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Revised Restaurant List
Of Ratings Is Released
A complete grading list of res
taurants, cafes and soda fountains
In New Hanover county showing
relative grades achieved was releas
ed Thursday by City-County Health
Inspectors W. C, Haas and C. J.
Hook. It has been over three years
since a similar compilation has been
published, the last ratings appear
ing in December, 1939.
Inspector Haas suggested persons
who eat out should preserve the
list for future reference. The list
excludes tourist camps and board
ing houses, the ratings of which
will be released at a later date, Mr.
Haas announced. (Grade A tourist j
camps were included in an incom
plete review published in last Sun
day’s Star-News).
“We want It emphasized, air.
Haas declared, “that our business
Is to help the proprietors of eating
places to keep their establishments
In a sanitary condition, to aid in
remodelling plans and to save them
money in the long run—we dislike
to close any place down, and we
don’t unless the owner absolutely
refuses to cooperate. In this respect,
we've been very fortunate, since in
the Wilmington area, proprietors
have shown the proper spirit.”
He said several cafes were now
operating under permits, instead of
being graded.
“This means that these cafes, for
various reasons such as remodelling,
have their grading pending inspec
tion. We issue them a temporary
permit until such time as an inspec
tion is undertaken.”
The eating places are graded on
the basis of 100 points.
"A” restaurants must receive at
least 90 points; ”B” from SO to 90;
and “C” from 70 to 80. All places
who do not score at least 70 per
cent of the time of the Health
Board Inspection are closed down
until they comply with the neces
sary sanitary requirements.
The survey shows 30 white and
five Negro eating places achieving
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When disorder of kidney function permits
poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it
may cause nagging backache, rheumatic pains,
leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up
nights, swelling, puffiness under the eyes,
headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty
passages with smarting and# burning some
times shows there is something wrong with
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the coveted “A" rating In the coun
ty; 37 white and eight Negro places
received a “B” grading; 38 white
and 17 Negro establishments were
awarded “C" placards. Several cafes
serving both whites and Negroes
are counted as single, though in
reality, they are separate places,
Inspector Haas explained.
The names, addresses, percentage
ratings, and grades of all public
eating establishments in the city
and county, with the exception of
boarding houses and tourist homes,
Adams Sandwich Snop, 525 S. Front
St., 70.0, C.
American Cafe, 17 Princess St., 17.0,
Anchor Inn (Col.), Seabreeze Beach,
70.0, C.
Atlantic Confectionary, 18 S. 10th St.,
92.0, A.
Atlanta Cafe, 925 N. 4th St., Cafe be
ing remodled.
Blinkers Cafe (Col.), 605 Red Cross St.
Operating on permit.
Blackledge Cafe (Col.), Masonboro
Sound, 71.5, C.
Busy Bee Cafe, 118 N. Water St. 72.0,
Brunswick Hotel, 300 N. Front St. 74.0,
Brooklyn Grill (Col.), 408 Nixon St.,
(On paper service, not serving food.)
Brown’s Cafe, (Col.), 719 Bladefl St.
61.5 Closed.
Blue Bird Cafe (White & Col.), 619
Castle St. 70.5, C.
Belk-Williams Lunch, 210 N. Front St.
70.5, C.
Beavers Lunch, Blqck Shirt Factory,
72.0, C.
Barnes Hotel Grill, Carolina Beach,
92.0, A.
Barnes Hotel, Carolina Beach, 86.0, B.
Baxters Soda Fountain, 111 Market,
Operating on permit.
Big Apple Cafe (Col.), Seabreeze
Beach, 90.0, A.
Bus Station Soda Fountain, Bus Term
inal, Operating on permit.
Buttercup Soda Shop, 1302 Market
St. Operating on permit.
Britts Do Nut Shop, Carolina Beach,
71.0, C.
Blue Moon Cafe (Col.), Carolina
Beach Road, Operating on permit.
Black Stone Cafe (Col.), No. 4 Market
St. 82.5, B.
Brooklyn Cafe (Col.), 723 N. 4th St.
80.5, B.
Blanton Sandwich Shop, 1102 Chest
nut St. 70.5, C.
Boots Cafe, 117 Grace St., 80.0. B.
A Brown Cafe (Col.), 516 Campbell St.
74.0, C.
Blue Top Lodge, Market St. Road,
94.5, A.
Boston Cafe, 706 N. Front St„ 75.5, B.
Bird House Cafe, Wrightsville Beach
Out of business for duration.
Britts Do Nut Shop, 22 Princess St.
94.0, A.
Circle Restaurant W, Wrightsville
Beach, Operating on permit.
Coast Line Cafe. 403 N. Front St.,
Operating on permit.
Colonial Lunch, Colonial Village, 80.0,
Cape Fear Sandwich Shop, 127 Grace
St. 76.0, C.
Carolina Cafe, 420 N. Front St., 76.0,
Crystal Cafe, 26 N. Front St. 90.0. A.
City Cafe iCol.l, 520 Nixon St. 85.0. B
Carolina Beach Drug & Soda, Caro
i lina Beach, Operating on permit.
Coney Island Lunch, Carolina Beach,
86.0, B.
Crotty Bros. Cafeteria (White & Col.),
j Shipyard, 91.0, A.
Cedar Green Cafe (Col.) Seabreeze
Beach, 68.0, Closed.
Cedar Green Grill (Col.), Seabreeze
Beach. 68.0 Closed.
Castle Street Cafe, 609 Castle St.,
Cafe being remodled.
Move Over, Youse Guys
Crowded kitten in a crib seems to be a bit irri tated with her disinterested pup pals at Greenwich
Village animal contest In New York.
Couries Lunch, Carolina Beach, 73.0,
Carolina Apt. Dining Room, Carolina
Apts, 49.0 Closed.
Casino Cafe (Col.) *05 Castle St., 50.0,
City Market Cafe, 115 S. Front St.,
75.0, C,
China Restaurant, *55 Princess 8t.,i
91.0, A.
Capt. Ben's Flact, Carolina Beach Rd.
74.5, C.
Carolina Hotel, 420 N. Front St. 70.0, C.
Costas, Rooms & Meals, 16 Princess St.
92.0, A.
Congress Beer Bar, Shipyard, iun pa-j
per service not serving food)
Dixie Cafe, 115 Princess St. 82.5, B.
Del Morocco Club (Col.), 1405 Dawson
St 75.0 C.
European Hotel, 102 1-2 S. Front St.
Under repair.
Edgewater Inn Cafe (Col.), Seabreeze
Beach, (On paper service not serving
Eagles Cafe (Col.), 901 Castle St. (On
paper service not serving food).
Friendly Restaurant, 109 Chestnut St.
75.5, C.
Friendly Cafeteria, 111 Chestnut St.
75.5, C.
Famous Grill C Carolina Beach Rd.
93.0, A.
Foot Long Hot Dog, Carolina Beach,
76.5, C.
Futrelles Soda Lunch, 129 Prineaas St.
93.0, A.
Ft. Fisher Pier Cafe, Fort Fisher, 77.0,
Green Lantern Cafe (Col.), 60# Camp
bell St. Closed.
Grove Park Tea Room, Carolina Beach
93.5, A.
Georges Sandwich A Soda, 122 Princess
St. 94.0, A.
Harry’s Cafe, 1001 N. 4th St., Closed
for repairs.
High Hat Club (Col.), Market St. Rd.
70.0, C.
Hillcrest Cafe (Col.), 118 Dawson St.
80.0, B.
Henry’s Central News, 701 Chestnut
St. (On paper service—not serving food)
Hattie, Howard (Col.), 915 N. 8th St.
24.5, Closed.
Hawaiian Grill (Col. South 13th St.
70.0, C.
High Hat Grill (Col.), 713 Castle St.
90.0, A.
Jimmies Cafe, Kures Beach, 85.5, B.
Jarman’s Lunch Soda Cafe, 1620 Mar
ket St. 74.0, C.
Jiffy Grill, 124 S. ront St. Operating on
Jonie Powell's Cafe, 706 1-2 Wooster St.
22.5, Closed.
Jack’s Cafe, Market St. 83.0, B.
Kamer'a Lunch, Carolina Beach, 82.0,
Kitty Cottage Restaurant, Wrightsville
Beach, 80.0, B.
Kure Beach Cafe, Kure Beach, 76.0, C.
Kirkman’s Oyster Roast, Masonboro
Sound, 90.5, A.
Kings Chilli Shop, 12 S. 2nd St. 91.0,
Little Grill, 3rd & Red Cross St. 82.5,
Lanes Drug tc Soda, ISOS Market St.
80.0, B.
Liberty Cafa (Col.), 818 N. 4th St.
80.5, B.
Little Inn, Carolina Beach Rd. 80.0, B.
McGuire’s Cafe, 812 Nixon St. 76.0, C.
Mathew's Cafe. Carolina Beach, Op.
erating on permit.
Mira Mar, Wrightsville Beach, 91.S, A.
Mack’s Cafe. Carolina Beach, 90.0, A.
Minute Lunch, 103 Princess St. 78,0. C.
Marsh’s Cafe, 1020 Orange St. 53.0,
Manhattan Calw, 27 Market St., 80.0. B.
Mallard Sandwich Co., 112 S. 17th St. 86.0,
Mayflower Cafe (Col.) , 8 Market St.
72.5, C.
N. A. A. Center, Carolina Beach Rd.
80.0, B.
Nar Con Grill (Col.), 809 Red Cross
St., 86.0, B.
New England Cafe, 108 S. Front St,
80.0, B.
New York Cafe, 202 Princess St. 76.5,
Open Air Market, Kitchen, 4th A
Chestnut St. 83.0, B.
Outlaw’s Tavern, Market St. Rd. Op
erating on permit.
Ocean Inn Cafe. Kure’s Beach, 82.0, B.
Ollie’e Cafe (Col.) 41S 8. 7th St„
70.0, C.
Ocean Terrace Hotel, Wrightsville
Beach, 91.0, A.
Ocean Terrace Hotel Dining Room,
Wrightsville Beach, 78.0, C.
Orton Hotel, N. Front St., 80.J, B.
Ocean View Sandwich Shop, Carolina
Beach, 75.0, C.
Olympia Cafe. 308 N. Front St., 91.0, A.
Orton Beer Bar, Orton Hotel basement
(Not serving food—on paper service.)
Powell's Cafe (Col.) 301 S. 13th St. 72.0,
Palais Royal Cafe, Carolina Beach, 80.0,
Plummer’s Cafe, Carolina Beach, 70.0,
Peay’s Cafe, Carolina Beach, Operating
on permit.
Paradise Grill (Col.), 1221 Wright St.
72.5, C.
Puritan Cafe, 133 Market St., 82.5, B.
Pine Tree Inn, (Col.) Seabreeze Beach,
56.0, Closed.
Plantation Club, Carolina Beach Rd.
90.0, A.
Palm Garden Cafe (Col.), 900 Dicken
son St., 71.5, C.
Peacock Alley, 702 S. 17th St.. 73.5, C.
Plaza Cafe (White &Col.) 22 S. 2nd
St.. 90.0. A.
Red Cross Sandwich Shop (Col.) 819
Red Cross St. (On paper service—not
serving food.)
Royal Palm Hotel, Carolina Beach, 82.0
Roosevelt Garden Cafe, Castle Hayne
Rd. 33.0, Closed.
Riggins Oyster Roast, Masonboro
Sound, 93.0, A.
Riddles Place, Wrightsville Sound,
Operating on permit.
Rex Grill, 123 Princess St., 90.0, A,
Riverside Lunch, Shipyard, 74.5, C.
Stacy’s Tavern, Carolina Beach, Oper
ating on permit.
Simpson Inn (Col.) Seabreeze Beach,
90.5, A.
Shaw s Cafe, 502 Nixon St., 80.0, B.
Southern Kitchen, 107 Princess St.,
87.0, B.
Saffos Cafe, 219 N. Front St., 80.0, B.
Shipyard Sandwich. Shipyard, 83.0, B.
Shamrock Inn, 6. 2nd St. 95.5, A.
Shipyard Service Lunch, Shipyard, Op
erating on permit.
Seaboard Cafe (Col.), 106 Brunswick
St., 57.0, Closed.
Silver Slipper Cafe (Col.), McCum
ber’s Station, Operating on permit.
Sunset Lodge Cafe, Shipyard, 83.0, B.
St. Helena Cafe, 112 S. Front St. 86.5
Saunders Drug Lunch, 108 N. Front St.
90.0, A.
| Swift Fertilizer Co., Cafe, Swift Fer
tilizer Factory, 31.5, Closed.
Saffos Lunch, 203 Princess St., 75,5, C.
Service Drug Lunch, 802 Market St.
70.0, C.
Tenth 8t Green Cafe (Col.), 10th Sc
Green St.. 78.0, C.
Tank Cafe (Col.), Josep Guano Co.,
71.0, C.
Top Hat Grill, 1202 Market St. 83.5, B.
Tom’s Drug Lunch No. 1, N. Front St.
91.0, A.
Tourist Grill, 109 N. 3rd St. 72.5, C.
Tom’s Grill, 822 N. 4th St., 38.0, Closed
Tide Water Lunch, 922 Orange St.,
80.0, B.
Town Tavern Cafe. 118 Market St. 82.0
Union Cafe. No. 2 Market St., 76.0, C.
U. S. A. Cafe, 119 Market St. 93.0, A.
Victory Cafe (Col.) 817 N. 4th St.
88.0, B.
Victory Restaurant, 219—221 Princess
St., 90.0, A.
Wrightsville Sandwich Shop, Wrights
ville Beach, Operating on permit.
| Wrightsville Terminal, Wrightsville
Sound, 80.0, B.
Wilmington Hotel, 318 N. Front St.,
90.0, A.
Wilmington Hotel Dining Room, 318
Front St. 70.0, C.
Weiner Burger, Wrightsville Beach Rd.
70.0, C.
Williams Tavern (Col.) & White, 823
S. 8th St. 83.0, A.
Woolworth’s Lunch, 114 N. Front St
88.0, B.
Wilmington Cigar Lunch. 111-113 Prin
cess St. 62.0 Closed.
White Rose Cafe, 1222 Princess St
80.0, B
Water Way Lunch, Carolina Beach Rr
70.0, C.
Westbrooks Cafe (Col.) Seabreeze
Beach, 50.0, Closed.
Wilmington Candy Lunch, 801 Red
Cross St., 74.0, C,
Benefactor Of Pair
Robbed By Same Duo
After eating a supper bought for
them by J. E. Hargrove and sleep
ing with him at a hotel room, two
unidentified white men robbed their
benefactor of $73, he reported to
police Thursday.
Hargrove said he struck up wdth
the tnen downtown and after buy
ing them supper at a local cafe,
they insisted on returning to his
room for the night. He fell asleep
and wdien he awakened the men
were gone—and so was his pocket
book containing the money. Har
grove said he also bought them a
quart of wine.
One of the thieves was dressed
in working clothes, being about six
feet tall; the other was about five
feet six inches, dressed in a grey
Wilmington Quick Lunch, 110 S. Front
St. Permit revoked, closed.
White Front Cafe, 115 N. 3rd St., 72.0,
White House Cafe, Shipyard, 82.5, B.
Wimpy’s Sandwich Shop, Shipyard,
I Operating on permit.
Increase In Prices
Hits Poultry Market

The Office of Price Administra
tion’s move against poultry prices
above the ceiling level has caused
dealers to stop buying chickens
from “raisers”, who are blamed
for the excessive “overcharging
in New Hanover county.
“Apparently there is no poultry
in town,” J. Frank Hackler, OP A
enforcement attorney, said Thurs
It was his staff of investigators
who started more than a week
ago a survey of dealers who were
reportedly charging prices above
the OP A limit for poultry. One
dealer was said to be asking 75
cents a pound for chickens.
A check of New Hanover firms
revealed that dealers were forced
to charge higher than the Office
of Price Administration permits
because they were payin
cessive” prices to the '"rais
“Because the poultry dealer,
no longer pay the high p;.ice'?c
Hackler said, "they am/ °
have stopped purchasing’^''
The OPA chief disclosed th ,
five indictments have ahead!- Jhal
brought against “raisers" i*?*5
State Office of Price Arim '
tion. “I don’t think ary n r;f'ta
werejn this locality," he
In crediting 3.2 beer in army canteens
as a prime cause of army good behavior,
the government — through the 0. W. I—
heaps high praise on the Brewing Industry
Foundation as well.
Following a coast-to-coast survey in
army camps, the Office of War Informa
tion calls this "our bestbehaved army.”
In its recent report the comparison is
drawn between the temperate army of
1942 and our troops of ’18 who had
moderate beer denied them —hence were
prey to bootleggers and their ilk,
* * *
In this state the brewing industry is
united to maintain good conditions where
beer is sold. Action is promptly taken, in
cooperation with law enforcement official*,
where laws are violated.
The government report continue*:
“Various state branches of the Brewing
Industry Foundation—the beer nunu.
facturers’ enlightened trade organization
—have taken the initiative. Through
control of distributors, the Foundation
hai been able to clean np unsavory
places. The...system works...”
That’s a tribute from your government!
A mark this industry will work ceaselessly
to deserve. In the interest^ moderation.
A complete copy of the full O. W. I. army
camp report will be sent free upon request.
pThe report of the Office of War Information was an independent objective"!
I study carried out without the knowledge of the brewing industry, and pub- I
plication of excerpts here in no way implies an endorsement of the product. I
EDGAR H. BAIN, State Director 606-7 INSURANCE BLDG., RALEHMi, N. t.
Governor Dudley, wo s. rrom vi.o,
Gus & Mikes Place, Carolina Beach,
80.0, B.
Green's Drug & Soda, 109 Market St.
(On singde service not serving food.)
H. & W. Cafeteria, 118—120 Princess
St. 92.0 A.
High's’Diner, Carolina Beach, 90.5. A.
Happy Day Hotel. Wrightsville Beach,
70.0, C. x
Hines Candy Factory, 134 S. Front St.
Under repairs.
Hanover Grill, 107 Market St. *1.3, A.
Hot Shoppe, 806 S. 17th St. 81.0, B.
Halls Drug Sc Soda, 5th & Castla St.
(Not serving food—single service).
Eastern Carolina
The war record of industry in eastern North Carolina is impressive and
indicates the importance of activities on the home front. Plants, large
and small, are producing sinews of war through the use of electric power.
We are proud to share in this great task. We are proud of our many
employees who are in the armed services of our country. We are proud
of the splendid job being done by those who remain at their posts to do
their part on the home front.
Our resources and personnel are dedicated to the war work of our coun
try—to your boys and ours-1—wherever they may be.
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valves, etc., can exist long before the tire
actually fails on the road. But such tires waste
rubber by running "soft,” and finally produce
"flats” that need not happen. Just replacing lost
air once a week is not enough. A recent check
of over 2000 cars showed that nearly three
quarters of them needed air in one or more tires.
Slow leaks can be spotted, and the trouble
fixed nine times out often before the tire goes flat.
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Any excessive loss of pressure in one tire is in
stantly spotted, can then easily and quickly be
repaired—with a patch, a new valve, or whatever
is needed—before the damage goes too far.
He will scientifically check mileage left on each
tire, and switch tires for longest possible mileage.
Finally, tires are accurately filled to wartime
pressure of not less than 32 pouiulfm
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