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Community Chest Supports Principal!
Welfare And Health Activities Here
__— ;
Six Organizations Depend
On Public For Continua
tion Of Wide Programs
Without the service of Associated
Charities, the Salvation Army, the
Traveler’s Aid, the Public Health
Nursing Service, the Sorosis Child
and Care Clinic, and the Cather
ine Kennedy Home, how large a
gap in the welfare and health ac
tivities would there be in Wilming
At a time when the city leans
so heavily on its organizations for
support of its increasing and de
manding war-time population these
six agencies, for which a portion
of hte funds to be realized in the
forthcoming Community Chest
campaign is designed, have earn
ed just commendation. A number
of the six have been doing busi
ness at their stands between 25
and 50 years, and their work is
known to all Wilmingtonians inter
ested in the well-being of their fel
me story oi tne Assuuittvcu
ities. organized in 1894, and cur
rently headed by Mrs. L. O. Ellis,
may perhaps be best in its files of
case histories. Even in a day of
compartive prosperity, there are
persons who depend on the humani
tarian efforts of this organization
for their very lives and sustenance.
There are the feeble, unable to
work: the sick and cripple: those
handicapped by lack of education
and training: those afflicted with
personality handicaps who are com
pletely unable to get along with
others. There are hundreds of in
dividuals confronted with personal
emergencies, the immediate need
of money for necessities, and the
like. Associated Charities proves
their friend.
John Smith is a worker who can
command a good salary when he
Is not working on the county roads
as a sentence for drunkenness. His
frail family need his support, but
just at the time when they are
getting on their financial feet, he
is on another spree. Associated
Charities sees to the requirements
of his children, and seek to help
them into a more decent growing
environment. A young man from
just such a Wilmington home,
where the Associated Charities has
entered, has recently been award
ed the Army’s good conduct med
al; the agency has often lent him
a place to sleep, food, shoes, and
clothing so that he could continue
his schooling and grow up to be a
credit to home, community, and
The Salvation Army’s service
and ministry are community-wide.
The local corps of the Army, of
which Captain J. H. Neighbours is
the director, is maintained by home
people for the benefit of Wilming
tonians and the transients who find
their way to our streets. The or
ganization is engagd in humanitar
ian and religious effort carried on
by no other agency. War has ex
tended those services, so that men
of the armed forces are the recip
ients of the Army’s hospitality and
Statistics help to attest to the
work of the Salvation Army; from
January 1 through August 31 of
this year, there were 111 open air
metings held, with 12,121 in atten
dance; 1,010 lodgings supplied; 2,
357 meals supplied, 187 fuel orders
given, 3,882 garments given, 2,006
prisoners visited, 2,252 lodgings
given servicemen, 116 persons for
whom temporary positions were
IjCSS M1UW11 tuaix aumc vuici
phases of the Army’s work are its
efforts to provide hospitalization
for homelss unmarried mothers,
its child aid program, its recrea
tional program in the industrial
The young wife of a Marine
came all the way from Rhode Is
land to spend the last days with
her husband who was looking for
ward to overseas transfer. While
she waited at the station for the
bus on which she was to return
home, she lost her purse, contain
ing her ticket and all her money.
The Salvation army provided lodg
ing and food and saw that she made
the trip safely.
Traveler’s Aid, maintained in the
Atlantic Coast Line station by Miss
Julia Yopp and two part-time assis
tants, has handled 673 cases with
in the past several months—serv
ices of food, lodging, loans for
transportation and the like. In ad
dition, information has been pro
vided 14,409 men of the armed forc
es, 2,974 war production workers,
6,385 associated civilians, and 6,
681 other civilians.
Traveler’s Aid has been operat
ing here since 1913, serving Wil
mington through two wars and the
attendant booms in industrial ac
An example of its work: A young
sailor, whose home is a few miles
from the city, was on leave from
his post in Washington state. The
day he was to leave for his post,
he rushed to the train, leaving his
shipping Orders in the excitement.
When the discovery was made, it
was too late to return for them, he
applied for help to the Traveler’s
Aid bureau. Arrangements were
made for the valuable papers to be
rushed, special delivery, air mail
to Traveler’s Aid, Chicago and the
Chicago branch was warned to be
on the look-out. The sailor picked
up his orders the minute he walk
ed into the Chicago station.
The Wilmington Public Health
Nursing association began to func
tion in December, 1918, although
since 1904 provision had been made
for the sick-poor of the community
by interested organizations.
Wilmington is the first city in
the state to have a public health
TV/r; l\IT„A4n ..._•
or of nurses in the association, re
ports that her present staff consists
of two county nurses who care for
white and Negro patients, six white
city district nurses, two Negro city
district nurses, one nurse in the
maternity clinic, and four nurses
in the venereal disease clinic main
tained by the county Board of
In the year 1942, the ten field
nurses made 17,000 home visits 712
visits to clinics, 1,145 visits to
schools. 14.927 inspections of school
children, 9.508 innoculations for
prevention of diseases.
“Strengthened by our member
ship in the Community Chest, since
1942, we hope to be able to give
increasingly better service to the
community,” Miss Munds has com
The Sorosis Child Care Clinic has
been in operation for 25 years, as
a project of the Wilmington branch
of the North Carolina Sorosis. Its
services are free in needy pre-na
tal cases with children up to three
years. A doctor and nurse are in
attendance at each examination,
and are- able to prescribe diets to
correct physical deficiencies. Milk
and baby foods are also provided.
In 1942 this clinic won a state
award for the best service of its
h the state.
Only recently an agency of the
Community Chest, the clinic is an
ticipating a program of expansion
that will increase its usefulness.
When the Catherine Kennedy
Home was established nearly 50
years ago, the stewards of Grace
Methodist church were the custo
dians of its funds. Later, the organ
.j.rned over to a Board
• n;-pntors. For a number of
'.mars, 1he organization did mo
of the charity work in Wilmington.
It is an endowed institution, inter
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. .iiafe
Scheduled To Discuss Na
tion’s Rising Tide Of
Juvenile Delinquency
Dr. James M. Hepbron, one of
the nation’s leading criminolo
gists, will lecture on “Stemming
America’s Rising Tide of Juven
ile Delinquency” before members
estea triends having left a legacy
to it from time to time.
Catherine Kennedy Home ac
cepts, for life, ladies over 60 who
have no one to care for them. The
ntrance fee is $300. At present,
there are 30 residents.
The two buildnigs of the Home
are now old and in a state of dis
repairs. Through the funds allowed
by the Community Chest next year
the physical plant will be improv
of the Community Forum at 8:30
p. m. Monday, Nov. 1.
Tickets for the' lecture will be
sold at the door the night of the
According to Dr. Hepbron, po
lice work, the whole field of pre
vention and detection of crime of
fers a fascinating field to intel
ligent young men and women
looking for interesting and worth
while careers.
“If the nation is to cope with its
crime problem, we must have
more intelligent, better trained
personnel in our police and law
enforcement agencies throughout
the country,” Dr Hepbron, who
has studied crime prevention in
17 countries and has been direc
tor of the Baltimore Crime com
mission for 15 years, declared. “In
recent mentality tests, prisoners
receiver higher grades than
United States Army men and
others who are their own guards
and wardens.”
Peat soils of the Florida ever
glades have been made produc
tive by the addition of small
amounts of copper and manganese.
Today’s Servicemen Healthier
Than Fighters Of World War I
WASHINGTON, Oct. 16 — W) —
Disease is still a deadly camp
follower of U. S. armed forces but
military medical reports show
that the uniformed men—and wo
men—of 1943 are healthier than
the soldiers and sailors of 1917
Despite extensive operations m
tropical areas, and the greatest
incidence of malaria and other
tropical ailments virtually un
known to U. S. troops in the last
war, the army reported today less
than three per cent of its total
personnal has been “non-effective
by reason of illness at any one
time. The “non-effective” rate is
exclusive of battle injuries.
The navy reported an overall
"non-effective” rate of less than
two per cent, als a record low
Influenza, pneumonia, cerebro
spinal meningitis and other great
killers of 1917-18 have been great
ly reduced in virulence and lethal
effect by medical advances.
Meningitis deaths averaged 30
to 40 per cent of those aimctea
in the world war. Treatment with
sulfonamides has reduced the
death rate to three per cent, and
epidemic outbreaks are quickly
controlled by preventive dosages
of sulfa drugs.
Preventive vaccines against sev
en diseases — typhoid, smallpox,
tetanus, typhus, yellow fever, cho
lera and plague—have reduced the
Incidence of these formerly dead
ly ills to insignifance. No yellow
fever has been reported in the
armed forces, and only a scat
tering few cases of the other dis
During the occupation of North
Afnca. a severe typhus ePKw
raged among the civilian 2
lace, with mortality ranging ^
5° per cent, but only 69 c
developed among the . *
forces. ‘ a rrned
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Restaurant — Hotel — Cafeteria
Food and Fountain Equipment
Southern Equipment Co. Dial 2-2233
-m -m mm.. *mmmn
important lublic N »tice
Because of the limitations placed on delivery ser
vices, manpower shortages, and the need for con
serving equipment and gasoline, we, the cooper
ating undersigned florists and funeral directors,
are forced to curtail some of the services rendered
in the past. Therefore it is our belief and decis
ion to meet this problem by
Discontinuance of F unerals
Sundays and Legal Holidays
Effective Sunday, (Dctober 24 th, tgj, 3 /
We realize how frequently you are asked to co
operate in these times with the various service
businesses in the community, hence our reluc
tance to further add to this request. B ut if we are to
continue to serve you adequately our request for
scheduling all funerals on weekdays so that we
may have help is worthy of your cooperation
and support. ;
Funeral Directors, of course, will continue
as heretofore in preparation for funerals. |

Xuctj $. Yfloore, Glorlst GnJrews Ulortuanj
\ Will lKehder, dflorlst Uonn of /
y°PP CJuneral criome
Xena G. Westbrook, Glorlst Darrells Guneral frame
O)orotliy Owen, dflorlst

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