. The presiding
minister will be the Rev. C. D.
Barclift. The program will Include
a song, “Christ the Lord is Risen
Today”; prayer, Dr. C. H. Storey;
scripture, the Rev. J. O. Walton;
song, "Christ Arose”; Easter mes
sage, the Rev. Alexander Miller;
benediction, the Rev. J. F. Her
Easter services will be conduct
ed on the lawn in front of Spof
ford Mills *■ office Sunday morning
at 7 a. m Four churches of the
community will Join in the service.
Participating ministers will be the
Rev. A. T. St. Amand, the Rev. A.
H. Stanley, the Rev. S. T. Bayse,
and the Rev. C. C. Myers. Easter
music will be featured. The public
is invited.
Special services for the First
Christian church next Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock will include
the following: choir singing “Christ
is Risen” and ‘Hallelujah! Christ
is Risen”; organ solos by Mrs.
Louis Keith, “Easter Day” and
“Easter Dawn.” The sermon topic
selected bj the Rev. James Law
son, “The Easter Faith Girds Us
for Living.”
The evening service at 8 o’clock
will be an Easter carol service fea
turing best loved hymns of the
season and the choir rendition of
“There is a Green Hill Far Away”
by Gounod.
Services are being held in the
new worship Sanctuary, at the cor
ner of Third and Ann streets.
The Rev. J. S. Crowley will preach
Sunday morning at Mt. iZon Pres
byterian church at 11 o’clock. Spe
cial Easter services will be con
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Today, April 23, is Good Friday,
the Friday before Easter and the
anniversary of the Crucifixion.
Good Friday, probably once
known as “God’s Friday” is a
day of suffering. It is a day on
which Christians meditate upon the
sacrifice of the Cross. It is a day
on which Christians are bade, no
matter to what extent their own
sorrows may go, to study the final
sorrow and pain of Christ, who
was put to death under the edict
of Pontius Pilate following the ac
cusations of his fellow men.
The origin of Good Friday cele
bration is somewhat obscure. It
may be regarded as certain that
among Jewish Christians it almost
imperceptibly grew out of the old
habit of annually celebrating the
Passover on the 14th of Nisan,
and of observing the “days of un
leavened bread” from the 15th to
the 21st of the month. In the Gen
tile churches, on the other hand,
it seems to be well established
that originally no yearly cycle of
festivals was known at all.
From the very earliest times,
Good Friday was marked by a
specially rigorous fast, and a
greater simplicity in the services
of the church. Prior to the fourth
century, there is no evidence of
non-celebration of the eucharist on
Good Friday; after that date pro
hibition of communion became
common. In Spain, it even be
came customary to close the
churches as a sign of mourning
on the day. But this practice was
condemned by the council of To
ledo in 633.
In the Roman Catholic Church,
the Good Friday ritual observed
I at present is marked by many
; special features. Most of these
: can be traced back to a date at
least prior to the close of the
eighth century. The Catholic altar
and officiating clergy are draped
in black; and the gospel for the
day consists of the history of the
Passion, as recorded by St. John,
often sung in plain-chant. There
are bidding prayers for the peace
and unity of the church, the pope,
the clergy, and all ranks and con
ditions of men. Then follows the
“adoration of the cross.”
In the Church of England, t.re
history of the Passion from the
gospel according to St. John is
also read; the collects for the day
are based upon the bidding pray
ers which are found in the Ordo
Often to be found in churches
today are “three hours” services,
borrowed from Roman Catholic
usage, and consisting of prayers,
addresses on “seven last words
from the cross and intervals of
meditation and silent prayer.
The Good Friday story is clearly
beginning: “Then Pilate therefore
took Jesus and scourged him. And
the soldiers _ plaited a crown of
thorns and put it on his head.”
The climax of the story: “Pilate
saith unto them, Shall I crucify
your King? The chief priests an
swered, We have no king but
Caesar. Then therefore he deliv
ered him unto them to be cru
The beginning of the denouement
reads: “After this Jesus, knowing
that all things are now finished,
that the scripture might be ac
complished, saith, I thirst. There
was set there a vessel full of vin
egar upon hyssop, and brought it
to his mouth. When Jesus there
fore had received the vinegar, he
said, It is finished: and he bowed
his head and gave up his spirit.”
The ending of the Good Friday
story: ‘‘Now in the place where
he was crucified there was a gar
den; and in the garden a new
tomb wherein was never man yet
laid. There then because of the
Jews’ Preparation (for the tomb
was nigh at hand) they laid Je
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there are more drinking fountains
in Wilmington fhat are out of or
der than there are in order. It
is bad enough now; but when
summer comes we Wilmington
ians will want more Water. The
fountains ought to be fixed as a
public courtesy as a health meas
“I know the city hall and the
customhouse are two buildings
that are in good condition to start
with. But there is no reason why
the order that is apparent could
not be duplicated in other public
establishments,” was the com
“When it is apparent to the pub
lic that the management of a
building is doing everything pos
sible to keep the place clean,
usually you will find people co
operating,” the spokesman empha
The element of fire-risk in the
case of some buildings was men
tioned: .
“Dirty floors in a building seem
to be waiting for trash and cig
arette stubs. When our buildings
burn, with all our valuable rec
ords with them, Hitler won’t let
us build them back,” was the ob
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attack on Truk. The Japanese un
doubtedly have used Nauru as a
base for reconnaissance planes
keeping watch over this avenue.
One of the objectives of American
attacks on the island would be to
knock out such reconnaissance.
Nauru is 675 nautical miles
northeast of Guadalcanal airfield
and 1,020 miles southeast of Truk.
The operation against it was the
only one reported from the South
Pacific for Wednesday, but on
Tuesday, the communique said, a
force of Liberator heavy bombers
hit installations at Numa Numa
harbor on Bougainville island.
Weather prevented observation of
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